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Did you know that during the full moon there is a pressure on your glandular system which can either make you erratic and fanatic OR this same pressure can be used to accelerate healing on all levels?
On Saturday, February 11th, a special class on the FULL MOON will be taught to address this. During these challenging times, take some time for yourself and practice those meditations and yoga kriyas to accelerate your self-healing and self-awareness. Afterwards, relax deeply with a long gong session.

Class is from 6:30-9pm. Fee is $40.

Space is limited at my home studio so please register by February 6th to guarantee your spot.

Call 703-471-9642 or email [email protected] to register.
Darshan Yoga Studio 1263 Bond St., Herndon, VA 20170.


Need and Merit Based Partial Scholarships Now Available for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training & Advanced Study which begin March 2017

We have been gifted by generous donors with scholarships to our 2017 KRI Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program.

We strive to help people who want to do teacher training when there are financial challenges. We do this by giving some need based scholarships. If you are interested call 703-471-9642 or email [email protected] and we can send you an application.


Join Senior Teacher Darshan Kaur Khalsa in a half day workshop on Sunday, NOVEMBER 6
To Build RESILIENCE through Kundalini Yoga
12 Noon- 4:30pm at Darshan Yoga Studio
1263 Bond Street, Herndon VA 20170

Resilience is your capacity to bounce back after life’s misfortunes, setbacks or change. When you have resilience, you can harness the inner strength that can help you rebound from adversity, trauma, or challenges. Resilience won’t make your problems go away—but resilience can give you the ability to see past the adversity, better handle stress, and find enjoyment in life.
Kundalini Yoga offers you an amazing array of yogic tools and skills to become more resilient so you can roll with the punches that life brings you. Resilience is such an important concept in Kundalini Yoga that Yogi Bhajan said that the mantra of this Aquarian Age is “Keep Up (and you’ll be kept up!)”
Join Darshan for an afternoon of experiencing some of the priceless gems that Yogi Bhajan taught to build your resilience so you can claim your birthright of happiness.

To register call 703 471-9642 or email [email protected]


MOONWORK: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on the Full Moon
Saturday, May 21, 2016

Taught by Darshan Kaur

Registration Requested by May 15
Call 703-471-9642 for more information or email [email protected]

Earlybird Fee: $30 by May 15
$40 after May 15


3HO Foundation

International Woman's Day!

"Oh Lord of Lords of the time, if you have created this world, create those environments where everybody's mother, sister, and every woman on this planet can live with grace and there shall be no circumstances in which she has to sell her beauty, sell her body, sell her being, or sell her consciousness to exist on this planet.

I do not know whether my tiny and feeble voice can be heard, but I am pretty sure I will shout it from those mountains. I will never rest on that planet on which woman is still being exploited.

With these words, and with this prayer of mine, on this most beautiful day which I relate to, it is a day to be reminded of my own source of energy. I bow to every mother and I also ask the would-be mothers to be graceful. And I ask every man who would seek peace to realize that peace doesn't come by protests and rallies. Peace comes by peaceful actions, and so long as those born of the mother will not learn to respect the woman, there shall not be any peace on this planet. The day the woman will not be exploited on this planet, there shall be peace on this Earth."

We talk about peace, tranquility, and good luck. But so long as those born of woman do not respect woman, there cannot be peace of mind, national peace, or peace in the Universe. So long as man does not have reverence for the primal force, his mental attribute will still want to exploit woman, reduce her, abuse her, and be angry with her. Every male achievement will be empty.” -#YogiBhajan #3HO


Last call for registration for this year's Level One Teacher Training in Northern VA!

If you are interested we will send you an application by:

· calling Darshan Kaur at 703-742-9642
· or emailing [email protected]

Visit our website at www.kundalini-yoga.us


Darshan Yoga Studio has been gifted by some generous donors with need and merit based partial scholarships to our 2016 KRI Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program.

We strive to help people who are interested in joining the teacher training program when there are financial challenges. This year we are doing this by giving some substantial need based scholarships. All scholarships are partial payments toward the full tuition for the course. The recipients and the amount of the scholarships are determined at the discretion of the Darshan Yoga scholarship assessment team.

If you are interested we will send you an application by:

· calling Darshan Kaur at 703-742-9642
· or emailing [email protected]

Visit our website at www.kundalini-yoga.us

Applications for scholarships are due
February 20th


Expand Your Potential: Teacher Training Level 1 Starts March 11th!

Consider the possibility of joining our 2016 Level One KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program.

This is your opportunity to:

• Strengthen your connection to your soul.
• Heal and leave behind old limiting patterns.
• Release all that is inconsistent with your growth and prosperity.
• Gain a structure and discipline that aligns your life with your passion and highest potential.
• Increase your quality of life.

Many people choose to take Kundalini Yoga teacher training just for these reasons, and not necessarily to teach. Often these same people decide that their experience needs to be shared. Either way, Kundalini Yoga teacher training is a life changing experience and we would love you to join us.
And there is still time and space to enroll for this 9 month program of transformation.

For more information:
Visit our website: http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/index.php/teacher-training/level-one
Call: 703-742-YOGA (9642)
Email: [email protected]

Transform Your Life ❖ Become a Certified Teacher ❖ Awaken Your Potential

kundalini-yoga.us 01/21/2016


Tuesday Evenings - Kundalini Yoga for Vitality and Stress Reduction

Create a wholistic connection between your body, mind and spirit, enabling you to live a happier life. Use Kundalini Yoga, meditation and mantra to help bring you vitality and reduction of stress. Each class consists of breath work, energetic exercises, gong relaxation, and meditation. The yogic breathing revitalizes the body and helps you to control the mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized, while the practice of meditation gives increased clarity, balance, and focus.

January 18-May 24, 5:20-6:40pm
For details, visit the Classes page - http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/index.php/classes2.


kundalini-yoga.us 01/21/2016

Events and Workshops in Northern VA

Past Life Regression Session

Darshan has been doing past life regressions for over 20 years and has facilitated over 2,500 personal past life regressions sessions. Experience a guided group past life exploration and explore the concept of reincarnation, the cycle of birth and death spurred on by karma.

February 6, 1-4pm
For details, visit the Events page - http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/index.php/events.


kundalini-yoga.us 01/21/2016


Wednesday, Mid-Day Class: Beginner Friendly Class - Kundalini Yoga For Everyone

This class series is for beginners and beyond. Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions combining breathing techniques, physical exercises, mantra and meditation. “Kundalini” literally means “the curl of the lock of the hair of the beloved.” This poetic metaphor alludes to the flow of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us and enables us to merge with - “or yoke” the universal Self. Fusing individual and universal consciousness creates a divine union, called yoga.

February 10-April 27, 12:30-2pm
For details, visit the Classes page - http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/index.php/classes2.


kundalini-yoga.us 01/21/2016


Thursday Evenings: Essentials of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

An 11 week college sponsored course teaching you how to use breath (pranayama), postures,(asana), sound (manta) and meditation to awaken you mind and train your body. This course is perfect for beginners and beyond and systematically gives you an experience of Kundalini Yoga. Learn the basics of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and create a solid foundation in your life with energizing breathing techniques, stress reducing yoga, and meditations that balance to your mind, open your heart and merge you with your infinite self. This is a step by step way to learn about and experience Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

February 11-April 28, 7-8:30pm
For details, visit the Classes page - http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/index.php/classes2.


kundalini-yoga.us 01/21/2016

Events and Workshops in Northern VA

MOONWORK - Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on the Full Moon

The full moon is a special time when you are naturally accelerated and at your highest. Full moons see a peak in electromagnetic energies. Insights and awareness can become clear under the light of the full moon. The impact of meditation at the time of the full moon is greatly amplified by all the forces of the sub-conscious mind and by our own nurturing forces. During this special full moon class moon, enjoy special meditations and rest with a long gong relaxation.

February 22-May 21, 6:30-9pm
For details, visit the Events page - http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/index.php/events.


kundalini-yoga.us 01/21/2016

Events and Workshops in Northern VA

Spring Equinox Celebration

This special series of Kundalini Yoga classes explore the opening of the heart to allow your true gifts to grow inside and then find its place in the world. We start with yoga and pranayama to open the heart center. Then each of the seven weeks we'll explore different aspects of heart: the wise heart, the open heart, the light heart, the brave heart, the pure heart, the kind heart, and the compassionate heart. Once the heart is open with its many facets and the mind is cleared and still, we can use our creative beaming faculty to project us to the highest destiny of our future.

March 20, 2-4:30pm
For details, visit the Events page - http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/index.php/events.



The first ever level one teacher training in Ohio just finished this past weekend. Congratulations to all those yogis who successfully completed the training.


It was wonderful to host Guru Dev Singh on October 26-29th .


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Join Guru Dev Singh, pre-eminent healer and teacher of Sat Nam Rasayan, the healing branch of Kundalini Yoga, this week in Virginia. Meditation class on Friday, October 26 at Sterling Yoga Center 7pm. Sat Nam Rasayan Intensive Saturday Octber 27th 10-5. Three individual appointments are left. Email [email protected] for more information.


To book private healing session with Guru Dev Singh, contact Darshan Kaur at [email protected] or 703-742-YOGA(9642). Just a few appointments remain. Appointments are a 1/2 hour and cost $225

aplacetobreathe.com 06/28/2011

meditation, yoga, a place to breathe, alexandria va, crozet va, Kundalini teacher training, drum ci

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is coming to Charlottesville, Virginia with lead trainer and senior teacher, Darshan Kaur Khalsa. This 220-hour certification program runs from September 2011 to June 2012. For more information go to www.aplacetobreathe.com

aplacetobreathe.com A meditation studio specializing in offering a wide variety of meditation and yoga classes. We also offer Quigong, many workshops and drum circles



Herndon, VA

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