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Skilled in myriad coloring techniques, Amanda is best known for her natural blend with balayage and foil techniques.


22” of drool worthy hair 🤤 it is the busiest season for everyone and it is always a joy to spend my work days making my girls feel gorgeous for their holiday parties and photos! A few more weeks until the end of the year, enjoy your loved ones ❤️


Another one row using on virgin hair 😍 her sister has been seeing for me for a little while and now it’s her turn to feel just as gorgeous!!

Oh man life has been BUSY! Thank you everyone for trusting me with your hair or wanting me to work with you in the future! I feel very grateful to have such a loving clientele that I look forward to seeing!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season ❤️

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 11/02/2021

Too pretty to post just one picture 😍 one row of 22” on this gorgeous babe! Thank you for trusting me with your hair ❤️

Ready to up your game? Fill out the link in my bio so we can work together!

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 10/29/2021

OBSESSED with this makeover!!!! Check our my stories to see how gorgeous her eyes are with going darker 😍

I currently have a waitlist for new installs and no availability for new installs until January 2022!! Thank you to everyone who trust me with their gorgeous locks and making them feel beautiful for the holidays ✨

As always, please reach out if I can help with anything! Scheduling, hair consults, hair products and partnerships ❤️


I have been doing SO many brides!! I love these 22’s for lots of wedding day drama 😍 did you go all out for your wedding day?


It’s has been BUSY!!! So let’s take a moment to 🤤 over this transformation for this soon to be bride! It’s been so nice to hear about people’s upcoming weddings and travel plans to know there’s some sense of normalcy happening.

I only have a handful of appointments left for the YEAR, so please if you’re wanting to get in for the holidays this is your reminder to get on that! I would love to make all my girls feel gorgeous ❤️

Lastly, if you need help with anything please reach out! I’m more than happy to give advice on products, partnership or hair goals!

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 08/04/2021

22’s have become the new 18’s recently for me ❤️ it used to be rare for me to install 22” extensions for clients and I have had such an influx for longer hair and I’m loving the results!!
This is two rows of a mix of 18 and 22 inch with majority 22” in there. We are working toward getting her to a cooler and blonder overall look but remember it’s a marathon not sprint when lightening. Hair history is a huge factor when being able to realistically get lighter and fight warmth. With patience, hair goals are achievable while still keeping the integrity of your natural hair!
Hope you babes are having an awesome Wednesday ☀️

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 07/05/2021

Let’s talk hair integrity.

One of the biggest questions I’m asked in a consult is: will extensions damage my hair? And the answer is absolutely!

I know what you’re thinking, why would you do them then?! Well that’s not the whole answer. Anything we do to our hair can cause damage: blow drying, too hot of water when we wash, too much heat styling, wrong temperature on heat tools, pool water, ocean water, sunscreen, wrong hair products, washing too much, not washing enough, over processing. It’s exhausting right?

These pictures are two years apart. First one was this past week and second was July 2019. We highlight her hair and she wears two rows of 18” and 22” hand tied extensions which she maintains every 8 weeks. She has been able to have her dream hair volume and length while simultaneously strengthen her natural hair. The reason for this is trust with me and trust with her. She trusts me to do what’s best for her hair every appointment and I trust her to care for her hair and the extensions in between appointments.

So while color and extensions CAN cause damage, they won’t if both stylist and client work in unison to care for their hair properly.

I know this was a long post, but wanted to address this topic ❤️

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 06/29/2021

When your hair is so long it doesn’t fit in the frame 😍

The hair journey this gorgeous girl and I have been on together is incredible. If you swipe right, this was her hair when we first met in July 2019. Her hair was growing in from chemo treatments and she wanted it long again. With patience and taking great care of it at home, she’s finally gotten to the point of one row of 22 and 18 inch extensions! So proud of you babe, now your hair is as long as you’ve wanted since we met 😘


Highlight first timer 😍 how beautiful is she?!

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 06/26/2021

Two no color installs in one week 🤯 swipe right to see how just using multiple color extensions we were able to enhance her natural hair with dimension, length and volume!

Whether you want to drastically change your look with or without color, extensions give you that gorgeous quick change that makes you feel so incredibly sexy. And I’m here for it! Click the link in my bio to get started ✨

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 06/22/2021

Let’s talk virgin hair…it is so hard to match virgin hair with color or extensions because nothing can recreate our God given beauty. Every strand is unique in its own way and using something artificial to recreate that is nearly impossible. Nearly.

Swipe right to see her before hair, we did two rows of 18” using method. She had completely untouched hair chemically and wanted to add length. We were able to bring out a lot of her natural highlights by enhancing it with multiple colored extensions.

I’ll be completely honest, virgin hair is nerve wracking to match because I have no control of her actual hair to tweak if I need to. I’m happy to say we were both quite pleased with the end result.

If you’ve been looking to up your hair game, I’d love to meet! Click the link in my bio to get started 👑


Are you traveling this summer? If so, where?? I love love love hearing about everyone’s travel plans!

We put a mix of 18” and 22” extensions in for her honeymoon 😍

My scheudle is incredibly limited until August so if you’re contemplating getting your dream hair, this is your sign to fill out the link in bio before your appointment is taken!! Looking forward to seeing you 😘

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 05/27/2021

Two rows of using hair 😍everyone is starting to go on vacations again and getting out! That makes my heart happy to hear! If you’re looking to up your hair game before a trip or big event, click the link in my bio ✨ in the meantime swipe 👉 to see her transformation!

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 05/13/2021

Growing out a pixie is not fun for anyone! Added one row of hair with 😍

Need a little hair boost while you’re growing your hair out? Click the link in my bio ✨

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 05/10/2021

22’s for Mexico 😍 this was a fun transformation! We added dimension, coolness, volume and some serious length! Availability starting end of June, fill out the link in my bio to get started today ❤️


Happy Easter from my family to yours ❤️

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 03/29/2021

Swipe 👉 to see this fun transformation! Two rows of to give fullness and add some length 😍
Now who’s ready to rock some summer hair? Link in my profile to get yours ✨


Can you believe this isn’t extensions?! Nothing like a tease of warm weather this week to want some brighter pieces. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for some sun and crisp spring mornings ✨


Do you ever obsess over something until you try it? 🙋‍♀️ I do

Currently, there’s a new coffee shop in downtown leesburg called I’ve been wanting to try because everything then makes me happy from what I see on pictures. The funny thing is I’ve never even stepped foot in there, tried their coffee or heard from a personal reference it’s good. But they do such a good job with marketing I’m already sold before I spent any money.

It’s funny how that works. We see things over and over and desire them but we don’t do it for a number of reasons. Not sure if it will live up to what we imagine, what if I love it so much I’ve created something else to now add to my plate or I’ll do it tomorrow and tomorrow comes and we didn’t make the time.

This is me telling you, if you desire your hair to look and feel different, all it takes is a click on the link in my bio to see what we can create together. It costs you nothing but a minute of your time to fill our the questionnaire. So now that you know that’s all it takes, get clicking ❤️


That one row love on a rainy day 😍 nothing feels better than a good hair day! We first did two rows on her first install because she believed she wanted length. Once she got all the volume and length with two rows of 18” , she realized she wanted less volume and length.
This happens! And it’s absolutely okay!! You should feel gorgeous, sexy, confident but also like yourself.

So if that means you want to rock two rows of 22’s or one row of 14’s or somewhere in between, it’s all good!! I personally feel my best with one row of 18’s! I wish I could feel good with two rows of 18’s and 22’s because I think it looks incredible but I don’t feel like myself.

Extensions are customized to every person I see. Some people can’t get their ends the brightness or dimension they want, so we use extensions to achieve that. Some people want to feel like a goddess and rock some thick and long hair. Whatever makes you feel your most confident is what I want to make you feel. Click the link in my bio so we can chat complimentary about your hair goals ❤️


Snow is coming friends! Let’s hope it’s our last big snow so spring can come!
Who else is ready for warmer weather?? 🙋‍♀️

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 02/15/2021

Two rows of to give some gorgeous volume and length 😍


The IBE flip up never gets old for me. I offer my clients the option of Invisible Bead or Natural Beaded Row methods.

They both serve different needs and accommodates each client uniquely. I love the diversity each person needs. Some of us need a little boost of volume to our natural and some of us want that long, thick mermaid hair.

I can give you either and everything in between! Wondering what extensions can do for you? Click the link in my bio for more info and to get scheduled for a complimentary consultation ✨


We have tried every blonde variation and this is by far my favorite on her 😍

In the last week I’ve had referrals from three stylists who we’ve worked together in some fashion. It’s always the biggest compliment for me to receive a referral from someone. For them to trust me enough to do their friends, family and clients is such an honor. What I’ve realized is we’ve moved away from other stylists being competition and moved toward lifting each other up! And I’m ALL about it!! It really is a small community and we can only benefit from praising each other!

Enjoy your weekend loves!


IBE flip up 😍 installed one row of hair using method! We did not touch up her color today, so I matched her previously colored hair using a cool, neutral and warm blonde combo to give the most seamless blend. Interested in giving your natural a pick me up? Click the link in my bio ✨


Wish we had taken a picture of this sassy hair takeover! Went from long to shorter and brighter for her birthday! 😍

One thing a lot of clients embraced in quarantine was their natural color, texture, length. So more often than not, I find myself enhancing my client’s natural color and I love it!

Color by 🙋‍♀️
Cut/style: .luxestyle

Photos from Amanda Zubia Hair's post 01/09/2021

Can we talk about how stunning her eyes are?!? We went darker and added one row of for length and volume 😍

If you’ve been wanting to step your hair game up or just want something different, fill out the link in my bio to get started ✨


All ready for Thanksgiving with one row of 18” & .isla 😍


This gorgeous new bride got one new row of 18’s 😍
Honesty check: I have been absolutely terrible at getting pictures of my work lately. Between making sure we are keeping our sanitation at the highest level possible and keeping clients feeling comfortable with their service and how many people are in the salon at a time, I don’t have room in my brain to get a picture sometimes. I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA. I will start getting back on here more. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season to the best of your ability ❤️

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