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Mind Your Weight Loss, LLC News and Events My business goal is to work with people who share the goal of weight loss. The first thing you'll notice about me is that I am not slim and trim.

IM a full figure 50+yo woman. I have had to work on weight loss continually through my busy career life, medical challenges, and many of the situations that weight loss clients experience. For me weight loss and weight management is a continuous effort and one that I realize must be at the forefront of my life personally; which is why I decided to become a weight loss coach. I relate well to what


For me it’s always pizza that challenges me. Mind Your Weight Loss when you eat pizza by switching to healthier crust, cheese, veggies, and less of all products. Try to avoid HFC by using tomatoes vs sauce!

securessl.naturalhealthreports.net 02/24/2019

The 5 Worst Foods To For Arthritis

Wow This is such a great video! Yes, its an add. But they don't just sell. They teach. Take the information and either buy the product or change your diet. I chose to control my diet. I have been telling every one how toxins cause all kinds of health disease due to inflammation. This video makes is clear how the toxins cause the inflammation...and almost all diseases are related to inflammation in some way. Be care full with pineapple. It is one of the fruits highest in sugars, so not a good choice for weight loss. If you have pain from inflammation what this video. If you want to Mind Your Weight Loss, watch this video. If you care about longevity, watch this video. You don't have to buy the product .. you could but this is not an endorsement. Its all about changing how you think about what you put into your mouth and WHY! https://securessl.naturalhealthreports.net/products/136/sp-heal-n-soothe-995-59?

securessl.naturalhealthreports.net Look, I know you're skeptical. You should be. Look at all the big drug companies who are lying to you each and every day trying to convince you that their dangerous (sometimes deadly!) drugs are safe.

wellandgood.com 02/21/2019

How much turmeric should you be taking? | Well+Good

My opinion is: what we don’t put into our diet is a much bigger problem for many of us. Your body needs certain nutrients to be able to process and rid itself of toxins that cause inflammation. Read this article about turmeric and pepper as an example: and to Mind Your Weight Loss. https://www.wellandgood.com/good-food/turmeric-anti-inflammatory-dosage/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=wildfire

wellandgood.com Parsley Health founder Robin Berzin, MD, and Gaia Herbs founder Ric Scalzo explain the correct dosage to use the spice to lower your inflammation.

honeycolony.com 01/12/2019

Foods Full Of Ingredients Banned In Other Countries | HoneyColony

****This is a very important article. Read all the way. This is also why detox is so much more important now than ever and why exercise alone is not enough to lose weight or be healthy. All these toxins are stored in fat cells and keep you bloated. As long as you keep eating the toxins you are going to remain bloated and store water. Eat your superfoods to eliminate toxins and bloat! Eat your super foods to avoid the health issues associated with out toxic diets. Eat your superfoods to Mind Your Weight Loss!

honeycolony.com These 13 "worst offender" food ingredients are tied to cancer, major organ damage, birth defects, and more. Find out where you're most at risk.

webmd.com 12/31/2018

Turmeric: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning

Learning and sharing how to use spices and herbs: todays focus Tumeric! I love this spice because it is an anti inflammatory. Most of our ailments, including excess weight, are actually forms of inflammation. Reducing inflammation is a great way to Mind Your Weight Loss. https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-662/turmeric

webmd.com Learn more about Turmeric uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Turmeric


The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers (Sing Along Songs)

I can honestly say that for me seeing the scale go down in numbers is one of my greatest pleasures. For years I knew I could do this weight loss thing, but just couldn’t prioritize it. But now that I have experienced losing at least 70lbs over all, and actually feeling the muscles of my body active through the day, feeling like Tigger, I just can’t give this up. The “healthy” “energized” “Tigger” feeling is so much better then the “dragging myself through the day” “Eyore” feeling. So after a two month indulgence in crap eating and much less exercise then I’m use to, and starting to feel slower, I got back to doing what I do to be healthy and lose weight. My reward: I’m down .4 today. Woo hoo. I feel like Tigger today! .... which means exercise will be well applied. *Note: I love my electronic large print scale. It shows me my effort day to day. How do you want to go through the holidays and into 2019? Like Tigger or Eyore? TIGGERS are wonderful things! Let me know when you are ready to learn how to Mind Your Weight Loss. A new schedule is being made for 2019! https://youtu.be/dJFyz73MRcg

Taken from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, formely I love to laugh. Trivia: It might interest you to know that in this clip, Paul Winchell provided the o...


Truth be told: Having gained a few pounds lately I had to look at what did that: For me its two things, excitement when eating with friends who just happen to eat CRAP foods that I don't usually eat but LOVE, and poor scheduling of exercise when my schedule shifted and got heavier; and the pool got cold. Example: Eating ice cream and poundt cake. OMG I did that. So back to the basics. CRAP is CRAP, and addictive, so what kind of friend am I if I participate in eating mostly CRAP with people I care about? UGH I drop the ball here all too frequently. And sadly on myself as I go along with their habits. I have to be ready with really good healthy food and speak up and say no to being treated to CRAP. NO MORE CRAP for me. I have to see people who offer me CRAP like dealers offering drugs. .. . and just say NO!!! but kindly! If my will power is not to say NO to the CRAP then I have to assess that ahead of time and separate myself from those events and people so that I can stay on track. Of course the best thing is to be the role model and blend unobtrusively with people.... Thats my new plan. Recognizing my tendency to cave when with others I have to prepare, question my self and will power ahead of the event, and then change the way I think about that situation to be successful. Prepare to be strong and resourceful and a model or prepare not to participate. I can reward myself later, hopefully with something non food related. EX: I have company possibly coming for dinner tonight. I have got to stand by my beliefs, and put some extra effort into making it about nutrition and really tasty too. Plan, do, Be committed to your health.
This is another example of how you too can Mind Your Weight Loss.


We are just three weeks away from that goal setting day of the year. Why people think that setting goals one day of the year is going to be enough is beyond me. I find I need to review my goals and re align ... every sat morning, if not at least once a month. Here I am on Sunday, a day late, three weeks early... depending on how you look at things. I AM thinking about my goals, except.... . Here is the deal "goals" have got to go. Even the word "Goals" is not definite enough. "PLANS" ..... a better word, "schedules" are what makes life happen. Just like going to work. You do it. No rethinking it every day. So as the DAY gets closer, and your life is passing by, why not take a look at and realign your schedule and start living your goals now. How many things are you going to do today that are not in alignment with you BEING who you want to be. What can you set aside to be YOU. What three things are most important that you can do for YOU today. Things on my to do list today that tend to lead to my success with health: 1. Make the plan ( healthy satisfying food plan) (exercise plan) 2. Follow the plan (no rethinking) (have to shop for and prep my meals and salads for this week and dinner tonight) Need to exercise... not specific enough... going to so HAS FIT today, (work on lunges), form a walking group for once a week, and get to GHF pool this week, possibly x2. 3. Live my dream or a nutritious healthy life. Plan Do Be. Thats the ticket. Commitment to 1. Planning/scheduling specifics. 2. Doing 3. Being. Lastly, I have other things going on to but only I can speak up for what I need to do for me, and for me taking care of my body... as my base, is first. This is me Minding My Weight Loss through 2018 and 19.


How can you start minding your weight? Look at what you call food and also what you place into your mouth, EVERYTIME you eat. If it nourishes your body it might be food. If it does not nourish your body it is likely an anti-nutireint, meaning it is using the nutrients you do have to digest it, and there for depleting you vs nourishing you, as it also adds calories =fat. How many times a day do you do this intake of empty calories? Do you feel nourished? or sluggish and tired? after you eat? FOOD IS FOR NOURISHMENT. Do you know what the nutrients do? They fuel your body and also help your body get rid of toxic wastes, and supply ingredients for new molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. Are you nourishing your body or destroying it? Its that simple. Ask you self that overtime you eat and when you shop for food. Are you willing to do this? or too stubborn? Its that simple.
Learn how to nourish your body to Mind Your WEIGHT LOSS.


Why wait? Many people go on diets and lose weight; and most of them gain in back. The reason is they participate in extreme bouts episodes of eating light and exercising hard. Only to binge and crash a few months later. Sadly this scenario gives weight loss a bad name. At Mind Your Weight Loss you learn to think different. It's a change that is never undone and there for its life long and it makes weight loss much much easier. So why wait? It's time to grow up and stop eating like kids. Learn to change the way you think about food, eating, and exercise and you will find your self getting healthier and slimmer for years to come. It's life long weightloss when you Mind Your Weight Loss. So why wait?


I'd say the greatest contributor to ALL of my successes in life is down time. Time to plan is everything. It's no different and definitely critical with weight loss. You must take care of your emotional health to be successful. You need time to just breathe, time to plan your goals and methods, and healthy reward systems. Food is neither for emotional boosts or to reward us. And many of us get into trouble with those two emotional changes. Food is for nutrition. FOOD IS FOR NUTRITION!!! So how will you handle the emotional roller coasters in life to better MIND YOUR WEIGHT LOSS? You'll need down time and to plan this out! Ask me how if you need help.


Mind Your Weight Loss, LLC was created with the mission of coaching people in their weightless goals. However obesity is only one of many signs of poor nutritional health. Inflammation, cancers, arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune diseases are all signs of poor inner health. I have a huge heart to help people with weight loss but as I have learned that poor nutrition and detoxification are also at the root of many of these problems I now aim my practice at nutrition and detox coaching for all, as well as weight loss coaching.

My credentials and more:

Strategic Interventionist; through a program highly affiliated with Tony Robbins! I completed a program that taught me how to work with people to identify the obstacles to their success, and move past those obstacles.

Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner: through a YMCA endorsed program offered by The Health Sciences Academy. This course provided numerous activities and handouts for me to use with my clients to teach them knowledge and skills that contribute to weightless success.


Services include Weight Loss Coaching through personal and semi private classes and/ or mentorship. We have many services for you to choose from individually or grouped as a package.



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