All Made Up by Stephanie Brown

All Made Up by Stephanie Brown


There is just something that makes you smile when you see two people in love. My job is THE absolute best!

Dress: Here Comes The Dress
Bouquet: Schultz Floral and Gifts
Venue: The Homestead 1835
MUA: All Made Up by Stephanie Brown
Hair: @Ashley Ladra Betz
One more of stunning Miranda on her wedding day!

Stunning Bride : Miranda Summers
Dress: Here Comes The Dress Maggie Sottero Designs
Bouquet: Schultz Floral and Gifts
Venue: The Homestead 1835
MUA: @All Made Up by Stephanie Brown
Hair: @Ashley Ladra Betz
I dont know how we got so lucky... but we ended up with NO RAIN today...
Adrienne and Bud, thank you BUNCHES for having me photograph your big day. I know it wasn't exactly have you had planned but it was perfect and y'all are married!
We will be offering custom airbrush spray tans by All Made Up by Stephanie Brown for $20 on April 2nd and 3rd for PROM. We will have appointments open every 20 minutes from 4pm-7:20pm.

Pre payment will be required upon booking your appointment to receive the $20 sale price. $30 if paid at the time of the service. This is to ensure we do not waste time slots and have no call no shows as this is the busiest time of the year for Stephanie. Stop in or call to set up your appointment today!!

I'm a 4 year licensed esthetician/makeup artist/waxing and eyelash extension specialist. I am constantly expanding my education and love all my clientele!!

I am starting out freelance make-up artist. I have taken classes and intend to further my education in the fall by recieving my esthetician license. I hope to keep building and taking my business to the next level. I hope you all take the time to check out my site and pass on my name!

Operating as usual


Lashes by Stephanie!!

Call or text to book your appt at 219-299-4678


Don't quit. No matter how hard it gets don't stop chasing your dreams. Figure out a way to keep going because it's going to get hard and it's going to get frustrating. You're going to want to give up often. You'll wonder what the hell you're doing and if it even matters anymore. It does. Every day you want to quit there's so many more that remind you why you love it. Hold on to the days when it all goes right and it feels right. That's the TRUTH. Don't fall for the lies you tell yourself on the bad days. I'm worthless, I'm not getting anywhere, I'll never get there, I should be farther along than this..we've all been there. Don't buy in to it. Take a nap and wake up to the realization that it isn't so bad. Build yourself up don't wait for others to do it for you. You'll get there, I promise. Keep pushing forward. Dedicate yourself and you can't fail forever. We have to fail to accomplish. Learn from the failures..don't quit!!!!


I wanted to put something out there letting all the girls and moms of Hobart know that I'm completely BOOKED the day of Hobart's prom!!! Thank you all so much for the referrals and bookings I'm so excited to work with all you gorgeous ladies and participate in this memorable evening!! We're gonna have so much fun!!!


Booked two more weddings this weekend!! If anyone else is needing bridal makeup this year or knows anyone looking for bridal makeup this year I still have a few dates available!! Spread the word my beauties!!!


For those of you that get easily offended..I'm sorry I just thought this was kind of funny!! Waxing day today!!! Brows and bikini!!!


I've booked 5 weddings in the last two weeks!!! If you or anyone you know is still looking to book a MUA for their wedding send them my way!!!


Today I get to do engagement photo makeup on a good friend from high school...where has the time gone?!?! I can't be old enough for this!!! I also get to do a chemical peel and eyelash extension fill!!!


Boudoir makeup with some amazing women today!!!! I'm so pumped!! I'll be in my happy place doing makeup all day :)


Just finished 6 girls from all over NWI for the prom fashion show today at the Avalon! So much fun and so many beautiful young ladies!!!!


I apologize for being so MIA the last few days. I needed to get my mind strong again after losing Penelope. I've still been behind the scenes booking weddings, started booking for Portage's prom makeup, and have a meeting with a salon owner about potentially expanding my business. Stay tuned and book an appt for anything you may need done such as waxing, facial, makeup, or lash extensions!!! Book now!!!


Hey everyone! I have a wedding June 24th I need help with. I will be doing 6 faces and you'd be doing 4 full faces. We have to have them all ready by 11:30 - 11:45a! If you're interested or anyone you know personally may be interested please let me know!!! Thank you!!!


Full face in Chicago today...just say a little prayer for me please!!!!! I need some calming vibes too if you can send some zen my way!!!!


In the next couple of weeks I will have business cards made that also act as a punch card. For every service done by me I will punch your card. After 5 punches you get 5$ off your next service unless you'd like to hold out for 10 punches and get $10 off your next service!!! I've been wanting to reward my regulars for awhile now and thought this was the best way to do so!!! What do you ladies think, pretty cool?!


Booked another wedding today!!! Can't wait to be doing weddings in Chicago and Indiana this year!! So busy and so fun!!!


Hey ladies I'm doing a semi formal makeup special this year!!! I believe every girl should be able to afford to have their makeup done at least once for a school dance and just feel so completely flawless for atleast one night while dealing with all the stress and confusion of being a teen. EVERY girl deserves that feeling!!! $35 for a full face of makeup and $40 for full face with lashes!!!! I already have a couple girls booked and have a limited amount of time so BOOK NOW!!!


Today's agenda...waxing, chemical peels, and eyelashes!!! Does anybody else need anything?! I have some more availability if so!


I've got a facial today at 2p!!! All you younger male AND females I wish you'd realize just HOW important it is to take of your skin NOW!!! It takes years to show the abuse your skin takes when you're young and by the time it starts to appear it's so much HARDER to deal with. Please please if you have any questions make an appt with me for a skin care consult or just break down and make an appt for a facial and we'll get you started on a great regimen to follow daily. The best part is it doesn't even have to take long. I don't have patience for a long regimen either. Just a couple steps morning and night and you'll see a world of difference!!!


Two facials, three eyelash extension applications, two makeup applications, one brow wax, and one work meeting this week in Chicago. Does anyone else need anything? I'd love to help out!!! Let me know :)


I'm binge watching This Is Us and I'm crying of course but the camera takes a different angle on Mandy Moore's face and I realize she has lash extensions on...that's how you know you're a MUA/lash extension specialist ๐Ÿ˜‚


Coming soon....lactic acid peels, glycolic acid peels, and salicylic acid peels!!!!! Add ons to any facial!!! They should be in the studio by the 10th so if anyone needs a facial and has been contemplating peels here's 13 reasons why you need to have a chemical peel in your life!!!!


Can't wait for my appts tomorrow!!! Little bit of everything...eyelashes, skin, and brows!!!! Anybody else need anything booked? I've been booking like crazy the last few days so don't hesitate to let me know!!!


Dropping off a gift certificate today!!! Yes, I carry gift certificates
๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep that in mind ladies and gentlemen!


Happy New Year to all my amazing clients!!! Thank you all so much for continuously supporting my small business and pushing me to constantly be better! 2017 is going to be big for All Made Up and I can't wait to share it with you all!


Just finished an eyebrow wax this evening and have two tomorrow morning. Let me know if any of you need to get in for anything. I'm only taking morning appts tomorrow!!!


I had 3 sisters and a mother getting facials together today and I LOVED it!!!! Soo fun!!! Thank you Kori Liechty, Kelsi, Kayla, and Judy for letting me work on your faces!!! It was so nice talking/catching up with all you ladies!!! Your skin looked and felt amazing when you ladies left!!!


Merry Christmas to all my amazing clients!!!! Can't wait to set up my facial steamer/high frequency machine later today!!!! Yay!!! Make an appt for your facial!!!!


I still have to hang it but atleast it's in there!!!! It's perfect Julie Smith Curosh!!!! Thank you!!!


Do I look like my dad? I think so! My parents and my significant other are the people that keep me pushing to live my dream and not settle for anything less. When everything seems too hard they keep me going. My dad is such an amazing man and between him and my mom they always taught us kids to go after our dreams even if we aren't the richest people in the world financially they always said it was more important to love and believe in what you do. I think that message was received by all 3 children because we all do exactly what we love and it just makes adulthood a bit easier if you love something you're doing everyday. It's a lot harder to get up everyday and deal with the stressors of life if you don't love what you do! Thank you to my parents and I hope they're proud โคโค


๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I love it!!! So true! Unless you want to chat in which case I'm all for conversation too!!


I am SO excited to get this beauty in my studio!! Thank you so much Julie Smith Curosh for making this for me it's so beautiful and as soon as I hang this up I'll be taking pictures for all to see!!! One step closer to a finished studio room ๐Ÿ˜

Anyone needing something similar please shop local!!! I know Julie would love to help out and she's an amazing person!! I miss her so ๐Ÿ˜”


I NEED this for my studio space!!!! It's perfect!! Lash extensions are the bees knees...seriously though they are!!!


Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine I went to beauty school with and we slowly approached the subject of how muddy and small our paths seem right now in this field. We talked about how far we've come since school 3 years ago but how much farther we still have to go. We talked about how much money and time we've poured in to this field on further education even after beauty school and the places we've tried that haven't quite worked out. It's exhausting but so much more gratifying than anything else we've ever done. We were mirroring each others thoughts so easily because we are in exactly the same boat. We both talked about how over the summer we were ready to give up (we never once talked about this at that point with each other because that makes you a failure, right?) and maybe go back to school. We both thought maybe we're not cut out for this. We still have a few years before we hit 30 so we could still go back to school and get a "real" career. Yet, we both thought about how nothing else makes sense. We also both came to the same conclusion, "We'd rather do this, struggle included, than do anything else." This is it. We also both decided that 2017 is the year we stop with the doubts. We stop worrying about where we're going to end up and start enjoying the grind. It was so nice hearing someone that is so talented and so amazing speak the same thoughts as me, it was so nice to realize that I'm not alone.

My point to this whole thing is that anyone of you feeling like "how come this person has already received 3 promotions in their job they've been in for 6 months and I haven't even hit one?" or "what the hell am I doing with my life nobody believes in what I'm doing but me" just stop! Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you. Stop worrying about who likes you and who believes in you other than yourself. Do you believe in you? Ask yourself that question and if the answer is yes then not one other person's opinion in this whole world matters. You believe in you. You may not be the most popular in your career or craft and you may not be as far along as other people your own age but does that make you a failure? Hell no!!! I want you to decide not to conform to the world. I want you to decide right now that you don't have to be the most sought after or the most popular or the most knowledgable to be successful. All you have to do to be successful is push yourself, motivate yourself, work hard, practice constantly, furthering your education ALWAYS helps and never hurts, be kind to the people around you, treat people fairly and don't get too greedy, communicate with people, take care of yourself, love your life, and never give up!!!! We're all in this together!!! Know your worth and use the abilities you've been given. Don't snuff your talent because you're afraid. You have no idea what's just around the corner!!!


Today's agenda!! More eyelash extensions and a facial at 11 and 1! If anyone else needs anything please let me know!! I can get you all hooked up!


I have a brow wax today at 3:15 if anyone else needs an appt please let me know!!! I'm available :)


More lash extensions finished today and I have another appt at 4 pm!!! Anyone else need anything done or would like to make an appt for anything? Please let me know I'd be more than happy to help!

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Some pictures of Veronica's July 9th wedding :)





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