St. James Salon, Hollister, MO

St. James Salon, Hollister, MO


Hey Gals! 🖤 I am so excited to get back to work & I am in a Beautiful new location in Hollister! I am currently taking appointments for May-June via online booking right now! Most of my Sundays are full but I have sev Thursday spots open!

🌿 MICROBLADING SPECIAL 🌿 ONLY $175 if you book for May or June! This is only valid through the rest of May! Gift cards available

•Henna Brows•
•Lash Extensions•

Click the Link to Book!!! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Please book AFTER The 10th of May!


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Trish gave me one of the best hair cuts I have ever gotten.
Love Trisha Tucker !!!
… I Just moved back to the Branson area and needed to find a new person to do my hair, which is always nerve wracking!! So many times I have had my hair ruined and turned colors while trying to find a new stylist… but…. NOT THIS TIME !!!!
…Trisha Tucker was AWESOME !!!
..She did exactly what we talked about, made beautiful colors and had great suggestions !!
!! She is Now my Permanent Hair Stylist !!! I will not go to anyone else !!!
!! THANK YOU TRISHA For Doing such a Fabulous Job on my Hair, your understanding nature of my anxiety, making me feel so comfortable and again, DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB !!! THANK YOU !!!
Trisha Tucker i really love what u did for my wife she looks amazing...

We are a full service salon with over 10 yrs experience for each stylist. Each professional is a sole proprietor. We do take walk ins upon availability.

Operating as usual


St. James Salon is looking for a full time stylist at our new location 120 Coon Creek Parkway, Hollister, Mo.
For inquiries please call (417) 294-1618


Spa Pedicures at St. James Salon, Hollister. Vanessa Essary and Trisha Tucker! Call for your appointment! 417.334.4556 or text 417.841.7768.


We’re having lots of clients think about going grey. Here’s some tips to think about!

I have a lot of clients asking about this. Hers my professional opinion:

1. Now is the time to do it. (Summer hair, is easy hair. Not a lot of gatherings and ceremonies to attend)
2. Your this far, try it and see.
3. Make the commitment to let it all grow out. If you cut before the color is off you will never know.
4. You can ALWAYS color again!


Essary Esthetics

Essary Esthetics will be reopening inside St. James salon today! ❤

Just a few changes have been made:
• Please come alone to your appointment. Only one client allowed in the treatment room at a time.
• Please arrive at your appointment at the exact time you scheduled it. If you do arrive early, just wait in your vehicle until it's your time.
• If you are not feeling well do not come to your appointment. I will gladly reschedule you for a later time.

I'm very excited to be back with you all. As always I am still accepting new clients!
Please call (417)350-2055 to schedule 💆‍♀️


Essary Esthetics

Essary Esthetics will be reopening inside St. James salon today! ❤

Just a few changes have been made:
• Please come alone to your appointment. Only one client allowed in the treatment room at a time.
• Please arrive at your appointment at the exact time you scheduled it. If you do arrive early, just wait in your vehicle until it's your time.
• If you are not feeling well do not come to your appointment. I will gladly reschedule you for a later time.

I'm very excited to be back with you all. As always I am still accepting new clients!
Please call (417)350-2055 to schedule 💆‍♀️


Getting ready for our soft opening tomorrow at St. James Salon! We sure have missed our clients and can not wait to see you! Need an appointment? Please text or call me at 4178417768! You may also call the shop at 417.334.4556! 04/06/2020



🌞 NOT BECAUSE we want ANYONE in harms way ... WE ARE just worried about all those SELF bowl cuts!! And mostly because we need to start the new week w/ a laugh!!!
😜 ... good morn! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW ... it's Monday! 🤣
Have a great day!
DO NOT, under any circumstances ... forget to laugh!! 😜🤣🙏🙏❤💪💪#quarantinehair #wereinthistogether 04/04/2020

Why Your Curly Hair Products are Not Working in 2020 | Hair help, Hair Mar 10, 2020 - Find out why your curly hair products may not be working for your curls. This incredibly simple method is a game-changer!


A time of healing for your hair. Take some time the next few weeks and deep condition your hair. It’s amazing what a deep conditioner once a week will do for you!
Here’s a DIY solution for you to mix up at home if you can’t get out to get a professional grade deep conditioner:

*5 tablespoons of conditioner
*1 teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil
*(chemically treated hair only needs to do this) dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in 2 tablespoons of hot water and add to conditioner (make sure the salt dissolves completely as not to have any crystals)
*if you have essential oils a few drops of lemongrass and rose oil
Mix all together

Shampoo hair as normal
Towel Dry
Use DIY Conditioner and place in high pony or wrap in warm moist towel for over night or 20 minutes or more. (As long as you can go!)
Rinse out and if you have fine hair reshampoo and condition as usual.
Style out!

Salt is to help rebond hydrogen bonds
Lemongrass adds shine
Rose oil helps grow hair
Olive oil helps dryness


St. James Salon customers.

Please check with your stylist on your up coming appointment. When you do come visit us please be aware of some things we have set into place for your and our protection:

1. Please do not come early.
2. Please check in with your stylist when you arrive.
3. Be aware we do not have any waiting areas at this time, we would ask you wait inside your car after you have let your stylist know you have arrived for your appointment.
4. Please only the person receiving services be allowed inside the salon. If there are multiple family member appointments back to back, make arrangements to wait in your personal vehicle.
5. We will not sit you beside another patron, at least 6’ away under a dryer if your service requires that.
6. New capes and State Board sanitation processes will be careful followed.
7. If you have traveled outside a 50 mile radius from Hollister, we ask you reschedule after your 2 week quarantine time.

*Jeanna’s clients: she will not be working for 2 weeks starting Monday.

We love our clients and look forward to seeing everyone healthy soon!
Feel free to call me personally if you have any concerns.

❤️ Trisha Tucker
417.841.7768 03/20/2020

Welcome to City of Hollister, Missouri


Here at St. James Salon, we value your health and safety as much as our own. A few things were doing to help you feel comfortable during your appointment:
*clean and never reused proper draping, we are not reusing capes until they have been washed and dried in a high temp dryer.
*all of our hard surfaces and chairs have been sanitized on a daily basis at least sometimes more often
*floors and traffic areas are disinfected every night
*shampoo bowls are wiped down between clients
*we follow protocol for sanitation from State Board
*brushes and styling utensils are sprayed down with a high grade germicidal spray
*we reserve the right to cancel based on how we are feeling also. (We won’t come in if we aren’t feeling good and please do the same)
*hands down we are the cleanest salon around! (We can thank our ODC owners for that!)
*fresh sanitized towels
We encourage you to come to our appointment unless you feel you are sick or you have a compromised immune system.

Together we will conquer this and be America strong! 💪🏻 Now, let’s talk about those roots! 😮


* SRSLY THO - been training for this one since forever!! 🤣😉... @thevaultyl



JessAngel Beauty

Pre-Summer Sale!!!

🌺🌸20% off Lash Lifts, Lash Extensions and Microblading 🌸🌺

Get those lashes and brows ready for the Summer Fun!! Don’t worry about your brows washing away in the lake or your Mascara running in the hot summer fun!!

Take advantage of this amazing offer before it ends March 31st.

Just call/text (417)344-8811 to make your appointment or if you have any questions.

(Deposit May be required to hold your appointment. If a deposit is left this offer can be honored anytime!)


Looking for a stylist, massage therapist and licensed lash technician!

We are looking for you! Are you a beauty industry professional? Massage therapist, Eyelash stylist, Consultant needing a room? Nail tech, stylist,esthetician? We have 2 rooms for lease! Beautiful salon and private rooms. Please call Trisha Tucker. 417.841.7768


Did a little hair today. It’s always fun with this awesome massage therapist! If you need a massage this is who to go to! She is the bomb! #nofilter #jackieblasimassagetherapist #allnutrientcolor! #hairbytrishatucker


We are looking for you! Are you a beauty industry professional? Massage therapist, Eyelash stylist, Consultant needing a room? Nail tech, stylist,esthetician? We have 2 rooms for lease! Beautiful salon and private rooms. Please call Trisha Tucker. 417.841.7768


Meet one of our stylist’s and co-owner!
Trisha Tucker. She has been doing hair for 25 years. A graduate of Missouri College of Cosmetology, she assisted her first year at Details Salon in Springfield, going above and beyond her state board required education. Still wanting more, Trisha moved to NC assisting 2 master colorists from Vidal Sassoon’s Salon, and absorbing all she could from being in a 10,000 square feet day spa. She worked her way from a shampoo girl to a make up artist to a colorist inside the spa.
Still curious about direction of her life, she decided to try out college. She walked onto the women’s basketball team at Evangel University and stayed there for a year, all the while cutting hair in the dorms. Her passion was hair. She went back to doing hair full time. Trisha was one of the first stylists in the area to use Aveda color and studied as a protégé to master colorists until she continued her education enough to gain confidence to be one herself. Trisha took an educator and general manager position of 7 chain salons, out of Springfield, MO and Branson, MO. Her home is now Branson, MO. Trisha is a co-owner of St. James Salon and her passion still today is hair. Trisha loves encouraging young stylists and others inside the beauty industry. Her calling is now to help younger stylists and professionals grow in the beauty industry as others had with her.

Want to schedule an appointment with Trisha Tucker call or text her at 417.841.7768. You won’t regret it. ❤️


Essary Esthetics


Before ➡️ After

Dermaplane Benefits:
•provides deeper product penetration
• removes vellus hair (peach fuzz) that traps dirt and oils
•reduces the appearance of acne scars
• removes thousands of dead skin cells

Dermaplane Facials are $55 for the rest of February! 💆‍♀️ Call (417)350-2055 to schedule your appointment


Make sure your lash stylist is licensed!

THIS IS ILLEGAL WORK!! read further.
Here is a PSA for the greater Springfield/Ozark/Nixa area.
ALWAYS have a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL do your lashes/make-up/skincare.
I had a referral yesterday to have her lash extension removed. It is the first set she has ever had. When she came in she recanted how these atrocious lashes were applied.
First it was in a home (not a licensed business)
Second she was asked to lay in a section recliner in a living room surrounded by children and dogs. (Not a sterile room of a professional technition)
Third it took less than an hour for a full classic set. (It should take hours for a first time full set!!)
Forth she ask for a classic set. THESE ARE ARE CLUSTERS!! ( classic is one lash extension to one natural lash)
They were heavily glued to several lashes together!! They were so heavy on her natural lashes, they were pulling them out. If she had let them grow out, like she had planned, she would have cause even more irreversible damage to her lashes/lids/eyes!!!!
Fifth. HER NATURAL LASHES WERE NEAR RUINED! because an uneducated kitchen hack job applied them!
Further investigation I came to find this "lash and make-up artist"
Is NOT LICENSED BY THE STATE OF MISSOURI!!!!!! but has a business FB page and profile with prices listed!
It is ILLEGAL for her to be doing either services let alone profiting off them!!!
And also ILLEGAL to not have a business license!!!
The client had no idea this was not the way it was suppose to be.
And if you are a student/professional Cosmo or Esthetician SHAME ON YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS KIND OF WORK IN OUR AREA!!!
We professionals have an EDUCATION in application and client safety!!
You are NOT getting a deal on price! You are compromising your lash/lid/eye safety by letting an uneducated/unlicensed person do them! Please go to a professional!!! .
Rant done.

@ Springfield, Missouri


Stylists or Nail Tech: We have a room open! Competitive room rent in a beautiful establishment, St. James Salon in Hollister. Please call me at 417.841.7768
(Feel free to tag a stylist!)



Sunday Funnies: I think a new job title is in order! Who's with me?


We have busy at the shop! Jackie our Massage therapist wanted a change.... so here it is!! The “afters” and then the “befores!” Jackie Blasi no filters before or after added!


Essary Esthetics

Christmas specials are now available to purchase 🎁🎄


Christmas specials are now available to purchase 🎁🎄


Hello 👋 Just a reminder... This is the last week to buy gift certificates. Good all year long. Stop buy the salon 💇 tomorrow or if you can’t make it in you can purchase over the phone at (417)593-1520.
Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽

🚨 Don’t miss out on these great deals🚨
Black Friday Specials two weeks only!!
Massages 💆 make the perfect
Christmas 🎄 gift 🎁
Gift Certificates are good for 1 year
Call to get yours!
Like and Share our page 😊



Ladies get those lashes for the holidays!!! 🎄
Full set $65! Call or text Jackie @ 417-593-1520 to book your appointment


Exciting news at St. James! Call (417)350-2055 to make an appointment


Sam Villa Professional

Kelly Sams Skoglund Melissa Woidela. Shane Barlow Jeanna and Rikki!

“She just cuts hair.”

"She uses intense trigonometry to figure out the exact angle to cut your hair in order for it to lay correctly.

She uses scissors sharper than knives very closely to her hands and fingers with centimeters to spare moving them quicker than your eyes can follow.

She puts her body in odd positions to make sure she is level and can see each strand of hair she is moving, causing major damage to her body while she’s standing and bending for 12+ hours straight.

She buys pays to sharpen her shears and gets new shears yearly that cost anywhere between $50-$2,000 with no payback, just to make sure your hair isn’t damage from the tug of dullness.

“She just colors hair.”
She uses chemistry to create a special formula to work with your hair, that most likely won’t work with someone else’s.

She uses time that works against her, as two minutes too late will blow the cuticle in your hair and/ or fry it off.

She strategically places mixtures to blur lines and create a subtle blend and/or dimension.

She changes the combination for each client as mineral build up and pollution from water/environment/ products will react differently.

She changes the color of your hair without knowing exact genetics which play a huge part in reaction to chemicals.

She spends 3 hours moving her arms and bending her body into awkward positions to ensure perfection.

She copies an image from the internet that was a 12 hour session with 5 stylists working, by herself in 3 hours.

“She just plays with hair.”
She spends 50% of her work day using tools as hot as your oven.

She styles your hair exactly like that Pinterest picture that’s actually a wig.
She constantly breathes in fumes from hair products and she can’t tell you the last time she didn’t have a hair splinter.

She squeezes you in for a last minute style as she’s already been on her feet for 10 hours straight.
She has her arm above your head moving it back and fourth for an hour to blow dry it flat.

“She just does hair.”
She spends an hour doing a 4 year olds hair because she can’t sit still but it’s mommy’s wedding day. Mommy cries when she’s done because her daughter looks beautiful.

She spends 3 hours with a teenager who tells her every single person messes up their hair and she doubts this one will get it right. Suddenly brunette isn’t her color, she needs it back to blonde next week.

She colors a 35 year olds hair who has been using box color for 15 and didn’t tell her beforehand, so the chemicals reacted and caused it to smoke making this process 6 hours that could’ve been 2. She’s now being yelled at by her next client for running behind.

She wraps a 80 year olds hair in rollers for an hour to ensure she looks beautiful for her husbands funeral. Her daughter calls week later to thank you for making her mother feel beautiful.

She works when she’s sick because there is no calling off when you work with personal appointments.

She works when a family member is desperately ill in the hospital because her clients have gray showing and they have a meeting tomorrow.
She misses her best friends surprise birthday party because it’s prom day.

She works until 10pm because her clients hair reacted differently and nobody can figure out why.
She gets woken up by texts at 3am asking if she can get someone in the book soon.

She makes extremely close connections with her clients and spends all of her social energy on them.
She doesn’t get “vacation days” because people need her in order to feel beautiful.

She missed her child’s first soccer game because she was already scheduled two colors and cancelling would just be “silly.”

She doesn’t work 8-4 or 9-5, she works first client to last with no real promise if she can make it home for dinner tonight.

She also hasn’t eaten lunch the past three days because she’s had no time between clients.
She spends hours researching new techniques and finding educational classes to attend on her one day off.

Her life revolves around hair. Her brain constantly goes from math to science to social to psychology to client and back to math. She works hard physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically. Every day. With no breaks and definitely no silence.

But I must remind you, she’s just a hairstylist. She just does hair.”

~Author, Maggs Elizabeth

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Stylists or Nail Tech: We have a room open! Competitive room rent in a beautiful establishment, St. James Salon in Holli...
WIN our Valentine's Package! We have  Gift Certificates available for Valentines for this exclusive package. At a value ...




120 C**n Creek Parkway
Hollister, MO

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm

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