Sandra's Fitness Page

Sandra's Fitness Page

Group Classes and Personal Training are available and attainable...even working with a budget. Classes will be posted here! Call me today to set up your consultation if you are interested in Personal Training!

I am a certified AFAA personal/group trainer. I have been teaching fitness for 8 years and find that helping people find a healthier life style is more than just fitness. There is so much that plays into a healthy body! Happiness with ones' self is based on both mind and body! Connecting with my clients and finding what they truly need to attain their goals has become my life's passion. It is rewarding to help a person look in the mirror and see more than just their reflection!


BORN PRIMITIVE athletic wear...super cute and comfy...

[04/03/20]   Get your excuses...๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ’ช

[04/01/20]   I do not own music rights

[03/27/20]   I just read about the first nurse death in New York City...his only complication was asthma...he had not been wearing proper PPE because they don't have it...I am overwhelmed with emotions. If you are not staying home and away from public areas....If you have to go to work and not being hyper are the problem and should be ashamed of yourself. We all were told in the beginning this was no big deal (I too thought FLU) and it is continued to be down played. It is a big deal that has swept across the world....stop comparing to other death tolls unless you are perfectly content with people dying. There is NOTHING more important then doing things to help protect others from death.

[03/27/20]   30 min of Zumba...I do not own music rights.

[03/27/20]   Nike Fitness App...great options to keep you moving

[03/25/20]   Getting ready to zoom..are you?? 03/25/2020

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

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This Wednesday!


[03/20/20]   So...I am looking into a more efficient way to share videos...I need have an idea that can be shared with the masses please share and likely will need to be specific on how to use. I DON'T WANT MONEY nor do I want people to have to pay...I want to spread the fitness love and keep the depression and stress away...also...other type of classes? BP?

[03/20/20]   20 min

[03/20/20]   Retry...Zumba at 9:30am....all Zumba music to be safe

[03/19/20]   Zumba in the morning? Jay I need a time darling and already know what song NOT to

[03/19/20]   The fb police got me on Taki thank you for playing and I hope that you enjoyed it and they wouldn't let me post the video so I guess live is the only way. Man...can't they understand we are trapped right you everyone...if it was worth it for you we could do it Taki Taki though....hahahaha


[03/19/20]   Just a heads up...if you can't join me live I I
can't promise the sound will work after...I will say all the things and try to pick out songs that may have less copyright issues...but no promises after the live session...see you tomorrow!


Zumba live on Thursday at 5:30pm for all of us shut ins

[07/26/19]   Who know lots about these pages?... I don't..I forget about it...but I feel I should utilize it more


Summer personal training available!

[02/16/19]   Saturday Body Pump at 10:45...Guarenteed to warm a body up!


[08/08/18]   Never quit

[08/07/18]   I have been a bit absent for social posts since I was in school...but going to try to get back on it! Hope everyone has a great week and does something active! I have classes all week!

[08/10/17]   Tomorrow is a great day to attend a class at the YMCA
8am Body Pump
5:30pm Body Pump
6:45pm Zumba

[08/03/17]   It is time to prepare for the Holidays!! Get outside, get to the gym, get to your living room, but whatever you do don't wait!๐Ÿ˜Š

[06/27/17]   Week line up:

8:30am Body Pump
5:30pm Body Pump
6:45pm Zumba

5:30pm Cross Training

8:00am Body Pump
5:30pm Body Pump
6:45pm Zumba

8:30am Zumba

10:45am Body Pump

[06/23/17]   Zumba at 8:30!!!

[06/22/17]   I guess it is time to start posting again since I finally fixed the problem with my phone! I teach 6 days a week at the YMCA...check out Ozark Mountain YMCA to find out more! Tomorrow's schedule:
8am Body Pump
5:30pm Body Pump
6:45pm Zumba

Come Play!

[02/24/17]   No Body Pump class on Satuday at the YMCA! Enjoy your weekend!!!

[02/14/17]   In honor of this Loving holiday...wear red or pink to class tonight! Because you know you need to burn/pre-burn off that candy and meals๐Ÿ˜‰

[08/27/16]   Awesome workouts lead to awesome days!

[07/30/16]   Body Pump at the YMCA at 10:45! Push day!!

[03/16/16]   No Zumba at Pointe tonight.


Sandra's Fitness Page

Zumba at 6pm tonight at Pointe Royale

Thursday: YMCA
8:00am Bootcamp
9:00am Piyo
5:30pm Body Pump
6:45pm Zumba

Saturday: YMCA
10:45am Body Pump
12:00pm Warrior Training

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Zumba live on Thursday at 5:30pm for all of us shut ins
You have 24 hours!!! Any of my students or past students or one time students help spread awareness for ALS!




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