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The Babe Cave is now offering body waxing services with .thebabecave!

We will be offering 50% off ALL body waxing services from now through June 20th. With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to get scheduled 😁


Another group of freshly certified IDOH lash artists!!!! Welcome to the industry beauties!!!! 🫶🏼

Thank you so much for trusting us with your education and choosing us as your academy- your education is not something we take lightly here! 🌱

Next date: July 18,19,20 25,26,27 (6 seats left)

Comment “45 Hour” to learn about our state approved certification! 👇🏼


A lash lift refresh by .thebabecave 😍

With summer around the corner, lash lifts are in high demand! We love enhancing natural beauty just as much as we love extensions!

Ready to try out a low maintenance service? Try out a lash lift at your next appointment! ✨

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We are growing again 🌱

Meet the newest face here at The Cave .thebabecave

“Hiii👋🏽,My name is Teresa !

I’ve been lashing for almost a Month now ! I love it, I’m 18!

I got into the lash industry , because I love giving people the confidence that is already inside them ! Not only that but I get to have a unique opportunity to get to know people, and many clients will turn into lifelong friends. 🫶🏼

Fun facts about me:

I’m a Latina ! I was born in Guatemala 🇬🇹.
(La vida es buena , hay que disfrutarla !)

I’m adventurous! I’m never home :) ✈️

I have a broken bone ! Never got it fixed . Pops from time to time 😂.

My favorite season is summer !🌴”

She just completed her course here at the Cave and we were all AMAZED at how quickly she picked up lashing- her favorite technique is also volume 😉

You can book Teresa during your favorite hours: Thursday & Friday evenings and Saturdays! 🤩

Click the link in bio to be her first on her books! 👆🏼


What is a lash lift?

A lift is a perm for your natural lashes!

During the process we apply a lifting solution to the lashes and we decide together how curled you want them to appear. We also apply a tint to darken the lashes, so that they appear more defined. The tint is optional , but recommended to get the full effect and it’s included in every service!

A lift will last anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks making this our lowest maintenance service! Pair it with a brow lami to get the most out of your time at the Cave!

Have you tried a lift before? Let us know in the comments!

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Reviews from our past 45 hour course 🥹

Thank you so much for taking the time to write these and trusting the Cave with your education. This is not a job we take lightly 🌱

If you love all things lashes, this is a 6 day accelerated program that provides an exceptionally strong foundation for lash artists 🌱

💥3 certificates
💥2 experienced educators
💥4 techniques taught
💥eye shapes & styling
💥in depth theory
💥6 live models
💥create handmade volume fans
💥XL lash kit
💥detailed manual
💥professional and quality products
💥discount codes
💥business/social media/marketing
💥lighthearted classroom
💥payment plans
💥lifetime support
And more!

Next date: May 9,10,11 16,17,18

We have 5 seats left ‼️

Have questions? Comment or DM “COURSE” below 👇🏼

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 03/20/2024

Our secret is out!!!! We are growing again, meet our newest babe! 🌱

Help us welcome in .thebabecave 🫶🏼

“Hey there! 👋🏼 My name is Kaitlyn!

I’ve been lashing almost a year now! I’m 24 and a local to Indianapolis!

I’m super excited to be working at The Babe Cave, where I originally started my lash journey getting certified under !

I started lashing because I needed an alternative to messy mascara. Then boom.. I was hooked! 💥

A few fun facts about me:

I have 2 husky puppies 🐶🐶

If I’m not at work, I’m a homebody 🏠

I always have a sweet tooth, recently my go to has been Reese’s 🍫

I cannot wait to start this new chapter and meet some new faces!!!”
thebabecave is running promos on all full sets through the end of this month!

You can find her working evenings AND Saturdays here at the Cave! 🌱

Head to the link in bio above to be first on her books!! 👆🏼

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 03/08/2024

After careful consideration, we have decided to raise our salon pricing. This change reflects our ongoing commitment to providing top quality service and ensuring the best possible experience for each and every one of you. 🌱

We truly appreciate your continued support and understanding as we strive to maintain the highest standards possible for our customers. 🌱

Thank you so much for trusting us with your lash/brow needs! 🌱

Head to our link in bio to book your next appointment! 📅

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 01/25/2024

Our secret is out! 🤩

We’re adding a babe to our little Cave 🙌🏼 meet .thebabecave

Hello hello Im Maria 👋🏼

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 7 years and Ive done everything from brows to lashes and body waxing. I just moved back to the city and Im excited to be jump into the industry after have my two littlest babies. Fun fact: I actually have 4 little ones! Im so excited to join the Cave and do what I love which is making people feel beautiful!!! 🫶🏼

Im a fighters wife 🔥

I was born in Mexico 🇲🇽

I have 7 siblings- im the middle but I feel like im the oldest 💁🏻‍♀️

I love watching golden girls with my husband 📺

I absolutely love being a wife and a mom, and im ready to feel myself again through lashes! 👁️

I also speak spanish 👇

Hola Hola yo soy Maria,

Yo eh estado en estado en la indistria de la belleza por 7 años ya y eh echo todo lo que tiene que ver con cejas y pestañas y hasta depiló del cuerpo. Acabó de regresar a la ciudad y estoy feliz poder regresar a la industria después de tener 2 babies. Dato curioso: Tengo 4 hijos en total. Estoy muy emocionada de poder unirme con las chicas aquí en Babe Cave y hacer lo que me hace feliz que es hacerlas sentirse lo mas bellas que pueda!!! 🫶🏼

Mi esposo es peleador de MMA🔥

Nací en Mexico 🇲🇽

Tengo 7 hermanos y hermanas. Y aunque soy la de en medio crecí como la mayor 💁🏻‍♀️

Me encanta ver Golden Girls con mi esposo 📺

Yo absolutamente adoro ser esposa y madre pero estoy lista para sentirme mas yo atreves de las pestañas!

Maria will be available for evenings and Saturday appointments! Head to our link in bio to book your first service with Maria! 👆🏼


Yes! ALL lash and brow courses are now
‼️15‼️ OFF

And yes! This applies to ANY course for the entire 2024 year! ✨

This includes all:
🌱45 Hour IDOH Courses
🌱Classic Lash Extension Courses
🌱Volume Lash Extension Courses
🌱Lash Lift/Brow Lamination Courses

You can either pay up front or enroll in a payment plan and STILL receive this discount. Once your deposit is made, you will have a seat secured for your course date. 👇🏼

Discounts are automatically applied on our website, so head to the link in bio OR

Send us a dm for course information or registration 🫶🏼

This discount lasts until the end of this month on January 31st! We do not do discounts on courses often, you want to run for this one 🏃‍♂️


We are growing and looking for a new babe to join our team 🌱

If you are:

✨energetic and positive
✨ready and excited to grow
✨a certified lash artist
✨looking for a team environment
✨take initiative
✨searching for a long term home
✨skilled in customer service
✨have evening and weekend availability

Then you might be a candidate for our team! 🌱

*we are looking for artists who have a minimum of a classic certification*

Please send in your resume along with recent photos of your work to:

[email protected]

To be considered for this position!

We cannot wait for what’s in store for 2024! 🌱

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The Babe Cave does Christmas early 🤪🫶🏼

Our team doesn’t just include our artists - it also includes our amazing booth renters and fellow beauty lovers 🫶🏼

Happy holidays from The Cave 🌱

Bring on the December🎄


Congratulations to 11 new lash lift and brow lamination artists! 🌱

Thank you so much for choosing the Cave and trusting us to be apart of your education and journeys! 🫶🏼

2024 course registration is open! 👇🏼

🌱45 Hour

- January 11,12,13 18,19,20
- March 7,8,9 14,15,16

🌱Lash Lift/Brow Lami

January 26
March 1


January 15-16
February 9-10


February 5-6
April 8-9

Have questions about a program? Send us a DM for course info! 💬

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 10/07/2023

Another babe certified 🌱

Do you want to learn two services in a single day?

👉🏼We have 1 lash lash lift and brow lamination for the year left on November 27th!

In this course you will learn:

✨Goal Setting/Affirmations
✨Brow Lamination Processing
✨Brow Lamination Tips
✨How to Position Brow Hair
✨Growing Your Business
✨Eyelash Anatomy & Growth
✨Reactions & Sensitivities
✨Proper Hygiene & Safety
✨Solution Usage & Storage
✨Necessary Tools
✨Preparation Before Appointments
✨Client Consultation
✨Patch Testing
✨Pad Placement
✨Correct Processing
And more!

Ready to learn 2 new services? Send us a message for full course info! 🫶🏼


Congratulations to this beauty 🥳 she’s officially volume lash certified!

Thank you so much for letting the Cave be apart of your journey and trusting us with your education 🫶🏼

Upcoming course dates:

🌱45 Hour IDOH Course🌱
-November 2,3,4 & 9,10,11

🌱So You’re New Here Workshop🌱
-September 30

🌱Lash Lift/Brow Lami🌱
-October 6
- November 27

🌱Classic Lashes🌱
- October 9-10
- November 20-21

🌱Volume Lashes🌱
- November 17-18

🌱1 on 1🌱
-dm to schedule

Not sure which program is best for you? Send me a dm today! ✨


It’s officialllllllllll 🎊🥳👏🏼

Our babies are certified to lash legally here in Indiana!!!!! 🌱

This class was so much fun 🫶🏼 thank you so much ladies for choosing the Cave and trusting us with your education ✨

We have ONE class left for this year:

- October 12,13,14,19,20,21

There is ‼️1‼️ seat remaining

🌱45 hours of in person training
🌱Leave learning 4 different lash styles
🌱Create handmade fans
🌱Receive 3 certificates
🌱Receive XXL size lash kit
🌱Log hours to comply with state regulations
🌱Legally lash in Indiana
🌱Quality lash education
🌱In Depth Knowledge (and we mean IN depth)
🌱Leave with technical and business knowledge
🌱Social media and marketing 101
🌱Lighthearted classroom setting
🌱Previous student discounts
And best of all…

🌱Lifelong support

👉🏼Are you ready for a career change? Send us a DM for full info!

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 08/22/2023

Time to meet our last babe! Meet 🌱

“Hi I’m Lizz!

I’m a licensed esthetician, owner and lead educator here at the Cave. I’ve been in the industry for 7 years and started off in Muncie, IN 🌱

Here’s some random facts about me:

I’ve had what you could call a unique childhood which has shaped me into the resourceful mf that I am today 🤪

I moved to S Korea when I was 8 years old, lived overseas for 4 years, and learned the language by taking taekwondo classes. I’m a second degree black belt 🥋

I have been adopted and “unadopted.” Weird, I know 😂

I’m a college drop out with no shame. It took me 8 months me to see that the “traditional” way wasn’t it ✨

I have 5 siblings and 5 parents

I’m the queen of s**t going wrong and keeping an upbeat attitude 💁🏼‍♀️

I’m a “jump off the cliff and see if I grabbed a parachute on the way down” type of personality 🧗‍♀️

Tell me I can’t do something and I’ll do it just to p**s you off 🙈

If I’m not at work then I’m absolutely on an island somewhere flying on a jet ski 🏝️

I’m terrified of needles but have at least 27 tattoos… I think 🤔

I get what it’s like to have little to no support and I’m here for the people who want that mentorship 🫶🏼

I eat, sleep, breathe this business and my goal is to help as many entrepreneurs and lash artists as possible achieve what their version of success is🌱 “

Head to page and ask her all your lash and business questions! 🫶🏼


5 new beauties are lash lift and brow lamination certified! 🌱

Thank you so much for choosing the Cave as your academy and trusting us with your education! 🌱

Next course date: October 6

✨Goal Setting/Affirmations
✨Brow Lamination Processing
✨Brow Lamination Tips
✨How to Position Brow Hair
✨Growing Your Business
✨Eyelash Anatomy & Growth
✨Reactions & Sensitivities
✨Proper Hygiene & Safety
✨Solution Usage & Storage
✨Necessary Tools
✨Preparation Before Appointments
✨Client Consultation
✨Patch Testing
✨Pad Placement
✨Correct Processing
✨Social Media Tips

Have questions about this course? Send us a DM 💬


Thank you so much ladies for choosing the Cave as your academy of choice and coming with all your energy to class! 🌱

Welcome 8 new certified lash artist to the industry! 🫶🏼 🫶🏼🫶🏼

✨What You Can Expect at Babe Cave Academy✨

👉🏼Experienced & Certified Educators - has been lashing for 7+ years and training for 4+ years! Not only has she developed and improved the curriculum, but she is also a certified and trained educator!

👉🏼State Recognition - we are approved with Indiana’s Department of Health to certify students

👉🏼In Depth Curriculum - we believe that knowledge is power and that artists should understand the science and technique first!

👉🏼Hands On Learning Approach- the best way to learn is to do. We like to focus on the students mastery of the techniques covered by giving maximum amount of time on live models!

👉🏼Suitable Learning Pace- we have our trainings carefully scheduled to switch up learning styles and avoid overloading students with long hours of training!

👉🏼Modern Technique- we teach multiple techniques and styles! One size does not fit all students and we tailor our training style to the student!

👉🏼Business/Social Media/Marketing- we believe that this is CRUCIAL to building a client base. We cover beyond technique, because it doesn’t matter how good you are- if no one knows what you offer.

👉🏼Professional Products - we include professional grade materials only to our students and we have recently upgraded ALL our kits!

👉🏼Demos - we will thoroughly show and explain all of the techniques first!

👉🏼Lifetime Support - our students have access to an educator at all times for any questions after class!

👉🏼Multiple Certificates - all of our courses offer multiple certifications!

👉🏼Student Success - we love to see our students growth after class and follow their stories! Many of our graduates open their own business or land a position at a salon!

Are you interested in the lash industry? Send us a DM to talk about course options! 📲

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 08/07/2023

Babe Cave boat day was a success 🌱

What should our next outing be? Let us know in the comments 👇🏼

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 08/06/2023

Meet our next babe, our very own .thebabecave 🌱

“Hey guys! I’m Reanna, a junior lash artist at the Cave 🤗

I first fell in love with getting my lashes done in 2019. I decided to start esthetician school at Aveda in 2020 to become a lash artist. I’m so glad I decided to pursue my passion as my career!

Some fun facts about me are …

🌿 sushi is my absolute favorite food 🍱

🌿 I have a dog named meatball

🌿 my favorite color is green (literally any shade 😍)

🌿 I love traveling & new experiences

🌿 my favorite season is fall 🍁

🌿 my favorite service is volume, I love perfecting every fan 🤌🏻 & customizing them to each clinet!”

Reanna has quickly become a client favorite as the Cave! You can check the last of her openings with our link in bio! ✨


Another class completed ✅

Thank you so much for choosing the Cave as your school, and allowing us to be apart of your journeys! 🌱

Next class: lash lift/brow lamination with .thebabecave on August 11! ✨

We have ‼️1‼️ seat remaining for this course!

✨Goal Setting/Affirmations
✨Brow Lamination Processing
✨Brow Lamination Tips
✨How to Position Brow Hair
✨Growing Your Business
✨Eyelash Anatomy & Growth
✨Reactions & Sensitivities
✨Proper Hygiene & Safety
✨Solution Usage & Storage
✨Necessary Tools
✨Preparation Before Appointments
✨Client Consultation
✨Patch Testing
✨Pad Placement
✨Correct Processing

Have questions about an upcoming program available? Send us a DM to get full course info! 📞

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 07/26/2023

It’s time to meet another babe, next is .thebabecave 🌱

“Hello everyone! I’m Jenayah! I have been lashing for 4 years now and love it just as much as I did day 1! 🫶🏼

When you don’t see me at the cave you can find me with my amazing 2 kiddos, on the patio with friends, exploring the creek or expanding my service list and perfecting my art with a class 📖

My favorite services to offer are volume/ mega volume extensions and brow laminations ✨”

Jenayah is also now offering TUESDAY appointments! You can click the link in bio to see her new availability! 🌱

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 07/25/2023

✨Pros of Having Your Own Suite✨

1. Flexibility- you get to control your own schedule now!

2. Personalized and Private Space- you get to make all the decisions and turn these canvases into exactly what you want!

3. Increased Income Potential- you control all the money coming in and going out!

4. Networking Opportunities- build your business next to neighbors who are just like you! Cross promotion and referral systems can benefit a new business!

5. Customized Services- make your very own menu and carry products you have hand chosen!

6. Peaceful Environment- we are the first location of this size to be esthetic/lash/brow based! All of our rooms come equipped with sinks!

This is a place to start or continue to grow your beauty business! Here our focus is to provide you with an environment and esthetic that you can flourish within, while meeting fellow entrepreneurs along the way🌱

At Babe Cave Suites you can expect:

🌱prime downtown location
🌱dark luxury esthetic
🌱freedom to decorate your room
🌱esthetic based salon suites
🌱shared break room
🌱extra large suites
🌱shareable suites- rent alone or with a buddy
🌱24 hour access
🌱Sinks in every room
🌱discount parking
🌱lease options
🌱feature on our story, feed, and website
🌱first 2 weeks free
🌱community of beauty entrepreneurs to collaborate with

We have ‼️3‼️ rooms remaining!

Send us a DM to tour our salon to see if this could be a good fit for you! 💬

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 07/11/2023

It’s time to meet another babe: up next is .thebabecave 🌱

“Hello, my name is Maria and I am currently the manager and a lash artist at the Babe Cave!

I have been lashing for the past two years now and absolutely love it. I left my full-time job in order to join the beauty industry and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I love working in the beauty industry because there is so much more room for creativity and you get to completely be yourself. 🫶🏼

One of my biggest worries leaving my full-time job was that I wasn’t going to be as successful doing beauty related things, but let me tell you... You can become successful in any field as long as you put in the efforts needed and stay committed!🫶🏼

Some fun facts about me:

🐈I’m obsessed with Cats… meow

🇨🇴I was born in Colombia, and Spanish was my first language (but I’m Americanized Af so don’t let that fool you)

🌍I lived in Amman, Jordan for 2 years and it was my favorite place to live

👑I’m an only child, yes I’m spoiled

😌Organizing is a stress reliever for me

🎹I love playing the piano, but rarely find the time anymore

👠I have a shoe obsession”

Mimi does not take new clients anymore, however you may hear her hissing around the salon from time to time 🤣


July’s 45 Hour Course students are halfway to graduation! 🎉

‼️There is no beauty license required to complete this program‼️

Next course date: August 31, September 1.2,7,8,9

What’s different about this course?

👉🏼This course is Indiana Department of Health Approved
👉🏼45 hours in person training
👉🏼Learn both classic, volume, hybrid, and wet lash extensions
👉🏼Receive 3 lash certificates
👉🏼Receive 2 full size lash kits & manuals along with extras
👉🏼Previous student discounts
👉🏼Multiple educators

What stays the same about this training?

👉🏼Lifelong support and mentorship after class
👉🏼Quality of lash education
👉🏼In depth knowledge on topics
👉🏼Learn both technique and business skills
👉🏼Lighthearted classroom setting

Who is this training for?

👉🏼unlicensed individuals wanting to perform lash extensions legally in Indiana
👉🏼anyone wanting to complete classic and volume training together
👉🏼lash artists who feel they did not receive ample training in previous courses

What if I am a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician?

👉🏼Yes, you may still take this course! We offer shorter length courses for licensed professionals

Have questions about this training or want to learn more? Send me a message for full course info 📲

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 04/28/2023


“Hi there. 👋🏼

I’m Lenzi, the owner of Afterglow! I’ve been an esthetician a little over two years, being passionate about helping others feel beautiful in their own skin - whether that’s through facials or waxing! My goal is to create an environment where every client who enters leaves feeling more empowered, more connected, and more accepted than when they arrived. I’m right down the hall from the Babe Cave girls, so come and meet me and let’s see how I can help you! ✨”

Lenzi was our first Babe Cave Suite renter and quite literally our neighbor! You can always tell when she’s in if you smell incense! 😌

Head over to Lenzi’s page for more info and booking! 🌱


Babe Cave Suites✨

Are you ready to go out on your own?

Feeling like you’ve outgrown your current suite?

Looking to booth rent in a space with supportive business owners?

Schedule a salon tour today! 🌱

👉🏼xl size suites
👉🏼24 hour access
👉🏼elevated esthetic
👉🏼huge windows
👉🏼prime downtown location
👉🏼amazing neighbors
👉🏼first 2 weeks free
And more!

Babe Cave Suites is the first of its size focusing on esthetic based services downtown!

If you’re in the beauty industry looking for a new home, send us a DM today 💬


You’re invited! We would LOVE to have you at our Grand Opening and help us celebrate our new location! 🎊

Join us May 20th 6-9 pm for raffles, games, prizes, local venders, and more! ✨

Babe Cave started off in a little house in Muncie IN, in a spare bedroom on a futon on the floor.

Today Babe Cave sits on the forth floor of a historic building in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. It’s taken us years to get here, but we’ve finally made it to our new home 🏡

We want to give a HUGE thank you to all of the clients and supporters who have made this transition for us possible. Your continued support, business, and love that has helped grow this little business into something a little bit bigger 🥹🫶🏼

We can’t wait to see you there and will be announcing our amazing venders soon so stay tuned for more details! 👀

Photos from The Babe Cave's post 04/17/2023

We’ve had so many exciting changes this year! 🎉

We would like to reintroduce all we have to offer here at our not so little Cave now! 🌱


Yes! We still offer services and have a growing team of amazing artists! Our goal here is to create a safe and comfortable environment for you to step away from the outside world.


Ran by , our mission is to provide students with the absolute best, quality education and build up the next generation of business owners and artists. With 400+ certified students, Babe Cave Academy continues to be a leading school in the Midwest.


Our newest addition to the Cave! Booth rental opportunities are available to anyone looking for a collaborative space with supportive neighbors and a fresh and positive atmosphere to grow your biz!

We love that we can finally offer the community more and thank all of our clients and supporters who have stayed with us during this long journey! 🫶🏼

Interested in a service, training course, or booth rental space?

Head to our link in bio or send us a DM and ask us those questions to get started! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Want your business to be the top-listed Beauty Salon in Indianapolis?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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We have heard you and we are bringing this back 🙌🏼Check out the recap from our last workshop! ‼️Are you interested in op...
We have heard you and we are bringing this back 🙌🏼Check out this recap from our last workshop! ‼️Are you interested in o...
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7098 N Shadeland Avenue, Ste. C1
Indianapolis, IN

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

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Lashes are our passion, we are committed to empowering beautiful women by providing the best quality services. With each lash session, we aim in building a bond with you.

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Crown of Glory Hair Salon has a vision where we not only take care the natural Woman but the Spiritual Woman as well. "INVEST IN YOUR HAIR, ITS THE CROWN YOU NEVER TAKE OFF".

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We’re on a mission to use the power of beauty to bring out the possibilities within every person.

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Future professional studying at Paul Mitchell the School Indianapolis

Malibu Minks Malibu Minks

Enhance the aesthetic beauty of your eyelashes and lips with our top tier products and services.

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