Who'z Next Barber & Beauty of Jacksonville

Who'z Next Barber & Beauty of Jacksonville


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The atmosphere is great. I am 64 years old and the respect I feel and see is impressive. Not only are the barbers great artisans, they are great people. They help me to know that their generation is not lost, as so many older adults think. The best thing about a visit to my girl Jazz is when I walk out, I am one foine mama. Boom!
Charles Da Barber made my night. Fitting me in with short notice and getting a fresh to death look for the new year. Highly recommended!
Do you all accept walk in's on Saturday mornings

Wondering what makes a man look more charming? It is definitely your haircut. A right haircut from the best barbers in Duval could help you transform your outlook.

Book online today!

Operating as usual

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Are you interested in becoming a barber? Complete the ONLINE training program @rockledgeinstitute then come train with some of the best barbers the State of Florida has to offer. Who’z Next has teamed up with Rockledge Institute to get you the training that you need. Rockledge Institute is now offering an ONLINE 6 month Restricted Barber Program. Get industry-leading training in as little as 6 months ONLINE!!!

We at Who’z Next are offering guaranteed Barber positions upon graduation. No clientele needed!

Talk to a Career Advisor at (321) 301-4439.

Life Skills?
Barbers should study and have a thorough understanding of life skills because:

Practicing good life skills will lead to a more satisfying and productive career in the industry. Barbering professionals work with many types of clients and coworkers; having good life skills can help ensure positive interactions with others in any situation. 💥
The ability to deal with difficult circumstances comes from having well-developed life skills. 👑
Having good life skills builds self-esteem, which helps individuals achieve their goals. 🔥

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Are you interested in becoming a barber? Who’z Next has teamed up with Rockledge Institute: School of Health & Beauty to get you the training that you need. Rockledge Institute is now offering an ONLINE 6 month Restricted Barber Program. Get industry-leading training in as little as 6 months ONLINE!!!

We at Who’z Next are offering guaranteed Barber positions upon graduation. No clientele needed!

Talk to a Career Advisor at (321) 301-4439 or request information at http://rockledgeinstitute.com/landing

[04/22/20]   🦠 Coronavirus is going to have an affect on us all, especially many small businesses like ours, so can you all help us out?


• Scroll across the top to the right, go to “COMMUNITY”
• Click “ALL”
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Stay safe friends and family!! ❤️🌎💪🏾


Introduction To Barbershop/Salon Ownership Workshop

Have you signed up for our seminar yet? You still have time to register. Click the link below. We can’t wait to help you open your business!!

Starting a #business on your own doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Who'z Next is ready to equip you with the tools to turn your dreams into reality.

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Get the Perfect #Haircut in a Laid Back, Modern Environment. Reserve Your #Appointment Here

We're open 'til 8pm tonight!

8653 #Baymeadows Rd. Ste 1
#Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 448-0899

#duvalbarbers #haircuts #barberlife #JaxBarbers

Here's our Google profile. https://g.page/whoznextjax?gm

If you've left a review for us here on Facebook (or even if you haven't), we'd appreciate you also dropping one on Google!

Wondering what makes a man look more charming? It is definitely your #haircut. A right haircut from the best barbers in #Duval could help you transform your outlook. Even if you are wearing the best suit from your #wardrobe, a wrong haircut which is not designed according to your facial shape could ruin the entire appeal.

Visit our barbershop in #Baymeadows for a completely customized haircut and #beard styling. Wondering what other things we can do? We have a team of master hair stylists, providing all sorts of #haircuts from classic to today’s modern style #cuts.

Book Online at http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com/

You’re in the midst of a successful career as a #barber or #stylist. You’ve learned the ropes, earned your stripes and have a good sense of what it takes to excel in the #salonindustry.

As a motivated entrepreneur, you have an eye to the future, and the idea of opening and running your own barbershop or salon sounds great but do you know the steps on how to open one?

Starting a #business on your own doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Who'z Next is ready to equip you with the tools to turn your dreams into reality.

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Introduction To Barbershop/Salon Ownership Workshop

Purchase Your Ticket To Your Future As A Barbershop Or Salon Owner Here: https://py.pl/2HioEx
Workshop Date: Feb 16, 2020 - Hosted By Who'Z Next Jax


Amazing things are already coming into focus for #whoznextjax. We invite the Jacksonville community to become a part of our already incredible customer base!

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Happy Holidays, From The Entire #WhozNext Family!

If there is a look that will never go out of style it has to be the classic #fade. The #hair at the back and side is clipped off.
It increases in size as it heads towards the crown. This is a fantastic idea for those who would like to keep their hair short.
Schedule your classic fade today! http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com/
Shop Hours: M-F 9am - 8pm, Sat. 9am - 6pm

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When you receive a #haircut from one our #masterbarbers, you know that are dealing with a true professional who is not only a master at his craft, but someone who is passionate about hair and male grooming.

Schedule your appointment in lightning speed at http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com/
(904) 448-0899
8653 Baymeadows Rd. Ste 1
Jacksonville, FL 3225

Monday – Friday : 9am – 8pm
Saturday – 9am – 6pm
Sunday – Closed

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If these chairs could talk man - oh man they would have a lot to say! A💈 #barbershop is filled with so many great #memories. Really grateful to add to this #journey one haircut at a time. Salute to all the #barbershops in out in the world.
Shout out to all the #masterbarbers out there putting it down for years. Much love to the clients that keep coming back keeping us in business. Good vibes in #Duval on an incredible #Monday morning! We hope to see you here today.

This isn’t just a job. This is a life style and a family! Stay doing what you love on a daily basis! Enjoy every min of your life!

As you settle down and plan for the week ahead, place a priority on encouraging someone tomorrow; treat a friend or family member to breakfast or lunch, mentor a young person in the neighborhood, or call someone in the morning and let them know how much they are appreciated!

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At Who'z Next Barber & Beauty of Jacksonville, we specialize in haircuts and styles that not only work for different textures, but also maintain a timeless appeal that will only get better with age.💈

We're open today until 8pm. Schedule your custom grooming experience at http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com/

8653 Baymeadows Rd. Ste 1
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 448-0899

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What's better than walking into a busy barbershop on a Saturday morning, taking your seat in the Barber Chair, getting an incredible haircut at a outstanding price, then walking out the door to crush the day? Nothing!

So,what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now:

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All the TALENT in the WORLD won't take you anywhere without your TEAMMATES. 💯

As the year begins to close out, we would like to thank our team for their excellent 💈 service and the constant “can do” approach to satisfying customer needs.

#WhozNextJax #Teamwork #BarberLife #BarberHub

It’s about the process - you have to trust it... Believe in yourself. Be humble, yet confident that you will get the job done!

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Hit the "Book Now" button to set your appointment.
Drop a comment below. Much Love!!💈💈💈💈

🏈 Going to the 50th Annual Northwest Classic next weekend? We'll see you there! But first, we;ll see you here!
🕟 Avoid the wait and schedule your appointment online:

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A huge benefit of our online scheduling system is that it does not revolve around our salon hours. Appointments can be booked quickly and painlessly, from anywhere and at any time. Within a few seconds, you can select a service, and choose the date and time. Plus, you get an email confirmation right away!

Book Now! http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com
Shop Hours: Mon - Fri 9am – 8pm, Sat. 9am – 6pm
Phone: (904) 448-0899

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Some photographers seem to have careers that appear to have started at the very top of the industry's ladder. That's certainly the case with Kamau Brothers. They have truly managed to capture the culture of #WhozNextJax. Thank you!

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Job interview this week? An interview is already intimidating enough; there’s no need to add even more stress by worrying about whether or not you’re groomed appropriately.
If you’re unsure of how you should show up for what could be the opportunity of a lifetime, schedule the perfect Job Interview haircut today!
Booking: http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com/
Shop Hours: M – F 9am – 8pm, Sat. 9am – 6pm

Looking for Hair Coloring Services in Jacksonville? We've got you covered. A Full Foil service consists of placing between 45 and 100 foils around the entire head.
Long Hair: $120
Medium Length Hair: $90
Short Hair: $75
Appointments: (904) 448-0899
#WhoNextJax #HairColoring #JaxSalon #DuvalHairSalon

Our Who'z Next professionals serve you best with an appointment based system. We know how long it takes each barber to give some of the best haircuts and shaves in town, at the highest quality. By knowing this and taking appointments, we are able to maximize the number of people each barber is able to see in a day. This makes it more efficient for everyone. (Who wants to sit on a waiting bench in a barber shop for 2 hours? Wondering when it going to be “their turn”?)
That being said, we do have the occasional spot throughout the day where there will not be an appointment booked, in which we are more than happy to accommodate a walk-in customer (provided that the barber has the entire amount of time to do the requested service before the barbers next scheduled guest arrives).
These walk-ins services will not be shortened or rushed in order to “SQUEEZE YOU IN”. We know everyone thinks their hair only takes 5 minutes to cut, but part of what makes us “Second to None” is our attention to detail and our refusal to cut corners, when it comes to a great quality service.
Thank you for your understanding, and book your next incredible haircut at whoznextbarbershopjax.com

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Prepare for the Work Week:
1. Prepare to Be Happy. Happiness is a choice!
2. Know What You'll Eat. This includes both at-work meals and
what you'll eat for dinner. ...
3. Plan Your Commute Practically. ...
4. Get Up 15 Minutes Earlier. ...
5. Write It Down. ...
6. Do What's Important First. ...
7. Be Ready to Ask for What You Need. ...
8. Ask How You Can Help
9. Schedule your Haircut at Who'z Next Barber & Beauty: follow this link (http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com)

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This is JAX JAGS week! Remember to wear your Jaguar gear to the shop and get a Haircut discount. Book your Jags discount by calling 904-742-8599.
#jacksonville #jaquars #jaxjags

Don't settle for a hair style that doesn't represent your personal brand. Booking is E-Z-BREEZY.

Information: (904) 448-0899

The NFL Season has arrived. Our Jaguars kick off the 2019 season this Sunday afternoon against the Kansas City Chiefs. Show your Jacksonville Jaguars Team Spirit! Wear your Jaguar gear (Jersey, Shirts, Hats, etc) to the shop this week and get a haircut discount!! Be sure to book your Jaguar Gear discount haircut first by calling 904-742-8599

#jacksonvillejaguars #whoznextjax #jaxjags

Get in here today! But, schedule an appointment first...

Can you tell where we got the inspiration for this post?

Who'z Next Jax received city-wide recognition in 2018 by being voted as the #1 Barbershop in #Jacksonville by CW17 Jacksonville. We welcome you to stop by and find out why!! Book your appointment at http://whoznextbarbershopjax.com

Want your business to be the top-listed Hair Salon in Jacksonville?

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8653 Baymeadows Rd # 1
Jacksonville, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
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