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Was a wonderful day!!! Thank you so much to support Dreams Come True.
Anyone interested in an Easter morning run? I’ll be there, but only for 4 miles... nice and slow!
Wednesday's Are for Working Out 💪💪
Got the #1 tee shirt today
Thanks to the young men of the Nease Soccer Team for giving our little Soul the shine of a lifetime today... and Thank You to Davor Fetahovic and his team at Body Control for always being a great support in Our Community!!!!!
Build at Body Control.
Attention team body control!!! If you are picking up your packet at the 1st place sports town center location, you will not get your red shirt until tomorrow at the body control table before the race. There are bathrooms available to change in if you would like to run with the shirt. If you are picking up your packet at the Baymeadows location today, you will receive your red shirt. Packet pick up is also available before the race tomorrow if you do not get a chance to visit your specified location today. Thank you and see you tomorrow!
Made sweat angels with my favorites! 💪🏽
Check out all those Body Controllers getting ready to watch the Jaguars game #redshirts #mygymisbetterthanyourgym #bodycontrolrocks

A new concept in fitness starts here!

We rolled out the mats for you...and not just workout mats. We installed an indoor turf. Set up state-of-the-art equipment (some of the very first in NE Florida) And picked out high-tech, interactive cardio machines. Because we're bringing you a new concept in fitness. Not just a full-scale, cutting-edge gym, but also a state-of-the-art group personal training facility, complete with even a dietitian-designed juice bar!


Just a reminder that we're starting our evening virtual TBC's tonight at 6pm. Join us via Zoom using our meeting ID # (904-516-0800). See you all later! ✌️

Due to heavy requests and popular demand, we've added the following class times for our live TBC sessions. We hope to see many of you join us tomorrow - either for the 9am or 6pm! Our Zoom meeting ID# is 904-516-0800 📲💪

Body Control

Virtual gym helps you stay in shape while social distancing


Please share and help us spread the positive fit vibes! 🏋🏻‍♂️🤙🏼

We're on a mission to keep people motivated and moving through our professional guidance - all while giving back and spreading positivity. We're going through unprecedented times so it's vital that we all unite to promote optimal health, happiness, and productivity!

And if you've yet to join one of our FREE weekday workouts, simply download the Zoom app and plug in our meeting ID # (904-516-0800) at 9am. Our numbers are growing by the day and we'd love to YOU (and your friends - TAG THEM) join us for one of our fun, 45-minute bodyweight workouts! #bodycontrolgym #1inthe904 #strongertogether

It's a way to keep working out and join in with others, but still practicing socially distancing.

Programming customized at-home workouts for all our members like...🤔😈👨🏻‍💻 #NoMercy #ThisWillBeFun


Today's post-TABATA TBC ab finisher! 🤣💀

Today is #NationalPuppyDay! And to honor all of our favorite furry friends, here’s a picture of our original Body Control mascot, Duncan aka The Golden Boy! If you’ve got some pictures of your little ones, share below. We’d love to see them! 🐶🦮🐩🐕‍🦺

#BodyControllers, get ready! The following virtual services will be starting this week. If for whatever reason you've yet to register for our mobile app, please comment below or message us. We need to wrap up our onboarding for everyone.

Also, in addition to the information we'll be asking you via 1-on-1 texts once you register (your at-home exercise equipment, nutritional needs, personal goals, workout schedules, etc...), we'll be surveying everyone about adding more live TBC classes - for the evening hours and weekends. #CoronaCantStopUS 👨🏻‍💻💪🏼📷📱

Such a fun and action-packed morning! ☀️💥


If you missed today’s workout, this is another reminder that we’re offering FREE LIVE TBC classes via Zoom, M-F at 9:00AM. Message us for the Meeting ID#!

Leading the way and always here for YOU! ⁣

Yesterday, Body Control took immediate action and launched two brand new service platforms in response to the #Coronavirus outbreak that’s effecting us all. We’ve been working tirelessly around-the-clock to bring effective health & fitness alternatives to our members and the entire #904fitness community. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the following:⁣

1. We launched our Body Control Mobile App and began the initial onboarding process. This apps allows for seamless interaction and engagement between our staff and all members/clients we work with. We’ll be providing custom workouts, tracking nutrition logs, monitoring progress, hosting fun group challenges, communicating daily, and much more using this platform. It’s been months in the works and we’re so excited about this. ⁣


2. We created several at-home TBC workouts that’ll require no equipment and will be broadcasted LIVE every day, M-F, starting this Thursday (TOMORROW) at 9am via Zoom! Attendees will connect using our meeting ID # and join up to 100 others live on camera as we workout together and bring the positive, vibrant, and uplifting environment of Body Control into peoples’ homes! A Personal Trainer will lead all workouts by demonstrating the exercises and constantly correcting, motivating, and guiding all participants throughout. We’re mimicking the entire Body Control experience (music included 😉) as much as we can, using technological resources and being creative. ⁣All for YOU.

For more info on how you can get started or participate, please comment below, PM us, or text us at 904-516-0800. We understand many of you will be stuck in your homes, looking for ways to be active and productive, so don’t hesitate. Our mission is to help and serve as many people as we possibly can! #bodycontrolgym #1inthe904 💪👥📸


To help expedite the onboarding process for our Body Control Mobile App, we ask that you all please send us your most updated email address. You can Facebook message or text us at 904-516-0800.

As soon as we receive yours, you will be added as a member and will get a notification to register! Get ready! 🤗


Body Controllers,

To err on the side of caution, all TBC and Personal Training services inside of our facilities will be suspended until further notice. We are following the direction of our two primary partners, Vesta Property Services Northeast and St Johns County School District.

We will be transitioning everyone to our Body Control Mobile App - to provide remote TBC Sessions, Online Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling, and Daily Communication in lieu of these facility-oriented services. We are also working on offering daily TBC/PT sessions outside within the communities. Please allow 24-36 hours to hear from us with complete details about this transition.

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact us: 904-516-0800 / [email protected]

Always on the forefront, protecting and building up your immune system with our fitness services. And with Isaac's help, too, of course! 💪🏾🦹‍♂️#DontTryUsCorona

Body Controllers,

Please take note of our official response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

We take pride in forming fit and well-rounded people. That's our passion. And since 2014, we've helped thousands of individuals reach their health and fitness goals through our personalized training, nutrition, and motivational programs. In doing so, we've created a community of healthy and happy #BodyControllers that support each other, hold each other accountable, and have fun together. A movement. A real fitness family. That's the Body Control way! 💞💪

Happy International Women’s Day to all of our strong, beautiful, smart, and loving ladies out there! We appreciate you all and we hope you enjoy your special day! 🦸🏻‍♀️💐🌼 #bodycontrolgym #internationalwomensday

Good luck to all running tomorrow's Gate River Run 15K! Make sure to properly hydrate, carb load, and visualize your success tonight. Tomorrow is the day you've been training for so soak it in and have a blast! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🥇

We NEVER underestimate the importance of having fun. Can you tell? 🙈🤪⁣

#TBT to when we had the opportunity to dress up in silly outfits and celebrate once again winning Void’s ‘#1 in the 904’ award! 👓🥇

[03/05/20]   Body Controllers, we want to hear from YOU! Please vote!

What do you prefer to do more of in TBC? High intensity cardio or heavy weight training? GO! 🤔👇🏼

When you’re literally competing with the person in the mirror. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️💨 #WhateverGetsTheJobDone


You’re no fitness dummy.

You know what it takes to get the body you want.

It’s no mystery.

Because you’ve read the books.

The articles.

Heard about the diets.

Watched the videos.

Downloaded the apps.

>You know to eat clean.
>You know to work out.
>You know how to quiet your mind.
>You know magic pills, dangerous supplements, gadgets, and hacks don’t really work.

That’s a lot of “you knows.”

But you aren’t where you want to be.

Why is that?

It’s not because you’re lazy.

You crush it at your job.

You take care of your family.

Your friends.

The house.

Volunteer even.

But you can’t eat clean for long.

Or exercise consistently.

So what do you do?

You pay for a personal trainer or join a gym.

You know…“to get results.”

Stick with it for a few weeks.

Then you slide back…

You got sick.

Or maybe the kids got sick.

The to-do list was too big.

Work got crazy.

The weights were too heavy.

Now you’re in a funk.

So you start a new trendy diet.

Maybe hire a nutrition coach.

You meal prep for a few weeks.

You buy cute little plastic containers.

A fancy scale.

Then after a long day...

You order Mexican.
(No judgment. Queso is soooooo good.)

So what’s really going on here?

Why can’t you stick with it?

You see others on social media…

Looking good in their bods…

Boundless energy…

Enjoying their veggies...

and think…

Why can’t I do that?

Well…actually, you can.

Hi, we’re Body Control.

We help busy adults just like you regain control of their bodies and minds...

Help them gain confidence.


And combat stress.

All through our proven programs.

In fact, since 2014, we've helped thousands of Body Controllers just like YOU improve their lives.

We've done such a great job that Void Magazine voted us "#1 in the 904" for three consecutive years.

So let’s get back to that question from above.

“Why can’t I do that?”

We’ll tell you why.

It’s the gray matter.

Your brain.

Your perspective.

Lack of Motivation.


And professional support.

This stuff is incredibly powerful.

It can steer you in the right direction.

Or in the wrong direction.

Don’t get us wrong.

Exercise and nutrition plans are important.

You can’t get results without them.


However, they are small pieces of the puzzle.

Your overall desire and drive come above all.

Simply put:
If you can’t train the mind,
You can’t train the body.

… at least in the long term.

Wanna be one of those,
“How does he/she do that?,” people?

We’ve got a 45-day challenge for you.


We’ll work on what’s holding you back.

And guide you in the right direction.

All for less than $5 a day.

Can’t explain it all here.

If you want more deets, comment below or check out this link:

P.S. This IS NOT a BS cookie-cutter workout and meal-plan program. Cookie-cutter programs don’t cut it.

P.P.S. This is gonna be fun...and possibly life-changing, too!

Thursday’s 8:30am TBC Plus

Just another day in the office 🏋🏻‍♂️🎸🦾💥

Let’s all wish the Happiest of Anniversaries to our lovely Merrow’s - Kathy and Chris! They’ve been with us for years and truly epitomize everything Body Control stands for. They’re also kinda cool, too. 😎👌🏼

P.S. Despite the BIG day and it raining profusely outside, Kathy STILL made it for the 5p TBC and absolutely crushed it. No excuses were used. Chris, however, didn’t. Just random #FitnessFacts 😆🤷🏻‍♂️

Everyone has their own version of #SundayFunday. Some like to enjoy the elements and be active. Others like to get after it and let loose. And some just want to take it easy at home. But if there’s one thing that’s consistent across the board for us all — it’s that Sunday is a day to recharge the soul and be grateful for everything we’ve got. A day to wind it down. So, let’s do just that! Have a great Sunday everyone! #bodycontrolgym #funday☀️❤️

We may get tired. ⁣
Inconvenienced even. ⁣

BUT — there’s no stopping a #BodyController. Because rule #1 of being a Body Controller is to never EVER quit. ⁣

Not on yourself. ⁣
Not on fellow Body Controllers. ⁣
And definitely not on your goals. ⁣

That’s what it means to really be a part of our family. The best fitness family in the 904! #1inthe904 💯💥⁣

Getting a grip on the week like 🤨🙌🏼🦾

Exercise makes you happier than money, Yale and Oxford research suggests


Yale and Oxford researchers suggest exercise is more important for your mental health than your economic status. 🏋🏻‍♂️>💰 Yale and Oxford researchers suggest exercise is more essential to your mental health than your economic status.

Smiles, sweat, and good vibes — that’s our version of the obligatory post-workout selfie! 🤳🏼😁👌🏼

Would you like to become one of those “how does he/she do it?!” people? ⁣

If so, message us and let’s book a session. It could be one of the most life-changing appointments you make all year. 💯🖤👊#bodycontrolgym #1inthe904 #fit #healthy #happy

[02/05/20]   Soooo...who’s sore from the last few days?? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️🤣🤣

#BodyControllers bringing the #barbells and #burpees to Bartram Springs! 💪🔥

New #goodies are here! 👀🤣🏋🏻‍♂️🔥 #tbc #personaltraining #getready

Our partnership with Bartram Trail High School began over the summer. ⁣

For the past six months, we’ve been working closely with student-athletes from several sports, both JV and Varsity, to develop functional strength, power, and overall athletic awareness for their specific needs. Since starting, we’ve seen tremendous progress amongst the teams and are very proud of the work we’ve done with such a forward-thinking school.⁣

And TODAY, a new journey began. We officially kicked off our post-school TBC program exclusively for Bartram faculty, staff, and teachers! The group training sessions will be held three times a week and it’s part of our joint initiative to improve the health and well-being of ALL BEARS! SO, let’s show some love to this group for the serious dedication - to their students, their school, and their health! 🐻👏🏼

"Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success." - Kobe Bryant 🐐💯🙏🏼 #mamba #motivation #rip

Saturdays look like👇🏼🤪🦾!

“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

NOT PICTURED: Vanessa (the boss), Ralph, Will.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally...“we cannot walk alone.” - Dr. King⁣

On this #MLKday, let’s just remember the basics. That love is the answer. That life is short. And that we’re all in this together. ⁣

Through it all, we’re here for each other. That’s the #BodyControl way. ❤️👊👥

Helping clients unlock their full potential, one rep at a time. 🔐💪🏼❤️ #bodycontrolgym #personaltraining #1inthe904

A few months ago, we launched our Youth Training Program, AIM Performance, for athletes ages 8-14.

In starting this, our mission was to help kids bridge the gap between effective athletic training AND positive mental output. For us, it’s not just about strength, speed, and aesthetics - but also about feeling good, being healthy, and improving overall confidence. The total package.

So far, the response has been overwhelming! Everyone is loving it. Parents. Coaches. And even these #Goofballs. Just look at them! 😆💪🏼📸

TABATA, we love you 🤣☠️🔥

Body Controllers, it’s time to lock in and focus on making 2020 the best year of our lives. Let’s do this! 👊💥💯

[12/25/19]   From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! 🎄

We’re pleased to announce that one-hundred percent of all Christmas gift wishes were fulfilled!

Thank you all for your generosity and support! Tomorrow will be a very special day for so many kids in our community. 🤗🎁🎄

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? 🎁

One of health, strength, and confidence? 🦾

We’re selling customized class and Personal Training bundles through 8pm today. Swag included, of course. 🎅🏼

Call, come in, or message us! #GiftOfFitness

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Thursday’s 8:30am TBC Plus
Spring Slim Dow Challenge!



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