Neuromuscular Massage LLC

Neuromuscular Massage LLC


Jutta...please call me, Linda 575-9043
What a treat! We had the Deep Ocean Blue…it was amazing! Thank you so much Jutta for adding such a great treat to our tropical holiday!
get your massage on the lanai or the living room ...have it your way
Hotel, Condo or Home ...let the Spa come to you
A massage on the lanai or in the living room ....have it your way
Hotel, Condo or Home ...let the spa come to you
Aloha .....I am back in action or message me to schedule a massage
Aloha Everybody .....I will be unable to take appointments until April 4th .....hope to see you then .... Aloha & Mahalo Jutta
Schaut gut aus! Da kannst mich doch gleich schon mal vormerken... sind 2 1/2 Wochen vor Ort :-) See you on Maui!
Yutta is the BEST on the island for sure.

Let the Spa come to you ! Enjoy a professional Massage in the comfort of your home or condo.It doesn


I miss all my clients ☹️....hope everyone is staying safe !!! See you all when this is over ...Happy Easter to everyone


My new tools for social distancing massages 🤔 can choose between a mop down with 100%Chlorox or a Lysol bristle broom application...with a free 60% Alcohol Aroma Therapie......oh s**t if it wasn't so sad it would be funny

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Best place for a massage ...your own home...

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Timeline photos

Assisted Reverse Chest Stretch

Stand upright with your back towards a table or bench and place your hands on the edge of the table or bench. Slowly lower your entire body. Use your legs to control the lowering of your body. Do not lower your body too quickly.

Muscles being stretched:
Primary muscles: Anterior deltoid. Pectoralis major and minor.
Secondary muscles: Biceps brachii. Coracobrachialis.

Sports injury where stretch may be useful:
Dislocation. Subluxation. Acromioclavicular separation. Sternoclavicular separation. Impingement syndrome. Rotator cuff tendonitis. Shoulder bursitis. Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). Biceps tendon rupture. Bicepital tendonitis. Biceps strain. Chest strain. Pectoral muscle insertion inflammation.

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Attention all runners...don't forget to stretch Glut minimus & Glut medius ....they get some severe workout when running ..getting in shape safely without injuries for the Maui marathon !

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get your massage on the lanai or the living room....have it your way

Timeline photos 07/11/2014

Hotel, Condo or Home ...let the Spa come to you!

Untitled album 03/06/2014

the Kula Studio....




Kula, HI
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