The Luxe Beauty Babe by Jessica

The Luxe Beauty Babe by Jessica

Operating as usual


Tommorow I will RELAUNCHING my beauty biz!! If you didn’t know, I’ll be hosting a class Tommorow on highlighting and contouring with a special guest in my FB group!🎉🥂💋I’ll also be doing a giveaway! So don’t miss out.

Drop me a ❤️ to get an invite to the class! 06/08/2019

The Art of Receiving

Hey ladies!! I'm so pumped and thrilled to announce my NEW Masterclass, " The Art of Receiving". I have to tell you this topic is something super powerful and can be life changing. How many of us are missing out on the desires we want in life because we are not being open to receive them. We may not even realize what we are REALLY missing. [ 411 more words ] Hey ladies!! I’m so pumped and thrilled to announce my NEW Masterclass, ” The Art of Receiving”. I have to tell you this topic is something super powerful and can be life changing… 05/29/2019

Letting Go, Trusting, and Healing What Needs to Be Healed.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Ok, can we talk about my baby for a second?! ;)I had such a beautiful day filled with so many synchronicities and a heart filled with gratitude! So blessed and grateful for the transformations and healing in my life. God is so good. The past few weeks I"ve felt the feeling of overwhelm. Being challenged to do things and speak my truth in areas where I was silent for some time. [ 578 more words ] Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Ok, can we talk about my baby for a second?! ;)I had such a beautiful day filled with so many synchronicities and a heart filled with gratitude! So blessed and gr… 05/15/2019


I remember a time in my life where I felt so unsure of who I was and where I was going. I always questioned myself. I doubted the plan and steps I was taking. I second guessed myself with EVERYTHING! I allowed doubt and fear and insecurity keep me from showing up and doing what made me feel so damn happy. [ 390 more words ] I remember a time in my life where I felt so unsure of who I was and where I was going. I always questioned myself. I doubted the plan and steps I was taking. I second guessed myself with EVERYTHIN… 04/30/2019

When you have had enough of the bs and have your breaking point.

Ok, ladies and let's get real here. I want to share something really life changing. How many of you have got to a point in our life where you said you were fed up with the way we are living our life and were ready for change? Tired of the same old thing. Same old routines and seeing life just go past you. [ 524 more words ] Ok, ladies and let’s get real here. I want to share something really life changing. How many of you have got to a point in our life where you said you were fed up with the way we are living o…


Don't judge our before bed dance session. And I have no idea what "silenttalk" is, its "silento"! 😂😂 #loveherface #justbeingsilly #donttakelifetoseriously #watchmewhip #wearecrazy #silento #dancesession #motherdaughter @erivera_jr @ericalara_811


Ok, ladies!! Let’s talk brows. So I never take selfies without my brows done. I feel so naked, lol. But I wanted to show you how much your brows are a GAME CHANGER for your face!! 💋

They make you look more youthful and bring out your eyes. 😍👌🏼

I used to be scared to fill in my brows, in fear of looking like a clown. But I need it and they don’t need to be perfect. It takes practice. Remember they are not twins but sisters.🤣

This morning I posted a selfie on my Instagram story @theluxebeautybabe with my brows quickly done before work. I don’t always have time to do them, but when I do u always feel it completes my look. I’m getting then microbladed soon. Can’t wait!
How many of you ladies do your brows?#browgame #selfie #goodmorning #beautytip #womenempowerment #empoweringwomen #yourmorethanenough #beautyguru #cosmetics #allnatural #nofilter #lotd #smallbusiness #bossbabe


✨New Episode Up!✨
Are you a working mom and have a side hustle? I feel you. I know it’s a challenge.
But you have EVERYTHING within you to create the life you desire. I’m sharing a quickie on how to do this, work/flow “thing”. Check my profile for the link. #new episode #podcast #sunset #bossmom #mlm #lifecoach #dreamer #life #hustle #hustle/flow #yougothis #beachgirl #socal #lajolla


Ladies, I know there are many of you out there who feel burnt out, sick and tired of where you are and are ready to take action on the life you desire. 🙏🏼♥️

I created a space for women where they can feel loved and supported and valued. 😘 Because I know that deep down inside you want to be heard and supported. You want to learn how to live and walk in FREEDOM. Letting go of the old and learning how you can tap into your CREATIVE power within you. How you can let your inner desire to be FREE and express yourself freely with confidence. If this sounds like drop me an emoji 🖤below and I’d love to add you to this tribe. Because you should wall CONFIDENTLY and PROUDLY. 🙏🏼#findyourtribe #community #goodvibes #supportingwoman #lifecoach #dreambig #womansupportwoman #california #californiasmallbusiness #evolve #elevate #create #flow #sundayfeels


Something I thought I would never say.....”I’ve stopped drinking.” Ok, well not completely. .....

Two months ago I made a decision that I was going to cut back on drinking during the week. I felt it deep within my heart and my spirit was telling me also. Jess in order for you to do the things you want to do and in order for you to be in tune to what your body needs and what actions you need to take to align with your desires, you need to stop drinking the way that you are. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t an alcoholic but I would have a glass or two of wine when I came home from work. It was the highlight of my night, for real. But I was sitting there wondering why I wasn’t doing the things I wanted to do. And especially after a LONG, Hard day. It’s always EASIER for us to just relax and have a glass of wine and let other important things pass us by. You know it’s like when we are so STUCK in the same, comfortable routine. I FEEL u.
But a shift was happening in my life and I wanted to be 100 percent all in to making changes I desired to lead me one step closer to fulfilling my purpose and my dreams. I realized today how much it has changed my habits after coming home. I now come home and am thinking about eating a healthy dinner, working on my business, I’m more creative, going to yoga some nights and even reading and meditating. Aka I’m an old head. lol 🤣 Jk I have nights where I’ll put some good music on and take a nice bath with sparkling water. It really just has made such a shift in my life. When I have wine now, it’s not to relax me. It’s to just have fun after a long week and do it socially with my hubby. And I may have a glass here and there but it’s for a different purpose. I’ll listen to by body. If there is a day I’ll feel accomplished I’ll have a drink to celebrate. I just wanted to share with you this because maybe there is something in your life you need to make changes in. Changes that could REALLY impact your DAILY life!
Know that other people may not always understand YOUR choices but you are LIVING for you!!! So DO you boo!!! 😉❤️Cheering for you! Have you ever felt this way? Like maybe you were holding onto something you needed to let go of


It’s raining here in California Again!!!

But I’m thinking of the beach and warm weather, aren’t we all?😉

A lot of ladies are scared to wear bold colors. I love playing with color, it always makes me feel extra sassy if you know what I mean. 😜 But my go to during the week is usually a neutral look. I just love this nude colors and eyeshadows. And I love how my skin always feels so healthy using these products. When you find something you LOVE, you don’t turn back right?💋

So my question is are you a nude lip or bold lip kinda girl?🤷🏼‍♀️#beautytip #makeuplife #beautygirl #selfie #allnaturalmakeup #lipglosslove #theluxebeautybabe #coach #lifecoach #smallbusiness #makeuplooks #california


✨You Are NOT Alone.✨

Just a reminder today that you are DIVINELY supported and being guided. I talked about surrendering the other day. It’s so important in order to fully TRUST you are where you need to be.

Every turn, every mistake, every hurt is HERE for your greater purpose. KNOW that today, god the universe has your back. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. But instead SEE gratitude. See how you are growing and shaping into the woman god has destined you to be.

Wake up and see that you are a vessel to be used!!! A story that needs to be shared. For so long I dimmed my light and felt I was to much or not enough. But the TRUTH is we are here for a purpose as YOU are. Don’t life keep you frustrated or angry it will rob you of your JOY. Instead choose LOVE.♥️

So dance beautiful. Dance today and celebrate the beauty and wonderful things that are going to unfold in your life.

Join me at 👉🏼She Is A Fortress Within and let’s celebrate together your beauty within. A tribe of ladies ready to be that FORTRESS WITHIN. Message me for my info on how to get in. I’m currently doing a GIVEAWAY in there also!💃🏼🥂👏🏼#findyourtribe #womensupportwomen #lofecoach #dream #entrepreneur #inspire #growthmindset #beachlove #californiafeels #goodvibesonly #sheisafortresswithin #theuniversehasyourback


Huge, huge, shout out to Vee Taylor Photo for taking these DREAM photos of me and for my ✨NEW✨ Branding and direction for my business. It was exactly the VISION I had! Thank you! 😘

It’s finally here! .........💃🏼

Ladies for years I’ve been dreaming about creating a community where woman can come together and thrive and grow and be challenged to rise up and be the woman that they feel called to be. A space for a woman can be there authentic self and feel empowered to rise up in their gifts they’re calling, live their desires. It is extremely easily to get caught up in our every day life.

It’s easy for us to forget. It’s easy for us to go through the motions in life and just deal with what has been handed to us. I believe that everyone of us has been given purpose. Our purpose is to not to go through life, I but to LOVE and embrace this life, and find freedom in this life. For many many years I went on a journey to really study and learn about what exactly my purpose was in life and I think I just really wanted to get clarity and understand why I was meant to be here and the reason why am telling you this is because I know that I am not the only one. I have found a lot of success in my career and there have been Times I struggled. Girl celebrate those victories , because you have come a long way. I understand what it feels like to want to be noticed, heard, appreciated it and loved. 🙏🏼I know that there are other women out there who feel the same way. Who feel that longing within the heart. That there is more.

I’ve created a space for woman to develop and find their purpose to get clarity and direction for their life. So they can shine in their gifts and in their life and do it with confidence, boldness and do it loudly.💃🏼

It’s a space ✨where woman can SHINE, find healing and just love her life. ❤️Where she can make the Impact that she desires to make in this world.

I’ll be launching my coaching program in April and can’t wait to give you ladies all the details. But a FIVE DAY challenge is coming in this group. “Rise Your Vibes Raise Your Standards” .
I’m so exited to help you ladies raise up into the woman you are destined to be. ✨♥️🙌🏼


Hey, hey ladies!!! ✨NEW✨ Episode Up!!!

Sharing a few tips on how I’ve tapped back into my intuition. After for so long drowning out that voice inside. How many of you ladies can relate to this? The hustle and bustle and missing the direction and guidance you need? Feeling confused and so fustrated because you know that there is MORE! You can find that voice again or start listening to her daily. She is longing for you just as much as you long her. 🥰

Make sure you screen shot the episode if you listen and tag me. Would love to hear your takeaways. Link in my Bio.🖤#podcasts #newepisode #empoweringwomen #bossbabe#coachingforthesoul #womenempowerment #happyhumpday #californiagirls #findyourtribe #womensupportwomen #wearyourcrown #womeninspiringwomen #entrepreneurmindset



Trust that where you are today is exactly where you need to be. 🥰
Trust that all your mistakes have lead you to NEW and better opportunities.💃🏼
Trust that your desires are uniquely yours and only yours.
Trust that your heart and intuition were right all along.🙌🏼
Trust that God/The universe has your back.
Trust that all things will work out for your good
Trust in yourself.
Trust beautiful queen you deserve the life you have always dreamed!!!!
Trust that you WILL unlock💎 that true beauty within and will let it OVERFLOW in your life.
Are you choosing to have trust over fear?
Love conquers all our fears.♥️
Photo Credit: Zoe #behindthescenes #chooseloveoverfear #trust #coachingforthesoul #soulful_moments #vsco #vsco_good #captivatinglight #clickinmoms #thephotographerwithin #wednesdayfeels #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #californiaadventure #believe #havefaith #godhasyourback


Huge announcement in this post so read all the way through...👑✨👑✨👑What a week it’s been. Feeling pretty sick past few days slowing down and giving my body what it needs.

But wanted to share. For many many years. I wish a had a coach a mentor. Someone who would cheer me on and encourage me and could see my talent, my strengths, my worth. 👸🏼

I came across a lot of EXTREMELY positive Influential ladies these past years. They have taught me so much. They taught me how to have discipline, how to start dreaming again and how to walk in my power. I even invested in a coach. All the years and years of personal development and soul searching I’ve done has lead me to where I an today. The day I KNOW within my heart of hearts what my calling is. You see for a time period I was feeling like something was missing. I was doing all the personal development, all the “THINGS”. But I started doing the real deep SOUL SEARCHING and damn did things change. A light lit in my heart. I found my calling , my purpose again. I am so EXCITED for what’s to come more than I’ve ever been before. There is much more destined for us than we can eve perceive.
The moment when you embrace your life EXACTLY where you are is the moment when you will begin to see abundance and huge shifts in your life.🖤✨

For so long I was ok with things but really not really living EXCELLENT or feeling EXCEPTIONAL. We can get stagnant or comfortable with things and that comes along with a thought system that does NOT serve us. We shift our mind to a complaining state or stay in a state where we accept things the way they are. 😩That way of living gets OLD, especially when in your heart of hearts you know your destined for more. You know you have talents, desires and you want to walk and USE.
Maybe you so tired of the same sh*t and you are struggling with understanding why things are the way they are. I want to tell you something, you ARE A Gem💎. Oh, beautiful you are. It’s time to awaken that beauty within. Time to break FREE from those old ways and walk powerfully in your truth and experience JOY and freedom.
Ladies, I’m creating a program just for you to help you find that FIRE again in your heart.


It’s amazing how quickly we can change our perception and energy towards what we want to attract in our life. What are you desiring in your life? What are you focused on? Are you focused on what’s not going right in your life? Or are you grateful for where you are and appreciate the big and little things? A lot of times we miss out on the help the universe wants to give us. When we surrender and ask for help and shift our energy on what we desire or love in our life we tell the universe we are ready to elevate our life. ✨

Drop me an emoji of your ready attract some big, exciting things in your life. ✨💖✨💖#lawofattraction #highvibes #growthmindset #inspiration #goodenergy #mindset #quote #womenenpower #believe #empoweredwomen #coachingforthesoul #align #uplevel


“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You ARE WORTHY of All you dream and hope for.”🖤

Yesterday’s #lotd. Zoe, my little helped me complete this look. She is obsessed with @jamescharles although I think she is a bit young for makeup. We are always inspired by him. But I’ll start teaching her makeup application, she is a natural.

I did a pretty pink eyelook for Hazel Eyes.👀. Have you ever tried an eyeshadow with eye primer in it? I love mine stays on ALL day with my crease and love it!!! Message me if you want some of my color recommendations for your eye color!

Catch the replay at my page. Link in the Bio. #eyeshadow #makeup #beauty #lotd #weekend-feels #caligirl #makeuptutorial

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Don't judge our before bed dance session. And I have no idea what "silenttalk" is, its "silento"! 😂😂 #loveherface #justb...
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Friday favs 💋, ✨NEW ✨things coming and mom talk.💕#shareforgiveaway
B.B. cream and contour secrets. Come say, “Hi”.🙋🏼‍♀️💋
What’s this all about??❤️



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