Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Colorado Physical Therapy Network


Governor Polis suspended all nonessential medical procedures as of Monday 3/23/20. Does this mean all private outpatient facilities must close? Looking for clarification on this order. The APTA Colorado chapter website is not offer any guidance as of this morning.
Are you an OT or PT? We want to hear from you! You are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Cox College Master of Occupational Therapy Program. The purpose of this study is to assess the treatment priorities of PTs and OTs when addressing the human challenges of spaceflight. Prior experience or knowledge of spaceflight is not necessary to participate. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will be kept anonymous, and participation is voluntary. Thank you for your time and participation! Admin, please remove if not allowed.
Hi all. I am a Physical Therapist with 10 years of outpatient orthopedic experience. I am relocating to Colorado this July. I am looking for a full-time or per diem opportunity. Please message me and I can provide you with my resume.
****Low Rent!!! Beautiful room in Highlands! Prime Location. Perfect for a physical therapist. $300 Monthly. 3-4 Days/week access. Negotiable with current tenant. See pictures below for details. Minimum 6-month lease. Pictures upon request. Facebook not allowing pictures for some reason.
Turbo PT is in the house at this year's PPS2018! Stop by booth 729 and say hello!
My partners and I are starting a networking group in the Glendale area, for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. As challenging as it is for people to understand; one of the key aspects of growing business is networking and sales. Check us out and we would love it if you could direct any individuals that have been recently introduced to the Glendale Denver Metro area. Potentially members could be in need of Physical Therapy and we could refer them to CPTN. Cheers, D.E.N.
Hi all! Hands-On Physical Therapy, in Fort Lupton, is down-sizing and getting rid of equipment. I have 2 plinths in perfect condition. Burgandy with steel frame, 400# weight capacity, measures: 72" long, 28" wide, 30" high. I paid $300 each and will sell for $150 (or $275 for both). Please call and ask for Minnie or Jennifer: 303-857-1111.

Colorado Physical Therapy Network is an organization of independently owned PT, OT, and Speech practices in the state of Colorado.

CPTN is the only “local” network for independently owned rehab practices in the state of Colorado.

Mission: To provide effective rehabilitation services -- through the largest statewide network of private practice physical, occupational and speech therapists -- to health plan partners through innovative practice, education and professional quality care. To provide direction to member independent practices in seeking fair reimbursement for timely and cost effective treatment regimens.

4 Simple Strategies to Succeed with a Value-Based Network - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Yes! You can succeed with value-based care It's a win-win for you and your patients. Physical therapists are now reaping rewards – in terms of profits and patient outcomes – by becoming involved in value-based network systems. Value-based networks offer care that acts as an alternative for the traditional fee-for-service reimbursement services. The practitioners that are part of...

Telehealth Services in Colorado to Continue

Even with re-openings coming soon, many people are still leary of in-person contact, so telehealth will remain an option for the long-term! Despite Colorado Governor Jared Polis' new Safer-At-Home guidelines, Non-Essential Healthcare should sontinue Telehealth Services.

Help Your Patients Overcome Low Back Pain with Innovation...

Encore post of one of our most popular articles.. Physical Therapists can combine Innovation and Direct Manipulation to Help their Patients Overcome Low Back Pain. Learn how to do this in your practice.

Coronavirus and 7 At Home Exercises to Stay Fit During LockDown

Even though we are staying at home more these days, we still have to keep our bodies moving, right? Here are some easy exercises you can do during the extra time you are spending indoors. Staying home doesn't mean that we shouldn't be active. Here are 7 at home exercises to stay physically fit during the coronavirus lockdown.

Have a Physical Therapy Practice and Not in a Network? You Should Be! We Have Your Back! - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Now more than ever we need to be together! ❤️ If you currently own and/or operate a physical therapy practice and are not yet involved in a network, now is the time! There are many advantages to a network, especially if you choose Colorado Physical Therapy Network. Our uniquely-designed network was created surrounding the concept of accountabil...

Adhesive Capsulitis. Frozen Shoulder Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

During this time of being at home more, we will continue to bring you weekly informative articles of interest! We are also still open and are taking all the precautions necessary to adhere to CDC recommendations. Adhesive Capsulitis, or Frozen shoulder is a medical condition that causes severe pain and stiffness in the shoulder. As time progresses, this results in difficulty in movement. Read about the causes, symptoms and treatments of Frozen Shoulder.

Value-Based Care Offers Physical Therapy Patients Better Long-Term Care at Lower Costs - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Even during this time of increasing telehealth practices, value-based care still wins! Value-Based Care Offers Physical Therapy Patients Better Long-Term Care at Lower Costs. How to offer value-based care to your patients.

Virtual Physical Therapy. How Telehealth Can Help Your Practice .

Given the state of the world today, consider this option for your practice. Many Physical Therapists are now integrating Virtual Physical Therapy into their practices. They're finding that telehealth services are well received.

Telemedicine - Provider Information

Click below to check the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing for updates on Telemedicine! */

CMS Moves to Allow Digital Communications by PTs

IMPORTANT COVID-19 ANNOUNCMENTS and Information from APTA.... Tuesday, March 17, 2020 CMS Moves to Allow Digital Communications by PTs The new regulatory waivers will allow PTs, OTs, and SLPs to engage in patient-initiated "e-visits" for purposes of assessment and management services. In the federal government’s rapidly evolving response to the coronavirus p...

Tips for PT Private Practices during the COVID-19 Outbreak | MEG Business

Great tips for PT's during this time....

Brian is sharing some Practice management tips during the challenge of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Download the tip sheet:

Leg Pain After Exercising. How Physical Therapists Can Help Patients.

Leg pain after exercising? PT can help! Your patients may complain of leg pain after exercising. Understanding the causes will help a physical therapist dramatically. Three most common causes of exercise-induced leg pain include stress fracture, exertional compartment syndrome, and stress syndrome of the medial tibial.

The Benefits of Joining a Physical Therapy Network: for Practitioners - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

SO MUCH GOODNESS when you are in a network!
If you are in the PT field and not in a network, find out why you should be! 😁 As a physical therapy practitioner, it is essential that you have all of the resources that are necessary to ensure that both your career and your practice moves forward. It is imperative that your practice is getting paid for the services that it provides and that you know the latest and greatest t...

Multidisciplinary Team Evaluations Aid in Reducing Spinal Surgeries – Part 2 - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Here's the conclusion of the encore series to help reduce spinal surgeries with PT! Thank you for rejoining Colorado Physical Therapy Network for the conclusion of our series, Multidisciplinary Team Evaluations Aid in Reducing Spinal Surgeries. In our first installment, you learned about a study conducted that evaluated the patient outcomes of those that had surgery performed and t...

The Importance of Business Networking - Fast Track To Success.

Networking is important all it's own for so many reasons, add to that a network of those in your same field, working towards the same goal, with benefits of membership, and you have a 1-2 punch! Connecting with others through business networking helps you increase your knowledge, more readily find sales, tap directly into a pool of valuable tools & resources, and learn what's working successfully for other businesses. Doors begin to open and you see opportunities you never have before.

Multidisciplinary Team Evaluations Aid in Reducing Spinal Surgeries – Part 1 - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Any patient that suffers from any complications with the vertebrae in the various sections of the spine may benefit immensely from evaluations done by a multidisciplinary team, even reducing spinal surgeries. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, patients that have evaluations are less likely to have to undergo spinal surgeries.

The Truth Behind Codeine Dependence - Colorado Physical Therapy

As a physical therapist, it is important for you to know and understand the truth behind codeine dependence among patients that suffer from any type of pain or discomfort in the body. As a physical therapist, it is important to know the truth behind codeine dependence among patients that suffer pain or discomfort in the body.

What is the Role of a Physical Therapist? Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Interested in pursuing a career in PT? Find out more about what you could be doing! Physical Therapists are leaders in the rehabilitation industry. The work allows patients with chronic conditions to return to living a productive life.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Your Goals as a Therapist

Thinking about specializing in orthopedic PT? Here's some great info for you! As a physical therapist, you might be choosing a specialty. Orthopedic physical therapy most popular, and one of the most common forms of physical therapy.

Value-Based Care Offers Physical Therapy Patients Better Long-Term Care at Lower Costs - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Find out why value-based care, in our opinion, is the best kind of care for your patients. Value-Based Care Offers Physical Therapy Patients Better Long-Term Care at Lower Costs. How to offer value-based care to your patients.

Help Dementia Patients Boost Their Cognitive Functions Through Your Physical Therapy Practice - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

See what studies are saying about PT helping boost cognitive functions n dementia patients. Researchers have studied the effect of physical activity and motor skills in connection with the brain for several years. Recently, this research has been reopened and conclusive evidence indicates that there is a correlation between an optimized cognitive reserve in those that have completed a phys...

Low Back Pain Sufferers Receive Non-Surgical, Non-Opioid Treatments

Prescribing opioids and spinal fusion surgery as the first course of action for individuals that suffer from low back pain. is yesterday's news. Find out a better option.... As a first step, it's now available that low back pain sufferers are able to try alternatives to surgery and drugs. Physical therapy is another option.

Volume Vs. Value Based Health Care in Physical Therapy

What's more important to your practice? Healthcare is changing. Let's compare volume vs. value based health care. What's the difference and how does it affect physical therapy?

Wishing you all the best as we begin a new decade!

Neurological Physical Therapy - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Thinking about specializing in Neurological PT? Find out all about it by clicking below... To enter the field of neurological physical therapy, you must be a licensed PT and complete a certification focused on neurology. Here are the details.

Direct Access Basics - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

We've drilled it down to an overview of Direct Access care and what it means for your practice. Direct Access rules for physical therapy professionals holds a high level of importance. Not only can these rules directly impact the treatments that you offer, they can shape the overall functionality of your practice.

Spinal Reflex Conditioning Can Aid in Rapid Recovery

Individuals that have been subjected to this new medical device have experienced numerous improvements in reflexes, walking, stepping, balance, reduced problems with spasticity, and have had to depend significantly less on devices that aid in mobility, function, and movement. Spinal Reflex Conditioning is designed to target the pathways that aid in creating and controlling the reflexes of the body, with great success.

Help Your Fibromyalgia Patients Manage their Pain

Find out ways to help patients with this ever-growing issue. Now that temperatures have went down, fibromyalgia flare ups are on the rise. This winter, learn how to help fibromyalgia patients manage their symptoms effectively so that they are able to enjoy the fun and festivities of the season.

Vestibular Rehabilitation - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

There is an increased demand for this service. Be sure your clinic offers it! As a physical therapist, a specialty you can choose is vestibular rehabilitation. A movement based program designed improve balance.

Helping Patients in Your PT Practice That Suffer from Winter Joint Pain - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Find out the theories about the link between joint pain and winter and how you can help your patients this season. While it seems absurd that weather may have an impact on the joints in the body, it happens.Help your patients that experience joint pain during the winter.

The Role of the Care Intelligence System in Value-Based Care – Part 2 - The Colorado Physical Therapy Network

Discover how this platform works and how it will positively impact your patients. Thank you for rejoining us as we conclude our series, The Role of the Care Intelligence System in Value-Based Care. Last week, we started this series by expounding on the complications previously surrounding the healthcare industry, in terms of storing and exchanging medical information to ensure be...

APTA Cosponsored Study: Direct Access to Physical Therapy for LBP Saves Money, Lowers Utilization Better When It’s Unrestricted

The cost differences alone are potentially significant, given the estimate that as many as 70% of people will experience LBP in their lifetimes, making it "the third most costly medical condition in the United States," according to authors. Friday, November 08, 2019 APTA Cosponsored Study: Direct Access to Physical Therapy for LBP Saves Money, Lowers Utilization Better When It’s Unrestricted In this review: Unrestricted Direct Access to Physical Therapist Services Is Associated With Lower Health Care Utilization and Costs in Patients...

The Role of the Care Intelligence System in Value-Based Care – Part 1

What could help in overcoming the shortcomings? Healthcare organizations within the United States have always placed a high value on keeping records – in terms of both storage purposes and as backup. In the earliest years, record keeping was done by paper. In recent years, this has advanced to electronic record keeping. As a result of the elect...

Final Home Health Rule Cements PDGM, Allows PTAs to Perform Maintenance Therapy

CMS projects an annual increase of about $250 million in payments related to home health. Friday, November 01, 2019 Final Home Health Rule Cements PDGM, Allows PTAs to Perform Maintenance Therapy When it comes to its most talked-about provisions, the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) final rule for home health payment under Medicare isn't much of a change from the prop...

Geriatric Physical Therapy: A Guide to Entering the Field

If you are interested in a rewarding career in physical therapy, continue reading to learn about the geriatric specialty. Geriatric physical therapy places an emphasis on the care and treatment of aging adults. If youre interested in this field, read about the requirements.

Our Story

We are an Independent Practice Association for Physical Therapists in the State of Colorado.

The role of the messenger is to enhance efficiencies between the Payor/Carrier and the providers. A role of the Payor/Carrier “providing a managed care plan shall maintain a network that is sufficient in numbers and types of providers to assure that all covered benefits to covered persons will be accessible without unreasonable delay.”

CPTN Has Been Formed to Help You

  • Increase cooperation between physicians, insurers, therapists and patients

  • Reduce patient treatment time through superior PT, OT, and SLP treatment

  • Reduce overall costs through returning patients to productive lives sooner

  • Find fully credentialed therapy clinics throughout the State of Colorado
  • At Colorado Physical Therapy Network, we believe in the concept of accountability. On the part of our patients, our members and ourselves. To that end, we have built in a number of unique provisions that make a real difference in the way we do business

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    3333 S Wadsworth Blvd Unit D212
    Lakewood, CO
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