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Happy sixth birthday! I met this beautiful angelica and yarrow in Ireland six years ago, so it seemed very apropros ❤️ Wishing you many more years of being a beautiful, healing presence in the community!! Thank you for everything you bring to this world.
Thank you....
You'll love this world.

Tap into the essential elements to heal your whole self.

Agua y Sangre Healing is a massage therapy + community wellness studio that crafts elemental healing sessions to help you reclaim your entire existence - mind, body, and spirit - and promotes empowerment and joy through the art and practice of self care and ancestral medicine. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, recovery from stress and trauma, or are hoping to achieve better balance in your life, our wellness services are the foundation to healing your past, present, and future self. We are conveniently located near the Platt Park neighborhood, just off of South Broadway in Denver. Our work is rooted in tradition and ancestral medicine - and aims to be both empowering and nurturing, all while facilitating the process of awakening your body's own innate healing abilities. Our offerings include therapeutic massage, prenatal massage, herbal consultations, wellness classes, and (coming soon) chair massage. We specialize in mind and spirit support, managing pain beyond it's physical manifestations, healthful menstruation + pregnancies for all bodies, and integrated care for your whole self.

Tomorrow ✨

💕 (Reposting with corrected images!) A few of the offerings we have coming up ✨ Still in the works: some self massage/stretching offerings (in-person and pre-recorded) ✨
🌱 Tomorrow, 5/5 @ 9am MST - OUR SACRED ROOTS as part of @fieldtherapy’s Queer Speaker Series
🌻 Sunday, 5/10 @ 6pm MST - BIPOC HEALING CIRCLE with @la_conextion
🌿 Wednesday, 5/13 @ 4pm MST - PLANT ALLIES FOR GRIEF
Link to event calendar in bio with full event details, including registration links/info 🌱

✨ SO incredibly stoked and honored to be a part of Field Therapy’s Queer Speaker Series - a public virtual speaker series highlighting queer folks around the themes of wellness, grounding, coping and survival during the pandemic!!

Join me on Tuesday, May 5th for OUR SACRED ROOTS - an invitation to ground (back) into our beings via somatic practices. 🌿 (Full event description below). Check out ALL the amazing speakers and folks involved in this project and please share. I look forward to sharing healing space with y’all soon 😘 registration link in bio 🌱

OUR SACRED ROOTS - In this time of collective unrest and crisis, many of us are riding the waves of a multitude of fears and feels. We may be feeling disconnected or detached – from our communities, from a sense of security and stability, and even to our own bodies and intuition. The hope for this healing space is to offer an invitation to ground back into our beings/our roots through somatic (body-based mindfulness) practices. To soothe our nervous systems, offer sweetness to our wounds, and to feel a greater sense of embodied wholeness. In nourishing that sense of embodiment, or “rootedness,” we increase our capacity for resilience, adaptability, and healing. 🌱

@Regrann from @fieldtherapy - Field Therapy presents: Queer Speaker Series
I am so excited to announce this new project! I present The Queer Speaker Series: a public virtual speaker series highlighting queer folks around the themes of wellness,grounding,coping and survival during the pandemic
This is a project of @fieldtherapy with the amazing collaboration of designer @jesariaa, virtual event manager @__now_on__ and our first round of amazing speakers @aguasangrehealing @zami_spirituswellness @m._mcdonough @la_conextion .
This event is open to the public. register here: link in bio
Get your tickets today! Spread the word and come spend some healing time with us
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we can’t rush healing and we can’t rush this process // Queridxs - I am honestly blown away by the support you all have shown me in response to my email and to yesterday’s post. Not that I ever doubted your support! I just feel really humbled by your patience and encouragement and understanding. I am honored to get to connect on this heart level with you all. That these musings have meant something. To remember so many are feeling these same sentiments on such a deep level. A bewilderment and a resistance around “getting back to normal” and “reopening. And a trust that our health is always the most important. I can’t say I can make judgments or decisions around what’s best for another’s life or business - and, if any of y’all are business owners and want to explore not reopening right away - I want to have those conversations together. In all honesty, I was initially (still am) very scared to close my business. The fear of scarcity is very real and puts our wellbeing against one another’s. (Amid very real/lived manifestations of scarcity and wealth/resource hoarding). I can’t always do much about the realities of scarcity, but I am able to do something about my fears of scarcity. I am worth that. You are worth that. We are worth that.

That being said - many of you have also asked how to support me/AyS during this time - THANK YOU - and here are some ways (mostly financial, but there are always ways to support w/o $ -and- I also offer sliding scale services - email me)

🌿 Donate ➡️ @aguasangrehealing vía Venmo

✨ Shop ➡️ just updated the tiendita! Rose cacao face masks are up AND I have a few herbal grab bags on sale through 4/30 - use code GRABBAG at checkout 🛍

💕Connect ➡️ my next group is a BIPOC healing circle on Sunday with @la_conextion (free). Plus, stay tuned for more offerings and/or book a plática w/ me!

🙌🏽 Share ➡️ like our posts, share ‘em with friends, and/or leave us a review.

💪🏽 and a HUGE THANKS to everyone who has already offered support in these ways with your herb orders and donations and sharing and caring - and all the things! I am eternally so so grateful - thank you for always holding me in all ways 🙏🏽

🌈 I had originally written this letter (link in bio) to clients Sunday, sent it out yesterday morning, and am now reading updates from Polis’ conference yesterday afternoon. To reiterate from my letter - it is too soon and I have too many concerns about the health and safety of our communities to re-open for massage therapy services at this time. In my opinion, it would be unethical to do so rn, even if it was “doable.”

I have sooooo many feelings about the “we got to stimulate the economy” arguments and people who want their “freedom back” (ie those coming from thinly veiled white supremacist/ableist logic). Obvi there are very real concerns for folks out of work, quarantined in unsafe living situations, etc. And isolation life is hard and challenging. Of course, feeling fed up makes sense. Figuring out ways to navigate life (rn and always) in sustainable/harm reducing ways makes sense.

And I don’t believe it has to come at the expense/excuse of “only 2-3%”.

I have patience and trust in the timing of caring for the collective, as best we can with the tools we have. I have patience for aligning our vision and values in these moments with our actions. I have patience for the (re)creation of new/old worlds.

I can have patience for the timing it takes to reopen our doors safely. What I do not have patience for are billionaires & wealth hoarding. I do not have patience with white supremacy and ableism - and how they started/continue to fuel the narrative (and lived experiences from said narrative) that some of us are disposable/more disposable than others. I do not have patience with the lack of paid sick leave for all, universal healthcare, nor a guaranteed living wage.

➡️ So, long story short, we will not being reopening for in person services on May 1st because we cannot ⬅️

This is not an easy decision - I miss seeing y’all in person! and consenting to being out of the majority of my work for an undetermined amount of time is scary. It’s a choice I can make, also, and I want to own that privilege as well. (Continued in comments) ⬇️

🌈 Update to Our Comunidad - as we look towards re-opening in-person services... (tldr: it's gonna be a minute...)

🌸 Queridxs - it’s been a minute. How are you? How are your hearts? What medicine have you been connecting with? I’ve had so many things to say, not known what to say, and have wisdom sprouting from my body that can not (yet) be synthesized into words. And I am here. I’m here. I’m here. And you’re here. You’re here. You’re here. We’re here.
Been behind the scenes filling herb orders for lovely beings and holding virtual circle both 1:1 heart2heart style and in groups with @la_conextion and @fieldtherapy .
Someone asked me recently about what I’ve been doing preventatively and to take care. These are the things I’m trying to do with some regularity, but in all honesty it’s hard af to take care rn. And I’m trying:
1) take a intentional breath or two or three
2) drink water
3) see the sun
4) maintain routine by keeping one promise to myself regularly (can be daily, but what. even. is. time. rn?! So trying to do one regular thing to create some marker of regularity and routine).
5) REST. or, lean into allowing myself to rest. Navigating this time of collective uncertainty and grief and struggle and “pivoting” and zoom overload and news overload - it’s all energy exchange. It’s all taking energy. It’s all kind of exhausting. Refiguring out my pace and capacity and need for rest has honestly been the bulk of my (self) work.
My loves, what have you been doing preventatively? What have you been doing to take care? In what ways are you needing support?
Sending each of you all the lung and heart and root chakra protective prayers. May you all feel as safe and nourished and secure as possible. May feel expansion and alchemy throughout our beings. May we be protected. We are resourced. Our collective wisdom and capacity for community nourishment and collective/self healing *is* great.

Really looking forward to this group with Field Therapy

Join Agua y Sangre Healing and I for this virtual support group. Donation based. Next week ❤️

Rooted: A BIPOC Healing Circle with La Conextion is happening this Sunday! Online + Free (Donations welcome for Community Care Fund). Email [email protected] for zoom link

🌱 Updated Notice To Clients - Massage Therapy services are now paused through April 30, 2020

In the northern hemisphere, we are entering the spring season. The season of emergence, of the catalyst from seed to sprout. Intention to manifestation. That fiery Aries energy. Amidst current realities, tho, that season of emergence feels far, far away. Instead, we are literally being tasked with staying in and laying low. Of slowing down and being still. Stillness is an especially uncomfortable sensation for so many of us already. Because of capitalism, because of oppression, because of trauma. And it’s confusing to not reawaken with Madre Tonantzin. We’ve been tender hearted little ones waiting for those signs of rebirth, whether we’re conscious of it or not, because we need her care. The bittersweet reality is, though, queridxs, is that she does not need us to reawaken with her. In fact, it seems as if she really really needs us not to. Not yet.

I know, I know. This is supposed to be our time to come out of hibernation and, for many of us, out of winter seasonal depression. That certain kind of freedom and possibility that comes with rebirth.

Instead, we are being asked to continue to rest so we can dream up new possibilities. To pause and listen in the stillness for them. Perhaps, to find them from within (w/in ourselves, our communities, mutual aid, the vibrations of breath).

I am currently riding waves of many different feelings, few of which offer this possibility, this hope (or stillness, for that matter, but I’ll aim for flow). Connecting to hope feels like a struggle right now, as I’m sure it does for so many of us. And while I am not one who expects that we always be hopeful, I do think it’s something worth paying attention to, when we can. Every ounce of hope that feels accessible is an opportunity. Even if it comes in glimpses or memories. Even if the access to hope is in witnessing someone else’s. Sometimes hope is trust in that first step right out in front of us. The first few inches from our face. The possibility in seeing just far enough ahead to move, to carry onward. I know that even those first few inches can feel completely inaccessible, and I want to honor & hold space for that, too. (Continued below)

TL,DR: as an act of social solidarity & love, we are *temporarily pausing massage therapy services.* We ARE still here to support with herbal offerings and holding space for you, luvs. ✨🌿 Book an online plática/consulta, purchase some goodies from our store, or donate to support this qpoc healer ❤

One of the top recommendations is social distancing - or, "physical distancing and social solidarity" (not my wording). This can help to keep the virus from spreading as rapidly which can help reduce strain on hospitals and healthcare providers and, most importantly, keeps those of us that are most vulnerable, safer.

Due to the nature of massage and this virus, I cannot in good conscience continue to offer bodywork at this time. In person sessions will now be paused temporarily. I will continue to offer all consultation services as planned, as those are held online.

My anticipated return date is Sunday, March 29th. That being said, as we learn more, and continue to watch how things evolve, this date may change. I will continue to stay informed and will keep you all updated with a decision about timing from here.

If you are on the schedule during this time, you will be receiving a call from me directly (if you have not already) to discuss rescheduling your appointment.

This is not a decision I make lightly - the road here was paved with many real concerns, as a qpoc business owner and a healer. I had to ask myself what my decision would be if I was acting from a place of love and connection versus fear and panic - and then, I knew. This is an act of solidarity and collective care.

I hope you all understand my need to take this precaution. I hope you will reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. And I hope you will continue to support AyS/allow me to support you with the online pláticas and product offerings we still have available.

And while I know we could all use a friggin' massage rn and some in person connection, I am cherishing and honoring all the ways connection can manifest. I am looking forward to how we are becoming more cohesive and more strongly knitted communities, emotionally/spiritually/mentally ✨continued in comments

🌱 Notice to Our Comunidad about COVID-19 -

TL,DR: as an act of social solidarity, we are temporarily pausing massage therapy services. We are still here to support with herbal offerings and holding space (virtually) for you, luvs. Book a platica/consulta, purchase some goodies from our store, or donate to support this qpoc healer

What to do in a Pandemic...

You are welcome to share with attribution.
If interested in prints, or free download for noncommercial use, visit

Herbs for Viral & Respiratory Protection — Agua y Sangre Healing | Massage Therapy + Herbal Education | Denver

I wrote some things & am linking a whole slew of resources in comments below There are so many wonderful resources circulating right now (I’ve link some of my faves throughout and below) about what herbs to use and reminders to return to our ancestral ways as part of our toolkit for our self & collective care at this time.  It feels really important to not

Queridxs. I can feel the fear and worry and uncertainty and grief surrounding this virus settling into my lungs and heart space. Creating stagnation in my being. Putting pressure on my ribcage. And, I’m sure I’m not alone. I am being reminded to come back to my breath (and to each other). And I wrote some words. As an offering, as a prayer. May we remember to breathe. May we remember to come back to one another. May we remember that our healing is always linked. May we protect one another.

I want us to remember to breathe.

I want us to remember that our breath is sacred.

That it is the masterful alchemy of liquid and gases, exchange, and transformation.

That it is the sweet sustenance of life, bolstering song and laughter and screams and tears.

It is sacred.

It is the both, and. It is stillness and movement.

It is vibrations pulsing through our heart space and out into every reach of our being.

Vibrations that extend even beyond our reaches, like fungi or aspen roots – reaching towards mutual aid, co-regulation, and resiliency.

I want us to remember to breathe. To inhale and to push some of this energy from our beings. To move stagnation from our chests. To ease the tension on this sacred space. To excavate some of this worry and fear and grief and sadness (and and) from our precious lungs.

I want us to remember to breathe. As a tool of rest and restoration.

I want us to remember to breathe. As a tool of visioning the worlds we want to live in.

“Just breathing” won’t save us, I know that. And, it is lifesaving. Our breath work can help tonify and strengthen our lungs. There is medicine in that exchange of movement and stillness and gases. And in that medicine, I believe there are messages from our ancestors, echoing through time and space and from the recesses of our beings and consciousness. Reminding us of what we already know, the ways we are already resourced, and the visioning of new/old worlds. There are messages from the plants and the trees and the roots and fungi interweaving beneath us all. Capillaries and bronchioles of wisdom and ancestry mirrored in our own anatomy. (Continued in comments)

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