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Happy times at amp studios! 💜🌿🤩
Congratulations to amp studios in the Lansdowne Town Center on your grand opening! 🥳 We're glad to have you as neighbors. Check out their beautiful new location, and website:

amp studios is a community of hair artists that inspire each other's craft and take exceptional care


We're a Green Circle salon, so instead of these items going straight to a landfill, they get to have a second life!! Metals like foils, for example, are stored by type and melted down into aluminum bars, which then are used to make products like bikes and car parts! Cool, huh??


Wishing you and your family a very happy – and hopefully delicious – Thanksgiving!! We are closed today through Sunday so that our team can enjoy time with their families as well. We'll see you on Monday!


Black headbands are in right now! Opt for a wave – leave it down for casual glamour, or pull it back with a black headband for a more elevated look. (Also, what a great way to do that elusive daytime-to-nighttime outfit transition without bringing a whole new set of clothes!)


We are CLOSED this Thursday through Sunday to allow our incredible team some much-deserved time with their family this Thanksgiving weekend. We hope you're getting to enjoy some great family time as well! This season of thanks, we are BEYOND thankful for you!!


Men, great hair from home isn't just for the ladies (or for stealing your partner's shampoo!) The Eufora HERO bundle offers easy and incredible styling each and every time – see for yourself!


Is your summer color long grown out? We love using a Balayage as a way to transition from light to dark in a natural, gorgeous way that doesn't require root touch-ups!

Give us a call to book! 📞: 571.291.9397


Bring the energy of the sea into your home with the beautiful scents of Inis. From candles to reed diffusers to cologne-- Inis has got you covered. Come in and see what your favorite product is!!


Too much winter static causing your hair to frizz? We swear by the Eufora Frizz Control Regimen for keeping your hair salon-gorgeous from home!


Hey friends!! It's not just in the fashion world that all your mother's rules are out the window, it's true in hair as well! I bet half-shaved hair comes immediately to mind, but this year it's been all about accessories. Try press-on sequins along your part (that's a straight-off-the-runway look) or a particularly statement clip-in barrette for an edgy-glam look.


Amp up your self care this holiday season! When you purchase three Eufora products you get an amazing free gift... it's a no brainer!! Happy times!

Take a look at the great options:


Meet our stylist Caitlin! She is the extension queen – if you're looking to add length or more body to your hair, come see Caitlin!! She uses a special technique that does not damage your hair, and requires less maintenance than other methods. Book a consultation to learn more!

Book with Caitlin! 📞: 571.291.9397


Fall is here and curly hair is in! Whether you choose to have loose curls or big, bold curls, your fall look will be complete with curled hair. Happy times!!


Have you heard about the "glass hair" trend that's been all over lately? It's deceptively easy to do – whip out the flat iron, apply heat protectant and a BUNCH of Eufora Illuminate shine spray, and there you go! This look does NOT disguise split ends or grown-out layers though, so make sure you come see us for a trim first!


🥰 Thank you so much for such sweet words!! We are so happy we were able to make everything comfortable and build a plan with you!! Hope to see you again soon!


Thank you to all of our Veteran's and their families who have made sacrifices to ensure our safety. We appreciate you!!


What's the best way to get holiday party ready? Check out the Holiday Moisture Intense Bundle from Eufora! Get that just-left-the-salon premium style and look absolutely stunning at every holiday party this season!


Braids are so in right now!! They can be super easy to create an elevated look with quickly, but if we can help create a more complex braid, give us a call!
📞: 571.291.9397


What happens to excess color at our salon? WELL, because we're a Green Circle salon, excess color either becomes clean energy OR it's separated into oil and water – the oil is blended into fuel, and the water is cleaned and returned to the water system! We're AMP'd about it!


Did you know that not only is amp salon a sponsor of the award-winning Independence High School band, but also that Anna-Michelle and her husband are “Band Roadies”!?

Unbelievably, “Band Roadies” are exactly that- responsible for the load in and load out of the band- sometimes not finishing until 3 and 4 in the morning when the band travels for competitions!?

We are so proud of you, Anna Michelle- we think you deserve a nap!


Hey friends!! Who loves watching fashion week for all the fun outfits and hairstyles?? We saw a lot of low, athletic buns with high shine this year – stylish and super functional!!



This week we celebrate our 1-year anniversary! What a wonderful, incredible and beautiful year it has been. Thank you so much to all of our amazing clients, our hard-working team and our loyal friends for your love and support through our first year at amp studios. We are forever grateful and look forward to even more happy times in our second year!!


"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life." -Mark Twain


Happy Halloween!! No tricks up our sleeves, but treat yourself to a fresh new cut or style! Happy times!


What happens to the gloves we wear when we color treat your hair? Well, if we were an ordinary salon, they'd go straight to a landfill, but because we're a Green Circle salon, they get a second life! Disposable gloves are sent to a facility that incinerates used salon PPE, and the ash becomes filler in construction materials like asphalt and brick!


We're so glad you love your look!! Thanks for coming to see us!

Photos from amp studios's post 10/28/2022

Happy Halloween from the entire team at here at amp Studios!!

Happy Times!!


Our team is celebrating Halloween Today! Blessed Be!


Claw clips are BACK! Yes, they're cute and stylish, but they're also good for your hair, as they pull on it less than a regular hair tie for less breakage. (Psst - ask us to do some face-framing layers that will hang really nicely when the rest of your hair is clipped back!)


Bobs are IN!! If you've ever thought about getting a bob, now is a great time! Amp up your style with a fresh new cut!


Thank you so much for the kind words!! We always strive for a gorgeous look that's EXACTLY what you were going for and will look beautiful day in and out!


Go ahead and throw some shade... because a hot pink shade is IN! Bold hair color can be such a fun way to express yourself, but we know that going bold can be a bit intimidating! When you color your hair with us you're in good hands – we're experts at getting just the right shade that will stay gorgeous and healthy looking!

Call to schedule your appointment today!
📞: (571) 291-9397


Perfectly curled or waved hair every day? SO easy when you have extensions! Happy times!


Planning your wedding? Check hair and make-up off your list! We can do facial waxing, full make-up, long or short hair styling, and up-dos for brides and any members of their bridal party! Give us a call for more information and to book! 571.291.9397


A great way to transition away from a summer blonde? Balayage! Our stylists do beautiful balayage work (it's an art AND a science!) that creates a gorgeous transition as your hair continues to grow, no root touch ups required!


"To love beauty is to see light." - Victor Hugo

We see light in all of you!! If you're feeling blah about your hair, come see us and let's bring out its full stunning potential!


Hey friends!! Looking for long, low-maintenance hair without waiting for it? We got you!! Come see us for gorgeous, natural-looking extensions!


Beauty you can feel good about! We're proud to be a Green Circle Salon, which means that waste that would normally end up in a landfill is recycled or repurposed. Did you know that excess hair color is either turned into clean energy or separated into water, that's cleaned and returned to the water system, and oil, which is turned into fuel? How cool is that??


New hair, who dis? For a cut so cute you're going to want to take a million selfies before you even pull out of our parking lot, come see us! To book: 571.291.9397


Hey friends!! Even if you're washing your hair in cold water, oiling the ends, and getting routine trims, life can be hard on your hair! That's where our Ritual Conditioning Treatment comes in! Nourish your hair and restore that beautiful healthy shine to its fullest! Book: 571.291.9397


You don't need to have red carpet plans on your calendar to look red carpet ready! Go get 'em, gorgeous!

Call to schedule your appointment today!
📞: (571) 291-9397

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What happens to excess color at our salon? WELL, because we're a Green Circle salon, excess color either becomes clean e...
Did you know that not only is amp salon a sponsor of the award-winning Independence High School band, but also that Anna...
Our team is celebrating Halloween Today! Blessed Be!
Perfectly curled or waved hair every day? SO easy when you have extensions! Happy times!
New hair, who dis? For a cut so cute you're going to want to take a million selfies before you even pull out of our park...
You don't need to have red carpet plans on your calendar to look red carpet ready! Go get 'em, gorgeous!Call to schedule...
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