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The best feeling at your appointment? Watching the cape come off and looking in the mirror! Seeing the beautiful work your stylist did and feeling a new found sense of beauty.

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The best feeling at your appointment? Watching the cape come off and looking in the mirror! Seeing the beautiful work your stylist did and feeling a new found sense of beauty.

HAPPY THURSDAY! Our fabulous Randi wanted to show off some products and tools she uses to obtain her amazing hair do. Hot stuff indeed🔥

HAPPY THURSDAY! Our fabulous Randi wanted to show off some products and tools she uses to obtain her amazing hair do. Hot stuff indeed🔥

“I’m passing the phone to…” 📱✨💄❤️💇‍♀️

What happens to excess color at our salon? WELL, because we're a Green Circle salon, excess color either becomes clean energy OR it's separated into oil and water – the oil is blended into fuel, and the water is cleaned and returned to the water system! We're AMP'd about it!

Did you know that not only is amp salon a sponsor of the award-winning Independence High School band, but also that Anna-Michelle and her husband are “Band Roadies”!? Unbelievably, “Band Roadies” are exactly that- responsible for the load in and load out of the band- sometimes not finishing until 3 and 4 in the morning when the band travels for competitions!? We are so proud of you, Anna Michelle- we think you deserve a nap! #HappyTimes #ampinthecommunity

Our team is celebrating Halloween Today! Blessed Be!

Perfectly curled or waved hair every day? SO easy when you have extensions! Happy times!

New hair, who dis? For a cut so cute you're going to want to take a million selfies before you even pull out of our parking lot, come see us! To book: 571.291.9397

You don't need to have red carpet plans on your calendar to look red carpet ready! Go get 'em, gorgeous! Call to schedule your appointment today! 📞: (571) 291-9397

This Saturday from 3pm-5pm we are hosting our Sip & Style Event! Come get your blowout, sip with us and bid on INCREDIBLE items in our silent auction! 100% of proceeds will go to @ChildHelp. We are joining together with Childhelp, Eufora International, & Beautyscope, in a united quest to donate $1M this year. Our campaign will support our local chapter of Childhelp, the Alice C. Tyler Village. You can also donate here: reach out to Anna Michelle Jackson-Petry at 703-307-3741 or [email protected] for more information about this event or how you can get involved.#ampsalon #eufora #childhelp #sipandstyle #hair #salon #giveback #dogoodthings

WE LOVE BEACH WAVES IN THE SUMMER! (Literally AND in our hair!!!) Go ahead and beach it up with the waves after you peep this video where Melanie teaches us step by step how YOU can create that beachy wave look! Bonus - she gives us the scoop on the Eufora products she used!

Something about fresh highlights just makes you feel like a million bucks! Caitlin brightened up this client’s look with highlights and the hair flip at the end says it all! She’s a happy camper!

We’re going wild for these waves, the glowing blonde, and the SHINE!!! Kami sure knows how to make a girl walk with some pep in her step!! You glow girl!!!

Isn’t she though?!!! Kami rocked this gorgeous client’s hair with the PERFECT bob. This video is oozing with confidence!!

When you’re in Caitlin’s chair, she definitely makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world. 😉She made this client’s hair absolutely GLOW! 😎

This is such a hot hairstyle right now and we’re here for it! Caitlin gave this gorgeous client the perfect bob & glowing color! Schedule an appointment with Caitlin today because you know you want to hop on the bob train! 😜 📲 (571) 291-9397

Pixies & bobs will never go out of style and neither will your urge to take the big chop! Time to check it off the bucket list. 📱540-291-9397💻

@caitlinstylesyou worked some HAIR-y god mother magic for this lovely client!!! It’s your turn! Book your appointment! 581-291-9397

Big news! AMP Studios is now offering appointments for Japanese straightening treatment! Our very own Carol Hancock is certified and clearly she and this client had a little too much fun. 😜This client’s hair was a combination of waves, some curl underneath, and wiry hairs… But it was no match for the Japanese straightening treatment! What’s a Japanese straightening? Glad you asked. It goes deep to straighten the hair permanently to semi permanently. This client will likely not need another treatment for 8-12 months, depending on how fast her hair grows. Results will vary depending on hair type.This will reduce her drying time and reduce her need to use heat for straightening. She can even still use a curling iron on days when she wants waves. What about you? Are you ready?! Book your appointment with Carol for a Japanese straightening treatment. 📱 571.291.9397🌐

We create BEAUTY, not waste
We know this is a big deal, and that’s why we take it seriously. We are a certified sustainable salon, which means we are committed to giving beauty waste a new life while fighting against climate change.

Hope you were wearing sunglasses because look at that SHINE! 😎

It’s always a little bit drippy at amp Studios. Another stunning transformation by Caitlin. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 📱 571-291-9397 💻

This transformation was done by the fabulous Caitlin & we are obsessed.

A blonde & a brunette walk out of amp Studios
There’s no punchline. These sisters left looking FIERCE! So different yet both equally 🔥 Caitlin you did it again. Love those waves. 🌊

Wow. 😳♥️
We don’t always take our clients blonde, but when we do, we do the thing properly. There is no doubt she will be turning heads. Kami had this gorgeous client looking like a whole new woman!

Lavendar hair, anyone?! 💜🦄
We have the most fun clients! 💜 Do you see the lavender & sparkles?! She was feeling it & so are we! Kami definitely had a blast with this happy hair transformation.

63,180 POUNDS: That’s the weight of HAIR CLIPPINGS being tossed out by hair salons across North America EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you've watched the news recently, you may have learned that hair clippings can actually be used during natural disasters such as oil spills, to absorb the oil & help make the area safer, FASTER. All of the hair clippings at AMP Studios are collected each day, & thanks to Green Circle, your hair is making a difference! By choosing AMP, you're choosing more than just amazingly talented hair artists... You're choosing to make the world a GREENER place.

You wouldn't believe what all goes on behind the scenes at amp Studios, unless we showed you.. So here's your sneak peek! 👀 Some might see an ordinary back room, but this is where the magic happens! Not only are you likely to find one of our magicians back here whipping up a luscious color, you'll also find the hub for Green Circle. Those cabinets on the bottom hold plastic, cardboard, & metals that will be recycled rather than dumped in a land fill. And that's just a small part of what we're doing at amp Studios to responsibly recycle and reclaim salon waste!