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🤎 today and every day.


IF you came to see us at Ladies Night Out and got one of my goodie bags - 😉

If you have a:
🟣💜Purple sticker: receive $15 OFF any service!
💙🔵Blue sticker: receive $10 OFF any service!
💖🎀Pink sticker: receive $5 OFF any service!

You can book your service here! ➡️ ⬅️

(Please leave a note when booking your appointment so I know! Keep this card handy to bring to your appointment or a picture will do, too 😉)
Thank you for supporting my small business!

Photos from KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.'s post 11/18/2022

Photos from KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.'s post

Photos from RaeCole's Coffee Bar's post 11/18/2022

This was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who stopped by! I will be contacting my giveaway winner and posting about the stickers in my gift bags soon! 😘🫶🏼


*TONIGHT* is ladies night out in park hills!
Make sure to stop by and see me and KayKeller Esthetics, LLC. (We will be set up at the same table by Slauterhouse 🫶🏼)
We both have tons of stuff for you!
(Goodie bags for anyone ⬇️ AND a basket full of stuff *including a gift certificate!* that we will be doing a giveaway for! & more)
We will be there from 5-7 😉🖤


Make sure to come see me and KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.! 🖤🫶🏼

🌟 🌟🌟We are only a few days away from LADIES NIGHT OUT!🌟🌟🌟
We will have a caramel apple cider bar available as well as all other menu options. Don’t miss out!


Did your significant other leave you all weekend?
SAME. 😐🦌
You owe yourself some special treatment.. 😝

➡️ ⬅️

*will be getting back to all messages tomorrow, actually soaking up some of this alone time🤣*


These brave men and women deserve appreciation every single day - not just today! 🇺🇸


I had a day full of clients yesterday (🙏🏼)
One client in particular said something to me that made me feel like I’ve done what I was meant to do.
Over half way through the service, this client said,
•“I was crying before this appointment. I’ve had so much going on. But it’s like the stress just went away. I feel brand new.”
And NOTHING, has ever made me love my job more.
I had no idea what this client has been through, or even that she was upset…but knowing that she found comfort through my energy and my touch put me at ease. 😌❤️‍🩹

Sometimes all people come in looking for is to let go, relax, forget… all in •MY• little safe space.
🖤I am HERE.
You are more than ”just a client” to me. You are a friend.
Let me be your escape from reality for a minute, if you need it. I am here for YOU, no questions asked, no explanation needed.

Forever wishing you peace and healing.


Photos from Skin By Kenz's post 11/08/2022

The real question is, why aren’t you exfoliating?
My favorite manual exfoliation service is dermaplaning. I RARELY EVER do a facial without this added on!
Interested in this service? You can book here!
➡️ ⬅️

(This service can be done by itself or added on to the best relaxation service, the signature facial 😍)
Let’s get your skin glowing for the upcoming holidays! 😘🦃🎄

Photos from Skin By Kenz's post 11/07/2022

…not me CRINGING while watching Liz wax Ed’s back knowing she has no idea what she’s doing… 🤣😭😵‍💫🫣🫠

Any of my gal pals spend their Sunday evenings watching 90 Day Fiance like I do? MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER. 🤣


that last steam towel gives goosebumps every. time. 😮‍💨😍
my room is a stress free, judgement free, decompression zone!
the more you relax, the more I can relax too. I enjoy doing my job just as much as you love receiving the services!
➡️ ⬅️

(I swear working on this client is like working on a co**se 🤣 EVERY TIME, )

Happy Friday, babes! Enjoy your weekend!


“Why is her face breaking out?”………….
UM 🤣🫣 speechless.
(Real conversation I just had!)
🖤➡️ ⬅️🖤

-80% of the way your skin looks comes from your HOME SKINCARE ROUTINE.
-20% of the way your skin looks comes from SEEING YOUR ESTHETICIAN MONTHLY.

Take notes babes! 😉📝
(I’m always here to help 🖤🙃🤪)


This is just a post to remind you:
-I HAVE OPENINGS, get in while you can!
-you can book with me here ➡️
Please note that as of right now I DO NOT have a cancellation policy in place, nor do I require a deposit or card to book with me. With that being said, I ask that you PLEASE respect my time and cancel/reschedule at least 24 hours in advance (this allows me to fill your spot if I can!) I’m a person too.. TRUST ME! I understand things happen and stuff comes up! This is not directed at anyone specifically! 😘 but if I keep running into the same issues I will have to put one in place (🫤).. this job is what allows me to be able to pay my bills and prepare for our first baby! 😍
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Happy Tuesday babes! 🖤


“The only mask you need this Halloween is one from your esthetician.” 💀

What are your plans today? 👻🍭


Fitting for Halloween weekend!
Be safe this weekend 👻🧡🖤


Now booking for next week! 👻


These are the cutest! 😍

Did you know you get a free cute little sample pack with your first facial with me or Skin By Kenz? 😍

Come check us out!!


🫢 enough said!

🖤DONT FORGET I HAVE OPENINGS FOR *TOMORROW* (I’ll take $10 off if you fill one of these spots! 😉)

Book here ➡️


I have openings for this Wednesday, October 26:
-1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 5:15.

The holidays are coming QUICK. Make sure you book ahead of time! 😘
If you need anything, the best way to reach me is via text message! (I have my personal phone number on my SBK page!)

*ALSO, if you are planning on using a gift certificate with me, please make sure that it is not designated for someone else and you can use it with me! Questions? Just ask! 😉*

Timeline photos 10/24/2022

Seriously one of my FAVORITE products from epionce! I can’t live without it. 😍
(Did you know you can purchase this when you come to your appointment with me?) 😉

We're all familiar with our ABCs, but what about the ABCs in our Intense Defense Serum's multivitamin formula? Here's the breakdown:

Vitamin A: makes skin appear smoother, firmer, and youthfully resilient
Vitamin B: helps reduce sensitivity to UV light and reinforces the skin barrier
Vitamin C: helps combat free radical damage while brightening and evening out the overall appearance of skin
Vitamin D - helps hydrate skin while dramatically improving the feel and texture
Vitamin E: helps protect skin from premature aging and improves the appearance of rough, dry and damaged skin


Spooky Skin Sins 🕷🕷🕷


….seems fitting for this Sunday morning…. 🤣
take care of yourselves today, babes!


That feeling you get when you realize you get to use your new bottle of your favorite face wash before bed tonight.. 🫧🧼🧖🏼‍♀️


Hey boo 👻
It’s October! 🎃
This is just a reminder to hurry and book. My schedule fills up fast between everything going on in my life 🤣 & we’re starting to get in to the busy season! there’s just not enough hours in the day!
Want in? You can book here! ➡️


*ask me what I used for foundation today.*
-using a sunscreen DAILY can help decrease the risk of skin cancer
-also slows the sign of early aging caused by the sun (wrinkles 👎🏼)

This SPF 50 helps even out the skin tone while providing a healthy glow. Great for all skin types & is ideal for almost all skin tones. 😍

By far my favorite product. I simply added concealer and a little bit of contour, bronzer, and blush!
(I also got a facial last week but…. 😉)

Want some? 😉 yes you do. Let’s talk about it while I work on your skin 💁🏼‍♀️
Book here:

Edit: did you know you can buy this any time you’re at the salon with me? 😝


Trying out some new business hours…
I am here for YOU!
Please understand that I am working 2 jobs, maintaining a relationship, keeping up with the house, and expecting my first baby, all while trying to keep myself sane, trying to stay healthy, and get enough sleep! 🤣
My schedule is flexible but may vary from time to time.
Please, if you ever need something or a day/time that is not available through the booking site, DO NOT HESITATE to message/text me! 🖤
Interested in booking?
Book here:


This is your last chance to book for 23% OFF (any service 😉) for the month of September!
I have limited openings this week.
Book here:


Congratulations!!! 🖤 thank you everyone who entered!

Photos from KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.'s post 09/23/2022

Don’t forget winner is picked TOMORROW! 😝
Did you and your bestie enter? 💁🏼‍♀️

Photos from KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.'s post 09/22/2022

DONT FORGET TO ENTER! Winner will be picked Friday! 😘


Check out these gorgeous, dark, curled lashes 😍
successful lash lift & tint!
*don’t forget to take advantage of my 23% OFF ANY service this month! I have openings!*

(ALSO, did you enter in the giveaway I teamed up with KayKeller Esthetics, LLC. for? 😉 make sure to interact on HER original post!)

Photos from KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.'s post 09/20/2022

Let’s start the week off right…..
I’m so excited for this 😍
Make sure you’re interacting on the original post! 😘


“I dermaplane myself at home.”
………… STOP IT. 😭 🤮 😵 😵‍💫
PLEASE stop!
If you are using the wrong tools, using too frequently, performing incorrectly, YOU ARE DAMAGING YOUR SKIN.
Let your skin care professional do it (ME 😉).
Using a jagged blade? 🫣 you’re causing microscopic tears in your skin that can lead to infection.
Using too frequently? 😑 you’re damaging your skin barrier which takes a while to heal and get back to normal (IF it can be repaired!)



Happy Tuesday! Thank goodness it’s a short week! 🤩 don’t forget about my specials going on this month. I have a couple spots left for this week!
Book it while you can 🤪


I’m turning 23 this month (😳), so I wanted to do something special. For the whole month of September, you can get 23% OFF of ANY service!
Yep. 23%. OFF. 😉
If you’ve been waiting to do something for yourself, now is the time! These spots will go quick, so make sure you book asap!
You can book with me here: 🖤

(Be on the lookout for a giveaway this month too! This one is EXTRA special…. KayKeller Esthetics, LLC.)


EVERYONE should be moisturizing. Dry, combo, oily, acne-prone….
-The sebum your pores produce is not hydrating your skin. If anything, it may be overproducing oils because it is lacking hydration and moisture!
(You should also be drinking plenty of water but that’s a conversation for another day 😉)
Let me help!
Book here:



Your Estie Bestie 💛


Just looking at this picture makes me sleepy… 😴
Still getting into a routine after the start of the school year? Take a break for a second!
Book here:



OK 😍😍
Jealous that this girl gets to walk around with lashes like this… I’m obsessed! 🖤
Book here:

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