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qibotanics.com 02/16/2020

Qi Botanics Home of CBD & Botanical products.

We have completed the re-branding process to Qi Botanics. The products are available online at at the clinic (striving for health - if you are local) You can visit us online at https://qibotanics.com/

Also, please re-like our new page - QiBotanics

We will be taking down this page shortly and want to make sure you dont miss out on any of the news.

Same company, same wonderful products, just a new and improved look with more fabulous products.



Qi Botanics


Qi Botanics

We are merging our original brand, Spencer St. Botanicals into our new name Qi Botanics for our IG page... ❤ so, the name on this account will change. PLEASE refollow us on our new Qi Botanics IG page. 👍 See you there!! #qibotanics


Qi Botanics

Rebranding is almost ready! Working on final tweaks for labels and boxes for our facial line 1) renew cleansing powder
2) restore balancing serum 3) refresh hydrating mist 4) nourish nutrient oil. All organic and packed with herbs, extracts, nutrients and ferments...your skin is going to LOVE it! ❤❤❤


Qi Botanics

Some delightful organic herbs ready to start the infusion process. We will use the finished oil in some of our yummy products. ❤🌱 Herbs boost any skin care product to that next level. 👍 Borage, rose petals, chamomile and calendula are some of my favorite skin loving and nourishing herbs. 🌿 I LOVE getting to work with herbs every day, whether they are for a face or body care formula or for patients at the clinic, they are magical. 🥰🥰 Embrace more herbs today, your body will thank you! ❤


Qi Botanics

We are so excited to have partnered with EcoEnclose for all of our shipping materials - boxes, packing material, thank you inserts and mailers. ❤♻️ Everything is made from 100% recycled materials. Our mailers can even be reused again and then recycled. ❤🌎 We are trying very hard to limit our overall footprint so recycled shipping material is a must for us and hopefully easy for you at the receiving end of an order. Recycling is good for the planet and the people on it. 😊 Let us know what you think about the packaging. 👍


Qi Botanics

All of Qi Botanics natural products are personally formulated by DeBritt to ensure quality and consistency.


Qi Botanics

Our BEAUTIFUL new bottles! We are just waiting for our labels... from left to right: renew cleansing powder, restore balancing serum, nourish nutrient oil, refresh hydrating mist...delightful!! SO pretty and work wonders on the skin. ❤❤


Qi Botanics

Guess what has arrived!?! ❤❤ Our botanical infused organic body oil with CBD is finally ready! It's amazing, if i do say so myself. 😉 We should have it on the website shortly for purchase. In the meantime, I do have it at the clinic...I know a few people have been waiting for it. ❤ It's delightful!


Qi Botanics

Bottling some of our beautiful Renew Cleansing Powder...all natural and oh so good for your skin. ❤ We start with a kaolin clay and adzuki bean base and add organic herbs, oatmeal, extracts, seaweed and nutrients to feed and nourish the skin. ❤ This cleansing powder can cleanse, exfoliate, detox and support healthy skin function. 👍 We hope to have it ready for you soon on the website...😊


Qi Botanics

Show some LOVE this Valentine's Day with 15% off all our CBD and herbal tinctures. 🥰❤🌱 Keep your loved ones calm and relaxed this Valentine's Day. Use code: LOVE2020 at checkout ❤ www.qibotanics.com


Qi Botanics

Our yummy CBD taffy chews are here! We decided to go with a taffy as our edible over a gummy for a few reasons. 1) Taffy is meant to be chewed, so it's naturally enjoyed longer in the mouth. This means more sublingual absorption for you, since it stays in the mouth longer. Once an edible is swallowed, it has to go through first phase digestion and quite a bit of the benefits are lost. Sublingual absorption is the best way to enjoy CBD. 2) We only want to offer a super clean edible, one without added colors, extra additives or animal gelatin. Our taffy ONLY contains organic cane sugar, non GMO corn sugar (it's only a little and it's not HFCS), organically grown hemp extract and cream of tartar. That's it. Then depending on which flavor, organic oils of orange and peppermint plus a chocolate liqueur are added. 3) They taste and work great. ❤ ❤

Edibles are not a replacement for a tincture, but they a tasty sweet treat and an extra way to enjoy more CBD throughout your day.🍬 Each piece of taffy offers 10mg of CBD, has 19 calories and is less than 1% of carbs for the day. 🤗 We are excited to be using packaging for the taffy that is made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled again or composted. ♻️❤🌎

Add some calm to your day...try some taffy.😊


We wanted to check in with everyone to say hello and give our customers/followers some info about the Spencer St Botanics (SSB) Brand rebranding to Qi Botanics. Sorry for the confusion during this transition, thanks for your patience. It will be worth the wait… We have the CBD and herbal tinctures already going out the door, with great feedback. Our facial and body line should be ready to go within the next month, which I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for. I promise it’s going to be worth the wait, the new and improved body and face line is positively divine. If you loved the SSB products, then I think you’ll absolutely love our new and improved products,. A HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful feedback from my product testers over the past several months, it’s been super helpful and allowed me to make certain tweaks along the way!

For those of you who are brand new to the line, a quick intro - we are a botanical company first and foremost but we are also a CBD company as we incorporate the unique properties of broad spectrum hemp extract to enhance our tinctures, body oil, face oil and taffy. We have chosen to not put hemp extract into all of our products so our cleansing powder, hydrosols, and serum do not contain any hemp extract. People are going a bit nuts with CBD at the moment and putting it into everything, which is a bit overboard. We carefully selected the products we wanted to enhance with hemp extract and the products we felt didn’t need it. We are not just using hemp extract for everything as its not always needed in a product. However, we are all about herbs and plants in everything! The hemp plant is amazing but is just another of the fabulous botanics the earth has provided, so we are using it where it will make the biggest impact! Our goal is to offer organic, herbal, super clean, result driven, sustainably sourced, eco packaged, and all natural products for you to use on your most precious procession…you.

Stay tuned as we continue to grow and expand. And please any feedback, comments and suggestions are always welcome. We’re constantly evolving and looking at ways to improve, not just our product lines, but our shop, website and interaction with our clients and friends….

Please like us or follow us on Facebook at Qi Botanics. We will be taking down this page shortly and want to make sure you continue to stay in contact!



Happy New Year!! We wish you a relaxing, joyous, prosperous and all around fabulous new year!! 🎉


Getting some samples ready for our new and improved cleansing powder so we can get some feedback..it's amazing.❤ It's chalked full of herbs and nutrients that your skin needs and will LOVE. It can be used as a cleanser, exfoliant and as a mask. 👍I've got free samples at the clinic if you want to swing by and grab one this week. 😊


Our herbal bath soaks are almost rebranded and ready.... ❤❤ We have added a touch of hemp extract, to the already amazing herbs and salts, to increase the relaxation and skin nourishing benefits of the soaks. 🛁 We are thrilled to be using 100% recycled packaging for the soaks, plus when the bag is empty, you can compost it. 🌎❤ Stay tuned...


Our body oil labels have arrived...swoon..❤


Our delightful organic herb and cannabinoid tinctures are here! ❤❤ They are amazing! 👍👍We are so excited about our rebranding and hope you love it too! Our new organic and herbal body oil will be available in a few short weeks. ❤ Our facial oils, hydrosols, serums, steams and soaks will be ready and rebranded towards the beginning of the year. 😊 Thank you for your patience as we transition over all of our products. 🎄Happy Holidays!!🎅


We are in the process of renaming and repackaging our line for Spencer St. Botanicals. We are super excited with the upgrade and know you will continue to love the products.

Bear with us as we move through this transition.

The new product line will be called Qi Botanics and will continue to include some of the favorite items that people love as well as adding a few more to the list. The new product line with still be super clean and include organic botanics but will also now contain broad spectrum hemp extract which is full of amazing cannabinoids, including CBD, which is unbelievably wonderful for the body and the skin. We will also be adding tinctures and edibles as well, so stay tuned.😊

You can find Qi Botanics on facebook and instagram now...if you want to stay updated.


Just whipped up a fresh batch of our Rejuvenating Moisturizing Cream. ❤ Filled with organic hydrosols, oils and extracts like ginko, ginseng, fig and sweet potato. It also has hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, squaline, vitamin e and c. The beautiful color is from sea buckthorne oil...delightful. This all natural cream works wonders on the skin! ❤❤


Looks like ice cream but it's so much better! Shea butter being scooped for our body butters...delightful. ♥️


2019 is your year!! Love it hard!!


Give your dry lips some much needed love over the cold winter months! 💋❤


Our finished Rejuvenating Moisturizing Cream...freshly made to order! Nourishing organic oils and hydrosols are combined with herbal and food extracts like ginkgo ginseng, sweet potato, and fig...it's simply amazing for the skin! 😍 Super clean!


Whipping up some delightful Sea Buckthorn moisturizer today ❤ a great way to ring in the new year!


Happy New Year! Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!! 🍾🥂🎉🎊❤


Chamomile is just so pretty. 😍 I love working with it... It's a little ray of sunshine on a cold, cloudy winter's day. It's extremely calming and nourishing for the skin so we use it in several of our products. It can also be taken internally for a wide range of health benefits as well, plus its tasty. Enjoy some chamomile today! 🌼


Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!


Our delightful facial oil coming up! Works wonders on the skin...❤


Bottling some of our wonderful Herbal Cleansing Powder...so fun. ❤ Ever try a cleansing powder? They are a great way to cleanse, exfoliate and mask up...all in one product. Nothing but clean and organic ingredients here...your face will thank you. 😍


Fancy a nice soak in the tub? Our Relaxing Flower Bath Soak is perfect! Filled with organic herbs and delightful salts to soothe the body and the mind..❤🌱 Enjoy some YOU time this week!


We are back in stock!! Our newest moisturizing cream is a huge hit!


Im so enjoying having the products out at the clinic for people to test out while they are waiting!


Organic and herbal facial cleansing at its best!! If you've never tried a cleansing powder...you should!


Just a fun day making some soap...❤



organic herbal bath and body care products



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