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Front door exterior light install for a local business The Brow Boss 🙌

☎️ 540-622-4441
✉️ [email protected]

This woman refused to serve me because I didn't agree to wear something on my face.
Check out our awesome client The Brow Boss in their new location!
Looking for a I have an appointment on Saturday June 8th at 10 am for a brow/lip combo. Anyone with an appointment later in the day willing to switch? I can do any other time after 11 or before 2 that day, or a weeknight on a different day if that’s an option. Thanks in advance!


I no longer have childcare for my appt on Friday, April 19th at 3pm. Can anyone switch that has an appt on Friday, April 26th?

Please don't make me go back to being this girl!
I have an 11am appointment today April 2nd that I do not think I cam make. If you are interested please let me know asap
April 2nd 11am brow wax.
hello! i have an appointment for next saturday (3/9) @ 4:55 pm but think i can wait a little longer if anyone that has a later appointment maybe a week later or so that wants to swap appointments let me know! 😊
Hoping to find a this week. My appointment is 2/28 at 4:30 but I'd love to swap with someone for something from the 16th to 22nd. Thanks
Need a ! I have an appt on 2/14 at 11am but my work schedule changed! Anyone have a Monday/evening/weekend appt they want to swap? Thanks!
Help!!! Anyone have an appointment early today or next week they can trade? I have a 325 today! I typically need after 3 though except today with no school.
Is there anyone that would take my Tuesday, January 22nd time slot at 6:15 p.m. for a brow wax? I could switch with a Wednesday, the 23rd (just not between 2 & 3:30 p.m.) Please PM me if this is an option for you. TIA!
Allie Nicholson thought of you 😂

Licensed Esthetician who specialize in brow waxing, shaping, and rehabbing. Please book all appoint


I've never been so sad to post.
The Brow Boss has been the best 5 years of my entire life. Thank each and every one of you for being a part of this sweet experience.
My amazing husband has an opportunity to change our lives, and we decided to go for it! Georgia, here we come! Last day of Brow Boss is June 27, 2023.
I'm pretty booked, so I'm not sure if I'll have any openings as you read this, and I apologize, it's all happened very quickly. Thank you for helping me achieve and live this beautiful dream🩷


I have to close the shop today, the plumbers have the entire yard dug up and we have no access to water, and soon electricity. I will be contacting you if you have an appointment today, if I haven't already!


Price increase will be happening May 1, 2023
I'll be sending emails with new price list and a new service this week!!


Hey friends I have a 130pm and 5pm available today! Text me @ 703-719-8855 to claim one!!!


Hey friends!! For some weird reason this week has a lot of openings!! If you've been needing Brow love, text me @ 703-719-8855 or check for the most up to date schedule!! Today I have 1:30,2 and 4:05 available!


Client friends: I have a couple opening today!
I have 1:40 and 5/5:15ish.
If you'd like one, TEXT ME 703-719-8855 OR grab it on the site

Have an amazing day🩷


Just tested positive for covid. I will be contacting you to reschedule if you have an appointment between now and the 10th. So sorry for the inconvenience 😭


Client friends!!!! Please change in your phone now!!!!!


Mask up beauties!!!


Friendly reminder, if you need to get in touch with me, text me on my cell phone. While I'm waxing I do not answer phone calls or emails. I'm 100% with my client while they are with me during their appointments!

*side note* I am closed Sundays and Mondays, if you text me, I will get back to you the next day I'm back in the business! Im not ignoring you, I have my phone set up to alert me during my next business day.


I will be out mid March til beginning of April finally having my sinus surgery and taking care of myself! Im pretty booed before surgery so if you need to reschedule, reach out to the brow boss brow buddies page here on fb. You can trade appointments with other clients that may be in a pinch like you!!


It looks like we have another week of snow coming. If you are scheduled for later in the week, and this storm is as heavy as they say, let's make a back up appointment!! Please TEXT 6157139998 me with a day or two that could work for you, That way I can "pencil' you in. And if we don't need it I'll cancel it, and if it does snow enough to close, its totally cool cause we have a back up day!!
Thank you!!!!!


Hi friends! Please do me a favor and if you need to contact me, please PLEASE text me! 6157139998 if I do not automatically reply I am with a client or it is before or after hours. I am not on fb at the moment due to the climate of the world and how negative everything is.


If you have an appointment with nearly nov 8-15th please read


Air is out at The Brow House, hopefully the AC person will be here within a few hours to fix it. If it gets too hot in here wax will not stick to remove hair...I'll keep in touch if you have an appointment today if anything needs to change!! Send cool air wishes my way!!!


These brows were clear blonde from quarantine!!! I hand mixed a bit in light brown and the tiniest touch of red tint and played with timing and came out with the MOST PERFECT COLOR MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red heads are tricky, they can either not take color at all or pull hard to the orange or taupe if you mix wrong... but holy moly🥰 these brows....I'm obsessed. They are my master piece!!!!!


Friendly reminder!!! Face Masks are absolutely positively 100% no questions asked, required to enter the building. That goes for The Brow Boss and Ooh La Lash. If you cannot wear a mask, there will be no service that day. Amy and myself value you as clients and customers and would love to see you, but we value our health and chosen career paths as well!! Each of our services offered require us to be inches from your face and if your NOSE AND MOUTH are not covered we cannot and will not preform our services.


ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! is officially open!!!!!!!!!! July is nearly booked so make your appointments now!!!!!!!!!! @ The Brow Boss


Hi friends!! I will be out of cell phone range for a while. Please use for all booking/rescheduling/canceling.
Have a happy and healthy social distancing holiday! I'll see you in July!!!


SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!! THE BROW BOSS IS GETTING A SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amy is a Master Esthetician who specializes in all things lashes!! We are so very excited to soon be your one stop shop for Brows and Lashes!! Perfect timing now that's all you see while being safe and rocking our masks!! I'm so proud of my friend and so freaking excited to see a new entrepreneur spread her wings!!!! Fly beautiful friend, fly!!!!


Please be patient with me!! Online is not open yet. I've got a lot of little changes I have to make 1 by 1 online with every single client! It take a sec!! 😘😘😘


If you get multiple notices for your approved appointment go with the LAST one you receive. I'm approving what you requested but have to tweak them for timing or remove lip waxes and add 15 min to the end of everyone so I have cleaning time. GO WITH THE LAST TEXT/EMAIL YOU RECEIVE!!! Sadly, if i havent seen you before i am declining the appointments. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I cannot take new clientele until I have taken care of the ladies who take care of me!!! I will reopen the book later in the year 🤞🏻🤞🏻


My book is not open yet for those of you who are fretting and thinking its booked!! Gotta ease slowly so no body gets sick!! Also the freaking governor messed me ALL UP!

*only brow services will be offered. If it's under the mask, I cannot do it during phase 1. I'm a goodie goodie who follows rules... but luckily we all have to wear masks now so that lip wont be seen by many!!!
*brow services include: waxing, tweezing, and tinting!
* fun secret soon I'll be offering Brow Lamination!! I'm nearly finished with my training and will fill you in more when I can add it to my menu!!! (This isnt the BIG secret, that one is even bigger. This is just a nibble)


A few new guidelines at The Brow House for everyones safety! Please take a moment and check them out as we prepare to reopen soon!! Please also note it goes without saying, but I'll say it, if you're sick, have a cough, a sneeze, a wheeze, look sick, or I saw you on socials not social distancing, we will not be waxing and you will be responsible for the full cost of your service. I will not take my health or yours for granted.


Thank you to all my clientfriends that have purchased giftcards! You helped me and my family more than you know ❤ and for an even bigger THANK YOU, if you have purchased a gift card during quarantine, and send me a pic of your receipt, you my beautiful friend will be the first ones back on the schedule!! If you want to purchase a gift card, check out click the Brow Now button and scroll to the very bottom! There should be an option, if you dont see it, sign in and try again!!!
Soon my pretties we will start booking, soon!
(Please dont text me saying you cant book,(or asking to book) I've closed the book to restructure with new guidelines and will re open it soon)


PSA, big time! I’m so very very blessed where this says 100 clients, I have 1,000 of you ladies to reschedule, and to figure out how long each appointment will be, how long to my days will be, what can I physically do under new guidelines...this is a learning experience for both of us, so please please be kind and have patience when booking begins!! Also, heads up to everyone who booked in advance like June and July,(NO YOU CANNOT BOOK FOR THEN, SOME PEOPLE RESCHEDULED WHEN THEIR ORIGINAL APPOINTMENT WAS DECLINED DUE TO COVID) those are all up in the air, so just because you have requested it, it may be shifted with the new timings for bookings and cleanings after! And big bomb, I’m only going to be taking existing clients. So if I have physically touched you before March 14th, you’re in! If no, I’m so very sorry I have to honor my commitments to my clientele before newbies! Thank you for understanding!! Love you all and I miss your faces!!
**no one is booking appointments right now, ive closed my books to restructure scheduling


Northern Va hasn't hit the numbers to re-open on the 15th. This means The Brow Boss cannot reopen until we hit those numbers and lower our Covid count in Loudoun co. I'm disappointed, but put your health, and mine above everything else. I will continue prepping The Brow House and making sure everything is 100% safe and ready for you. I MISS YOUR FACES! Be strong, stay home, and put the tweezers down!!!


Got you girls!!


Ordering supplies!!! Man it feels good to enter those cc numbers again!! Missed buying things! Soon my friends I'll post the new policies at The Brow House, along with some super duper exciting news!! Hang tight a little longer I'll take appointments soon!!


Soon friends, soon!! The only reason I'm not booking is so I dont get booked up then the Governer changes his mind and pushes it back and those 1st people lose their spots and so on and so on. I miss your faces and will see you soon!!!! So excited


Yay we may be able to brow down soon!! I know everyone is excited for the date in May that was told to us. This is a guesstimate yall!! Until the numbers really really fall, they'll push opening dates back. I want to be very safe when I do reopen, so I'm not planning a reopen date just yet. I plan to even wait a week when "they" say we can reopen, because there will be a 2nd wind of this and I want all my brow best friends to be safe. So I promise I will send out a reopen date, a long with new booking and appointment policies. I'll let you know exactly what to expect when we actually get closer to seeing each other!!!!!!!!! I miss you all so so sooo much!!


Thank you everyone who requested to purchase gift cards!! They are officially on the website!! The easiest way I found them was to: click book now and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Thank you everyone. This is a scary time and now being ordered to close officially for 30 days feels like a life time of not working. Silver lining, your brows are all going to be amazingly over grown and that shape we've been trying for, may be a reality!!!


Client friends: The Brow Boss is making a very thought over and informed choice to close the doors for at lease the next two weeks until we know how the world is doing. I touch a minimum of 100 of you a week and I'm immune compromised so I feel it's best for all if us to practice safety first and listen to the professionals.

What I need from clients that are booked through the next 2 weeks, cancel your appointment for me so I know you've seen this and I can reach out to those who havent. We will get everyone rescheduled who is cancelled. If you dont know how to cancel, text me!!!

Also, DO NOT TWEEZE YOUR BROWS WHILE WE ARE IN QUARANTINE!!!! no one but the fam is going to see you, let them grow and I'll shape the heck out of the new growth!!!


Or tweeze, or trim, or even look in a magnifying mirror. We are going to take this time of social distancing as ‘brow rehab’ even if you don’t think you need it, you do! Welcome, we are all really nice and have wine and cookies here!!

Seriously, no one is going to see you, let them grow. You know I got you and we’ll make the best of alllllll that growth!!

Credit: The Beauty Buster


Having a little set back in healing from the sinus infection / old root canal infection, and am back in the dental chair this morning. Thank you to every client this had inconvenienced and we've had to move your appointments. I absolutely hate having to reschedule and some of you its resulted in your appointment moving a few times. I apologize and appreciate you so so very much. These last few months have been super super hard trying to find the happy and the joy with all this sick and pain. So thank you all for all the checking in and the love. Let's all pray this is the end. It's so so hard these last 2 days with the constant jackhammer and lightning running through my teeth and sinus area.

Over these last 2 almost 3 months of sickness, if your appointment has gotten cancelled and I havent reached out to you to reachedule, let me know and well get you on the schedule asap.


Hey friends!! Please make sure you have a credit card on file when making appointments. I unfortunately had a few no call no shows last week and somehow they didnt have a card on file, so I wasnt able to charge them for the missed time and one of you lost out on an open appointment if I'd known!!

Also if you need to cancel, please do it in the text or email that is sent confirming or reminding or your appointment!! You can also reschedule through the link as well ❤

⭐I soon will be deleting appointments if no card is on file⭐


Hey friends!!!! Its that time again!!! I'm so honored to be in the Nominees again, and would love love love a matching set ❤ when you have time will you take a moment and vote for The Brow Boss for best Esthetician?!! Thanks friends!!!!!!! #//


I'm trying to come back to work. Trying with ALL my might!! I need your help tho. If you or your littles have been sick or snotty or fevery PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, text me and we will reschedule. My immune system is totally shot right now. I'm still not 100% and even being put on more antibiotics. Pleaseeee help your girl out!!

Also I'm not moving at top speed so please and thank you for being patient if we dont start right on time.💗

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Love my in-laws Christmas tree ☃️🎄
Love when Jai comes and let's me play with these BEAUTIES!
No more uncomfortable brow sessions where you feel like the chair is going to topple over! Woohoo!! #savingmyback


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Tuesday 11am - 7pm
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