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It doesn’t get more #koreatown than this.
We did this all for the love of having fun and creating something without limitations/expectations- I did this because I loved Angela’s face and wanted to do her makeup so badly. 💄

Shoutout to @splcoffee for comin’ through with the traveler for the team on shoot day.
#ktownla #losangeles #colorfulcity #hairandmakeup

@stevestillz released his folder of images from the set of One Must Fall. I didn’t want to post too many revealing action shots of the characters in their most intense moments, even though those are some of my favorites. I definitely have a face of concentration when working and it’s really funny to see.
The cast and crew, while we may have been in small numbers, were some of the biggest spirits I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Everyone was definitely stepping out of their field of specialty to get things done so I can’t even feel confident about crediting everyone appropriately but here’s a list of crew you definitely should be following. I’ve tagged the cast pictured in each phot. A lot of them had a heavy background in theatre and it was really fantastic to experience, they all knew their lines in and out and their interactions and reactions were all genuine. It was really refreshing.

Director| @antoniopantoja
1st Ad| @herschelzahndphotovideo
2nd AD| @bigdaddydirector
Producer| Lee Kiper
DP| Codey Dingfield
Gaffer| @nhspicecat with special guest @thegirlyouignoredinhighschool
Art Department | @lindsaymoremen & Michael Book
Props| Michael Book
Special Effects| @vgpeffects
Hair and Makeup| myself and assisted by Katie Rogers during some very crucial moments
Transportation| @darkheartcreative (did so much more than this)
Sound| Tim Gooch, Becca Hamrin
Catering| @jordanpantyhose (So much more than this but the best food I’ve ever had on set 👌🏼)
Bts Video| Tommy Baker and @halfbrothersmedia
Stills Photographer | @stevesquall
last but not least
Wardrobe|@taylorchristine567 Who basically did everything at all times
#Louisville #hairandmakeup #bts #setlife #kyfilm #horror #onemustfallmovie #still

One Must Fall

Finally sharing the trailer for One Must Fall! Antonio Pantoja and was one of the first people I met in Louisville. Two 48hr festivals later, he’s created a feature that I was lucky enough to provide hair and makeup for.

The film has been submitted to festivals and is making its round of premiers but I’m excited for the population of Louisville to see what its community can do. The most talented the people are in Kentucky.

@glamglow #glowstarter for the skin win today. This is such a great glowy primer and has always reminded me of Christian Dior’s Dream Skin (the BEST primer skincare I’ve ever used btw)!

Foundation| total control drop @nyxcosmetics
Lips 👄 make out balm @marcjacobsbeauty

I experienced a Palestinian wedding this weekend. Lots of smiling faces and the most genuine hospitality. The weekend is full of dinner events and celebrations. The finial event of Sunday was a traditional ceremony and these screenshots are taken from a teaser video captured by @balerinafilms
This weekend required flexibility and an angel named Leslie (@elledotell). I was able to do three colorful beautiful looks for Manal, the bride, and this final look was no different using pinks & purples. Her eyebrows required almost no attention and just a few individual lashes were needed to fluff up her natural pair. Such a stunning woman.
They dance and enjoy each other’s company all night long and all without any alcohol. That’s what’s up- true party animals dancing all night and waking up early to do it again with sore feet.

#labride #culture #hmua #promua #beauty @ Glendale, California

Kate's Birthday Beat

My friend Kate Roach let me do her makeup for her birthday last week! This was the first time working with her skin and she is definitely a fan of a natural complexion. We went with Orange and Blue as our two main colors with a gold highlight. In this video, I explain my process and tools to help you recreate.

My YouTube channel is brand new and is craving your feedback. I will be posting a variety of different looks along the way but almost always in the Get Ready With Me style. Let me know if there are specific looks you want to see and don't forget to subscribe to keep up.

It was Kate's Birthday last week and I wanted to do her makeup! Kate is an au naturel kind of girl so we focused on her eyes and a great complexion with a li...

[06/01/17]   Core Engaging Circuit-- do these back to neck without rest until finished. Rest 1 minute and repeat. For extra werk, repeat entire circuit 3X

25 pushups (can be modified to knees on mat, focus on mastering proper form)
20 alternating reach planks (each arm extension= 1 rep)
25 crunchy frog situps
25 russin twists ( resistance cn be amplified by holding weight)
20 traditional situps (same as above)
20 Bridges (can be amplified by using only one leg to lift up while the opposite leg remains static and pointed straight out
20 donkey kicks (each leg)
30 second plank

GRWM Purple Smokey Eye

The first GRWM of many! Look for some talking points in the next video. I want to see some recreations. Send me your selfies!

Very quick, simple and wearable purple smokey eye. Only two shadows were used and blended throughout the eye. I did not apply an eyeliner however for added d...

[11/07/16]   Since Saturday's finale, I have been watching social media. Some posts have been more lengthy and emotional while others are shared photos and gratitude for the experience that is "Laura's Angels". All of which have been the biggest reward to my hard work over the last 6 months.

I have been very vocal about how thankful I am for every single person and their involvement in this production. I could sit here and write 1,000 words just listing everyone that was pivotal during this process.

IN APRIL, of this year I jumped on board to assist my long time friend Laura Kirkpatrick with her charity fashion show. She has been producing fashion shows basically on her own for 9 years now. Once we packed up our gear and headed back to Lousiville that night in April I was already thinking of ways to grow for our next show. I wanted to produce and I wanted it to be much larger. We secured my favorite spot in Louisville at Play and started casting and planning. With 13 designers,125 models and 25 Hair and Makeup Artists, 8 Photographers and 3 stage managers.

With Disco as our style inspiration, we set forth on a mission where 100% of our efforts would be donated to charity. Our organizations are all local and all centered towards our youth and supporting their success. One of our models, Katya Estes, had personally experienced success with her time and support from The Family and Children's Place and their list of programs didn't stop with just her advocacy. We are proud to write them a check so that they can provide more assistance and continue to educate and fight for the kids that are challenged in this city and in this state. Before this moment I had written a personal post about my support for Fund for the Arts and the importance of humanities in our school system and in the growth of our youth.

This show for me was not only my first attempt with the producer hat on but my first experience managing around 200 people. I have been in this industry for 5 years now and I am extremely passionate about fashion and makeup but my focus is always on learning something new. I have been able to build a network of insanely talented professionals from their focus (photographers, artists, designers, models). I am so thrilled at how our first attempt at a huge production went.

We utilized the entire space at PLAY! A two room runway for the ultimate fashion experience. My idea was to give the audience the chance to see the clothes move as well as in a static pose.Of course, we ran into challenges but the show went on and thrived. With only 5 short hours to get in, set up, complete hair and makeup, rehears and show... I am without a doubt impressed but fueled with the energy to get started on something even bigger. The question is... when and where? Stay tuned.

Adrenal Function

Sharing this quick article about adrenals, what they do and their importance.

Weight loss isn't 100% relative to effort. It takes discipline, education, dedication and balance. Your health is an accumulation of many factors that require your attention constantly. Its not easy, especially when you have been eating better and exercising but are still hitting roadblocks with a decrease in size. We can see our reflection and the number on the scale but we can not see what is happening internally. Listening to your body is a much better method to adopt than just using your eyes to judge. Fatigue and stress act like a brick wall in our bodies ability to promote weight loss or even support a healthier lifestyle. Don't get discouraged, get educated. The main purpose of your adrenal glands is to enable your body to deal with stress from every possible source, ranging from injury and disease to work and relationship problems.

[10/01/16]   Letter from the Creator...

When I created The House of Hood, initially it was a solution to the lack of branding I had as a freelance artist. I am a woman of many interests and that list continues to grow each day and I needed to establish a brand that could hold all of these interest together. I have this insatiable urge to try my hand at almost everything and I am a perfectionist to boot. Two Years Ago, when the house was created, it was done so with an entire pool of talent in mind. The House of Hood is meant to celebrate every client without judgement by casting their professional appropriately. The professionals talents and passion would meet their style and ultimately assisting our clientele in finding the stylist they can fall in love with.

I have always known that I do not want to operate a business that benefits just myself. I crave a team and I crave leadership in a way that leaves the hairstylists or makeup artists or personal trainers, etc to flourish. My personal experience with working for someone, specifically with multiple cosmetics companies, was that I could not relate 100% to the culture. A lot of my experience was negative because profit was the biggest importance and my ideas were never influential. I think there is something to be said about being an artist in an agency atmosphere that gives you the freedom to practice what you love and link to the clients who are selecting you based on that passion. If you do not enjoy the process of wedding beauty, why would this be your focus? If you love doing highlights, then we need to let these clients know you are actively pursuing greater knowledge and have intense skill set with color.

My vision is huge for this and I already have a difficult time focusing my brain on one thing at a time. I'm starting with makeup. Within the freedom I feel is necessary for creatives there will always be expectations. I'm actively looking for makeup professionals who are early to bookings and trustworthy. Those that communicate and are passionate about growth. Those that are ready to learn or assist when needed but can also step in with large parties or as needed.

Every client deserves to find the perfect artist for their wedding, event, transformation, upkeep, motivation or inspiration. They deserve professionals who are licensed, certified and experienced. This is my belief and I support all of my friends and colleagues fighting to make this world more beautifully informed one commission at a time.

[02/28/16]   Not a morning person? You totally can be with a little bit of training. This looks like a long post but its a quick read and I promise you, very easy to do.

Instead of starting the day off with sluggish snooze habits hit the ground running with a 5-10 minute body weight circuit. It's so simple and the benefits are massive.This practice not only releases endorphin hormones (feel good chemicals in the brain) but kick starts your nervous system and initiates your productivity upon waking.

Here is a quick quide:
-IMMEDIATELY upon waking up: no snooze and no food. lets not get crazy though, you can definitely use the bathroom. (we all know how difficult that situation is ;p)
-Include AT LEAST ONE static stretch:touch your toes, hold the position in a deep forward lunge, or everyone's favorite: the plank. make sure to hold this for at least 15-20 seconds
-ONE explosive movement: this is what will initially get that heart rate going and this is key. This will jump start that metabolism! which ultimately means more room for food, right? that's what I'm looking forward to. Examples are burpees, jumping squats, lunges, etc.
-LASTLY! keep it short, easy to enjoy, and centered towards your goals. You can incorporate yoga|meditation. If your wanting to improve your midsection and core, do some sit-ups. Maybe its your upper body you want to grow, work on those pushups or try doing dips.

Example 5-10 min full body general wellness workout (complete entire list, rest 20-30 seconds, go again!)
1. Core Static Plank ( hold for 30 seconds)
2. Body Weight Squats - 12 to 15 reps
3. Push-ups- 15-20 ( if you need to modify, go for it. don't injure yourself trying to be a warrior. get on your knees or use a counter top)
3. Deep Lunge stretch (hold for 15 seconds, on the second set step out with the opposite leg)
4. Russian Twists- 20 reps (1 rep is touching both sides of your body. hands must hit the floor past your booty or as close to that as possible. keep feet held together and a couple inches off the floor to engage core and train that balance)
5. Jumping jacks or burpess- 25 to 30
6. add another move if you're feeling froggy OR rest 20-30 seconds and repeat!

If there are any movements you aren't sure about, Google and YouTube are your friend. Watch videos and read articles. Ask me questions! You don't even have to use these moves, there are tons more. Make it a habit and reap the rewards! I'm making it a priority, my goal is to improve mental stamina. Let me know how it goals and happy mornings to everyone!

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