Sleep&Glow anti-aging pillow - prevents sleep wrinkles, morning puffiness, and marks, caused by contact with the pillow.

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We’ve compiled a list of 5 keys to a restful sleep for you. Check them off as you read along - how many points did you get? 😉

1. Create a cozy atmosphere in the room with pleasant, dim light—or better yet, complete darkness. No bright or cool-temperature lights—nothing that could irritate the eyes.

2. Keep your bedroom temperature cool. The room should be well ventilated—this helps you relax faster and fall asleep easier.

3. Choosing a suitable pillow is 50% of the key to a comfortable sleep.
You can choose our Omnia or Aula orthopedic models for proper head and neck positioning. For a consultation, DM us and we we’ll help you choose that special pillow for you.

4. In addition to a good pillow, your blanket is also important. We have two options to offer: a gently enveloping heavy blanket that will quickly calm the nervous system, or a ventilated blanket with ventilation panels so that you never have your sleep interrupted by the sweltering heat.

5. Perhaps the most difficult habit to break is getting rid of gadgets and continuous scrolling an hour before bed (but we believe in you!)

Watch our carousel—we’ve prepared a whole sleep guide for you 🤍


The difference between a regular blanket and a ventilated blanket 👇

The Sleep&Glow ventilated blanket is designed for those who overheat at night 😓

Night sweats happen regardless of the room temperature. They can also be caused by synthetic bedding (even if it’s thin and light), hormonal imbalances, or having a spicy dinner or alcohol before bed. The Sleep&Glow is a ventilated blanket for all seasons that helps ensure good sleep both in summer and winter.

How is it different from a regular blanket?

🔹Special Thermo Balance mesh panels provide air circulation and remove excess heat and moisture. This creates a microclimate in your bed that is ideal for sleep!

🔹Impeccable Sleep&Glow quality tailoring and premium materials.
The outer fabric is smooth and dense 100% cotton satin with a 300 thread count. Inside is super soft polyester fiber filling

🔹Slows down the aging process and improves skin regeneration. The proper microclimate stimulates the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is also responsible for beauty.

➡️ The Sleep&Glow ventilated blanket is available in two sizes. Choose the one that’s best for your bedroom:

- Twin - 64*90 in
- Queen- 90*90 in

Still have questions? Write “blanket” in the comments and we will be happy to give you a detailed consultation via DM 💌


We made the hashtag so that you can always use them.

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Let's take a look inside the Sleep&Glow weighted blanket

The key point is that we won't find any additives, adhesives or plastic. That's because we only use safe, high-quality materials in our production process.🌿

Our blanket consists of 5 layers total:
- Outside: the 1st and 5th layer are natural cotton.
- Inside: the 2nd layer is sintepon, the 3rd is glass beads, followed by the 4th — another layer of sintepon

The outer layers of the blanket are made from premium 400 thread count cotton satin — smooth, dense and very durable.

The sintepon is made by twisting fibers, without using any adhesives.

The blanket is quilted with small pocket squares, into which small glass beads are inserted as a weighting agent. All seams are made with high-quality durable cotton threads, so the filling will not move or bunch up. Our production process is strictly monitored, and the weighting material is carefully distributed to ensure a comfortable weight.

Due to this proper distribution of weight, the Sleep&Glow weighted blanket helps reduce stress and provide comfortable sleep. It envelops the body and creates the effect of a good hug, which helps you relax, fall asleep quickly and get a great night's sleep.

Suitable for any time of year — it's breathable and has good heat transfer, so you're always comfortable.

The Sleep&Glow blanket comes in three sizes: Single, Twin & Queen.

Comes with a 6 month warranty
We ship worldwide🌐

You can place your order on our website (active link in the bio).


Simple exercises for tightening the skin of your chest and decolletage that really work!

Lie on your side, legs bent, knees together, arms extended in front of you. Slowly circle your free arm across the floor, opening up your chest as you do. Try to pause and stretch your palms as far apart from each other at the far end of the cirle. Do eight clockwise and eight counterclockwise circles.

Start in a full plank position. The back of the head, shoulder blades and tailbone should be aligned and parallel to the floor, the shoulderblades pulling down from the ears, the elbows pushing off the floor. Open your chest and turn your body to one side to get into the side plank position. Your ankles and knees should stack on top of each other and your butt muscles should be tense as your supporting arm continues to push off the floor. Alternate sides, moving through the plank position as you do, and pause at the top of the pose, making sure you're in control and in proper alignment. Perform 6-8 reps on each side.

Start in a full plank position. Raise your pelvis to the sky and transfer your body weight to your feet. Rotate your thoracic spine to touch your opposite foot with your hand. When performed correctly, the stretch is felt in the back of the legs and spine. Return to the starting plank position and repeat in the opposite direction. Perform 6-8 reps on each side.

Start in a plank position on your knees: palms are parallel, positioned slightly wider than the shoulders and pushing against the floor, the back of the head is a continuation of the spine, the shoulders extend from the ears, the sacrum is directed towards the knees, stomach pulled in. With a straight spine, bend your elbows and stretch your chest forward so that your elbows remain above your palms. Exhale and return to the starting plank position. Perform 8-12 reps.


👩⚕It has been scientifically proven that copper is the only metal that kills 99.9% of bacteria at “normal” room conditions: a relative humidity of 20% and temperature of 35°C/95°F (average human body temperature)

For comparison, silver is only effective against microbes at 100% humidity and a temperature of 40°C/104°F, which is impossible to sustain in normal living conditions.

⚔️Copper eliminates bacteria in two stages:

— First, copper damages the microbe’s outer membrane

— then the microorganism loses its moisture and nutrients and dies

Due to its effectiveness and safety, copper is actively used in medicine, the food industry and the production of antimicrobial fabrics.

👉To obtain copper-imbued fabric, a thread is saturated with copper ions in a nano-chamber and then woven into the structure of the fabric.

Scientists and doctors have observed the positive effect of using copper fabrics. In addition to the antimicrobial effects, fabric imbued with copper thread also has healing properties: it prevents the proliferation of harmful mold, promotes collagen production, eliminates unpleasant odors, and fights acne.

👩🔬In Sleep&Glow's new proprietary blend, copper thread is woven into the structure of our Tencel. The beneficial properties of copper do not wear off over time. And the pillowcase is light and soft to the touch.

💖💖Our best-selling Omnia with a copper pillowcase has dual anti-aging and skin defense benefits.

Preserve your youth and natural beauty by caring for your skin while you sleep.

To start your order, visit our official site or DM us and we will be happy to assist you!

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The pillow that trains you to sleep on your back — the Sleep&Glow Aula!

This unique training pillow was developed with orthopedists and sleep specialists. It’s so comfortable that you won’t want to sleep in any other pose.

This is thanks to the Aula’s patented design and special zones:

✅ Side head support bolsters — 5.51’
These gently hold you in the right position. Your head doesn’t flop from side to side, which reduces tension in the neck and ensures that your vertebrae don’t become twisted. This allows you to relax while remaining in the same position all night long.

✅ Neck support bolster — 3.54’
Helps ensure that your neck is kept in proper alignment with the rest of your spine.

✅ Massage grooves under the neck
Adds additional comfort to help you relax during sleep.

✅ Anatomical head cradle
Conforms to the shape of your head and increases the area of contact between the head and the pillow. This reduces pressure on the back of the head and provides additional support.

✅ Massage grooves
Holds the head in place and promotes airflow.

✅ Additional foam insert layer — 0.59’
Allows you to regulate the height of the product to suit your personal preferences and, for instance, the firmness of your mattress.


Whose relationship status with skin is always "it's complicated?"

Bacteria🦠 Meet George. He lives on a cotton pillowcase and simply loves your skin! He and millions of his relatives go wild every time you lay down to sleep and your face touches the pillow.

Bacteria cohabitate well with dust mites, which feed on dust and dead skin cells. 🤡

Research has shown that the surface of a pillowcase that has gone unwashed for four weeks contains as much bacteria as a toilet seat🥺Including Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and Candida albicans. They easily pe*****te the skin upon contact through microabrasions and wounds. Every night!

We're all in favor of giving George and all his roommates the boot! That's why we created the unique Omnia Skin Defense pillowcase made of copper Tencel. It helps protect your skin from uninvited guests.

🛡Copper in the fabric destroys 99.9% of bacteria, as was proven in clinical trials. The copper thread is woven into the Tencel itself, so the antibacterial effect does not wear off over time. No more George!

With Sleep&Glow you not only sleep comfortably, fight morning puffiness and prevent the formation of sleep wrinkles 😌 The Omnia Skin Defense boosts the anti-aging effect with added skin protection. You can be sure that George won't show up at your door again.

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Why is the Sleep&Glow not a regular orthopedic pillow?

🔹Ergonomic design
Promotes proper vertebrae positioning and cares for your beauty. Thanks to the side bolsters and indent in the middle, the pillow has an anti-aging effect. This has been proven by 92% of clinical study participants.

🔹No morning puffiness
The neck doesn’t bend and your circulation isn’t cut off. That’s why you’ll feel fresh and alert in the morning, and your skin will stay smooth.

🔹Sleep on your back longer
This pose is beneficial for your internal organs, vertebrae and skin. A special indent in the pillow “catches” your head while you turn. Therefore, you stay laying on your back for longer.

🔹Adaptive material
Customers compare the pillow to a marshmallow. So soft and supple! The innovative memory foam keeps its shape perfectly, adapting to the curves of the body.

🔹100% Tencel pillowcase
Natural eucalyptus fibers are very smooth, soft and dense. Has an antibacterial effect. Sleeping on it is incredibly comfortable and good for your health!

An additional inner layer allows you to adjust the height of your Sleep&Glow according to your personal preference.

To order the Omnia, visit our site by following the link in our bio!
Or write us, we’re always happy to help!


We reveal all our production secrets🧐

Sleep&Glow pillows are manufactured using special equipment from one of the best orthopedic product factories, located in Italy.

Each step is carried out by hand:
🔹 A portion of Memory Foam material is placed in a special mold.
🔹 The other side of the mold closes over the top, creating a perfect relief of the shape of the pillow.
🔹 During the heating process, the foam expands and fills the entire container.
🔹 The finished pillow is carefully removed and sent to dry.

We are responsible for and 100% confident in the quality of our products because we know our technologists thoroughly monitor the entire process.

Each of our pillows is made individually. That means that on the back of each one, there's a unique finger print that can't be repeated.

This is the difference between Sleep&Glow and other anatomical pillows that are usually made:
🔹either on a conveyor belt, where all steps (filling the mold with raw materials, inflation, removal from mold, etc.) are performed by robots;
🔹or by stamping, when pillow blanks are cut from a sheet of polyurethane foam.

These production methods reduce the cost of products, but often the quality of the workpiece suffers as a result. In addition, some manufacturers use chemical additives that make pillows even cheaper, but they may be unsafe and cause allergic reactions. And if a product has a suspiciously low price, that alone is reason to doubt the quality of the product.

We at Sleep&Glow deliberately abandoned cost-reducing additives and conveyor belt production lines. Our memory foam contains silver ions, so dust mites can't survive and bacteria and viruses do not multiply within the pillow.

Our pillows meet the highest requirements for safety and quality. They are made from European raw materials that are safe for health and have been laboratory tested, as is confirmed by our OEKO-TEX certificate.

If you have any questions about our memory foam and its characteristics, please ask. We will be happy to answer!

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We all know about expression lines and the methods for fighting them. But what about sleep wrinkles?🤔

The first scientific report on sleep wrinkles was written back in 1987. Doctor Samuel Stegman, president of the American Society of Dermatology, described in detail the physiological mechanisms behind sleep wrinkles, and also suggested that proper body positioning during sleep would help prevent them.

➡️Sleep wrinkles are also caused by skin distortion, but of a different nature. They are the result of prolonged compression of the skin while sleeping on the stomach or side on a regular pillow. On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, and all this time our skin wrinkles along the same lines. Over time, these creases won't smooth out in the morning, and instead turn into sleep wrinkles. As a rule, this occurs at the age of 30-35 years.

Often the skin wrinkles along the lines of existing facial creases (eye area, nasolabial area, forehead) and intensifies them🙈

We have made a collage for you to help you distinguish sleep wrinkles from facial wrinkles. As you can see sleep wrinkles are mostly vertical. An exception is the area around the eyes, where sleep wrinkles can lie horizontally due to the cranial topography. Of course, the location of sleep wrinkles may differ slightly from our pattern, since we all sleep slightly differently.

🔹It’s easy to check for sleep wrinkles—go to the mirror and press your palm firmly onto your face, simulating contact with a pillow. You can avoid the appearance of these insidious lines by sleeping on your back. But for most of us, falling asleep in this position is difficult, and therefore we prefer sleeping on our sides.

The anatomical Sleep&Glow pillow will allow you not to worry about compressing your skin while sleeping in your favorite position. Special recesses for sleeping on the side will help to avoid such distortion, prevent skin creases and the appearance of sleep wrinkles. A recessed area for your head in the center of the pillow prolongs the time you spend sleeping on your back.

Tag your friends in the comments. Forewarned means forearmed!


From the bottom of our hearts we wish you a great year ahead❤️


The Sleep&Glow pillow bra cares for your décolletage while you sleep in your favorite pose - on your side.

⚜️The most delicate French lace and natural silk instantly attract the eye. You'll have to forgive your partner's passion - but you won't need to take the bra off, it won't interfere👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

⚜️The pillow gently supports the breasts, preventing the skin from creasing. In the morning, the neck and chest are smooth and glowing, just like after exfoliating and moisturizing.

⚜️The straps are adjustable, so the padded bra is very comfortable. Even if you are used to sleeping in the n**e, you'll get used to the Sleep&Glow quickly, as our customer experience shows.

⚜️One size fits all, S-XL inclusive. Guaranteed comfort!

⚜️Filled with finely dispersed foam beads. The pillow is soft and springy to the touch. And the inner natural cotton layer is like a cloud!

We offer a discount on your first order when you subscribe to the newsletter on We'll see you there!

If you need advice, message us directly and we'll be happy to help!

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Two different models of premium-quality blankets made just for you. We're happy to help you choose!

➡️If you want...
deep, sound sleep without waking up or overheating
to feel comfortable underneath your blanket at any time of year
not to sweat the bed

Your ideal choice is the ventilated blanket with mesh Thermo Balance ventilation panels.

It creates a special microclimate in your bed so that you're not hot in summer or cold in winter. Only excess heat and sweat are removed and the body is able to breathe.

The softest natural materials - premium 300 thread count cotton satin and 100% hollowfiber filling give comfort and lightness. You sleep well and always wake up on the right side of the bed.

Two sizes to choose from:

➡️If you're looking to...
fall asleep faster and sleep soundly all night long
feel safe and protected in your own bed
reduce anxiety and get rid of tension

choose the weighted anti-stress blanket

A special filler of glass microbeads sewn into pockets exerts a gentle, pleasant pressure. It feels like a warm hug and triggers the relaxation and sleep mechanisms in the body. You start producing dopamine, oxytocin and melatonin - a good chemical cocktail for calmness, good sleep and beauty.

Made of hypoallergenic materials: natural 400 thread count cotton satin weave, filling: polyester + glass granules.

Three sizes in our collection!

⚡️⚡️10% discount with promo code MERRY10 until December 31. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a good night's sleep!

Hurry over to our website to place your order. Have questions? We're waiting for you in our DMs!

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❤️🎄Can a present be beautiful, stylish, useful and fun to use, all at the same time?

Yes! If it's one of Sleep&Glow's luxurious elite silk products😻

You won't go wrong with a handmade silk slip, set or robe as a gift for yourself or your loved one. The enchanting shimmer will capture your heart and the premium quality will delight you for many years to come.

Choose yours!

💖The top + shorts set flatters your sensuality and lightness.

The loose-fitting top has adjustable straps and fits perfectly to your figure. Shorts with playful cutouts convey a flirty mood and give freedom of movement.

Sizes: S-M and L-XL

💖The kimono robe is a fabulously elegant look for dinner at home with your SO, a warm evening with your family, or lounging alone.

This chic robe hugs the body, enveloping you in a delicate softness. Organic silk moisturizes and nourishes the skin, giving it a smooth and healthy appearance. The thoughtful hand-cut design ensures the utmost comfort.

Size: one size fits all S-L.

👉Now's the time to put together the perfect gift set! Use code MERRY10 for a 10% discount!

We'll be awaiting your order on our official website Or write to us and we'll gladly answer any questions you may have and help you place your order.🥰


Last days of our Christmas sale!☃️

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Our dear Sleep&Glow family!

Merry Christmas to you guys! We hope you wake up fresh and rested to a lot of presents under the tree 🎄

Best wishes,
the Sleep&Glow team ❤️


⚡Sleep&Glow's Christmas Sale⚡️

🎄use promo MERRY10 for your 10% discount

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🎁Which Sleep&Glow to choose as a gift?

To make it easier for you to decide, we have made a checklist for you with the main characteristics of each pillow.

💝The Omnia protects against sleep wrinkles and helps reduce morning swelling, even when sleeping in your favorite position – on your side. The neck support cushion provides extra comfort and the 100% Tencel pillowcase feels fantastic against the skin.

💝The Omnia Skin Defense, which comes in a a copper-infused Tencel pillowcase provides an additional antibacterial effect, and helps fight acne and rashes.

💝The Aula training pillow helps you learn to fall asleep quickly and easily in the "royal pose" – on your back. This is considered the healthiest sleep pose, as your organs aren't put under stress and your skin doesn't crease.

The Aula gently supports the head and neck, making sleeping on your back so comfortable that you don’t even want to roll over. A must-have for recovery after plastic surgery.

➡️Each Sleep&Glow pillow is made of an innovative memory foam that reacts to your body temperature and weight, perfectly conforming to the shape of your head and neck.The safety of our products has been confirmed by the international OEKO-TEX certificate.

💝The pillow bra – an indispensable accessory for women with curves.

Supports the chest while you sleep on your side, preventing the skin of your neck and chest from creasing. The soft material is comfortable against the skin. And thanks to the French lace and silk detailing, it looks just like luxurious lingerie.

Adjustable straps allow the pillow to be used by women up to size XXL inclusive.

👉🎁Until December 31, enter promo code MERRY10 on and you will receive a 10% discount on all products!

Place an order on our site (active link in bio) or write “I want a pillow” in the comments and we'll DM you with advice!

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🎁Lots of presents for your loved ones - choose the right size & make your order at

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If you want a gift that is useful, high-quality and comfortable, take a look at the best-selling beauty sleep pillow from Sleep&Glow.

1️⃣The Omnia has a proven cosmetic effect. 92% of participants in real-life clinical trials indicated they would not go back to their previous pillow after sleeping on the Omnia.

2️⃣Thanks to special recesses on the sides, the skin of the face does not wrinkle while sleeping on the side, as happens on regular pillows. In the morning you wake up with fresh and smooth skin. No need to waste time removing creases and prints from the pillow.

3️⃣Sleep&Glow products have been proven safe by the international certificate OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 (highest safety class).

4️⃣The pillow is made of viscoelastic polyurethane foam - smart memory foam. The airy material follows the curves of the body, giving comfort, and at the same time it is elastic enough to quickly restore shape.

5️⃣Beauty Sleep eliminates mechanical effects on eyelash extensions during sleep. Eyelashes retain their original appearance longer.

6️⃣The neck support bolster, designed with orthopedists, relieves muscle tension in the neck and ensures the physiologically correct position of the spine during sleep. The Omnia has been approved by the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare.

7️⃣You'll be able to spend more time in the most beneficial position: on your back. The small indent in the center of the Omnia gently supports your head when turning from one side to the other.

Pillowcase made of natural Tencel, sewn to the shape of a pillow, included.

🎁 10% discount with promo code MERRY10 until December 22!

Place your order on the website (active link in the profile header). Or write “Omnia me” in the comments - we will contact you directly and help you!🎅🏻

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💝The best Christmas gift for everyone is healthy sleep!

We all love when people care for us. And with Sleep&Glow it's so easy! Let the men you love sleep sweetly and wake up full of strength and vigor..

Your gift will help that special man in your life.

✅The Sleep&Glow weighted blanket will surprise and delight with its anti-stress effect.

The glass microbead filling provides a pleasant pressure, reminiscent of a hug. Your body relaxes and deep sleep quickly washes over you.

Three sizes

✅A ventilated blanket will give you a comfortable sleep at any time of the year.

Thermo Balance ventilation inserts remove excess heat and moisture, creating a comfortable microclimate in bed. How nice it is to sleep without waking up all night! Your man will definitely appreciate it.

Three sizes!

✅A natural silk sleep mask will protect from light and help maintain sound sleep anytime and anywhere.

The hand-cut design provides a snug, but comfortable fit. The mask does not fall off and does not rub. And the organic silk feels wonderful on tired eyes!

⚡️⚡️Act now and enjoy a 10% discount with promo MERRY10

We are waiting for you at ⬅️Or DM us and we will be happy to help you place your order!


A great antistress gift - the Sleep&Glow weighted blanket 😎

👉Inside the blanket are special pockets filled with glass microbeads. They create a pleasant, gentle pressure across the body.

👉Meanwhile, inside your body, a storm of "sleepy hormones" is brewing: melatonin production increases by an average of 30%, serotonin and oxytocin are produced, and cortisol levels drop. That's why sleeping under a weighted blanket all night is so nice.

👉This creates the effect of a good hug. The same sensations you felt when mom swaddled you and pressed you to her chest. You feel safe and relaxed.

👉The Sleep&Glow duvet is made of hypoallergenic materials. We've ensured that they are completely safe and natural. The top layer is the most delicate cotton-satin. Inside is holofiber and eco-friendly glass microbeads. No adhesives!

Three sizes: Single 10lbs, Twin 15lbs, Queen 20lbs.

We ship worldwide!

We're waiting for you on our official site 🌠Give yourself the gift of real, restorative sleep!

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The height of Omnia and Aula can be adjusted! The pillow comes to you in a complete set, including an additional layer, which:
🔹adds 0.59”,
🔹is made of polyurethane,
🔹is wrapped in a 100% cotton case,
🔹can be found in the pillowcase under the main pillow.

It’s up to you to go with your preferences: take it out or leave it in. To make it easier for you to decide, we have prepared a couple of useful tips.

Bookmark and share with a friend who also sleeps on a Sleep&Glow.

✅Consider the firmness of your mattress
- On a soft mattress, the body sinks in, so the pillow seems higher. Take out the extra layer!
- On a hard mattress, the body is more elevated: the extra layer can be left in.

✅Use your clothing size as a clue
— Are you XS or S? Then try removing the layer.
— Those who are L, XL and above will most likely be more comfortable with the additional layer.
— If you wear size M, then either option will work: go with your gut.

Sleep&Glow adapts to your needs and preferences. To make your sleep the sweetest and most beneficial❤️

Still have questions?
Reach out! Write to us in the comments or in our group message and we will be happy to answer!


Xo-xo-xo 🎅🏻 the Sleep&Glow Christmas sale is here!

⭐️10$ off absolutely everything
⭐️use code MERRY10

Shop at our website


A gift that helps in keeping youth and beauty - the Aula training pillow to promote sleeping on the back!

Sleeping on your back is the most beneficial pose?
— The spine is in a straight line, there is no load on the cervical or lumbar spine and your back doesn’t hurt.
— Your organs and joints aren’t squeezed and there’s no swelling.
— No creases on the face, neck or décolletage. Beautiful!

🌙How do you easily teach yourself to sleep on your back?

Your good friend is the pillow trainer, the Sleep&Glow Aula. It was designed for you by cosmetologists and orthopedists.

🔹Sleeping on your back on the Aula is comfortable! You’ll be surprised that you won’t even want to roll to one side. Special bolsters and an indent in the center gently fix your head in place so your vertebrae aren’t twisted.

🔹It’s like you’re enveloped in a soft cloud: the memory foam is that soft! All night you’ll be floating through dreamland.

🔹The height of the Aula is adjustable: if you use the additional layer, it will raise the pillow by 0.59”. Suitable for any body type and conforms to fit your preferences.

Try sleeping on your back with the Aula – it’s a one-way trip to beauty sleep 💞

Comes with complimentary 100% Tencel pillowcase.

Run, don’t walk to our site to start your order. We’ll give you a discount and a sleep guide for subscribing to our updates.

Still have questions? Shoot us a DM, we’ll be happy to explain and show you our products👍

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The ergonomic 3D design of the Omnia takes beauty sleep to the next level.⠀We outlined all 7 special zones of the Omnia ...
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Skin Therapist, Nail artist. Specialize in eyebrow microblading,eyelash extentions,teeth whitening,permanent tattoo,waxing and threading.

Tony DeSalvo Salon Tony DeSalvo Salon
9911 W Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, 90035

I have been a Redken Artist/Stylist and Colourist for over 10 years. I have over 20 years of experience as a hairstylist in the salon creating individual looks suited to your perso...

Hair by ROXIE B. Hair by ROXIE B.
11900 Ventura Boulevard
Los Angeles, 91604

CAUTION: Going to Hair by Roxie B. to get your hair cut, colored or any other service could result in Hair Envy by everyone around you and may lead to uncontrollable Yearning and D...

Hairem Hairem
11421 Moorpark Street
Los Angeles, 91602

Introducing HAIREM — a reimagined salon experience.

L’ Amour Fashion Boutique L’ Amour Fashion Boutique
Los Angeles

Te ofecemos zapatos, ropa, carteras, maquillaje y todo tipo de carteras para mujer de muy buena calidad a precios excelentes!

𝗔𝗹𝗱𝗵𝗲𝗮 𝗦𝗸𝗶𝗻 𝗔𝗹𝗱𝗵𝗲𝗮 𝗦𝗸𝗶𝗻
Los Angeles, 91356

Aldhea skin

Big Baby Deluxe Big Baby Deluxe
Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Handmade Organic & All Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, and Beauty Products. The only online store that customizes each product for your special skin type (upon request).

Vooyvv Vooyvv
Los Angeles, 90071

We realized we struggled to find other stores that sold quality products while offering fast and friendly service.That is why we created Vooyv. We have made it our mission to provi...