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Skin Biz School

Skin Biz School is a place for Esthetician success in business!

Angela Green L.E. MBA Angela Green began her beauty career began at a much younger age when she sat in the back of the classroom at the local beauty school when her Mom became a licensed Cosmetologist. It was here that her passion for the beauty business was born. After years of assisting in her Mother's hair care business, Angela furthered her education and progressed in a corporate career as a Human Resources professional but there was still a calling to care for others. In 2003, she became a licensed Esthetician and owned, Pampered - A Neighborhood Day Spa in Oakland, CA where she led a team of Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Manicurists and support staff for 6 years. Life led her back home to Los Angeles in 2010, where she is currently the Territory Manager and Educator for Aesthetics Plus, representing Lira Clinical, Se Brazil Wax & Skin Smooth Pro Microdermabrasion name of few of the outstanding brands for the esthetics professional. She has also established Custom Skin by Angela to provide skin care consulting services to individuals and licensed professionals, with the core belief of meeting the need to customize skin care regimens and treatments and hair removal services for people of color. As our world becomes more culturally diverse, "Melanin is in" and must be included as a factor in determining overall skin health and effective corrective treatments.

Would you like additional coaching with the Cost Per Service Worksheet?

I am working on the final details of a class format for the Worksheet with a virtual group session and one-on-one Coaching session.

This class will be a 4 week commitment for 4 participants.

Since so many of you have been following Skin Biz School for awhile now,I’m extending this offer to all of you FIRST!

Please send me an inbox with your e-mail address so I can send you the details!

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Income minus expenses equals ???
Hint: What do you need to GROW your business?
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It’s Friday! For most Estheticians, we are “booked & busy”.
What are you offering to increase client retention to create more consistent income?

-Offer a light beverage or snack
-Review each clients retail purchase history. Are they in need of any products?
-Ask for referrals.
-Offer to rebook each client.
-Talk to clients about series packages

What will you ask each client today and tomorrow?
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How do you “pay yourself”?
Do you pay yourself or get paid daily, weekly or monthly?
Do you collect money from multiple sources?
What are some of the challenges with managing your income?
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Employed Estheticians:
What are some of the best things about being employed by a company? From small businesses to large corporate chains, Estheticians are employed in a variety of jobs.
What’s great about what you do?
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Skin Biz LIVE - Tuesday, May 14

Solo Estheticians...
What are some of the best things about being self-employed? What does it take?
Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. Many underestimate the time, effort and sacrifice it takes to be a successful solo Esthetician.
I applaud you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.
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Brazilian Wax Training in Los Angeles next month!
Learn the 7-MIN Brazilian technique and leave with a full product kit to get started.
Register by clicking the link in the bio.
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Overnight delivery of Ouch Balm for the WIN! #skinbizschool #skinbizsupply #sebrazil #ouchbalm #esthetician #waxingesthetician

Skin Biz Question of the Day...
When was the last time you took inventory of your back bar products?
Are there any products over 1 year old?
Are all the bottles clean?
Are there any products you have not used in over 6 months?
What orders do you need to place next week?
Keep you backbar products fresh!
#skinbizschool #esthetician #backbarproducts #skincareprofessional #estheticianeducation

Skin Biz Question of the Day:
What is the difference between providing one service 10 times a day vs. 10 different services a day?
Drop your answer in the comments!
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Se-Brazil VIOLET - 10 LBS

Se Brazil VIOLET Hard Wax - 10 lbs
Regular Price: $200
SALE Price: $160 + Free Shipping!

Available to Licensed Estheticians/Cosmetologists ONLY

Stock up and SAVE
Click Here: Se-Brazil Violet is a polymer-based hard wax

NEW training from Global Skin Solutions! I highly recommend this on-line class. Great tips and tools to build client retention through client consultation & consent! Visit Global Skin Solutions to register.

Are you ready for NEW training with Pamela Springer of Global Skin Solutions?

NEW Online Class - Wednesday, May 1
Attracting a Committed Clientele

Learn how to:
- Perform an effective skin care consultation
- Explain the importance of client consent and
- Develop a Treatment Plan

This class includes 4 downloadable forms and a Certificate of Completion

Register at:

Read all about it! What are Estheticians saying about Se-Brazil DIVA wax? It’s a great wax for hot, humid climates (and treatment rooms), speed waxing and more. When you lay one strip, it’s ready to go.
Order the bulk 20 lb box and SAVE! Regular price: $360.
Get yours for $300 + FREE SHIPPING.
Click the link to shop this product and more on the Scratch & Dent SALE!
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Waxing season is upon us...

One more bag of #sebrazilviolet out for shipping!

Scratch & Dent SALE for Se-Brazil Violet 10 lb bag. $160 (Reg price:$200).
Click the link to shop to place your order.
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Browcode is sold out for the Scratch & Dent sale! Thank you for your orders. They will ship today.

Se-Brazil DIVA & Violet bulk quantities are still available.

Se Brazil Scratch & Dent SALE!

Se Brazil Scratch & Dent SALE!

Scratch & Dent SALE!

Se-Brazil Violet Wax 10 lbs
$160 (Reg: $200) - 4 Available

Se-Brazil DIVA Wax 20 lbs
$300 (Reg:$360) - 2 Available

Se-Brazil Prep Oil 16 oz
$15 (Reg: 18.50) - 4 Available

Browcode Wax
$30 (Reg: $38) - 1 Available

How to ORDER:
-Call (323) 902-7566 Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PST)
-I will confirm your order, name, Esthetician license, email and shipping address
-You will receive an invoice for the products. Once it is PAID your order will ship
-You will have 24 hours to pay your invoice; there will not be any holds on products.

While supplies last...get ready for waxing season with these great BULK deals!

Are you sharing the benefits of proper cleansing with your clients?

The Gentle Cleansing Gel is great for preparing the skin for Facials and a standard home care recommendation.

Contact me directly for wholesale inquiries!

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Are you properly cleansing your skin?
Clean skin is the first step to healthy skin. Wash your face with Cleanser and add water to massage into the skin.

Benefits of proper cleansing:
-Increased hydration.
-Massage of the skin & underlying muscles for firming & toning.
-Better absorption of active serums and moisturizers.
The Gentle Cleansing Gel from @globalskinsolutions is used to prepare the skin for a great facial. It’s my “go-to” recommendation for a home care facial cleanser!

Available for sale and wholesale inquiries for Licenses Estheticians
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Se-Brazil Waxes

When the Se Brazil Seven wax is spread oh so thin!

#skinbizschool #sebrazilwax #sebrazilseven #esthetician #waxing

Se-Brazil Seven Soft Wax application is thin.....
📷 @angelagreenskincare

Don’t you just LOVE unboxing new supplies? These are a few of my “must have” back bar & retail products to deliver the best skin care & waxing services in a clean, sanitary environment. Thank you @smoothskinsupplyllc for the speedy delivery!

Estheticians: What are some of your “must haves” in the treatment room?
#skinbizschool #esthetician #sebrazilwax #facials #waxing #skincare

What sets you apart from other Estheticians?
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[01/11/19]   Have you started marketing products & services for
Valentine’s Day?

RP: @wellnessmama

So often we become overwhelmed by what we have not accomplished.

Focus on what you CAN do. You can do anything!

#skinbizschool #skinbiz #estheticianbusiness #thursdaytruth

This is me at one of my “pop-up”events where I partner with a local barber shop to provide skin care for men. Saturday, January 12 is the next date and the plan going into 2019 is to set a date every other month.

The great thing about being an Esthetician is that the business is what YOU make it! You can be creative as you allow yourself to be.

Do you have any new plans for your Esthetics business going into 2019?

#skinbizschool #skinbiz #estheticianbusiness #skincarepopup #becreative

Skin Biz School

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail...

Set your goals and intentions for 2019 with the Weekly Productivity Worksheet

Available at:

#skinbizschool #skinbiz #weeklygoals #estheticianbusiness #planforprofit Skin Biz School is the Education page for Skin Biz Supply. Here is where you will find the necessary business tools to support doing what you love!

[12/31/18]   It’s New Year’s Eve!
☑️ I’m celebrating
☑️I’m reflecting
☑️I’m planning
#skinbizschool #NYE2018 #skinbiz #esthetician #estheticianbusiness

Skin Biz School

Skin Biz School

Skin Biz School's cover photo

How are you showing up in your life & your business? Are you engaging in positive conversation with yourself?

Repeat the following affirmation 10 times:

I show up for myself because I deserve the best me I can be!

#skinbizsupply #skinbiz #esthetician #motivation #affirmation

-Are you able to "charge what you're worth"?

-Do you know how much money you're spending per service?

-Are you paying yourself FIRST?

Get the Cost Per Service Worksheet here to figure it out once and for all!

#skinbizsupply #skinbiz #costperservice #esthetician #chargewhatyoureworth

What a great way to deal with waxing "mishaps"! Thanks for the tips Axiom Wax Academy...

Following on from my recent post about skin lifting… how do you inform a client about wax injuries?

It’s enough to make any therapist’s heart sink: you pull a strip of wax off and realise with horror that it’s left behind a nice, shiny graze or a big ol’ bruise. 😱

Welcome to the club! Take comfort in the knowledge that you’re not the first person this has happened to and you certainly won’t be the last.

First things first: have a little internal sweary moment, then take a deep breath and point it out to your client.

This is important. If you don’t mention it, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll go home, spot it in the mirror himself and think he’s going to die. He’ll also think you’re rubbish for not noticing it yourself, so bite the bullet and very calmly say something along the lines of: “Okay Bobby, just to let you know, you’ve got a little pink patch of skin here where it was a bit dry. Nothing to worry about, it’ll stay red for a couple of days and then either peel or form a wee graze, but pop some antiseptic cream on the area at home and give me a call if you’ve got any concerns.” (Adapt the specific advice for the injury, obvs).

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT panic and start screaming: “Sweet mercy, Bobby, I’ve just taken a chunk out of your scrotum with the wax. I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine, but right now it looks like a fox has been at it.” 😳

No drama!

Stay calm and finish the service, then in a couple of days you want to give your customer a call or drop him an email: “Hi Bobby, just checking in to see how you are doing. How’s that little patch of skin we discussed?”

I can pretty much guarantee that in 99% of cases everything will be peachy and he’ll return as usual next month, but this quick call or email is your opportunity to reach out and address any lingering issues before they become problems.

A couple of extra, common sense pointers:

✅ Make a note of what happened on the client’s record card, along with any specific advice you give him.

✅ If something goes seriously wrong or an injury doesn’t improve as expected, refer the customer to a medical specialist for treatment and notify your insurance provider.

In fact, if you are ever in any doubt about what to do in a situation like this, it makes sense to call your insurer or membership organisation for advice. That’s what they’re there for and (I can speak from experience) they are always lovely and helpful. 👍

Final word… I know it’s horrid when stuff like this happens as we all want to do the best by our customers. But we are only human. Wax is hot, sticky stuff and sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan. The key thing is to address the issue, learn from it and then get right back to the wax pots. Don’t let it scare you off.

Wax on, chums. And don’t have nightmares 🤕😘

Skin Biz School

Can you believe half the year has gone by? Are you meeting the financial goals for your Esthetics business?

-Are your expenses are higher than your income?

-Are you charging enough to pay yourself FIRST?

-Do you know your numbers?

The COST PER SERVICE Worksheet will help you answer these questions to get yourself on track!

Register here for access:

#skinbizschool #skinbizsupply #esthetician #estheticianlife #payourselffirst Skin Biz School is the Education page for Skin Biz Supply. Here is where you will find the necessary business tools to support doing what you love!

I Love Being a Member!

I just renewed my membership and insurance with ASCP - Associated Skin Care Professionals.

Do you have reliable insurance coverage?

You DO need insurance coverage whether you are self-employed or working for someone else!

Do you want access to advanced education, client consultation forms and product/service discounts?

Click the link below to learn more: ASCP is the nation's leading association for estheticians and skin care professionals, providing professional liability insurance, online continuing education, ASCP Skin Deep magazine, 50+ discounts, and more.


This $60,000 service includes a manicure, pedicure, facial and dessert!

Too many of us are complaining about not making enough money as an Esthetcian.

- Are you charging what you are worth?
- Will clients think your services are valuable or will fix a problem no one else has been able to fix?
-Are you able to focus on doing one thing really, really well?

Watch and learn! Drop your observations below 👇🏽✨💎💅🏾💆🏽

Send this to your extra friend who would spend money on this if they won the lottery.

Check out the salon here:

Aesthetician Group

This is how to grow your brand! How many of you are offering retail items beyond make-up, skin/body care or post-wax care at your salon or spa? What types of items are you offering?
#skinbizsupply #skinbiztip #retail #esthetician

Bobbi Brown has landed her first partnership after leaving her namesake cosmetics company late last year, acting as creative consultant for Lord & Taylor.
The partnership includes the launch of justBobbi concept shops at select store locations and online. The shops will include wellness and beauty products as well as apparel and accessories that will be updated monthly with on-trend seasonal items.

Customers can also engage with weekly digital content that will be livestreamed on both Lord & Taylor and Brown’s social media channels, featuring advice from Brown herself.

Brown shared, "I'm thrilled to partner with a store as iconic as Lord & Taylor as I embark on this new chapter with justBobbi. It's the perfect opportunity to share my insight, knowledge and passion with consumers and help revolutionize the way we experience beauty and wellness."

Liz Rodbell, president of Lord & Taylor, said, "We are delighted to bring this unique and exclusive experience to Lord & Taylor customers. Bobbi is an iconic woman, entrepreneur and friend and we are excited to partner with her as we continue our strategy to innovate and differentiate ourselves as a retailer."

justBobbi locations include the New York City flagship, Bobbi's hometown of Oak Brook IL, Garden City NY, Stamford CT, Westchester NY, and lordandt­aylor.​com.

Employees Paid on Commission Entitled to Separate Rest-Period Pay

Spa Owners (especially those in CA)...this ones for YOU! Do you have "employees" or "booth renters"? Independent Contractors paid on commission are becoming more difficult to manage. Know the difference!

This company paid an hourly wage of $12 as an advance on future commissions. If the sales were made, the earnings were deducted from what was paid hourly but no less than the $12 per hour. These deductions put the business in violation of the CA rest period wage order.

Are you deducting anything from your employee or independent contractor pay? Make sure you are compliant. If you're working for someone, bring this to their attention. Give the employer the opportunity to "do the right thing".

Under the California Industrial Welfare Commission's wage orders, employers must provide nonexempt (hourly) employees with a paid 10-minute rest period for every four hours of work. Rest periods must be counted as hours worked "for which there shall be no deduction from wages."

#skinbizsupply #skinbiz #spabusiness #employmentlaw #independentcontractors #esthetician Workers paid on commission must get separate compensation for legally required rest periods.

Want your business to be the top-listed Salon in Los Angeles?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Se Brazil Scratch & Dent SALE!


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