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Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio is located in Gluckstadt Ms. offering professional hair services Your appointments and well-being are very important to us.

We understand that sometimes, unexpected delays can occur, making schedule adjustments. If you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hour notice. Our Policy:

* Any cancellation or reschedule made less than one hour will result in a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee will be equal to 50% of the reserved services or full amount , whichever is more.

* If you

Colorize Hair Studio 01/08/2024

Posting online booking link just click the link to book your appointment!!

Colorize Hair Studio

Photos from Colorize Hair Studio, LLC's post 01/08/2024

We passed our state board inspection this morning!!!

I’m so excited to be moving into the new location. Here is the address for you. Looking forward to seeing you at the new location. Bear with me for a moment to get my bearings as I might be changing out items in my room.

124 kimball dr suite k 39110

You should have gotten a text from gloss genius with driving directions. I have them here.

Driving Directions to Colorize Hair Studio:

From 51 turn onto Weisenberger Road, at the next light go straight onto Denim Way, then turn left onto Kimball camera Drive.

From Parkway East, at the light you'll turn left onto Denim Way, then turn left onto Kimball Drive .



With the in between time of Christmas and New Year’s this is how I feel at the moment. It’s been real this year and week at work. As the winter solstice came and went, it’s over & I’ve had time to think back on the year. All I can say is 2024 is going to be great. 😊

A few notes to end the year out I’m not working from now until the first weekend in January. So a week from now. With that being said we are packing and cleaning everything at the salon. I will text the upcoming appointments with the new address and please reach out to me if you get lost.

Today I did my last client for the year and in Ridgeland for the last time. To think I’ve been doing hair in Ridgeland for the last 20 years is so mind blowing.
Gluckstadt is and will be a great move for me and everyone else at the salon. I do want to thank every single one of you who have supported me through this journey. I’m so thankful to have such wonderful and understanding clients. Yall truly mean the world to me. I’m planning on growing in my craft skill set in the upcoming coming year. So I will keep you posted.


The new location is looking good. It’s getting exciting, that we are going to be in there soon !!!

Today has been exciting to watch our space develop! The next few weeks will be busy for my salon family, but it’s gonna be amazing.

We have 3 rooms that will be open to rent. I’ve never done things like everyone else so why would this be different.

I’m open to subleasing space to see if you like Colorizes structure and our family🤗❤️ Jan 2024

Colorize Hair Studio 12/01/2023

This the link for booking online.

Colorize Hair Studio


Yall come by and shop with us at Colorize Hair studio we will be having our annual product sale buy 2 get 1 going on through December.

Colorize Hair Studio 11/06/2023

Here we are y’all the new booking site is live and yall can book your appointments online. I can send you the link to book just dm me or text me 6017200382.

Thank you for supporting my little business 😸

Colorize Hair Studio

Leah Vincent Chandler 11/06/2023

Hope everyone had a great weekend this past weekend. Got a few things that are in the works for this month.

We got the new booking system up things are being transferred, like appointments client information and products. I have updated the book it now links on facebook and for instagram. I will leave a link here to follow to book with.

I have turned off the Phorest booking link. So if you need to book please text me or call me or direct message me please.

When booking with the new stay just go as select your team member. My services are under my name. Against don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions regarding your booking.

Leah Vincent Chandler

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 11/02/2023

We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving this November - we are thankful that we have you as our wonderful client!

We will be relocation to Gluckstadt in Jan.
124 Kimbrell Dr.
Suite K
Gluckstadt, MS 39110

We will have to close a few days after Christmas to move and set up the salon.
Rachel, Leah, Amber, Cherie and Rocki will be moving to Gluckstadt.

We will also be changing software systems in the move. You may get double notifications in this process.
The team at Colorize Hair Studio. Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. 6017200382 Rachel

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Hello all I just wanted to get on here and say that January 2024 is going to be amazing. As most of you know Colorize hair studio is moving to Gluckstadt in January 2024. So some changes will be happening for the upcoming year.

As of right now we or I am currently working in Ridgeland. So that is great news because with the holidays fast approaching, you will be able to get your services done for the holiday season. I will be using my current booking system Phorest from now through December. Once we hit January I’ll have a new booking system and new location.

Be on the lookout for an email from Colorize and from my FB and IG post with Upcoming Content. I want to thank you all for always supporting me and my hair studio. I’m so glad to have found a wonderful salon home to work for who pushes me to be a better stylist.


Excited for a new location!!! January 2024

Colorize Hair Studio, LLC will be opening a Gluckstadt Location in 2024!
We have 3 private rooms for rent.


Health Insurance is offered,
Dental, Vision and Supplemental Insurance
All Color and Products are included in your Rent
You get 10% of your retail sales to go towards Education of your choice.
Education as often as we can get it on the schedule.
Free Coaching and Mentoring

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 08/17/2023

So I did a thing the other weekend and Monday. so I’m excited to say that I’m glad that you guys push me to learn tricks to have up my sleeves. I went into this class with intention to learn a new technique to offer in the shop. Bear with me while I and get my timing down. I want to present and offer this new system to help enhance my current extension services. To be able to place hair where we haven’t been able to place it at all or ever.

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 07/30/2023

Just a little back to school hair this week. You already know with a soft using my favorite 9B and 9N Demi trans

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 07/15/2023

Y’all know I love love love a bayalage I really can’t get enough of doing them. So here’s one for starting this senior year off right.


So today I booked my flight to Houston for August 6 the class I’m taking a on the 7th can’t wait. HOUSTON CombLine® Certification Class here I come. Excited to learn a new system of extension installation. I believe that this system will be a game changer in Hair extensions. You can use human hair extensions from any extension line as long as it’s human hair and remy hair. You can literally place it anywhere on the haed and be able to color highlight or chemical services also brush through. It last 6-8 weeks before having to reinstall meaning no more beads no more connection rolling or folding into a square. Meaning you can reuse your existing hair that has been bonded in, definitely in other ways imagined. Excited 😆 to be on this new venture !!!

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 06/15/2023

Try these product combinations from Lanza. For some frizz free hair and healthy hair for the summer.

Did you know that when ever you purchase your products from me at Colorize Hair Studio we get a commission on the sale. That commission goes towards continuing education for myself. Weather it’s color classes or cutting classes or towards Lanza’s Big Event.


So and update for our month of June!! I have a few openings for Wednesday Thursday and Friday this week June 7-9. Just click the book now button to reserve your spot today. Or follow the link that’s posted.


I will be out of the salon Saturday June 10. As always if you need help with booking then text me directly.

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 04/13/2023

Shop plants got some fun accessories from .good.vibes then I got some dinosaurs 🦕 from the family dollar store down the way. In the last year my alocasia has grown two shoots. It’s come a long way since leaving lowes nearly dead. I think the shop plants like where they are and they love the lights from the mirror.

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 04/02/2023

Hi y’all it’s me the one who still forgets to take after photos and post inconsistent content at times. So this little photo dump is from a couple of weeks ago. First let’s remember that it’s always good to see your friends and that those friend’s support you on all levels of life !! I’m talking about personally and professionally when we have those appointments scheduled for the day it really does the soul good. Second a couple of shots of a bayalage being processed. Third let’s talk redemption or that moment when a client comes back to your chair.
So back in September or October I had a 6 hour color correction. I had a plan I worked my plan but the black box hair dye still won. lightener lifting and working through the hair that was pre cleansed. Only to have orange red ends, so we re foil and tone and over tone. By the time the client left I was exhausted 😩 tired brain dead and was not feeling good about the service I had delivered. Yes I cried on the way home about it too. I didn’t know if she would come back because it wasn’t exactly what she had wanted. Let’s cut to this past week where the same client got back into the chair and we did it. We made her hair amazing 😻 that she loved it that I was excited about and my plan actually worked. I may have looked like a mad woman ringing my hands staring at the wall color and constantly running my hands in my hair while the foils processed. Anything to keep me pre occupied so I wouldn’t take the foils off too soon. I’m posting this to let y’all know that you may have doubts about what your plan of action and you may second guess your toners. Most of the plan is re mix re mix re mix. 😳🤷‍♀️🙀😵‍💫🫣👏🙌😽🙋‍♀️🤔


Y’all we have this for purchase at the salon. You can use it as a blow dry product or to air day. Works amazingly well with curly hair too. I can not praise this product enough. So stop by and pick it up. It’s revolutionary for healthier hair every time you style it !!!


Discover L'ANZA Best-Sellers. Why do you need them all?

💛 Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment: Prevents hair breakage & adds shine

💚 Neem Plant Silk Serum: Calms frizz, smooths hair, & reduces blow-dry time

❤️ Trauma Treatment: Strengthens hair & improves color retention

Shop today at Colorize Hair Studio
L'ANZA Salon

Photos from L'anza Healing Hair Color & Care's post 02/24/2023

I can not recommend this product enough!! I literally put it in everything from color to lightener to glazes. I use it as a leave in conditioner on my hair.

Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 02/20/2023

So I am terrible at remembering to get before photos. We are all guilty of this. I know I should be doing reels and showing my process of how and the why I came to an outcome. Well here it goes Neely came in with blonde roots and black dye on her length and ends. She had also done a color remover at home. Well we learned that even though she used a color remover and got it on her new growth and on the darker length and ends it had lifted her new growth a level 8 and turned the length to a level 6. After many hours this is our result, a shadow root to ease the line of demarcation. Added back depth and tone the warmth on the length. Highlights to blend to match our inspiration photo. All in all it was a color correction instead of any service booked. This took 4 hours to do lessons were learned a lot of was used as well. Used for the highlights with Demi for the shadow root 6NV and 6P and adding back the depth. Mids 6NV 7NV 6P Demi, Toned with trans and double Demi 9NV with 8P. If you are struggling to figure out what to tone with or how to decide what level to use for the other a lot has to do which level you lifted to and the underlying tone.
To go back to the beginning of this post I know most are tired of just a photo post or omg another photo. I am only human and don’t know what the new algorithm is 🫣🤷‍♀️😵‍💫🤔🫥 so I’m doing what I know what I can do. I do love challenges in this industry I also love doing my job. my services are there to allow the time it will take. Usually I check my book and reach out when needed and change the allotted times.


Wine, Cheese, and Cabi Tuesday March 14 5:00-7:00pm. Y’all come out and mark your calendars this will be a fun night can’t wait to see y’all there !!!


Launching March 1st !!! So excited to try this product from Lanza


Hiya, I thought I would take a moment and re introduce myself for those who might not know or who are new here. 👋 I am Rachel I’ve been a hairstylist since January of 2003. I started working with a wonderful group of stylists at Kosmos Hair Designers. I’m so thankful to the years I spent there and the opportunities I had along the way. Cut to 2023 and I have been an independent stylist or booth renter with my own LLC for the last 3 years.

What can I say I love my job I love everything about it even the mundane parts. I love styling hair blow drying , up styles or a full day of wedding hairstyles or, just doing pageant hair. I love helping everyone achieve their hair goals whether it be a haircut, color, gray coverage, dramatic color, balayage, or highlights. I have been honing my technique for bayalage hair for the last 8 years. Let’s not forget about our men out there. Yes with most salons catering to women and men are on the back burner there. I have been working diligently on men’s cuts, clipper cuts, and beards.

I also use online booking for those who are tech savvy and for those who aren’t just message me or call me. If you call leave a message with your name and number to reach you with. If you text just let me know what services you’re looking for. I do my best to get back with everyone in a timely fashion.

I look forward to seeing you soon!!


Photos from Rachel Barbuto Hair Studio's post 04/16/2022

Y’all I had so much fun getting this doll ready for today!!! She was so cute and so sweet I know she will have the confidence to walk into the room and own it!! I did her hair and makeup so dusting off those skills lol 😂 but seriously super fun and cute this old lady still gots it !!! I used your room for this photo shoot today thank you


Yay!!! we are live with Phorest!!! the book it now links are all set and please reach out to me to book your appointment if you are having trouble with anything !!

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Hey everybody just wanted you to know that we have 4 weeks at the Ridgeland location. It’s getting really real can not w...




124 Kimball Drive
Madison, MS

Opening Hours

Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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