Julie’s Intuitive Massage

Julie’s Intuitive Massage

Our new office is now open with specialized treatments which may include Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy and Shiatsu. Now accepting new clients!

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Starting this February 15th and each Saturday afterwards at 10am there will be a meditation group (Ekam Circle) being held in Virginia Beach! Each week we will focus on a new gift: Health and Vitality, Accessing Universal Intelligence, Love in the Family, Prosperity, and so on...no meditation experience required. All you need is an open heart! Suite 3 at Angel Flight on Haygood Rd. Looking forward to great journeys with you beautiful souls!


Tiny Buddha


So true!


Positive Energy+


Tiny Buddha


Power of Positivity


Positive Energy+


Power of Positivity


Power of Positivity


Meditation Huddersfield


Perception creates reality!


Power of Positivity


Healing Concepts


Healing Through Movement

Loosening the hip flexor is one of the most important things many people aren't doing.
Hip flexors are the engine through which our bodies move.
EVERYTHING goes through the hips.
And when they're tight, they can lead to a host of problems.
Learn about a step-by-step program designed to help loosen hip flexors, enhance strength training, and improve overall health.


Wisdom Heart






Jai Dev Singh

Here’s how we are using the energy of the New Year to turn purpose into prosperity using ancient yogic technology that is undeniable in its effects.

Here's the thing about prosperity...many of us are misunderstanding what it actually is. Wealth is not prosperity and prosperity is not wealth.

There are plenty of folks with lots of money that are unhappy...and plenty of folks with very little that are quite content. While true prosperity can bring wealth along with it...money is not at all its 'essence'.

This is largely where we get tripped up...

When we have no sense of purpose, life becomes lackluster. Not even money helps (at least not after the initial 'high' it brings along with it).

Without a genuine sense of purpose, we struggle to get going in the morning, and we are unable to fall asleep with fulfillment. No matter how hard we work, nothing seems to change. Over time, it takes its toll.

We try to fulfill ourselves with things which deep down we already know will not fill the empty hole in our heart. Eventually, the pain can become so profound that we finally dig deeper.

As it turns out, there is a way to live with joy...with wealth...with LOVE...and tremendous generosity.

The ancient sages of India described 4 primary goals of life:

Dharma - Purpose
Artha - Prosperity
K**a - Pleasure
Moksha - Liberation

The sequence here is quite important. Notice, that purpose precedes prosperity.

It's not, once I'm prosperous, I'll find my purpose...


This indeed is my personal experience, and has been the experience of countless others whom we have worked with.

Starting in the New Year, we are beginning our 4th Annual Prosperity Activation.

I'm leading a very special webcast that you can attend from anywhere in the world. I'll be joined by my wife, Simrit, the world-renowned singer, musician and yogini.

It's free and it's going to be a lot of fun. We'll be using the tremendous prosperity teachings and practices of Kundalini Yoga.

Click through to sign up...it just takes a moment:


It is absolutely possible to activate true prosperity. You will experience how these very powerful yogic exercises and meditations can transport you into an amazing space of consciousness where you can experience yourself in a whole new light.

We will finish this webcast experience feeling blissful, crystal clear, and ALIVE!

Whether you are brand new to yoga, or a long time practitioner, I think you'll find this to be an amazing experience. We'd love to have you there! Just click through to join in for free!



Great visual of why to remove wallet while driving...

Flatter than the Earth.


Leticia Rae - Finding The Silver Lining

Your mind is a powerful place.



I am currently out of the country with no access to the phone or internet. I will return all calls, texts and emails the week of December the 10th. Thank you for your patience and understanding. With a grateful heart, wishing you a blessed holiday. Namaste!



Learn how we can heal at the atomic level through the power of our thoughts.


The Daily Goalcast

3. Strive for success, but let go of the outcome


Love Wide Open

Music can cure things medication never will. Music has helped heal a broken heart more than once.


Brut nature

"I hold onto the tree, try to breathe in its scent, feel its presence".



In 1934, 16 terminal cancer patients were cured using the power of frequency and vibration alone.
Explore more possibilities beyond conventional medicine: http://bit.ly/2EKfSD7

livelovefruit.com 07/31/2018

Why Stretching Should Be Part Of Your Workout Routine

livelovefruit.com Believe it or not, the validity of adding stretching to a workout routine is a hotly debated subject. Some people believe that stretching only has a placebo effect, while others claim stretching has helped them through years of workouts. Opinions aside, many benefits of stretching have been scientif...



You can clean toxins out of your air with these common houseplants.


World Economic Forum

Maintained by scuba farmers. Read more: http://wef.ch/2fxrUCa


The Daily Goalcast

Famous guru Gaur Gopal Das swears by a simple mental exercise that keeps you happy, healthy, and in control.

Speaker: Gaur Gopal Das


World Economic Forum

Boats and houses. Read more about plastic innovation: https://wef.ch/2N7J4pf


Brut nature


This is the only carbon-negative country in the world.




David Wolfe

About me

For the majority of my adult life I worked in an office environment…sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen with my hip flexors and pectoral muscles locked short and lower back and rhomboids locked long, a phone cradled between my ear and shoulder, with heavy doses of stress to meet critical deadlines and not enough staff to meet them. Many hours on the computer at work and at home took a toll on my body resulting in neck and back issues.

Massage, chiropractic care and yoga helped my body and mind recover. Overcoming this adversity opened a new world of holistic health to me, which I enjoy sharing with others.

My mission is: “Heal through Health.”

An important part of my workday now includes stretching and deep breathing. Yoga and meditation have unified my body, mind and spirit. Yoga taps into the innate healing power and wisdom each of us carries by relaxing and quieting the mind. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which reduces heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate. This is healing power!


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