Sallie Howgard, Founding Brand Partner, Neora

Sallie Howgard, Founding Brand Partner, Neora


Concealer during the day and healer during the night!😍😃
Fabulous lotion!
These work wonderfully!😍 Better sleep, and less stress inducing negative effects!👏👏
These are fabulous! Stress debunkers and improved sleep! 😁😴 Ask me for a sample! 😊
The scientific research keeps rolling in on how effective EHT supplementing is to our brain health!! 😍

Neora Holistic Anti-aging Skincare and Wellness Products. 30 Day Money back guarantee. Side Gig Global Business opportunity. Look, feel and live better.

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Full month supply Free when purchasing 2 Firming Contouring Lotions this July Only!! 🥳😃
Plus Free shipping! 🙌🏻

💚 Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria that offer an array of benefits, including weight management, improved digestive health and immune support. Our Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins also helps curb hunger and reduces bloating, so you look as great as you feel!*

Ready for another feel-good moment? For a limited time, when you purchase our Tummy-Tightening Combo, which includes 2 tubes of our top-selling Firm Body Contour Cream, you’ll receive a FREE box of our Prolistic Pre and Probiotic Plus Vitamins! This fit-and-fab combo will surely become your summer staple!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


For a boost of nutrients, add Youth Factor Drink Powder! 😋


July 🧨 Body Contouring Firming Cream Special! 🎆
Tighten, tone, & smooth the Tummy!
Reduce the bloat too! 😅


This Haircare Line is Top Notch!! 😍

💇💇‍♂️ Our ProLuxe Hair Care System is the perfect daily regimen that suits all hair types and intuitively addresses every concern. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out this incredible before-and-after photo to see real results from a professional-grade system that you can achieve right at home!

Buy our ProLuxe Hair Care System and get a FREE Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen Gel this month only! ➡️➡️➡️

#LoveYourHairAgain #RealResults


I have lots of before and after photos to share!!! Amazing!!!!

As men age, there’s often an unspoken understanding on the topic of their hair — it’s not up for discussion! 🙈🙉🙊 But we know all too well, aging hair does not discriminate gender.

Our state-of-the-art, daily, leave-in ProLuxe Scalp Treatment works to create the ideal environment for producing the appearance of stronger, thicker, younger-looking hair as part of our entire ProLuxe System. This scalp treatment’s proprietary formula includes IntelliGrey, which works to restore natural hair pigment, so you see less grey hair.

Shop for dad here:
🤫 We won’t even tell Dad if you buy one for yourself!

#FathersDayGiftIdeas #LoveYourHairAgain


Guys are loving the Proluxe!!!

Detoxify and transform your dull, lackluster hair with our ProLuxe Scalp Treatment! Our state-of-the-art, daily, leave-in treatment works to create the ideal environment for producing stronger, thicker, younger-looking hair, and even works to restore natural hair pigment! Greys are less prominent and healthy, so younger-looking hair takes CENTER STAGE! 🤩

✨ProTip: To add extra volume to thin, limp hair, we suggest using the Scalp Treatment to boost the fullness of your hair. Dispense 5 pumps onto your hands, and massage into your scalp using your fingertips to lift the hair at the root.

➡️Shop now at and reclaim your best hair days!

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All part of system that produces phenomenal results! Free shipping and bonus Invisibloc Sunscreen this month only to new Preferred Customers!

👍Reverse the daily damages of sun and chlorine while restoring your hair’s softness and manageability with our ProLuxe Rebalancing Conditioner. It’s formulated to quickly pe*****te the hair shaft to strengthen and protect your hair from everyday aggressors, like the summer heat! 😎

✨ProTip: Focus on concentrating the product on the ends of your hair and disperse the remaining all over your hair.

Protect your hair from the elements and give it the nourishment it needs with our ProLuxe Rebalancing Conditioner! Shop now at!

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Hello Sunshine! Goodbye Skin Damage!

Today is the LAST DAY to help push our efforts to support our front-line health workers through Direct Relief! By purchasing $150 or more of any of our exclusive skincare, wellness, or hair care products, we’ll GIVE you a FREE Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen, and we’ll DONATE an additional Invisi-Bloc to a front-line hero on your behalf!

Through your efforts, we have donated almost 20,000 Invisi-Bloc Sunscreens PLUS Neora will donate 5,000 more for our heroes on the front-line!

☀️ Spread positivity by promoting healthy suncare with our innovative Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen available at!



Enjoy the sun ☀️ and screens 📲💻without concerns over their damaging rays!!
FREE in May with qualifying order! And FREE shipping! 😎🙌🏻

😎 Are you getting the best protection, both indoors and outdoors, with your sunscreen? Our Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen provides powerful protection from harmful UV rays from the sun AND digital blue light from your smartphones, computers, and TVs. 🖥️☀️⁣

Packed full of enriching antioxidants, this clear and weightless formula also primes and perfects your skin creating a flawless canvas for the next step of your skincare routine.⁣

Ready for advanced suncare with our SUNSCREEN for SUN and SCREEN? 🤩⁣ Shop now at



None of the bad, chock full of spectacular and proprietary!😍👏🏻

Shop at

We’ve done a lot of detoxing lately - from keeping our homes green to getting rid of beauty and skincare products that contain harmful ingredients we don’t dare put on our skin. Rest assured, our Proluxe Hair Care System delivers professional-grade results without compromising the significance of clean, natural 🌿 ingredients - just like you’d expect from all of our products!

As important as it is to have a concentration of quality ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free, it’s also vital to NOT have any of the things we don’t want, such as:

❌ Gluten
❌ Parabens
❌ Phthalates
❌ Silicone

Ready to revitalize your hair - free from what you don’t want and packed full of only clean, quality ingredients? ✨ Shop now at

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Protect your skin from the damage caused by devices! 😱😵

😮Did you know that we typically spend 11+ hours per day interacting with everyday digital devices, with simultaneous usage across multiple devices (Netflix and text)? While we shelter indoors, we also tend to increase our exposure to skin-aging blue light emitted from our smartphones, computers, and TV.⁣

😎Luckily, our Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen shields your skin both indoors and out - from the damaging effects of UVA/UVB rays, blue rays, to environmental aggressors. The multifunctional, lightweight sunscreen is enriched with antioxidants and contains the added benefits of skin-perfecting ingredients - making it our daily must-have essential!⁣


Less than 48 hours away until Hair Heaven!! 😃🥳

With real results that speak 💇💇‍♂️ volumes, our ProLuxe Hair Care System is a professional-level hair care system that addresses the signs of aging, damaged hair, such as:

✔️ Damaged texture
✔️ Decreased strand size
✔️ Loss of shine
✔️ Decreased strength and volume
✔️ Dull color and lack of color retention

Who’s ready to rejuvenate their hair’s healthy, youthful-looking radiance? 🙌🏼 Contact a Neora Brand Partner to get first access on the highly-anticipated launch of our ProLuxe Hair Care System!

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ProLuxe Haircare Social Teaser Video 2

Hallelujah! ProLuxe Haircare Social Teaser Video 2


Only a week away!! 😅

Mark your calendar 🗓 and set your appointment with our ProLuxe Hair Care System! Our professional-level system contains innovative and exclusive ingredients to restore your hair’s healthy and youthful appearance, repair damage, and improve color retention - the perfect maintenance plan for in-between salon visits! ⁣

Don’t wait for your next hair appointment to achieve the fresh look of salon-ready hair. With our ProLuxe Hair Care System, your best hair day is every day! ✨💁🏻‍✨⁣

Our ProLuxe System will be available for purchase on May 15th! Stay tuned! 🤩⁣

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Photos tell it all!! 😍

❤️ “I started using the Cleanse, Correct, Protect Set hoping it would help with the lines on my forehead and under eye. I was amazed to see the before and after pictures side by side! WOW! I’m in love! Thank you, Neora!” -Cheryl B.

✨Ready to see your incredible REAL RESULTS? Submit your before-and-after photos by June 30th for your chance to win up to $3,000 at



🤩Our hair is one of our most noticeable features. It’s usually the “mane” event when it comes to first impressions. But to achieve salon-ready locks, we generally mistreat our hair – from overly-processed hair coloring, excessive heat to overstyling and improper hair techniques. ☹️

Thankfully, our ProLuxe Hair Care System is ready to save the day! Launching just in time to help repair, rejuvenate, and restore healthy, youthful-looking hair!

❤️ Are you ready to #LoveYourHairAgain?

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Who’s ready for Luxury Locks?? 😁💁🏻‍♀️

April showers bring May...PROLUXE! The wait is over! 🤩 ⁣⁣
Introducing our ProLuxe Hair Care System with four groundbreaking products that will address every signs of aging and damaged hair to make you #LoveYourHairAgain ❤️⁣⁣
Our ProLuxe line couldn’t arrive at a better time! It’s been so long since our last trip to the salon - that’s why we are bringing professional hair care directly to your home.⁣⁣
Contact a Neora Brand Partner for first access to our ProLuxe Hair Care System, available for purchase this month!⁣⁣

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Free Invisibloc this month!! Two ✌🏻ways to receive! Ask me how 💁🏻‍♀️

🧐Were you aware that the more time you spend at home, your need for a quality facial sunscreen actually increases? That’s because those digital devices you’re using, such as your laptop, tablet, TV and trusty smartphone, emit harmful blue light that can pe*****te even deeper into your skin than the sun’s rays.📲

You need a daily sunscreen for both sun AND screen, like Neora’s Invisi-Bloc® Sunscreen Gel. This broad-spectrum SPF 40 blocks the sun’s UVA/UVB rays and blue light (HEVL) from your digital devices, with a sheer watergel formula that smooths and perfects!

🥳If you’re a Neora Preferred Customer, you can even get your Invisi-Bloc for FREE this month, when you spend $150 or more on your May order, and Neora will also donate 1 FREE Invisi-Bloc to a front-line worker through Direct Relief

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We’ve all been at home either resisting the urge to color those roots peeking out 🥴— or we simply gave in! 🧢👒🤷🏻‍♀️ The good news is Neora’s ProLuxe System works to support your right to show your roots - or not - by maintaining and improving color retention and brilliance! ✨

Featuring innovative and proprietary ingredients - IntelliGrey to restore natural hair pigment and IntuiTress to nourish hair - our ProLuxe Hair Care System is a professional-level, four-part intelligent hair care regimen that is color-safe and addresses all signs of aging and damaged hair, such as:
☑️ Loss of shine and texture
☑️ Decreased strand size
☑️ The appearance of greying or whitening of hair
☑️ Loss of color retention

We have you covered from head to toe! 💁🏻‍♀️
Contact a Neora Brand Partner for first access to better looking hair - launching SOON!

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Time for fabulous hair!!!!

We’ve all been at home either resisting the urge to color those roots peeking out 🥴— or we simply gave in! 🧢👒🤷🏻‍♀️ The good news is Neora’s ProLuxe System works to support your right to show your roots - or not - by maintaining and improving color retention and brilliance! ✨

Featuring innovative and proprietary ingredients - IntelliGrey to restore natural hair pigment and IntuiTress to nourish hair - our ProLuxe Hair Care System is a professional-level, four-part intelligent hair care regimen that is color-safe and addresses all signs of aging and damaged hair, such as:
☑️ Loss of shine and texture
☑️ Decreased strand size
☑️ The appearance of greying or whitening of hair
☑️ Loss of color retention

We have you covered from head to toe! 💁🏻‍♀️
Contact a Neora Brand Partner for first access to better looking hair - launching SOON!

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Free Invisibloc this month !! Ask me how!!

Neora is leading the way in skincare and sun care innovation, as our Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen tops ESSENCE Magazine's list of the best weapons for skin protection in the modern age!

“It is a common misconception that if you are not outside then you do not need to wear sunscreen,” Amber Olson Rourke, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Co-founder for Neora told ESSENCE. “With more time being spent indoors and consumers spending 11+ hours per day watching, reading, listening, or interacting with everyday devices, many do not realize that the blue light emitted from these devices pe*****tes skin even deeper than UVA/UVB rays."

Luckily, Invisi-Bloc helps shield your skin from both the SUN 🌞 and SCREEN. 🖥

Check out the full article here:

✨ Insider Tip: You can get this innovative product FREE this month with the purchase of our At-Home Facial Set!


We know that Mother’s Day will look a bit different this year - between homeschooling the kids, ✏️ working from home, 💻 keeping the family healthy 🥦🍎🥕 and the house stocked 🧻- mom has been busy, to say the least. Showing mom how important she is to the family and giving her self-care gifts to recharge at home is just what she needs!

That's why we've curated the perfect gift pairings 🎁 to make every mom feel special! 💕 Check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide at to find a collection of gifts that will help her look and feel her best - with results proven to get better over time!

Which type of mom are you shopping for this Mother's Day?

#mothersday #giftguide #giftideas #skincare


Great results and now richer!

Congratulations to our 90-Day Challenge Winners! 🎉 We are impressed, but not surprised, by their results and commitment to achieve healthier, youthful-looking skin and hair.

Are YOU ready to see your own transformation using our groundbreaking anti-aging skincare products? There's no better time 🕓 than the present to reverse the signs of aging! Submit your before-and-after photos by June 30th for your chance to win up to $3,000 at

#RealResults #90DayChallenge #skincare #antiaging


This Facewash cleans amazingly! Removes makeup! Non-drying!

Whether you’re sporting a more natural “no-makeup” look 💁‍♀️ or keeping up your daily beauty 💄 routine, it’s still as important as ever to cleanse your skin of any dirt or impurities you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Our Double-Cleansing Face Wash is formulated to gently and effectively remove oil-based impurities while providing the moisture your skin needs to feel soft and refreshed. ✨

And good news! This advanced, lightweight cleanser is also included in our At-Home Facial Set - a curated set of clean, plant-based 🌿 skincare products that’ll help you achieve a spa-style facial from the comfort of your home.

Have you had a chance to recreate a spa-like facial treatment using our At-Home Facial Set? 🧖‍♀️

#AtHomeFacialSet #skincare #facial



In honor and celebration of #EarthDay, we remain steadfast in our commitment to protect our environment today and everyday! 💙🌎💚

Being passionate about holistic wellness means we are dedicated to the wellbeing of the planet through better packaging, 📦 recycling ♻️ and sourcing practices. We strive to improve our environmental impact as part of our commitment to help people lead better, more sustainable lives. ✨

Read our blog at to learn more about our green initiatives and collective efforts to make the world a better place.

#EarthDay #EarthDay2020 #NeoraCares #GoGreen #recycle #sustainability #wellness #environment

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