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Physical Therapy of Menifee is your premier full service outpatient private practice. We are 100% therapist owned and have extensive training in the treatment of neuromuscular and skeletal dysfunctions to efficiently rehabilitate a variety of conditions.

Physical Therapy of Menifee was created to provide patients a rehabilitative facility in which they are truly cared for. We offer a well-rounded approach providing a 1 to 1 patient to therapist relationship ensuring utmost care.


“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity.” — Martin Luther King, Jr 🇺🇸


“ My PT at Physical Therapy of Menifee was/is a success. When I first started here I could hardly take more than a few steps. After a couple of visits, I was able to use my walker instead of my wheelchair. I progressed quickly to using a cane. Now, I can walk alone. This entire rehab took me only 8weeks, 16 visits to accomplish my goal of walking independently. Thank you, PT of Menifee for helping me.” - Robert S.

Physical Therapy of Menifee now takes appointments on their Page. 04/08/2021

Physical Therapy of Menifee now takes appointments on their Page.

Physical Therapy of Menifee now takes appointments on their Page.

Physical Therapy of Menifee now takes appointments on their Page. 04/01/2021

Physical Therapy of Menifee now takes appointments on their Page.

Physical Therapy of Menifee now takes appointments on their Page.


-“ Thank you team PT Menifee! Your hard work helped me to move better and become
more pain-free!” - Wendela E.


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“My name is Jazmin and I suffered from pain in my tailbone for which I could not sit for very long periods of time. I had to constantly change positions or take pain killers to alleviate the pain, but that did not help for very long. Starting my physical therapy sessions was a bit difficult for me because I was in constant pain, but as I continued the therapy exercises the pain started to decrease. I am happy to say that as of today, I no longer have any pain. I can now perform my activities with no problem. Thanks to Dr. Alvarez and the Aides for always helping me.” - Jazmin M.




- “ My husband could not have spoken more highly of PT of Menifee, so when I found myself at a place I did not want to be my cardiologist gave a referral that read, ‘ Get her moving, ‘ All efforts on my own resulted in a new pain in a new place. Coming to Dr. Ramil and his staff of compassionate yet determined therapists, have put me back on my feet again. I need to be pushed and once you are shown that you can feel better you don’t want to go back to your old ways. Because they know, listen, and apply the proper therapies, I can set my own goals and achieve them. Thank you Dr. Ramil and staff.” - C.L.


“ Pain in my legs, hips, and balance problems are what brought me to Physical Therapy of Menifee. My medical doctor had given me a referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon. The last thing I wanted was surgery, so instead, I came here to see Doctor Ramil who had helped me out in the past. I was not disappointed as soon as I walked into the office I was greeted by Laura and Lily. They make me feel like I was home. They are that way for every appointment. In my consultation with Doctor Ramil, he explained that all my problems were rooted in my back and that he could help me out, and that he did. Years ago there was an advertising slogan for a pharmacy that went like this ‘ people don’t care about how much you know, they want to know how much you care.’ The slogan implied you could not have both. Here at Physical Therapy of Menifee I soon learned that one can have both. I learned how much Dr. Ramil knew, and I soon experienced how much his therapists Rebecca, Amoris, and Veronica not only knew but how much they cared. After greeting you, their next question was always, ‘how are you feeling.’ They adjusted their therapy based on your answer. They all have their gifts.” - John L.

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- “ I had major surgery on my neck, I was in at a screaming “10”! The staff and Dr. Ramil have taken the pain and have made me feel way better. My shoulders were so swollen and now I feel a lot less pain. Doc and staff are my new family. It is wonderful to have caring and truly beautiful people in this world, who care about you and your well being. I can lift my arms now!!! Thank you so so so much.” - Michael L.

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-“ I really enjoyed coming to Physical Therapy of Menifee. Everyone helped me a lot with my ankle. My ankle feels so much better. Doctor and staff are super nice and friendly!” - - R.G.

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“ I was referred to Physical Therapy of Menifee for a hand injury. I had my first session in May with Dr. Alvarez, and since the first day, the doctor made me feel that he really cared about me, my injury, and eventually in making sure he did everything possible to help me recover and feel better. Dr. Alvarez is very professional, friendly, caring, and very sincere. Honestly, it is very difficult to find a great place and a great doctor that really cares for their patients! I came here with a lot of pain. I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful to say that my level of pain is very minimal. I can now use my hands more, and I can do more activities. The staff here is incredibly caring, friendly, and professional! Cynthia, Laura, Lily, and Shannen, thank you so much for everything! I am forever thankful! I would give this place 100 stars if I could!” - A. D.


As the concerns about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) intensify, we thought it would be helpful to share what Physical Therapy of Menifee is or has been doing to make your therapy appointment as safe as possible. The first step we took was educate our workforce using validated resources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the US Department of Health.

The second step we took was to evaluate our ability to continue to provide services without increasing exposure risks to you, to our visitors and staff. As part of that process we made a list of questions to ask to ascertain if any of these individuals:

• Have traveled to China, South Korea, Iran, Italy or Japan or any other country with high COVID–19 incidents within the past 14 days;

• Have had any contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID–19, persons under investigation for COVID–19 or anyone with flu-like symptoms (fever, cough and shortness of breath). The exposure would be to spouses, partners, family members, friends, work colleagues, social group members, follow students, church members or any other persons or groups where there could be personal contact (within 6 feet).

• Have had any worrisome symptoms: fever, cough or shortness of breath in the past 14 days. If positive for symptoms we are asking them to contact their physician for guidance and if they are permitted to travel in the community to call the clinic prior to arriving.

The third step we took was to intensify our housekeeping and infection control procedures to assure that we have minimized contact with anything or area that could harbor harmful bacteria or viruses. In doing so we are asking all individuals who enter our clinic to: answered questions noted above

• Answer the questions noted above
• Apply our hand sanitizer prior to completing paperwork, signing in for the appointment, taking a seat in our reception area or starting treatment

• Practice good hand hygiene (frequent handwashing) as well as good cough and sneeze etiquette (cover mouth with tissue when coughing or sneezing and deposit the tissue in a hands-free trashcan or cover your mouth with your elbow if tissues are not immediately available).

• Apply our hand sanitizer when departing the clinic

The fourth step we are taking is to reconfigure our gym area to permit greater separation of patients.

The fifth step we are taking is to adapt our schedule to accommodate our immunologically compromised patients including but not limited to the frail or elderly.

The final step we are taking is to continue to educate our workforce in our patient community regarding the COVID–19. At this time there have been 97,975 cases of covert 19 reported worldwide; of those cases, 54,124 (55.2%) have recovered and 3355 (3.4%) have resulted in death. Currently there are 40,496 active cases, 34,017 (84%) are considered mild. The United States has 15 reported deaths related to COVID–19 of the 245 reported cases.
We will continue to employ procedures to minimize the spread of COVID–19 according to the CDC and other credible authorities and will keep you informed of any changes in protocols.

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