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The Science of Liberation and Proliferation of Adult Stem Cells Health Nutrition in a cellular level nanotechnology The formulation of StemForte, CirculaStem,TeloForte contains ingredients that have been carefully analyzed by research centers in the field of natural science.

This research resulted in the discovery that these supplements stimulates the release of the stem cells within the human body, by means, of which the benefit achieved is the internal regeneration and repairing of the damage caused by the degeneration of organs in which some cases slows down or reverses premature aging. The Sixteen (24) ingredients in StemForte are of the highest quality working t

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Prostate cancer - Symptoms and causes 08/06/2021

Prostate cancer - Symptoms and causes

Prostate cancer - Symptoms and causes Learn about detection, diagnostic approaches, treatment options and advances for prostate cancer, including robotic prostatectomy and current research.

Secret Side Effects of Eating Oranges, Says Science | Eat This Not That 08/01/2021

Secret Side Effects of Eating Oranges, Says Science | Eat This Not That

Check out this article. Excellent for your health. Not kidding! Have a great day everyone.

Secret Side Effects of Eating Oranges, Says Science | Eat This Not That If you're thinking of indulging that craving for citrus fruit, discover the side effects of eating orange first. 10/19/2020

Whole wheat vs. whole grain: Which is more nutritious according to dietitians Whole grains come from a variety of different plants and are, therefore, considered more nutritious than whole wheat foods which only come from wheat. 08/21/2020

Honey outperforms antibiotics for cough, cold symptoms, study says Honey appears to be more effective in treating cough and cold symptoms than antibiotics, according to a new study. 08/07/2020

Propiedades medicinales del comino

Puede ayudar con la diabetes
Algunos de los componentes del comino han demostrado ser prometedores para ayudar a tratar la diabetes.

Un estudio clínico mostró que un suplemento de comino concentrado mejoró los primeros indicadores de diabetes en personas con sobrepeso, en comparación con un placebo.

El comino también contiene componentes que contrarrestan algunos de los efectos a largo plazo de la diabetes.

Una de las formas en que la diabetes daña las células del cuerpo es a través de productos finales de glicación avanzada (AGE).

Se producen espontáneamente en el torrente sanguíneo cuando los niveles de azúcar en la sangre son altos durante largos períodos de tiempo, como en la diabetes. Las edades se crean cuando los azúcares se unen a las proteínas y alteran su función normal.

Las edades probablemente sean responsables del daño a los ojos, riñones, nervios y pequeños vasos sanguín El comino es un condimento que usamos mucho y que es muy económico. Principalmente para aves y pescados, el comino aparece en nuestra cocina; pero ¿sabemos las propiedades que tiene para nuestra salud? 07/22/2020

Cómo aprovechar todos los beneficios y propiedades del tomillo

Tomillo is Thyme... Https:// Esta hierba aromática tan utilizada en la cocina mediterránea es útil para tratar procesos de las vías respiratorias, así como problemas digestivos


When we wear a mask in public, or decline an invitation to a party or to come inside, I want you to know that:
🔵 We am educated enough to know that I could be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.
🔵 No, we don’t “live in fear” of the virus; we just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.
🔵 We don’t feel like the “government is controlling me;” we feel like I’m being a contributing adult to society and we want to teach others the same.
🔵 The world doesn’t revolve around us. It’s not all about us and our comfort.
🔵 If we all could live with other people's consideration in mind, this whole world would be a much better place.
🔵 Wearing a mask doesn’t make us weak, scared, stupid, or even “controlled.” It makes us considerate.
When we think about how we look, how uncomfortable it is, or what others think of us, just imagine someone close to you - a child, a father, a mother, grandparent, aunt, or uncle - choking on a respirator, alone without you or any family member allowed at bedside.
Ask yourself if you could have sucked it up. Was it worth the risk?
Do you feel the same? Copy and re-post. 05/26/2020

Adding this to your meals can help you fend off many diseases

So, what spices were used for the study? A special blend of cinnamon, black pepper, basil, bay leaf, coriander, cumin, ginger, oregano, parsley, red pepper, turmeric, thyme, and rosemary. Researchers from Penn State have concluded that adding a blend of spices to just about any meal, no matter how high in fat or carbs, may have health benefits. 01/16/2020

11 Proven Health Benefits of Quinoa This is a detailed article about quinoa and its health effects. Here are 11 ways that quinoa can improve your health, supported by science. 01/15/2020

8 Health Benefits of Yerba Mate (Backed by Science) Yerba mate is a type of tea with powerful benefits for your health and weight. Here are 8 ways that drinking yerba mate can improve your health.


4. Eggs Contain High-Quality Proteins With a Perfect Amino Acid Profile
Proteins are the main building blocks of the body and serve both structural and functional purposes.

They consist of amino acids that are linked together, kind of like beads on a string, and then folded into complex shapes.

There are about 21 amino acids that your body uses to build its proteins.

Nine of these cannot be produced by the body and have to be obtained from the diet. They are known as essential amino acids.

The quality of a protein source is determined by its relative amounts of these essential amino acids. A protein source that contains all of them in the right ratios is a high-quality source of protein.

Eggs are among the best sources of protein in the diet. In fact, the biological value (a measure of protein quality) is often evaluated by comparing it to eggs, which are given the perfect score of 100 11/17/2019

Safe medicine storage & disposal Where do you keep your medicines? Are they in different places—some in the medicine cabinet, some in the kitchen, and some in the bedroom or elsewhere? Can you find them when you need them? And do you know how to safely dispose of them? Safe use of medicine also includes safe storage and disposal.... 10/22/2019

Alimentos que refuerzan el sistema inmunológico El invierno es una época en la que somos propensos a contraer resfriados, gripe y otras enfermedades que aprovechan cualquier debilidad del sistema inmunológico para atacar. Con el fin de ayudar a llevar mejor estos días la conocida Health Coach Beatriz Larrea ha seleccionado conjuntamente con De... 09/20/2019

11 Benefits of Burning Sage, How to Smudge, Cleanse Crystals, More

Our lovely Earth is full of everything we need to stay healthy and happy... You will be amazed with all the benefits of sage in your diet. Sprinkle in a salad, sage tea... lower your blood pressure, gets rid of the bad cholesterol, brings in the amounts of good cholesterol fantastic for diabetes lowers blood sugar levels. Seriously look into this herb. It's part of the mint family. This morning I had mint and sage tea. Helps even with brain function as well. Fantastic read. Take your time and give yourself the gift of health with simple things here on Earth at your disposal. Have a great weekend everyone Burning sage (also known as smudging) is an ancient spiritual ritual. The most-used sage types have antimicrobial properties. This means they keep infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay. Read on to learn more about this benefit and others, the tools you need to get started, when to smudge, a... 08/10/2019

How to Increase the Alkalinity of Your Water It is a given that drinking water each day is important for the body's health, but some people believe that alkaline water is even better. Here are several easy ways you can make your water more alkaline. 07/29/2019

Electrolytes: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge. 07/29/2019

Electrólitos: MedlinePlus enciclopedia médica

Los electrólitos son minerales presentes en la sangre y otros líquidos corporales que llevan una carga eléctrica.

Los electrólitos afectan cómo Los electrólitos son minerales presentes en la sangre y otros líquidos corporales que llevan una carga eléctrica. 07/28/2019

For Clear Skin, Just Rub Thyme All Over Your Face

el tomillo es excelente para the piel.... Oh Lordy. Here we've all been buying fancy spot treatments and expensive elixirs to rid ourselves of acne, when it turns out the answer to our problem might have been growing in the herb garden all along. Thanks for telling us, Mother Nature. Yes, a new study has found that herbal preparations o... 07/23/2019

9 Healing, Soothing Benefits of Mint Tea - Cup & Leaf Improves Mental Awareness and Focus
In a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, researchers found that peppermint enhanced memory and increased alertness. Scientists are undecided on whether the scent of peppermint or an internal compound is the reason for this increased focus (5).

Studies have shown the scent of menthol stimulates the hippocampus area that controls mental clarity and focus. The result when drinking peppermint tea is increased feelings of rejuvenation and a refreshed focus that can help you tackle the day Mint tea is exalted as one of the most beneficial to overall health. It can heal and soothe sickness and pains throughout your body. Read on for 9 ways mint tea could help an ailment you want to fix. 07/20/2019

La ciencia dice que el silencio es vital para nuestro cerebro

Me encanta el silencio. Corro del ruido desde Nina. La prueba de que el ruido duele y el silencio sana. El valor del silencio es sentido por todos en algún momento de sus vidas. El silencio es reconfortante, nutritivo y acogedor. Nos abre a la inspiración y nutre la mente, el cuerpo y el alma. Mientras tanto, la locura del mundo ruidoso está ahoga... 07/17/2019

Nearly 13,000 Pounds of Beef, Chicken Recalled

Sold be in Northgate markets Nearly 13,000 pounds of beef and chicken cubes has been recalled by Fieldsource Food Systems, Inc. because the label does not warn that it may contain wheat, a known allergen, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) says. 07/17/2019

Nearly 13,000 Pounds of Beef, Chicken Recalled

Sold be in Northgate markets Nearly 13,000 pounds of beef and chicken cubes has been recalled by Fieldsource Food Systems, Inc. because the label does not warn that it may contain wheat, a known allergen, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) says. 05/13/2019

4 Impressive Health Benefits of Lysine
... Lysine is an amino acid essential for the healthy living. Lysine is an essential amino acid that plays many important roles in your body. Here are 4 impressive health benefits of lysine.


Cucumbers are a highly alkalinizing and hydrating food that are rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, K, magnesium, silicon, and potassium. Cucumbers are also packed with antioxidants and enzymes such as erepsin which helps to digest proteins and destroy parasites and tapeworms. The high chlorophyll and lignan content in the cucumber skin makes it a great anti-cancer food and can be particularly helpful in reducing the risk of estrogen related cancers such as breast, uterus, prostate, and ovarian cancer. The high fiber content of cucumbers makes it an excellent remedy for constipation by adding bulk and hydration directly to the colon. Cucumbers are also one of the best natural diuretics around, aiding in the excretion of wastes through the kidneys and helping to dissolve uric acid accumulations such as kidney and bladder stones. They have wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits which can significantly benefit autoimmune and neurological disorders. It can also help to diminish swelling and puffiness underneath the eyes when applied externally. Cucumbers also benefit teeth and gums as the fiber and nutrients help to massage the gums and remove bad bacteria from the teeth. Their high silica content promotes strong and healthy hair and nails which has earned them the reputation for centuries as being a “beautifying” food. Fresh cucumber juice has the ability to cleanse and detox the entire body as well as help to alleviate digestive problems such as gastritis, acidity, heartburn, indigestion, and ulcers. It is also an ideal way to properly hydrate the body since it is contains beneficial electrolytes that have the ability to bring nutrients and hydration deep into the cells and tissues making it far more effective than water alone. Fresh cucumber juice is also an excellent remedy for bringing down a fever in children and the convalescent. 04/12/2019

Kombucha: Benefits and risks

Hello Stemforte members... Always trying to live a healthy life.... taking Stemforte supplements daily and doing great... I've wanted to share this article.... check out the benefits of kombucha tea benefits.. oh by the way, I'm brewing my own... two more weeks and I have homemade Kombucha... Many fizzy drinks and sodas can have damaging effects on various different parts of the body. However, kombucha is a healthier, yeast-based fizzy drink option. This MNT Knowledge Center article examines the health benefits of kombucha in detail, including mental health, weight loss, and liver health...


The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet Looking for the ultimate arthritis diet? Discover the six things you should be eating that can reduce arthritis inflammation.


Dr. Victor Chavez

¿Sabías que? El Cacao es parte de la fórmula de nuestro Suplemeto Nutricional Thermogenic.
Es un árbol rico en antioxidantes y apoya a disminuir los niveles de colesterol y triglicéridos. Estimulante del sistema nervioso y del sistema digestivo, mejorando el estado de ánimo y la digestión.
El cacao tiene efectos beneficiosos en el organismo humano. Los granos de cacao contienen:
* 54% manteca de cacao
* 11,5% proteínas
* 9% celulosa
* 7,5% almidón y pentosanos
* 6% taninos
* 5% agua
* 2,6% olioelementos y sales
* 2% ácidos orgánicos y esencias
* 1,2% teobromina
* 1% azúcares
* 0,2% cafeína
Además, se estima que el cacao contiene unas 300 sustancias importantes como:
• anandamida
• arginina
• dopamina (neurotransmisor)
• epicatequina (antioxidante)
• histamina
• magnesio
• serotonina (neurotransmisor) • triptófano (esencial para suscitar la liberación de la serotonina)
• feniletilamina (FEA)
• polifenoles (antioxidantes)
• tiramina
• salsolinol
• flavonoides
Su efecto estimulante se debe a la teobromina que produce un aumento del nivel de serotonina y dopamina.
El chocolate lo podemos encontrar negro (con un contenido de cacao entre el 30%-90%), con leche y blanco. Mientras más puro sea el chocolate menos engordará. El chocolate blanco es el que más engorda porque, en realidad, su base no es cacao en polvo sino manteca de cacao y azúcar, por lo que, técnicamente, este no es chocolate.


Pertenece a NUVI GLOBAL

Excelente video informativo de los productos de Nuvi Global. Infórmate!

Este sencillo video te guiará sobre todo lo que necesitas saber para formar parte de la familia NUVI GLOBAL; producto, paquetes de inscripción, comisiones y ... 03/12/2019

Collard greens: Benefits, nutrition, diet, and risks Collard greens are a cruciferous vegetable that may have multiple health benefits. The nutrients and fiber in collard greens can aid digestion and muscle movement, improve the skin, enhance sleep, learning, and memory, protect from cancer, and more. Get some tips on how to get more collard greens in...


El té de Jamaica es excelente. Si no lo conoces infórmate ayuda como con 20 enfermedades 03/07/2019

Magnesium Supplements: Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Bajos niveles de magnesio contribuye a migrañas presión alta diabetes depresión. Pídele a tu doctor que cheque tus niveles. Magnesium is an essential mineral lacking in many people's diets. This article looks at the benefits, side effects, and recommended dosages of magnesium supplements. 03/03/2019

14 Foods High in Iodine

Yodo, es Super importante para que tú cuerpo produsca Las hormones necesarias. Aquí es donde se encuentren..... El artículo está en ingles, pero hay foyos y te intruyes para tu salud. Your body needs iodine but cannot make it on its own. It's up to the foods we eat to provide our bodies with this necessary element. Too little iodine can have severe health repercussions, but too much iodine is not healthy either. The recommended amount of iodine for the average adult is 150-220 mi...

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Participant in Nuvi Global sharing their experience restoring skin health recovering from psoriasis. Listen and SHARE.  ...



Potent Health Supplements promoting Cellular Nutrition to regenerate tissue, organs. Ingredients are of the highest quality.



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