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Just a reminder that this special ends today - and if you've ever thought, "Hmmm, I wonder if I might like to try this Posh thing out..." then you will want to jump on it today! Posh almost never discounts this starter kit (for good reason) - they knocked off $10 in October (and that's the last I remember it happening!), but this is a $25 savings.

Amazing products. 20% discount (minimum) on products. Zero hidden costs. No pressure or stress to sell from anyone. You do Posh however you want to do Posh. No quotas or minimums that you have to meet to stay active. Kinda like Burger King used to say, "Have it YOUR way!"

There is also a smaller, business supply only mini-kit that is $35 and ships for free... so if you are thinking "I have enough Posh" (although I don't know that that's a thing, but just in case) then you can jump in for a smaller investment & get catalogs, samples & a few other little supplies to start.

Don't worry if you've never done this before - we all started at ground zero! And there is tremendous support and a whole tribe of amazing women behind and around you, ready to lift you up and help you out. You are never alone when it comes to Posh. Seriously, from our Home Office to our team and everyone in between, I have never been a part of something so encouraging and supportive. Everyone needs a tribe like this!!

Questions? Ask below or PM me if you want to keep it on the DL for now. This is a bonkers deal and I don't want anyone who may be thinking about it to miss out!

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What a super fun little shindig we've had!! If you are not quite ready to join the Posh tribe with their amazing Small Business Saturday deal (see yesterday's post!) but you DO want to be a part of the coolest place on the interwebs, I officially invite you to keep the party going with my Very Important Posh Peeps!

My VIP group is more than a shopping group... it’s a clubhouse for the greatest people I know. Like this party, but all the time. Hop on over and comment below once you've joined! You'll an entry into the raffle too!

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Once you've washed and exfoliated your skin in the bath or shower, you need to follow up with the last bit of pampering for your bod: body cremes or body butters for the moisturizing win!!

Our body cremes & body butters are a blend of the most nourishing ingredients, like shea butter, brazil nut oil and aloe vera, just to name a few. And since Posh doesn't not add in a bunch of fillers, a little goes a long way when it comes to using these items.

Body Butters:
These are thicker than a body creme and your body will thank you when you slather some of this on. My favorite is Spice to Meet You - without a doubt, it is crazy delicious smelling, like cream cheese frosting on a carrot cake or cinnamon bun. Seriously, the best part of my day is when I crack that tub open after a shower.

Let It Bee features honey and is ultra soothing for dry, irritated & sensitive skin. I use it on dry patches that get out of control during the winter.

Give It a Rest contains magnesium which helps soothe tension and ease aches & pains. I love using this on sore muscles, tired feet & my aching neck after a long day...the aches melt away in no time!

Body Cremes:
So Fresh & So Clean - it is a beautiful mix of coconut and eucalyptus that smells like a warm, spring day.

Honey Honey is a great option for dry, cracked skin. Honey has healing properties and can repair micro-tears caused by dryness, especially during these cold winter months.

Give Him Gel is great for guys who need to take care of their skin. Its special gel-to-water formula will feel invisible on his skin, but will offer intense hydration & is rich in electrolytes...not to mention it helps keep his pores clean & clear.

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You may think that your shower routine is all set with your soap and/or body wash...but adding in a scrub once or twice a week will take your skin to the next level! By removing dead skin, you can keep your skin bright & youthful looking - plus exfoliating before you shave helps you get a closer, longer lasting shave. I mean, no one needs Grinchy looking legs!

Snarky bars - another amazing & unique pampering product!! A sugar scrub meant for your body (it's too much for your face!) to really get after dead, dry skin that is paired with shea butter to moisturize the fresh skin that is revealed.

Smooth Operator - a body scrub that helps firm skin & improve your skin's appearance, making it look brighter and tighter!

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We have arrived at another one of my favorite and unique to Posh products: Buzz Peel skin resurfacer. Buzz Peel removes dead skin without scrubbing! Super gentle, it uses fermented honey to collect the dead skin as you massage it into your feels so satisfying! Honey naturally promotes renewal and as a humectant, it locks in moisture. This is another fantastic produce to use before shaving or applying a sunless tanner.

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Hey all my Who's here in Whoville, come in close because I'm giving you a sneak peek, all up close & personal, of the real deal: Buzz Peel.

Pictured below is my leg - no body doubles or stand ins. I get a horrible patch of dry skin in this spot every winter (every rose DOES have its thorns). For the first picture, I have let it go for a week without using my standard products (The Healer skin stick & Let It Bee body butter) on it. I did one round of Buzz Peel so you could see just a "little" of the dead, dry skin I removed with it - painlessly!! Fermented honey collects the dead skin as you massage it in. I typically do 3 rounds of Buzz Peel on this patch if it is in bad shape, like it is here.

Buzz Peel is off the charts amazing!! The honey, as a humectant, helps draw in moisture to the area; it also has healing properties which really helps my dry skin.

You know who else would love Buzz Peel? Your feet. Just saying.

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Ask me any questions about what I do...

Each question earns you an entry into the raffle.

I hope you are loving the products we are learning about...
Is your wish list getting long?
Do you love a discount?
Or maybe you would love some extra spending money?
Or even something that is all your own?
These are just a few reasons why people have joined our team. For either $35 or $105, you can hop aboard something that has the potential to fulfill whatever it is you are needing right now (and it is by far the best deal of the night, lol).

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Another mind blowing gift from Posh:

Our starter kit, filled with 11 of our hottest products and 1 *exclusive item* (an Immunator skin stick), is being offered at $80 today (Friday 11/26) & tomorrow (Sat 11/27) ONLY.


The 12 products retail for $222. The kit normally retails for $105.
The kit cost can be broken down into $7 that covers your fee for getting set up & $28 that covers the business supplies (these come in our mini-starter kit which is $35). That means the remaining $45 of your investment covers 2 products in that haul: $25 for Buzz Peel and $20 for So Fresh, So Clean body wash. YOU get 10 of the best Posh treats for zero. zilch. nada. Mind blown.

Use your Posh to get your products at a 20%-30% discount. Share with family & friends. Make a little extra spending money for Christmas, kids activities, or set it aside for vacation or household stuff. Whatever. Do what you want with it. No quotas, no minimums, no stress. You do you. But seriously consider this massive deal!!

When I signed up 2 years ago, it was with a Small Business Saturday special that was a smaller kit (about 6 or 7 items) for $60...definitely not all of these monsters at this price. I really was just doing it to save some money in the long run...but the benefits I have received over these last 2 years (including friendships, fun & a whole new tribe of people) far outweigh what I paid. The return on my investment has been phenomenal & life changing.

Questions? ask 'em below or PM me if you feel more comfortable that way. No obligations, my Posh peeps! I was bummed they didn't offer something similar last year, but am excited beyond belief that they are doing it this year. also has additional information if you're interested.

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Ok, this is one of my very favorites of all Posh! Call It Even 1-minute Microdermabrasion Fix. Sometimes it's lumped in with cleansers, sometimes with masks. It is really in a league of its own.

One minute. Once a week (*maybe* twice). Reduce signs of aging with a combination of physical and enzyme exfoliation that will leave your face feeling unbelievably soft and smooth. Like, crazy soft. Who can find one minute in their schedule to treat their beautiful face with some extra love??

If you ask me to pick my 6, this one is definitely in there.

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Today we are inundated and overwhelmed (and let's be honest it, plain over it!) with face masks - the mandated kind. Let's take time to talk about the OTHER kind of face masks - the fun, pampering kind. The kind that nourish your skin, not irritate it. The kind that leaves your face feeling amazing and you feeling like you got a spa treatment while in the comfort of your own home.

Posh offers a variety of face masks that work for different skin types and different skin needs - whether you're looking to take something off (like dead skin) or add something in (such as extra moisture).

Oily skin? Acne? Just want a good ol' detox? Try The Stripper (which can also be used on the body) - charcoal absorbs up to 2000 times it weight (you read that correctly) in excess oil & dirt; salicylic acid cleans out pores while clarifying essential oils calm skin. Cleaning out pores also helps reduce their appearance if pore reduction is on your skin's check list.

Sensitive skin? Dry skin? Show Me the Honey face mask with whole hive complex soothes your skin and calms your complexion. Oh the healing power of honey!

Extra dry skin thanks to cold, dry winter weather? Very Sleepy overnight mask gives your skin a boost of hydration while you sleep. The lavender and orange fragrance is calming for you, too.

Need brightening? Chemical Attraction uses fruit extracts for a natural exfoliation and "peel" that will leave your skin renewed and radiant.

Sensitive skin? Do you deal with redness & irritation? Show Me the Honey and Calm, Cool & Collected are wonderful masks to help reduce redness and irritation, whether you're dealing with sensitive skin or you've got irritated skin (think sunburned or wind burned). Calm, Cool & Collected features C B D oil that hydrates and heals, plus promotes calm & relaxation while it works. The honey in Show Me the Honey brings healing and hydration to help soothe irritated skin.

Anti-Aging? Tightening? Then try Don't Needle Me, our plant-based retinol alternative. It plumps & tightens your skin, helping it look smoother and younger. I can feel it tightening the moment I apply it! It's like getting the benefits of retinol without the down time & recovery time.

My personal multi-masking routine is: The Stripper to detox on Sunday night (get ready for the week!); Call It Even microdermabrasion fix on Tuesday night (that's in a separate post!); because Very Sleepy and Calm, Cool & Collected masks are very gentle, I add them in on other nights as needed - especially if I skip one of my routine masks.

So many wonderful options to provide you with the spa treatment without paying the spa price! From 5-20 minutes, you can easily set aside time to take care of yourself during the week.

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It's time to put your best face forward!! Throughout the day, the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses (even with our masks!!), dirt and dead ol' skin cells. Give your gorgeous face a fresh look & remove all of this junk by simply washing your face.

Different face cleansers with different ingredients target our different skin types and needs:

Dry skin, sensitive skin and anti-aging needs: Eggsactly Right features Poshbiotics, a blend of pre- and probiotics from milk & eggs that help soothe irritated skin while maintaining a healthy looking complexion. It is pillowy soft goodness in a tube.

Oily Skin: Right Back At Ya 2-in-1 face wash features kaolin clay to help absorb excess oils and restore balance to your skin. This can also be used as a face mask to detox & clean out pores, so this one does double duty!

Normal skin, combo skin: Kale'n It uses natural greens to detox your skin, boost hydration and fight free radical damage. Foam-o brightens dull winter skin, helps tighten pores, removes dead skin & reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Best Face Forever (BFF) - everyone needs a BFF in their life - especially one that makes you look your best & brightest. Plant based scrubby seeds whisk away dry, dead skin cells from the surface of your face, while peppermint & grapefruit essential oils tone & brighten the skin underneath. Gentle enough to use daily, or just add it in 2-3 times per week with your current routine.

Complexion Perfection - this is like absolute face wash perfection IMHO. It is the creamiest, coconut-derived cleanser that provides a fluffy lather to wash away dirt and oil. Walnut shell powder polishes away dead skin & aloe soothes and hydrates. The coconut fragrance is my favorite way to start the day (along with a cup of coffee, of course)! A pea-sized amount washes my entire face & neck - and the tube easily lasts me 3 months... a little goes a LONG way.

Photos from Amy's Perfectly Posh Gift Ideas's post 11/26/2021

When it comes to washing my face, I have a super foamy combo that packs a 1-2 punch!

Complexion Perfection: a super creamy, coconuty bit of deliciousness! It works up into an amazing lather and contains walnut shell powder that provides gentle exfoliation that makes it safe for every day use. The warm fragrance of coconut is a wonderful wake me up in the morning.

Foam-o foaming face wash: this is my nighttime face wash. It removes dead skin with lactic acid and tightens my pores with yogurt. The super foaminess of this wash lets me know my face is cleaner than clean before I head to bed!

A pea-sized amount takes care of my face & neck and each of these face washes easily lasts me about 3 months with daily use.

Don't make me pick just one - that's like asking be to pick a favorite between my children. Ain't happenin'.

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I've shared our Black Friday holiday treat, now I'm sharing Posh's "Pink Week" offer: A crazy good deal on some of our most beloved face & body products. Seriously, some of those prices though!!

Give the gift of self-care with some of the pampering goodies. Who wouldn't love the smell & feel of a Lime in the Coconut snarky bar?!? Or the peppermint yumminess of BFF?!? Strip away the toxins of 2021 with The Stripper face & body mask. Why not stuff your own stocking with treats you really want to start the new year of fresh & fantastic?!?

Wanna know something EVEN BETTER?!? You can use Buy 5 Get 1 FREE with these...eeeeeeekkkkk! That just takes things to a whole other level. I'm like Buddy the Elf over here, jumping for joy!!

This Posh offer is good for today (Fri 11/26) and tomorrow (Sat 11/27) until 11:59pm.

Visit to grab your Pink Weekend treats - and if you don't mind, pick any one of my Grinchy Hostesses from the hostess/party drop down to place your order under. I know they would appreciate it!!

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What is your skin type?

Knowing your skin type and knowing your skin's needs will help you choose the right products to benefit that gorgeous face (& body) of yours - doesn't matter if it's Posh or your current brand.

I'm attaching graphics to help with product selection - from face cleansers to masks and moisturizers - if you want to see what Posh recommends for you. These also help if you just want to pick up a product that will fill in gaps or meet skin needs that you may not be addressing at the present. Posh plays well with others (skin care brands, that is). I mixed Posh items with another brand I had used for years, and felt like the Posh masks & exfoliating products helped improve my skin.

Use this to look over face washes, masks & moisturizers, as we'll be diving into these products today and tomorrow.

As always, feel free to ask any questions at any time because others might be wondering the same thing!!

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Who in here likes F R E E stuff?!? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Perfectly Posh loves to pamper you & give you Posh for free!! πŸ˜πŸ’— Here are just a couple of the ways you can get some bonus Posh:

Buy 5 Get 1 Free: Simply put 6 items in your cart, enter the code B5G1 and the least expensive item is yours for Free. Easy Peasy. This is an every day offer on everything unless marked otherwise (the only time it isn't available is for humungous sales like right after Christmas) start thinking about your 6 items! πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
(➑️ You have to enter the code when you're looking at your cart contents... unfortunately, it doesn't automatically apply it.)

Perks rewards points: Create a Posh account prior to placing your order & you will be enrolled to receive Perks points. 10 points per dollar spent, 100 points per dollar to redeem. By signing up, you start off with 500 points ($5 towards free Posh!!) Plus you receive points for your birthday month, purchases, etc. I love using Perks to get my freebies!! 😍

Questions about either of these? Please ask in the comments because you may not be the only one thinking about it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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Skin sticks are, in my mind, the coolest little Posh products because I have never seen them anywhere else!! (Just one of several reasons I love these...)

Over half an ounce of shea butter (to moisturize) and beeswax (to lock in moisture) helps keep skin looking & feeling healthy. With essential oils added in for fragrance and benefits, our skin sticks will pamper you anywhere and anytime.

The Healer: a blend of orange & vanilla essential oils is great for dry skin, cracked skin, boo boos, chapped lips, stretch marks, cuticles, tattoo name it. Apply it wherever & whenever you need it. The Healer is life for me on some eczema like patches on my leg - helps keep it calm and soothes irritation that flares up in the winter months.

Very Sleepy: loaded with lavender, chamomile, magnesium - this is the skin stick you want on your bed side table! I use it every night!! Apply to your pulse points: wrists, inner elbows, temples, behind your ears, base of neck...sometimes I even apply it right under my nostrils. The fragrance is calming & relaxing, which is much needed by bedtime.

We also have a C B D skin stick called Cann I Be, which will be featured with our other C B D products.

Timeline photos 11/25/2021

So, one of my favorite Posh products is the Very Sleepy skin stick. (Anything Posh offers that is named Very Sleepy automatically becomes a fave... πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ)

It was one of the first items I purchased - and it was very out of character for me. It had lavender essential oil & melatonin to help promote relaxation and sleep. Essential oils are not really my thing, but it sounded intriguing (& I needed a 6th item) so I bought it on a whim.

Best.Purchase.Ever. 🀩

I've been using Very Sleepy skin sticks for over a year and still look forward to it as the best part of my bedtime routine. I apply it to my pulse points: behind my ears, base of neck, temples...and off to sleep I go.

I love this kind of pampering on the go!!

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Are you team soap or team body wash??
Most people either love soap bars or are body wash people... but, why not be BOTH?

I love to keep both in my shower because who doesn’t love pampering options?
Our soap bars’ ingredients are fabulous! Let's start with what's NOT in them...
*NO tallow (a.k.a. rendered animal fat β€” ick)
*NO sulfates or phthalates
*NO parabens or lanolin

What we do have is...
*Shea butter
*Sustainably sourced palm oil
*Coconut oil

Can you even pronounce the ingredients on store brand labels?
Our body washes are ultra-hydrating too. They all contain hyaluronic acid, which helps plump your skin to smooth out any imperfections. They’re concentrated so a little goes a long way and they provide TONS of lather for a luxurious shower experience, leaving your skin super soft.

Simply choose your favorite scent and no matter which product you choose, your body will thank you.

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OK, my darling Whos here in Whoville...this is your lucky day!

Today (Wed 11/24) and tomorrow (Thurs 11/25) only, you can get these select BFYHCs at a steal of a deal: BOGO Free!! That would make them $5 EACH for every set of 2 you purchase. But, it only counts on these specific fragrances.

I am loving In-Cider and Steep With One Eye Open because they are warm and "wonder-fall" fragrances!! Lady Limoncello and Mermaid are 2 of our most popular scents. These would make much-needed & unique self-care gifts for teachers, hair stylists, neighbors, coworkers, Secret Santa, name it. Add a tag that says "You're the best [teacher/stylist/etc] HANDS down!" - you're sure to make their day, and they'll think of you every time they use the hand creme.

Questions? Feel free to ask!



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