Holistic Bee Naturals

Holistic Bee Naturals


My kids were fighting over who gets to smell the Blue Rose bath salts 💙🌹
I’m going to keep singing the praises of Brycee Bub and Bare Ends Soaps. I received my latest order and it’s beautiful! The smell of everything is amazing!

We had a new moon and a snow storm last night so it was the perfect time to use the Blue Rose bath salts. The smell of rose and peppermint was so calming and sensual, I instantly felt relaxed and rejuvenated. The baby roses floating in the water made it all feel so ethereal. Big winner!

The Spiced Citrus soap bar smells like a hot orange tea you’d sip slowly on a dark moonless night, sitting on warm velvet cushions while reading leather bound books of mysticism by candlelight. Pure transcendence. Another big winner!

The Healing and Protecting Salve smells earthy and fresh, like a garden after a warm summer rain. I used some on my face to try and calm some of the irritation my skin gets from my masks, and it worked! I’m sold!

I continue to be delighted in the products this skillful artisan offers.
I can’t wait to see what other magical creations she comes up with ❤️
Hey Bare Ends Soaps, I’m looking to make another custom order, this time for a moisturizer.
BTW I’m loving my custom Blue Rose soap, I’m on my second bar and it’s fanastic!! The smell is sooo heavenly 💙🌹🥰
Just got my custom soap, and I loooove it!!
I received my order. I am in love with the Black and Orange soap.Amazing!
After trying the Cardamon Matcha sample, wishing I had the regular size bar💞. Thank you for the natural deodorant it smells wonderful. Everything was great, per usual. Thank you again!❤

All natural soaps, skincare, personal care and spa products. Handmade, organic & vegan! Bareendssoap

Operating as usual


Bare Ends Soaps is now Holistic Bee Naturals! All BareEndsSoaps links will continue to remain active for the next 30 days. The new shop link is HolisticBeeNaturals.etsy.com.

Thanks for staying with me and for all your support!


Big changes are coming and I am here to announce that Bare Ends Soaps will soon be no more. We are re-branding and building a brand new better than ever shop with much more to offer!

While supplies last get 30% off all marked Bar Soaps from Bare Ends Soaps.

Thank you all for your continued support. It has been so much fun. It is now time for a big transformation upgrade. Hope to see you there!

Bryce Elizabeth on TikTok 05/25/2022

Bryce Elizabeth on TikTok

Creating Soap colors with natural ingredients! Sound on!


Bryce Elizabeth on TikTok


Does any one else just carry these handy little du-dads around?? I kinda love any of these quick reference guides. I often cary them around so I can always be prepared for myself and my clients when we are experiencing a discomfort.


Garden shop haul. 😘😘😘

Today we got Yarrow, French Lavender, Mayapple, Salvia, Broccoli, Blackberry, Oregano and Lobelia. They’re all going to make such wonderful additions to the garden.


This fresh batch of 2% Zinc Pyrithione Glycerin Soap w/ Peppermint & Eucalyptus looks so amazing!! This is one of my best sellers! So many customers keep coming back for more.

This bar is wonderful for itchy and inflamed skin and makes a wonderful body wash and shampoo combo.

The Comedogenicity Scale is All Wrong: The Truth About Pore Clogging Ingredients and Acne 05/03/2022

The Comedogenicity Scale is All Wrong: The Truth About Pore Clogging Ingredients and Acne

Here is an interesting article I found with some unconventional information on how to choose the best oils for your skin type.

Many people (especially those with oily skin) tend to shy away from oil based moisturizers. This is the wrong approach. The skin needs oil.
When the skin is dehydrated it can go both ways, either with underproduction of oil (sebum) resulting in that dry skin we all expect, BUT, the skin can also try to compensate for the lack of hydration leading to extra oily looking skin.

The solution is to evaluate your skin type and choose oils with balancing/regulating features. These oils will help reduce the overproduction as well as boost the underproduction depending on what your skin needs.

The best oils for these features are unrefined sesame oil and jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is not actually an oil at all, it is a liquid wax that has been tested to be “virtually identical to our own sebum.”

Check out the article and read through it to see what kinds of oils will benefit your skin type most.

I’ve just taken a face serum formulation class and more than happy to work with you to create perfect oil blends for your skin. Just message me on my shop website to discuss your custom creation. I will be putting some of my own blends out very soon.

“An ingredient’s ability to disrupt the skin barrier and diminish the skin’s natural sloughing ability may be more likely to result in clogged pores than the ingredient itself. Ingredients that alter the lipid matrix (ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids in the skin barrier) can cause increased Trans Epidermal Water Loss, leading to dehydration and imbalance in the skin. Dehydration deactivates enzymes that control skin cell exfoliation, resulting in a layer of dead skin cells that stick together and can easily clog the pores.“

The Comedogenicity Scale is All Wrong: The Truth About Pore Clogging Ingredients and Acne Acne prone people check comedogenic ratings routinely, but recent science says those number rankings are wrong. What ingredients to watch for, and how cosmetics really clog pores.


Getting my on. Have you tried it yet?

Sea Moss or Irish Moss is a superfood algae that provides the body with 92 out of 102 essential vitamins and minerals. 1 small serving (approx 100g) of tasteless, odorless Sea Moss gel added to foods, smoothies, skin care routines can add a healthy dose of nutrients to your day.

Sea Moss is also a therapeutic herb and helps to support:

*respiratory system
*skin health
*immune system

And as a natural source of iodine, Sea Moss helps to support Thyroid function.

Sea Moss also contains a plant-based collagen that is essential for keeping elasticity in skin strong.

I will be working with this personally for the next month and once I get a good feel for its best features I will be including it in some new wonderful skincare creations.

I got my Sea Moss from @happyfoxhealth. This is not a paid promotion, I just did my online research and found this to be a reputable brand to choose. I do have a couple other brands I plan to try as well.

I’m so excited to start my Sea Moss regimen. Cheers!

Photos from Holistic Bee Naturals's post 04/26/2022

We have another splendid new creation to the shop! Introducing Organic Aloe & Lemongrass Herbal Glycerin Soap… this stuff smells so amazing and will enhance overall hydration in your skin as well as reduce inflammation and naturally boost your glow. This blend also includes special herbal dots that restore nutrients and help to improve overall quality of skin including Calendula, Plantago, Yarrow and Lavender. All these herbs have been known for their benefits in wound healing for their anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities.

Get this soap and many more herbal skin-food creations at BareEndsSoaps @ etsy.com!


Omg, so much Romaine!! Another one of the perks of bringing my food scraps home from the kitchen is this!!! These romaine ends will grow right back by just sticking them in damp soil. These have been in the dirt since Wednesday and they’re already happy to grow back. This is going to feed my family all summer long… and at a rate of $2-3 per head of Romaine at the store, this will also be saving me some serious cash throughout the season.

If there was ever a more important time to grow your own food, it is NOW!! Don’t let inflation bring you down, do what you can NOW to make sure it doesn’t affect you any more than it has to. If there is a will, there is a way and nothing can prevent your will from being established. Happy Planting, y’all… cheers to the midwest growing season kicking off!


When the sun is in Ta**us the vital force is focused on the ear-nose-throat region of the body as well as the muscles we use most when we are participating and enduring in hard laborious jobs and projects (neck, shoulders, hips & lower back).

Ta**us is widely known for its love of creature comforts and indulgent foods which can lead to toxicity in the colon which then affects the blood, lymph nodes and thyroid. When toxic buildup persists many symptoms and conditions occur, affecting the skin, brain and other organs.

So, yes, by all means, enjoy all your creature comforts this Ta**us season but be sure to stay practical about going to excess and make sure to do a weekly detox.

Venus, ruling planet of Ta**us is transiting Pisces and will ingress into Aries this Ta**us season so mucus buildup and inflammation are going to be key symptoms during this period. Alkaline foods and colon cleansing is a must!!

**us **usseason


I still have some of this first batch of Oatmeal & Chamomile Soaps left!! Order yours today and tell me what you think!! Shall we keep them around a while??


First Dandelion Root harvest of the season. Dandelion root has long been used to aid the liver, gallbladder and pancreas as it is cooling and moistening. Dandelion cools deep heat in the body and helps to produce bile therefore flushing toxins out out of the liver and preventing the accumulation of gallstones.

I plan on making some dandelion “coffee” with these roots as they have a natural bitter and earthy flavor.

To make dandelion root “coffee”, rinse and cut the roots into small pieces and dry roast them at 325°F until they are slightly darkened and dried. Allow them to finish drying out on the countertop. With a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle, grind the root pieces down to a powder and add in 1 tbsp to a cup of hot water steep. Voilà! You have a delicious digestive tonic right from your own yard.

When foraging for Dandelion, be sure to only forage from spots that have not been treated by chemicals, never harvest from road sides.

When foraging for any plant, *never* take more than 15% of what is available in an area. This is sound foraging etiquette. We must respect the plants and allow them the foundation to grow back from. Many many species of medicinal plants are going endangered due to over harvesting and as herbalists and foragers it is our responsibility to respect the life which we are taking from and only take what we *need* and no more.


Who else is going to be attending this awesome Free Herbalism & Astrology Class this friday for ?? I know I am!! I’m kinda fan-girling hard about seeing Matthew Wood Inst of Herbalism] AND @judithhillastrologyacademy together talking about my 2 greatest passions, Herbalism & Astrology.

To sign up, visit the link in Matthew Wood Inst of Herbalism] profile. Again, it’s totally free and will be worth the watch. These 2 have a combined 60+ years of work in these fields, and, I haven’t seen a better medical astrologer alive to push the bar at Judith Hill… until I get there 😉, that is. 😁


246 egg shells ready to go in my homemade garden fertilizer.

One of the best parts of working in a kitchen is bringing home all this wonderful compost to feed my garden.

Egg shells provide a natural source of calcium necessary for strength and integrity in any garden.


Another donation out the door. My child’s high school is having their annual Spring Celebration to help fund the local Teacher Grant Program to get much need new technologies and programs updated at the school. There will be games, food and a silent auction where one can bid for this incredible gift basket. The event is May 5th and the local community can buy their tickets for $5. Tickets can be bought at http://www.molinepsf.org/news.php. Come out and support MHS so our kids can get the education they deserve.

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