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Stylist Chan'nel is now located @ A Natural New U Salon Services offered: Dreads, Braids, Sista and Brotha locks, Flatiron, Press and Curls, Jherri Curls, Straw sets, Color, Highlights, Relaxers,Weaves,Fusion, Men's and Women's haircuts, facial grooming and much more.

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[01/30/15]   Look for our ad in the local Your Villa coming soon

[01/30/15]   Welcome! Chan'nel Chislom salon experience is currently under construction but, more great photos, tips and appointment alerts are added daily. Enjoy feel free to like anything and bare with me because great things are on the way!
Thanks Chan'nel

[11/15/13]   All specials on this page are available with stylist Ms. Chan'nel only. Other stylist mentioned on this page are not involved prices do not relate to their salon services. It my gift to u for the holidays :-) more hair

[11/15/13]   Need your palm rolled or sister/brother locks tightened up? Maybe u r thinking of getting them for the first time. Our salon owner is the best call Tandra 9515297067 for a consultation today. More hair ladies. A Natural New U Salon

[11/15/13]   Its cold and your hair may be drying outfrom the weather or flaking. Helpful hint for today. Try mixing equal parts honey and olive oil. Saturate hair only for dryness and both hair and scalp for flaking. Place a cap and scarf over hair to minimize mess and simply wash your hair and condition. U will see an instant difference in your tresses. Sometimes Nature is the best medicine. More hair ladies

[01/29/13]   Today's helpful hint= the best tool to add to your hair care regime is a good blow dryer with a comb extension. If you don't own one of these it's time you go out and buy one to see what u are missing.

Not only will this tool cut your drying time in half but it also help's to dry the hair straighter from the scalp to the ends. I recommend Conair's Silver or Yellow bird for best results on all hair types.

Detangle hair very well and part into 4 sections. In front part your hair how you style it before drying. Start from the back and dry hair from scalp to end concentrate mostly on the ends because the scalp can be dried after most of the moisture has been removed from the ends making it easier to feel damp area's. :) More Hair ladie's!

[01/15/13]   ladies never never ever wear a weave for 6 months or longer. It can lead to scalp infection and devasating hair loss. If u notice u have a foul odor in your hair and terrible itching. Something could be wrong. HAIR WEAVES RULES #1 have your weave washed and dried properly under a dryer at least once a month. Never leave your hair wet when wearing a weave this can lead to mildew and molding. #2 take short breaks between weave apointments to give your natural hair a rest and your scalp a chance to breath. Also during this time take a few moments to check your hair and scalp yourself to ensure it is not in bad condition. #3 bad odors, bald spots, scabs, bumps and sores are not normal. Puss, crust, cuts and tender or open areas should be taken care of immediately by a physician only. Dont let your treat u in the salon because a good stylist wont. Ever! More hair ladies!

[01/12/13]   helpful hint of the day: the most important part of good haircare is using the right product for your hair. If u have dry brittle hair always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If u have oily hair use a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner without a heavy silicone or oil base. If u have flaky scalp or dandruff use a shampoo designed for that purpose such as Head and Shoulders or Selson Blue. I recommend doing a hot oil treatment before shampooing because these products can be drying to the hair itself. More hair ladies!

[01/07/13]   Today's helpful hint: For stylist and clients alike.

When removing a weave that has been in a little too long the natural hair underneath can become slightly matted.
This can take up to an hour at times and is very uncomfortable to the client. Next time you run into this problem here is a helpful solution. (This tip also works for Braid comb outs and hair that is hard to comb out.)

Drape with towel and cape. (give client extra towel this can be messy.)*This tips is to be used after taking down braids on dry hair.

Use a cleansing shampoo and water in a spray bottle to saturate the hair but, do this in sections. Start from the bottom of the bundle saturate hair and with a wide tooth comb begin to untangle. As you comb through loosen the dead hair and debris by massaging the bundle of matted hair with fingers.

This does a lot of the work for you. After hair has been completely combed out and mostly free of tangles reapply shampoo and water solution work into a lather, comb through and rinse with warm water.Then shampoo and condition as usual.

Not only does this simple trick work but, it reduces client discomfort, cuts detangling time in half but, also begins the shampooing process as well. MORE HAIR LADIES!

[07/11/12]   ok its time for some free hair like this comment and get your free flatiron for this week. I will inbox winner with appointment availability. Goodluck!

[07/05/12]   ok its time for some free hair like this comment and get your free flatiron for this week. I will inbox winner with appointment availability. Goodluck!

[06/25/12]   check out photo's just added of stylist La Rhonda and Natalie to see their beautiful work.

[01/22/12]   look for our new add in the villa and take advantage of our monthly specials. Have a great weekend :)

[12/20/11]   Merry Christmas and Happy new year from Shelia's house of beauty $25 flat iron special make your appointment today 9516562022




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