San Diego Athlete Massage

San Diego Athlete Massage


Thank you Kristi at San Diego Athletic Massage for the great session. We tried fascial stretching on me today and she was so right, i will be sore but for all the RIGHT reasons. It is much slower and gentler then what my body usually needs but I look forward to using both of the techniques as i continue my life in the world of triathlons.

Therapeutic massage and bodywork for athletes. Reduce chronic pain,improve posture, release tension so you can run, ride and swim faster!#bodymechanic

Operating as usual


Too much focus on a specific body part may not be productive.

Your body is a system. One part adjusts and compensates for other parts. Patterns in the body arise. Some are helpful and others are not.

If you find you are laser focused on your lower leg, or more specifically your medial ankle or more specifically the spot under your medial malleolus- take a step back. Broaden your focus.

What you focus on becomes your reality. If all you can see or feel is one particular spot- that will be all you can experience. Soften the focus to take into consideration your whole foot, lower and upper leg and even the other leg.

Consider your whole body and how it feels. I encourage you to explore, soften the focus and broaden the blinders when faced with an injury or area that continues to hurt.

If you need help working through issues with body or mind, I would love to have a conversation with you.

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Understanding training different muscle fibers for different segments of your race- endurance, hill climb and sprints.


Happy New Year! January 1st can be a time of great reflection.

Did you achieve your goals last year? Still struggling with the same old issues?

What’s stopping you from achieving what you want?

This year San Diego Athlete Massage is offering, in addition to bodywork, mindset coaching. Unlock your neurology so you can let go of thought patterns that aren’t working and redirect your focus to achieve your goals. Success doesn’t happen by accident. Are you ready to create your future?

Wishing you the best year ever! Here to help you make that happen! Xx Kristi

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Happy Holidays from #sandiegoathletemassage As we move into 2021, this is a great quote to remember! We bold, be brave and be your best self! San Diego Athlete Massage is here to support you reach your goals in mind and body. #bestself #nlpcoach #mindsetcoach #achieveyourgoals #sandiegoathlete #noexcuses #structuralintegration #sportsmassage


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Today was one of those days. Woke up feeling ok and then when the workout started... I felt amazing. Feet worked, low back quiet, legs strong, core engaged as an efficient spiral engine and mind focused. These days I cherish and are fuel for workouts ahead. To know what’s possible when the body feels good and is ready to perform is a real plus. Good nutrition, sleep, productive mental health and a movement practice that educates me on what needs attention is my focus. What’s yours?? #feelingstrong #triathlete #traininghasbegun #translategoalsintoaction #sandiegoathlete #orangetheoryfitness


Silent Disco Turkey Spin #happythanksgiving #wobblebeforeyougobble #ridetriteam2020


So thankful I can do what I love and clients receive the benefits.


Pandemic Halloween Fun 2020 @onepaseo #OPCostumeContest


Fix Yo-Self Recovery Special includes 1 hour hands-on assessment/massage plus 1 hour session at a park or via Zoom to go through the recovery plan and how to use the tools for your specific needs.

Learn how to help your body recover quicker, find relief from pain common issues and maintain your body to feel great for whatever life or training has in store.

Special Offer: 2 hours with Kristi plus the Recovery Kit $250 (Value $350)

DM me today to book your sessions to Fix Yo-Self!! #selfrecoverytools #athleterecovery #fixyourself #sandiegoathlete #sandiegotriathlete #lajollaathlete #selfreliance #racefaster #racehealthy


Well deserved recovery for athletes who took part in an unofficial Ironman-ish distance race on Saturday! Kudos for all who raced for an amazing organization. Beautiful night and always great to celebrate athletes and their accomplishments.


Very excited to be moving to a new studio in the village of La Jolla. Moving isn’t the only change coming. New offerings in services will be announced late 2020. Stay tuned. Looking forward to seeing you soon in La Jolla. Current Solana Beach studio is open through the end of September. #newbeginnings #bodywork #sandiegoathlete #triathlete #lajolla

[05/29/20]   Massage studios, in addition to hair salons and barbers, have gotten the green light to resume business. Are you ready to come in or will you wait to see how the reopening of San Diego goes?


Has your pet been putting in extra miles during the Pandemic? Their muscle get tired and sore too. Treat them to a recovery session just like you do! #healthypets #toughpads #loveyourpet #petsoverpeoplesometimes


Supported Bridge

Place a block on its lowest or second-lowest height horizontally underneath the back of your pelvis for a supported Bridge Pose. As you come to trust your block, you may walk your feet away from your face and/or lift your arms overhead.

Stay for 25 breaths or longer. You’ll be countering tightness in the hip flexors while enjoying a gentle inversion.

*Sage Rountree, Athletes Guide to Recovery
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Simple tools to help you unlock areas that have become stiff. Go slow, see what feels good and breath to release. Find space in areas that are tight. #healthyathlete #yogaprops #injuryprevention #tighttips #cycliststretch #easeandgrace #structuralintegration


The setup: place one block horizontal underneath your back ribs, just below the shoulder blades. Place the other block underneath the back of your head.

Option 1: legs extended or Option 2: soles of feet together and let your knees fall to either side, supported by blocks if desired.

Taking nice deep breaths, look for a softening through the chest where muscles often shorten due to computer work, holding onto handle bars or poor posture.

Stay in this position for as long as it’s comfortable. Several minutes, if possible.
*Sage Rountree, Athletes Guide to Recovery
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Hours of fun can be had with your new best friends. Just like any friend, you’ll laugh, cry, feel happy and frustrated. In the end you’ll be a healthier athlete which makes the relationship work. #healthyathlete #injuryprevention #sandiegoathlete #triathlete #athleteselfcare #fascialrelease #easeandgrace #balancedbody #structuralintegration


Having fun with partner workouts is a refreshing and innovating way to get the work done. This is a sample from a video we found online. What have you tried? #funworkout #sillyside #sandiegoathlete #partnerworkout #tiktokchallenge

[04/22/20]   Hips feeling a little tight or restricted after sitting or riding more that usual. Try these two variations of a hip opener as a restorative/recovery tool and also as a way to start to unwind the inside of the legs and hip area. #athleterecovery #hipopener #athleteselfcare #healthyathlete #sandiegoathlete #theathleteyogi


A series of techniques to work on your feet for reduced pain, injury prevention and improved performance.


Taking care of your feet is so important. Your feet are your foundation. If your feet are not in good working order, issues may arise in your ankles, knees, hips on up. These techniques feel good, give you great awareness of what going on in your feet and can help reduce pain, prevent injury and improve performance. Images from 3DMedical APP, techniques from #tuneupfitness #healthyathlete #injuryprevention #plantarfascitis #sandiegoathlete #footcare #loveyourfeet #athletemassage #athlete #selfcare #myofascialrelease


In my experience, an athletes least favorite area to foam roll is the ITB. The biggest misconception is that the ITB needs to be loosened. The iliotibial track is a strap to help stabilize the lateral leg. The issues that arise with this tissue are adhesions that bind the ITB to the quad or hamstring which inhibit the muscles slide and glide. This is where the work needs to be done- along the edge of the ITB at the quad and hamstring. Feel free to message me with any questions or need for clarification. #healthyathlete #foamrolling #healthytissue #injuryfree #selfmyofascialrelease #itbrelease #iliotibialtract #sandiegoathlete images from #3dmedicalanatomy


Converting the garage into our new workout studio. Getting the high school boys back into their training. Putting my personal training background back into action! #fpswaterpolo #healthyathletes #moveyourbody #teenwaterpolo #waterpolo


Hamstring Work with the yoga strap. Go slow, 5 breaths and relax into in vs pulling hard. DM me with any questions. #healthyathlete #injuryfree #easeandgrace #balance #healthytissue #athletemassage #sageroundtree


You’ve been asking for goods to show you San Diego Athlete Massage support. Finally had the opportunity to make it happen. Thank you for all your support, always. Ordering link in the comments. #dudsbydudes #supportsmallbusiness #athletemassage #finestcitymassage


Athlete recovery using the foam roller from the Athlete Recovery Kit. 2 ways to work on the quads 1. Massage Intention- move the blood around. Good for pre or post workout. This style works the muscles in a way that allows for an exchange of fresh blood in tight contracted tissue. 2. Reorganize the connective tissue to allow for the muscles to slide and glide which enables the hip to flex with more ease. Both methods have an effect, just depends what you are looking to achieve. #athleterecovery #injuryfreeathlete #selfmyofascialfoamrolling #smfr #easeandgrace #healthyathlete #sandiegotriathletes #sandiegoathletes


It’s a beautiful day when all the training comes together! 1st place was a pleasant surprise. #ridetriteam #rockthew #healthyathlete #otfcarmelvalley #ridecyclery #zealios #pjuractive #hammernutrition #infinitnutrition


First race of 2020! Excitement and nervousness in full effect. Feet up this afternoon and visualizing a fun race. #keepitpositive #triathlon #deserttri #f**kcancer #sandiegotriathlete #selfcare #gofasthavefun


We have got the all-you-knead recovery backpack. Can go where you go or stay ready for action in your car, home or hotel room. DM me to order. $50 +Shipping or pickup in office. Includes all the supplies and a link to online videos for tips on how to feel awesome using these tools. #recoverwell #healthyathlete #injuryprevention #bodyawareness #betterperformace #sandiegoathlete #movebetter #easeandgrace #painfreemovement 02/20/2020

Should You Breathe Through Your Mouth or Nose During Exercise? – Triathlete

This is something I think about: should I be breathing through my nose or mouth. I know the answer is nose but fall into the trap of thinking I’m not getting enough air. The suggestion in the article is a good one and I will try again.

How do you breathe when training/racing: nose or mouth? Here's the answer to the age-old question, "Should you breathe through your mouth or nose when running?" It might surprise you. 02/06/2020

Muscle Recovery: What to Do About Your Sore Muscles

Always good reminders as DOMS season is upon us😁 In a world where No Pain, No Gain is an unwritten rule of physical training, it can feel counterculture to slow down and do less. But if you are looking to optimize performance, avoid injury, or hit a personal record in your sport or fitness goals, science tells us that integrating consistent recove


Training has started for triathletes and training continues for most other athletes. As the winter cobwebs or holiday downtime is finding its way to the past, how does your body feel? Tired? Little twinge in the calf? Tightness in the hip flexors? Low back saying hello? Are these things you think will pass or is it a good idea to receive some bodywork to stay ahead of the curve and avoid potential injury? Your training, your season... how will you make the most of it? #healthyathlete #findbalance #preventinjury #treatyourbodywell #stretch #yoga #foamroll #percusion #gofast


Fun with feet today. I’m working on a 4 part series on foot health. I was just playing around while filming and noticed how uncoordinated my left foot (right one on the video) is. My left foot and calf have been giving me some issues when running and I certainly have some work to do.

I wanted to share with you because the lack of coordination was so obvious! This imbalance in coordination and foot function could be very helpful in bringing better function back to my left foot.

Try these moves of sweeping foot into eversion and inversion to see if both your feet work the same or if one is more coordinated than the other. If they are not the same can you make any connections to ankle, knee or hip issues on the uncoordinated side?

Let me know what you discover!!

#healthyathlete #injuryprevention #repatternhealthymovement #awareness #offseasonstrengths #newdiscoveries #foothealth #functionalfeet

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