The Camp Transformation Center - Moreno Valley

The Camp Transformation Center - Moreno Valley


And so it Begins!
Great workout today. Feeling excellent about my journey.
Had a killer workout today #the camp
Feelin strong
🥰 #GSquad #ttcmv #LoveMyGym 🥰
How much protein powder should I use?
We started watching Ozark tonight. We're 3 episodes in. Really good. 💵🔫🛢
Thank you so much to the camp, staff, trainers and friends for all the support and accountability in this PYC. I would recommend this place to anyone that doesn’t know where to start, how to start, or needs that extra push. I love coming here every morning because it feels like family 🥰. So If you are still debating on coming, I would highly recommend doing it.
Since the i started the detox program on the 30th of September I’m 8.4lbs down , but that was not the start of my weight loss Journey. I am a total of 13.8lbs down since the 10th of September. Starting The Transformation Camp is not only helping me physically it helps me emotionally and mentally. When having a bad day I look forward to working out because no matter what the issue is, working out helps me feel so much better..... in my words “it’s a bit addictive, a good kinda addictive” I look forward to seeing what else I can accomplish with this up coming challenge... 🏋️‍♀️💪🏼❤️☺️ Felix Orlando Ricarte Felix Thecamptc Andrew TC Pena Erica Brown TC Charlene TaberaThecamp Yareli Thecamptc Veronica ThecampTc
I never knew that I could enjoy working out so much until I started here... another great workout for the books...
Finish the week off with a great full body work out 🏋️‍♀️💪🏼 Thanks Andrew TC Pena ☺️
You know it’s a great workout when you just keep sweating even after a workout 💪🏼🏋️‍♀️

The Camp TC will CHANGE your life & help you take control of your health! Check out the before/after pics! We are honored to help you reach your goals!

The Camp Transformation Center is EXACTLY that. A LIFE changing transformation. We've helped THOUSANDS regain control of their health & CHANGE their lives. Go to before/after pics to see for yourself! It's an honor to help transform &change your life.

Operating as usual


Some "YOU TIME" ❤️️⌛


Give it up fo Miriam y’all!! 🎉With healthy eating and exercise she has worked hard to lose a total of 89.6 lbs! 🤩😍🙌🏼🎉💪🏼❤️🔥Congratulations Miriam!! You killed it!!


Be a part of our next 6 week challenge! Inbox us for more info!


🐰Happy Easter!🐰
🌷From your Camp TC Family🌷


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❤️️️🖤BE KIND🖤❤️️️


☘️💚🌈Happy St. Patrick's Day🌈💚☘️


Low Calorie Protein Pancakes | The Camp FTDI Recipe | Carpenter's Kitchen

How to make the easiest and most delicious FTDI Protein Pancakes! Today we making the exact female portion for The Camps 6 Week Challenge (20 Pound Challenge...


🥇Thank you!🥇


🥊Happy Monday! Let's do this!🥊


Shoutout to Vivian Ortega! We see you! Keep up the great work!


Daily reminders...


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💯💪Way to go! We are so proud of every one of our challengers!💪💯


🍑See you at The Camp!🍑


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💝Thank you for choosing us to support you in your fitness journey!💝


Happy Valentine's Day to you!


❤️We Are The Best Because Our AFF is The Best! ❤️


❤️💕❤️💕Theme Day❤️💕❤️💕


Great job Claudia Noriega! We are so proud of you!


It turns out physically fit people of all ages have had better outcomes in this pandemic. Having health and fitness facilities to help people become and remain healthy are not part of the problem; they are a key to the solution.🧡🧡🧡


"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."
In Memory of our co-founder Dr. Saman Bakhtiar


❤️💚💛🖤February is dedicated to honoring Black History Month, our nation's way of showing respect and recognition for the hard work of and sacrifices made by African Americans. ❤️💚💛🖤


💯Have a great week AFF!💯

Home Of The Famous 6 Week 20lb. Weight Loss Challenge

Here at The Camp Transformation Center in Moreno Valley, we’re committed to supporting you on your transformation to a healthier life. During our six-weeks weight loss challenge, our experienced team will provide you with the high-intensity interval training you need to achieve your goals. In our encouraging, judgment-free space, you’ll become part of a team, motivating each other throughout our group classes. We want to help you live your best life, so we’re here to be your health and wellness resource.

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12625 Frederick Street, B4-B5
Moreno Valley, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 4:45am - 11am
3pm - 8:15pm
Tuesday 4:45am - 11am
3pm - 8:15pm
Wednesday 4:45am - 11am
3pm - 8:15pm
Thursday 4:45am - 11am
3pm - 8:15pm
Friday 4:45am - 11am
3pm - 8:15pm
Saturday 4:45am - 11am
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Healthful information and products for those who want to detox and cleanse their bodies, lose weight, and feel great. We have answers for a total makeover.