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Happy National Donut Day 💖

Check out some of my local favs ⬇️
🍩 Donut Country
🍩 Joe and Dough Cafe
🍩 Tailored Donuts
Where’s your fav place to get donuts?
Thank you Tailored Donuts for being apart of our first Girl’s Night Out! These were hands down the best donuts we’ve ever had 🤩

At Tailored Donuts, I strive to work with any and all dietary needs to the best of my ability.

I make Classic, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, and Vegan Donuts! If your dietary need is not on the list, please reach out!

Tailored Donuts makes a commitment to buying only unprocessed, whole, and organic ingredients for the donuts. By doing this, they are easier for your body to digest and don’t leave you feeling icky after eating it.

Over 50 10/10 star reviews for flavor, consistency, and customer service with many returning customers since opening in January!

Everyone, no matter the dietary issue, should be able to enjoy a delicious dessert/snack!

Classic, Gluten Free, & Dairy Free Baked Donuts!�
Tailoring Donuts to fit YOUR dietary needs! �
Local Business out of Murfreesboro, TN! Custom & Made to Order with Healthier, Unprocessed, and Organic Ingredients!�
IG: @tailoreddonuts

Operating as usual


Happy National Donut Day 💖

Check out some of my local favs ⬇️
🍩 Donut Country
🍩 Joe and Dough Cafe
🍩 Tailored Donuts
Where’s your fav place to get donuts?

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 06/03/2022

National Donut Day!! 🍩🍩🍩

Take a scroll through donuts past from Tailored Donuts and drop a comment for your favorite donuts pictured!!

Grab a donut from your favorite local bakers and enjoy the start to a beautiful weekend!! 💕

I will be working on the Tailored Donuts Cookbook for y’all this weekend!! 👩‍🍳 📕

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 05/08/2022

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing donut loving moms out there!!🍩💕

We appreciate all you do every day for us.

And of course to my mother, I love you very much and am so grateful to have your support and love!


Carrot Cake Anyone?? 🥕🍩

Fresh Organic Carrots sliced, juiced, and mixed into some delicious GF donuts with a little added cinnamon and nutmeg for the perfect carrot cake flavor 😍

And lets not forget topping it with some vanilla cream buttercream 😋

It’s the perfect going into the summer time season ☀️


Happy Sunny Sunday Donut Fans!🥰

Yesterday, I had the privilege to host another Taste Testing for a wedding and it was such a joy! 💕

✨ Strawberry
✨ Chocolate Chip with Buttercream
✨ Original Glazed
✨ Double Chocolate
✨ Funfetti with Buttercream
✨ Red Velvet with Buttercream
✨ S’mores with Buttercream

Such fun flavors to make and a great variety for wedding guests!! 💒

Have a wedding or event coming up??

Schedule a taste test today!!

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 04/27/2022

Peanut Butter Chocolate 😍😍

Gluten Free/Dairy Free doesn’t have to be boring! Neither does low sugar and digestively friendly ingredients!!

This is a chocolate donuts with peanut butter frosting and topped with dark chocolate sprinkles! 😍

✨ Made with organic, minimally processed, gluten & dairy free ingredients and a mixture of healthier sugars without taking away from the taste !!🍫 🥜

Order your own half dozen today 🍩😍


Happy Sunday Donut Fans!! 🍩🍓

Creating delicious dietary friendly donuts is one of my favorite things to do for y’all 😊

Strawberry Donuts are officially back in season and THEY ARE DELICIOUS!😍

Featured: GF/DF Strawberry Glazed Donuts with a little whipped buttercream topping and sliced strawberries 🍓🍓🍓

Make sure to place an order for these this summer season ☀️☀️



You DO NOT want to miss this one!!

Winner gets 5 FREE MEALS from Macro Meals by HK] AND a HALF DOZEN TAILORED DONUTS from yours truly!!💕

Macro Meals by HK is a local meal prep service that offers healthy and DELICIOUS meals weekly! She is truly amazing and I order every week!

Check out Macro Meals by HK] giveaway post for the rules to ENTER!!!


Happy Easter from Tailored Donuts!!

Happy Easter on behalf of Tailored Donuts! 🐣💕

I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends celebrating that on this day, He Has Risen!

The Easter Bunny helped me create some tasty treats this year so THANK YOU to all my wonderful customers who ordered for this Easter! Here’s just a sneak peak 😉


These videos warm my heart!🍩

This awesome little dude has not been able to have a donut in a while due to a few different food allergies and so his mom ordered some Tailored Donuts for him to enjoy!! 💕🍩

I love to see photos and videos of donuts being enjoyed and am grateful for my customers helping me grow as a small local business!!

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 04/06/2022

With so many new donut fan followers these days, it’s about time to reintroduce myself to y’all!! 🤩🍩

My name Taylor and I am the sole baker and owner of Tailored Donuts!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing different pieces of information about Tailored Donuts leading up to my WEBSITE LAUNCH!!! (I am SUPER excited)

I’m from Annapolis, Maryland and moved to Middle Tennessee after graduating college in 2020 (yes, I moved mid pandemic).

I miss my family and friends in Maryland but they’re cheering me on from the east coast and I have a wonderful boyfriend and friends here in Tennessee along with a growing community of customers ( 😉 you guys!!)

You know me as your local Classic, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan baker but I also work full time in HR as a Generalist and spend my free time involved in lots of hobbies!

(Swipe to see more about me! Plus a picture of my family dog because he’s the best!)

When I’m not baking in the kitchen or working my day job, you can find me Running, at CycleBar, at the Gym, or Mountain Biking …(did I mention I like exercise?😂😊)

I also am always making trips to Barnes and Noble to find new reads and going out with my friends and boyfriend to explore more of this lovely state!

I cannot wait to continue sharing more about the vision behind Tailored Donuts and where it’s going in the coming weeks! Hopefully you know me a little better now! 💕

Drop a comment and let me know what we have in common!! (The answer can 100% be a love for donuts 🍩)

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 04/05/2022

With Easter just around the corner, it seems time for some NEW Spring Flavors 😋

🍩 Marbled Cake Iced with White Chocolate

🍩 Spiced Carrot Cake Glazed

The Marbled Cake is a perfect sweet treat to satisfy those cravings 😍 and can be made GF, DF, and Vegan!

The carrot cake is rich with nutrients and is a great addition to your morning coffee or tea. Even if you’re not a huge fan of 🥕🥕, I can guarantee you’ll like this 😋

Need to Order?? DM us! April is almost completely booked!


How do you like your Double Chocolate Donuts?? 🍩

We like ours made with
✨ Dutch Cocoa
✨ Dark Choco Chips
✨ Cacao
And topped with
✨ Dark Chocolate Glaze
✨ Organic Chocolate Sprinkles

AND it can be made GF/DF too!!!

If you’re looking for something decadent and rich in flavor, look no further!! 😍😍

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 03/28/2022

I hope your Monday is as bright as a fruity pebbles donut & as sweet as a red velvet & cream cheese donut 🍩💕

“The consistency is amazing. The fruity pebbles donut is so moist but with a good crunch from the cereal; I am obsessed!” ~ Katherine J.

“Red Velvet is my all time favorite that you make. I had one with my breakfast and coffee and I plan to have another after dinner. The flavor is SO GOOD!” -Megan S.

I love hearing your reviews of the donuts; it puts a smile on my face and it helps me improve the donuts as well!! 👩‍🍳 🍩


Yesterday was this cute cats 1st birthday and her mama gave her a little taste of a Tailored Donut 🐱🥰

She said it was purrrrfect ✨(Lame joke but I HAD to!)

Have a wonderful start to your week and enjoy this beautiful sunshine ☀️


See something you like ???

Tailored Donuts is built on the promise of Organic, Digestively-Friendly, and all around Healthier Donuts.

🍩Baked instead of fried
🍩Organic ingredients only
🍩No artificial flavoring
🍩No “icky” Feeling
🍩Made with LOVE
🍩Made for YOUR dietary needs

Classic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Vegan options available 😋

Have a wedding, birthday, movie night planned??? Ask about our catering & tailored charcuterie board options!!

Want something special for your wedding?? Let’s create a donut flavor special for the bride & groom!

Just want a taste?? Ask about the donut hole box or a half dozen!

Want a flavor you don’t see?? Let’s CREATE one!!

Your options are endless and tailored for you!! 🍩🥰

Website coming VERY soon ✨


A Donut Charcuterie Board??? 😍🥰

Now THAT is something I can stand behind 😋🍩

GF Strawberry Donut Holes with organic sprinkles layered around GF Double Chocolate donuts topped with Homemade Whipped Vanilla Buttercream

I KNOW you want that at your next girls night, guys night, bachelorette party, church event, family gathering, movie night, breakfast party….or just because you want it!!

Interested? Drop a comment 👇🏼


Happy Sunday Donut Fans!!! 🍩🍩

I think we could all use S’MORE sleep with this time change 😴🍩 but not without first trying a S’mores Donut!!

Vanilla Donut stuffed with marshmallows, topped with dark chocolate, and sprinkled with graham cracker and mini marshmallows 😍

Perfect for a weekend treat around a fire or a special surprise to your coworkers to make Monday better 💕

Need pricing info, have questions, want to place an order???

Message us!!
(Website is coming SOON)


Midway through this week!! I know the rainy day is rough to get through…but do you know how much better it would be with a donut????

Featuring: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

A brown sugar donut 🍩 topped with a fluffy cinnamon buttercream icing and sprinkled with cinnamon chunks to make the perfect pairing with your tea or coffee ☕️ 🍩

Even writing this, it’s making me hungry 😋

Drive safe today on your commute to work and stay tuned for more Donut Updates coming soon!!

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 03/07/2022

Happy Monday Donut Fans!! 🍩

If you haven’t stopped by The Healthy Hangout or Lifestyle Nutrition in Murfreesboro, YOU NEED TO GO!!!

Monday is protein donut Monday, made by yours truly 🥰, and this week has some decadent flavors!

🍩 Protein Coffee Cake Donut
🍩 Protein Chocolate Cake Donut

Take a stress break from work and head straight there for a tea, shake, and of course a yummy donut to start your week off right!! 😍

Stay safe with this crazy weather passing through!! 🌧


Happy Monday Donuts Fans!!🍩

I know your mouth is drooling just as much as mine looking at this donut!😍

Featuring: Protein Peanut Butter Oreo Crumble Donut

I know that’s a mouthful but one mouthful of this donut and your Monday will be 1000x better! 🥰

Don’t forget, every Monday is protein donut Monday at The Healthy Hangout and Lifestyle Nutrition! 🍩🍩

What new flavors do you want to see next?!?

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 02/22/2022

Good Morning Donut Fans!!

Happy 2/22/22 (I should be making this post at 2:22pm😉)

Did y’all have a chance to try the new PROTEIN donuts at @lifestylenutritiontn or @healthyhangout.tn yesterday???

Every Monday is Mini Donut Monday and there’s always a new protein flavor to try!!

This past week featured…

🍩 Savannah Smiles (Lemon Cake)
🍩 Samoa

And they turned out BEAUTIFUL!!🥰😍

I hope y’all enjoyed them and don’t forget to mark your calendars for Mondays!!!

Photos from Tailored Donuts's post 02/14/2022

Happy Valentines Day Donut Fans! ♥️

I hope your day is filled with love, chocolate, maybe some Tailored Donuts 😉, and time spent with loved ones!

Check out this years beautiful valentine creations

🍩 Pink Funfetti
🍩 Strawberry Short Cake

I appreciate all of your orders and support as always! I DONUT know what I would do without you all (donut valentines pun of the day) ♥️🍩

Enjoy the lovely weather today!🍩🥰



Have you been craving donuts??

Are you trying to stay on track with your health goals but want something sweet??

Are you trying to up your protein?!

Check Out The Healthy Hangout and Lifestyle Nutrition Tomorrow in Murfreesboro!!🎉

Grab a protein shake, coffee, or tea and grab some protein DONUTS made by yours truly!!

Low calorie, low sugar, and HIGH PROTEIN! 💪🏼

LIMITED SUPPLY so get there when you can!! 🍩😍🍩😍

Featured Flavors: Praline & Cream, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Coffee Cake, and Birthday Cake 😋


Happy FRIDAY Donut Fans!! I hope y’all are as excited as I am for the weekend! 💕🍩

To make your day EVEN better, starting THIS MONDAY, we have partnered with @lifestylenutritiontn and @healthyhangout.tn to serve PROTEIN DONUTS at both their locations!! 🎉🎉

They are packed with protein, minimal sugar, low calorie, and a perfect snack, treat, or breakfast!

Make sure to grab them while they last, grab a delicious protein shake or tea when you’re there, and tag us with your reaction! ☺️💕

I cannot wait for you all to try them! Multiple flavors will be available for purchase!

Set your alarms and add this to your Monday!! 🍩💪🏼


Donuts So Good, Even The Pups Can’t Stay Away 🐶🍩

Clyde Dog was super super excited when his Momma shared a Blueberry Cinnamon Sugar Donut with him 😍

I hope you all are having a wonderful week this far, staying warm, and enjoying the sun! ☀️

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Happy Easter from Tailored Donuts!!
These videos warm my heart!🍩 This awesome little dude has not been able to have a donut in a while due to a few differen...
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