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My name is Sarah. I am a Certified Microblading artist with a passion for eyebrows and makeup. Pleas

Photos from Brows and Beauty_bysarah's post 12/21/2022

Happy 16th birthday to my Babygirl 🤍

Photos from Brows and Beauty_bysarah's post 12/16/2022

A beautiful before and after that makes her green eyes pop💥🔥


Literally the reason I push myself daily; These are my Why’s:

- I have children to provide for.
-A daughter who is watching my every move. One who needs to be shown how to be a strong woman some day. One who needs to know that life isn’t always easy, but it’s worth every second.
- A son who I pray can look at his Mother someday and hope to have a wife as strong as she.
-A world of people waiting at my fingertips to touch the lives of and make an impact on in a session or two.
-A woman out there somewhere who not only needs to be told their beautiful, but be shown that they are beautiful.
-An inner child who needs reassurance that she too can impact people’s lives and feel like a million bucks in the work that she does for others.
- For anyone who’s ever doubted or questioned my drive and endurance in keeping a small business running and steady…. (Going on five years running babyyy😉)and hoping to inspire them that they too can succeed in life 🤍

Whatever your WHY is, keep that in the forefront of your mind and watch it BLOOM🌻. YOU GOT THIS🤍

CA/ AZ Permanent Makeup Artist on Instagram: "MAN BROW MONDAY 🔥 He said “I want all the smoke🔥💨” And that’s exactly what he got 🔥🔥 Y’all seriously need to let me change ya life 😝( or at least your brows 😝😎) DM to book 12/12/2022

CA/ AZ Permanent Makeup Artist on Instagram: "MAN BROW MONDAY 🔥 He said “I want all the smoke🔥💨” And that’s exactly what he got 🔥🔥 Y’all seriously need to let me change ya life 😝( or at least your brows 😝😎) DM to book


He said “I want all the smoke🔥💨”
And that’s exactly what he got 🔥🔥

Y’all seriously need to let me change ya life 😝( or at least your brows 😝😎)

DM to book 📖

CA/ AZ Permanent Makeup Artist on Instagram: "MAN BROW MONDAY 🔥 He said “I want all the smoke🔥💨” And that’s exactly what he got 🔥🔥 Y’all seriously need to let me change ya life 😝( or at least your brows 😝😎) DM to book CA/ AZ Permanent Makeup Artist shared a post on Instagram: "MAN BROW MONDAY 🔥 He said “I want all the smoke🔥💨” And that’s exactly what he got 🔥🔥 Y’all seriously need to let me change ya life 😝( or at least your brows 😝😎) DM to book 📖 #...


Goodmorning Beauties🤍

I hope you all are staying stress free during this holiday season (said no one ever lol)

Just a reminder for all my AZ clients, I am currently booking January 7/8th and slots are filling.

DM to book your slot. 🤍

Photos from Brows and Beauty_bysarah's post 12/08/2022

Still obsessed. Brows can give years back! 🔥

Contact me for a free consultation.


Sheesh! This goes for so many avenues in life.
In Business… if you’re not speaking all successful things into existence it will merely be a dream.
In relationships… communication rules above all.. without it, it’s merely a fairytale waiting to end..
In Self love… if you don’t speak love into your own heart daily you will never truly know your own worth from the inside. Speak it. Whatever it is… it deserves a voice.
So relatable 🤍 Have a blessed day Beauties.🤍


Microblading Magic🪄✨

This beautiful client came to me just wanting Microblading and I knew because of the quality of her skin she’d retain well. She retained almost 100%!

Ladies and Gents, when you see me always posting about skincare and educational tips for skin, just know it’s for a reason! I’m so glad I have clients who are listening and educating themselves because it truly makes a difference.
Invest in an artist that’s going to educate you on how to get the results you’ve been looking for. 🤍

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Happy Monday!


It’s that simple. When you stop relying on the excuses, you’ll find the solutions. Always. Make your Monday one that will manifest results. Happy Monday 🪄✨


Some Man Brow in action. I get asked often “Does it hurt?” “Will I bleed?”
Although the answer varies the majority of my clients will say the pain level is a 0-3 by the end of session.
Yes some clients will bleed slightly but I as a professional, I have the experience to know what we can do to avoid bleeding. This is a great example of a clients bleeding. Super minimal.
Overall, make sure to follow the pre appt instructions your artist gives you and if they are experienced enough you should be fine. Lastly I will say, choose your artist wisely! I promise it will make a difference!
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Happy Monday Beauties🤍


Booking Dec for CA and AZ! Servicing Brows, Lipblushing, Eyeliner and Brow/ Pigment removal.

AZ- 1 slot left for Dec. 10th
CA- Contact for available dates

Book now📖


Most definitely! The ones who care for you will always stay. Always support and love you through the messy days. So grateful for my tribe. Stepping into more growth and a whole lotta love from ones who truly love and support me. This is my season 🤍

At the end of the day


A nice reshape on these brows to add fullness to the tail and a more defined shape to the bulb (front) of her brow.

Procedure: Microblading with shading
Procedure time: 2.5 hrs
Heal time- 7-10 days
Maintenance: 1-3 yrs

Pigment: Brow Daddy “Dark Teddy”


Happy Hump Day Beauties🤍



Do you look at your brows and see areas you just want filled in? Or perhaps you want a better shape that fits your facial structure?
I’m here to tell you IT IS POSSIBLE.
Discreet and professional if needed. I’m here to service your needs.

Contact me with any questions you may have 🤍


Happy Monday Beauties🤍

It officially feels like sweater weather!! 🤍


A general reference of what the healing process may look like. These are all pretty normal and healing process and results may vary.

Contact me with any questions you may have 🤍


3 very crucial clinically proven reasons why Males can benefit from Male Microblading. Thank me later😉😝🤍


How do I move from bed with these puppy eyes starring at me 😩🥹🤍


I am here to meet your needs. Contact me with any questions you may have.


Another good example of transitional healing.

Top- Before session
Middle- Healed first session
Bottom- Second session

I sometimes get feedback from my clients after first session that the front of the brow lightened post first session and that is the point! 🤍

For my style as an artist, I am soft handed and always always educate my clients and always say “You can always add, but you can’t take away.”
Permanent makeup should be a process to that is built on, not shoved in your skin all at once risking scar tissue and pigment discoloration.
Your brows are meant to look natural and soft.
The second session we work on adding more tone to the skin and defining the shape so that when you heal those brows are on point yet still natural looking. 🤍

This client had absolutely no brows, she will now heal after a second session with a nice natural tone and defined shape of her choice 🤍

Contact me with any questions you may have.


Happy Monday Beauties 🤍

Some great tips on pre appt do’s and dont’s to prep for the best retention. Every bit helps!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have🤍


A great example of the difference between the first session brow and once they heal.

During consultation I always inform my clients that your brow tone will be more bold right after the session but will lighten up 1-2 tones lighter. They will also shrink just a bit, so going a bit thicker might be more ideal. There will be areas or even some strokes you will lose during the first session healing and that’s expected. Remember your body is recognizing the pigment newly implanted into your skin as foreign and will try to push it out. This is why the second session is so crucial. Overall the brow will hold the shape we created and will give you so much time back to your day!
I hope this helps! 🥰😍
(Healed results vary)



Starting out Monday of with some 411 🤍

A great reference to read through if you are wondering what the difference between a regular tattoo and cosmetic tattoo is.
There are many misconceptions of permanent cosmetics. One main misconception is that they will never disappear. Technically, for legal purposes, yes, permanent cosmetics must be considered “permanent” because you will always have a ‘shadow’ of the work that has been done (results do vary) but permanent cosmetics do fade and require maintenance. Lasting up to 4 years (depending on the style) permanent cosmetics is a great alternative to a great brow you can wake up to! 👍🏼


I often get asked
“ Will I bleed during the session?”

The answer is typically not, but that also comes with variables. Here are the main reasons why you would bleed during a session (which is minimal as shown if any).
During your consultation over the phone, I will discuss and educate you on the factors that contribute to any loss of retention and all of the things you will need to avoid prior to your session and after your procedure.
Your artist should always take the time to educate and make you aware of the risks before booking.
Choose an artist who is the most knowledgeable and experienced, not the cheapest. Trust me you’ll thank yourself later!


Hello Beauties🤍 in need of Permanent makeup services contact me for a free consultation 🤍


Some post appt brow advice to get the best retention!

If you are looking at investing in permanent makeup services the key to the best retention honestly is SKIN QUALITY! Trust me when I say it pays to stay hydrated!

Questions about services your thinking about booking? Contact me and I’d love to answer any questions you have from an honest perspective. It’s worth the investment!

Book now 📖


See what brows can do for you! 🔥🤯

A year of healed results on this beauty! Completely changed the structure of her face and brought those sexy cat eyes out! Stunning!

Book your brow transformation now! 📖


Happy Hump day Beauties🤍

I hear so often from people “I don’t know how you do it”

And my response to that is “I just do.”

You see, when you come from having nothing, you already have the knowledge of what the “bottom” feels like. My hunger to thrive will always exceed the feelings of fear or comfort.

Starting a business, starting a side hustle or second stream is possible! You just have to let go and GO FOR IT!

Photos from Brows and Beauty_bysarah's post 06/27/2022

Starting this Monday off with the beautiful vibes carried over from this session!
Beautiful Soul. Beautiful smile. Beautiful BROWS!👏🏼🔥

Enhancement to your already natural brow shape can be exactly what you need!

Contact to book Fellas 📖

Products used:

Pigment: Brow Daddy: 2:1- Schokolade/ Tokyo black


Good Morning Beauties🤍

A thought for your mid week vibe check:

“ We become who we believe we are.”

Start today believing you are capable! Feed validation to yourself daily because you are WORTHY.

A few beliefs I have of myself:

My Spirit CANNOT be shaken or taken.
I WILL ACHIEVE every goal I put in front of me.

Remember today that your thoughts become who you are. Keep them deserving of your highest self🤍

Have a great day 🤍


Can we have a moment of silence for this Beard… and now those BROWS!??🔥🙌🏼

Such a fun session to enhance this clients natural shape.
Fellas, Male Microblading can help to fill in sparse areas, add to shape and give a fuller brow!
Contact me to book 📖

Products used:

Pigment: Brow Daddy- 3:1:1- Tokyo Black/ Schokolade/ Honey Magic


I am a small business owner to progress, learn, expand my services and provide for my family.
My page will never be a popularity contest with crazy edited photos and fake followers. I want my audience to be EVERYDAY PEOPLE. My focus is to serve those who just want to gain their confidence back at an affordable price. I too am a Woman and Mother trying to feel pretty like the rest of you.
Happy Monday Beauties🤍


A beautiful bride I had the honor of doing hair and makeup on. 💐😍

Fun fact: . I love ANYTHING BROWS!! I love doing makeup and also offer it as one of my services


A combination of Microblading with shading can really help to eliminate and hide sparse areas in the brow. Keeping your brow shape nice full and defined!

Contact to book 📖🔥




Photos from Brows and Beauty_bysarah's post 06/02/2022

Had to hit you with the close up on the beautiful turnout of these brows 😍🔥

Procedure: Combo Brow
Procedure time: 2.5 hrs
Heal time: 7-10 days
Maintenance: 2-4 yrs

Products used:
Pigment: Brow Daddy: Shokalade
Blade: Jenn Boyd 16U disposable
Needle: Mara colors 3RS

Photos from Brows and Beauty_bysarah's post 06/02/2022


Good morning beauties 🤍
Just a few tips that I preach to all my clients on how to maintain your brows during the healing process.
The first 10-14 days are critical to the retention of your brows. Handle with care🧖🏼‍♀️

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