Gabriela Cervantes Hair Lounge

Gabriela Cervantes Hair Lounge


Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community.

Our Welcome Kits feature and direct these new families to a small number of local businesses for the goods, services & professionals that they need to find.

Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Hair Salon, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being featured in our local Welcome Kits.

It is worthy to note that, according to Dr. Cathy Goodwin in her book “Making the Big Move”, 55% of new residents and families seek out a new Hair Salon within 6 months of their relocation. As such, more than one-half of our Welcome Kit recipients are actively looking for a new Hair Salon.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please reply to this email with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience.

For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text me on my cell which is listed in my signature.

Craig Johnson
(858) 997-4565
[email protected]

Freelance Hairdresser Se Habla Español Services for Men Women & Children!

Operating as usual

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I Believe in Brands I personally use on my self Botanical & Organic Brands Be well🤍💇🏻‍♀️🎙🎶🎸

Photos from Gabriela Cervantes Hair Lounge's post 03/12/2022

So Fun doing Photography, Hair & Makeup can't wait for this weekends Video Shoot 😍 🤍💇🏻‍♀️📸🍒Going to be so Special to see my wk on a big screen again!!!! WORK DONE BY ME AND MY Canon Camera, I love me & my BESTIE 👀📸😍

Photos from Gabriela Cervantes Hair Lounge's post 03/12/2022

My Beautiful Queens ❤💇🏻‍♀️👑 Ur all so Strong




TRY This Trendy FOX EYES Makeup Look For HOODED Eyes 😍


Couldn't help it I ended up going out to see a Caifanes & Vampiro tribute band and so glad I did I have the best beasties and I need to get out and enjoy life while it last, one day I be no more my cute lil all fit was my mamas and it was so conformable and I felt amazing, glad a few people noticed it and told me what a beautiful 😍 all fit ❤ 😊 see ladies 🚺 u don't have to be half way naked to stand out, my mama had beautiful clothing and no where to go cause they saved all their money for retirement and they did not get to enjoy their retirement they died on me so young, so I'm doing nothing wrong by dancing and listening to great music on Friday Night, happy-go-lucky 🎶🎙 🎵 ❤ Weekend to me create the life of ur dreams don't wait for nothing or anyone u do you boo!!!! #bucketlist My daddy loved music I got it from my Papa, aging gracefully rock out what ur mama gave u


Be That Woman~

The one who goes out alone.

The one who dresses for herself.

Even if you're married or in a relationship.

Even if you have friends.

Take a table.


Occupy it.

Sit there as if you own it.

As if it's yours--graciously.

Order wine.

Order an appetizer, ya know, the one you "shouldn't".

Hell, order two.

Sit there with a book.

Stare into space.

Talk to your waitress. Ask her name.

Defy convention!

Put on your silk--for yourself.

Smear your lips red, then stain them darker with each deeply satisfying swig.

Fill your table with food!

Though couples swoon and pick at their dinners half-heartedly...


Savor every Gawd blessed bite!

Read, if you like.

Or simply...

Embody the mystery that is womanhood.~

~Justice Bartlett


Mary Kay training class 🖤💋


Crystal Gels 💅


Have fun find who u are love who you are 😻🙃🤩💜 Healthy Fun no drugs, drinking or smoking dancing makes u feel alive 😍 Dr. PEPPER GAL


Right yesssss🙏 Life is short have funnnnnn😻🎙💋🤍




❤ Lol




Just me !!!!


Fun teaching the next generation I feel like a for ever learner my self !!!! Art never Ends


The Cutest Lil Haircut I done omgggggggggg so adorable 💇‍♀️❤

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Luna llena 🤍😍









Healers are wounded people who learn to heal themselves and by learning to recover their health they acquire the ability to heal others.

It's a spontaneous and natural process.
The vocation to be a healer has to do with the vocation of discontent, not to settle for what others are settling for.
A healer is someone who feels their wounds. Most people adapt, but the healer doesn't adapt, transform them.
He has contact with his experience and that discontent leads him to the unmissable choice of repairing his or her soul.

This process allows healers to develop a great potential for emotional and spiritual regeneration by triggering a profound transformation.

A healer, once known the way, is able to assist others.

A healer is not someone you go to to heal you.
A healer is someone who awakens in you your own conscience, to heal yourself.




Awwww was such a powerful weekend my nephew came to the Altar Call 🎙🤍😍🎙💯

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