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Mobile, outpatient physical therapy in Myrtle Beach, SC.Orthopedic and Sports related injuries and/o


I want to EMPOWER you to live a healthier, fuller, movement-filled life.

This is my mission statement. This is the reason I founded Balanced Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Receiving feedback like this from my clients makes my ❤️ happy. I know I am fulfilling my mission and my goals.

Are you ready to get started?
Email Dr.Sara to schedule a free discovery phone call. We will discuss your concerns, your pain, any upcoming surgeries, and your goals.

Go ahead, take the next step! Invest in yourself and your health 💪

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Loved getting this feedback from my client while she was away on vacation.

She had specific concerns about being able to get on and off rides, in and out of a whirlpool bath and participate in activities with her whole family on an upcoming trip.

So what did we do?

We practiced!

We practiced each scenario and came up with strategies for success.

The reward?

She had a great trip with her family and participated in All. The. Things.

👏 👏 👏

Need help preparing for an upcoming trip? Concerned about your mobility?

Schedule a physical therapy consultation.
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Small Business Saturday… it is finally here 😊

✨ Learn more about mobile physical therapy.
✨ Experience dry needling. Special demo pricing!
✨ Shop gift cards - give the gift of better health and mobility this holiday season.

Follow along in stories for specific booth location tomorrow morning.

I hope to see you there!


It is another !

Grateful for my wonderful clients who are willing to share their experiences with Balanced PT.

Scheduling links in bio.


➡️Feel like you never get enough time with your healthcare provider?
➡️Feel like your concerns are dismissed?
➡️Feel like you are never heard?
➡️Feel like you have to chase your doc out of the room to ask them more questions?

If you answered “yes,” keep reading!

I choose to treat my clients one on one! That is why I am a private pay provider.

⭐️ I want to listen.
⭐️I want to have the needed time to listen.
⭐️I want to address your concerns.
⭐️ I want to help you reach your goals.

I provide mobile, private pay physical therapy in📍Myrtle Beach, SC. I specialize in adult Orthopedics and Pregnancy and Postpartum care.

Want to learn more?
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Move better. Feel better. Live better.

Balanced Physical Therapy and Wellness has a multitude of services to help you reach your goals!

📞Complimentary discovery phone call.

Email Dr. Sara to schedule.
📧 [email protected]

Mobile services available in 📍Myrtle Beach, SC.


My clients say it best!

If you want…
⭐️ one on one care
⭐️ transparent, upfront pricing
⭐️ convenience of scheduling at your own home or office
⭐️ the same therapist at every session
⭐️ patient centered care
… then YOU should consider concierge physical therapy!

I provide mobile, orthopedic and womens health physical therapy in the 📍Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Drop a message below if you have an upcoming surgery and want more details 👇


I am passionate about one on one care!

🚨This is WHY🚨

⭐️It takes time to evaluate someone’s unique movement patterns.

⭐️It takes verbal and sometimes manual cueing to help someone learn and feel new movement patterns.

❌Physical Therapy should NOT be, do 3 sets of 10 with this band and I will be back in a few minutes.

Interested in learning more about mobile, concierge Physical Therapy?

Drop me a message below 👇
📧[email protected]
📍Myrtle Beach, SC


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Cupping is another tool in your Physical Therapist’s toolbox for reducing pain, inflammation, muscle tension and improving mobility. It will likely be combined with manual therapy and exercise to maximize results.

Available at Balanced PT and Wellness.

Ready to schedule?
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New service coming soon!


New extended hours on Tuesdays!


Reminder: you can use your FSA (flex spending account) and HSA (health savings account) dollars to pay for your physical therapy. PT is an approved medical expense, even in the private pay sector.

One main difference between an FSA and HSA is that dollars in the FSA do NOT roll over from year to year. It is a use it or lose it account.

There are 4 months left in the calendar year. Right now may be the perfect time for you to start addressing any nagging aches and pains and make sure you are utilizing the funds in your FSA.

📧 [email protected]
📍Myrtle Beach, SC.
Mobile, private pay services.


Outpatient Physical Therapy delivered straight to you!

✨I have set up to treat my clients in the…
-family room
-garage gym
-front yard

✨I have met lots of pets. Probably the most interesting is a pet snake 🐍

✨I am NOT paying attention to the dishes in the sink, kids toys, or the laundry that has to get folded. You do NOT need to clean up before I arrive.

✨Remember, I am a mom of THREE so the pets, kiddos, and noises of a busy family home do NOT bother me.

✨I am there to focus on YOU and help you live and move painfree.

Ready to get started?

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🤰Who remembers all of the unknowns with their first pregnancy?

Is this safe?
Is this normal?
Should this hurt?
Should I feel like this?
When can I exercise?
Can I do this specific exercise?
How should I sleep?
Can I lay on my belly?

I can help you navigate all of these questions and feel empowered that you are taking care of yourself and your baby!

I am certified as a pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. I am an orthopedic . I provide mobile, concierge services in the Myrtle Beach area.

Please help me share the news and tag the Mommas in your life that need support through their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Scheduling 🔗 in bio.


Access to a can really be this easy!

🩼 Injury?
📞 Call you local PT.
🤗 Feel better faster!


📣This service is LOW risk and HIGH reward!

🔹 30 minute sessions
🔹 Package pricing available
🔹 Service completed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
🔹 Available as a mobile service if local to Myrtle Beach

A great option for you if…
✨You are not sure if you need Physical Therapy but have questions and concerns (PT screen)
✨Enjoy the restorative nature of being stretched
✨ Muscle and joint stiffness from work related activities, desk work, or prior surgeries
✨ Want to recover quicker from your workouts
✨ Desire to learn how to best stretch your body based on your natural build and body mechanics.

📣 Stay tuned because a new service will be added this Fall. Not quite ready to share the news yet 🤫


📣 Attention to ALL the Mommas out there 📣

It is never too late to start addressing your aches and pains, no matter where you are in your postpartum recovery.

I am so glad my client left this review. Her youngest is 4 years old and we were able to address her total body concerns in only a few short sessions!

📣 If you are hurting, avoiding activities with your family, or just don’t “feel right,” PLEASE find a trained in Women’s Health to assist you.



Are you looking for a physical therapy experience that goes above and beyond the traditional healthcare model?

Do you thrive with one on one care?

Do you want a provider that has the time to listen to your goals and concerns?

Do you want to build a trusting relationship with your provider?

Would you feel at ease knowing you could easily reach your therapist with questions?

If you answered YES, I invite you to explore the benefits of concierge physical therapy!

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I believe in the power of .

I believe there is unmeasurable value in taking the time to explain symptoms and diagnoses to my clients.

I want my clients to understand why and where they should feel a given exercise, stretch, or mobilization.

This is why I schedule all my sessions 1:1 because sharing this knowledge takes time.

I am grateful for the ability to share my knowledge with this online community as well. I thank my friend for this kind review!

Do you want some who LISTENS to you and takes the time to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you?

Scheduling links in bio.

I provide mobile physical therapy services in the area. I specialize in Orthopedics and Women’s Health.


This is why I believe physical therapy should be delivered one on one!

I want to LISTEN to my clients.
I want to BUILD relationships.
I want to PROBLEM SOLVE and find solutions.
I want you to feel EMPOWERED to reach your goals and live a healthier, movement filled, painfree life.

I am a mobile Physical Therapist, specializing in Orthopedics and Women’s Health, serving the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Want to connect?
Find 🔗 to schedule, view my website, and/or send me an email in my bio.


When you are passionate about helping people move better with less pain, it shows!

Hello 👋 I am Dr. Sara Selander. I provide mobile physical therapy services in the Myrtle Beach area, specializing in orthopedics and women’s health.

Need help? Visit my website to learn more or send me an email. Links in bio.

Timeline photos 07/19/2022

Check out this awesome service our public schools offer to support our children in need of food.

Remember: this is the final week for our Summer Break Café meal program. While the service at our elementary school locations has concluded, several middle and high schools are still distributing meals. Visit for times, locations, and details.


Love this post from my PT colleague! I had three c-sections. Physical therapy was NEVER discussed even though this is a major abdominal surgery. We all need to for change! We must support our Mommas ❤️

There should be no explanation. Knee surgery? Go to PT. Back surgery? Go to PT. Shoulder surgery? Go to PT.
Cutting into your abdominal muscles will negatively affect your pelvic floor contributing to pain, urinary frequency/urge/leakage, & constipation; it can also lead to spine and hip issues.
If your OBGyn doesn’t refer you to Pelvic Floor PT after your C-section, advocate for yourself!

Who are we? Our goal is to stop pain, bladder leakage, and constipation by looking at the whole body, lengthening, strengthening, and returning to activities you love. We practice what we preach and try to set good examples in fitness and nutrition. We see clients in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

DM 📬
Email 📧 [email protected]
Call 📞 (205) 202-0874
Text📱 (205) 602-1848


Another happy client able to work, teach, and play with less hip pain on this .

I provide mobile physical therapy services in the area, focusing on orthopedics and women’s health.

Visit my website to learn more (link in bio.)


I am passionate about helping others recover from injuries, provide education on how to rehab and/or prevent future injuries, and get back to doing the things they love.

If you live in the Myrtle Beach area, I provide mobile orthopedic and women’s health physical therapy. Feel free to reach out if you need help returning to exercise, sports, or leisure activities that bring you joy. Contact info in bio.


Happy client = happy therapist!

I love helping you stay active and living your best life 😊

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Had this post all ready for you and . Just realizing it is in fact Wednesday!

Who else gets messed up with long holiday weekends?

Anyways, serving the area with mobile physical therapy and wellness services. Certified pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist.

Hope you have a great WEDNESDAY 🤣


It has been a busy few weeks around here but I am beyond grateful 🙏

Enjoy your …one day late.😅


Physical Therapy is an approved medical expense. If you have an HSA or FSA with your medical insurance, you MAY use these funds to pay for your PT, even in the private sector!

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