Touch of Summer Tanning Salon & Spa

Tanning & Spray Tanning, hydro-massagewaxing, hair services, manicures, pedicures, body wraps.

Tanning, Air brush spray tanning, hydromassage, lotions, moisturizers, eyewear and accessories, hair cuts, colors, perms, shampoo, blow outs, waxing, manicures, pedicures, body wraps.

[06/04/20]   Remember tomorrow is our 50% off Friday! Get your appointment before they are all gone & they are going fast!

[06/04/20]   Time is running out to get your base started for a safe and happy Summer! Be skin smart, I will show you how!

Touch of Summer Tanning Salon & Spa

And you should see some of the changes and updates made to ensure your health and well-being during this time. Call today to make your appointment!

[06/02/20]   Two for Tuesday! BOGO 1 session. Appointments are hot & going fast! Call 8603545755! See you here!

[05/31/20]   FINALLY! Opening tomorrow and the appointments are going VERY fast! Please call 8603545755 for an appointment. Call from the parking lot and make sure you have a mask/covering to get from door to room. When you call I will tell you all the new protocols before you come in! I can't wait to see everyone!

Share petition ยท Ned Lamont: CT BARBERSHOP & SALONS TO RE-OPEN NOW! ยท SIGN IT, SHARE IT AND LETS LET THE GOVERNOR KNOW THOSE OF US PREOCCUPIED WITH GETTING THE PROTOCOLS IN PLACE DID NOT SIGN THAT OTHER ONE. WE WANT TO OPEN NOW, AS PLANNED MAY 20TH ๐Ÿ‘ 5,846 new signatures were added to this petition thanks to the people who shared it. Join them and help this petition grow!

[05/18/20]   Apparently some are misunderstanding my anger and frustration about not being able to open my business as you may think it may be unsafe to do so. For those of you with that concern, you have no idea the protocols we jumped through, the changes we made, the time and energy focused on preparing to be as COVID 19 safe as possible (way safer than Walmart, Home Depot or Grocery stores). And not just hair dressers. We tanning salons had to make a lot of changes and preparations to be ready costing money and time. We did it. Not just to meet some standard a governmental agency set. We did it so that our clients would be safe as they took some time for an awesome treatment. We did it so our employees were safe as possible (and/or ourselves too). We were ready. Not just because our clients were ready (though that was a big part of it), but because we put our blood, sweat, tears, time, energy, money and all we have into building our business, cultivating our clients and pampering them for all they are worth (and they are amazing). We did it because after all we put into building our business and all we have learned, we just aren't sure if we have enough left in us to start from scratch and do it all over again. Because we may be starting from further behind the eight ball than starting all over again. IF you don't know what goes into building a business in any economic environment then please don't judge my passion to get back to work as being selfish or inappropriate. This morning I woke exhausted but damn 2 pm I'm exhausted and dejected and feeling very defeated. Forgive me if my frustration hurts your sense of what is right and wrong about salons reopening right now. For my amazing and loyal clients....Just because I'm down doesn't mean I'm out. I know how hard it will be, but I will continue to work toward the goal of being here for you! And I will be, as soon as the green light shines!

Email Governor Lamont

Slam him with emails.....apparently his phone is off the hook... It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Some of the features on will not function properly with out javascript enabled.

[05/18/20]   As pissed as I am at Lamont for changing his mind, I am more angry at the hair dressers who bombarded him with calls and petitions because they "weren't ready". Common sense says if you aren't ready, don't freaking open! For Lamont he should have used common sense as well and told them exactly that. Then let the rest of us open and try to save our businesses.

[05/18/20]   He said he talked to SOOO many hair dressers that didn't want to open...but they had the option to not open. Now we don't have the option on whether we can or not. Common sense would have left it as it was! Here's his number ya'll, blow it up! (860) 566-4840 Gov. Lamont

[05/18/20]   Shame on anyone who signed a petition holding off salons being able to open on 5/20. If you didn't want to open, you had that choice. But those of us who did, who NEED to and who spent time & money preparing to WANTED to open! How DARE YOU?! You had a choice, and now WE DON"T!

[05/18/20]   If you haven't seen, the Phase 1 soft opening has been delayed indefinitely! So Sad!

[05/14/20]   Okay! Wow! Thank you so much to my amazing customers! Appointments are filling up quickly for Wednesday 5/20, so please, call, text or IM me so I can get you on the schedule.

[05/14/20]   OPENING MAY 20TH PHASE 1. We are so freaking excited to be opening back up! Bear with us as we our procedures follow Phase 1 protocols (some of our services are not available at this time). Please call ahead if you can for an appointment, but if your forget, call from the parking lot and we will accommodate you according to our schedule. Remember FACE MASK THROUGH THE DOOR, BUT NOT IN THE BED lol! We cannot wait to see and hear from all our amazing customers! ALSO => ~HAIR SERVICES NOW AVAILABLE MAY 20TH Tracey Abair is now offering her services for all of your hair care needs! Call or Text 203-788-3706 for your appointment!

[04/16/20]   PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT---Just an update regarding the remaining medical records for patients of the now retired Dr. Josef Burton...ASJE LLC 203-770-6830 has about 1,000 records still, but will be destroying them on July 1st. This person has these records out of a courtesy as Dr. Burton would have destroyed them two months after his retirement by law. If you are interested in obtaining the records for your children (even if grown) or if the grown children of Dr. Burton patients are interested in getting their records before they are destroyed forever, I would STRONGLY suggest you call ASJE LLC ASAP and I MEAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make arrangements to get them. They will all be destroyed as per HIPAA requirements on July 1st. Thank you.

[03/20/20]   Due to Governor Lemont's decree, our salon is officially closed as of 7pm today for at least two weeks. So watch for notices. All those with unlimited packages will be on hold until we can reopen. Be safe, and we will see you as soon as we can reopen

[03/19/20]   We are open and have more than tanning beds for your relaxation and enjoyment! HydroMassage & Pod are awesome too!

ATTENTION! With certain businesses having to close down to avoid "crowds," we are not usually crowded and we use the best disinfectant out there and "they" are saying heat and ๐ŸŒž sunshine are good ways to kill the virus. So if you are suffering from "house-a-tosis" don't hesitate to come in and enjoy some Ahhhh! We are here for you. We will notify if that changes in the near future!

This is what I use, and this is what I have always used to protect my clients! And it protects you from so much more than just the coronavirus strains. It protects you from bacterial infections like staph and Lister and it protects you from many viruses too... Click on the full label and see how amazing the sanitizer I use is. So if your vacation has been interrupted do to coronavirus scare, know that Touch of Summer is a SAFE, relaxing, inexpensive and wonderful way to enjoy the sunshine rays as you get ready for summer! We can't wait to see you!

[03/01/20]   Kenna Might, you rocked this!

[02/18/20]   Hair Services~Early Springtime Sale for New Hair Clients Women's Cut $50 *w/out blowout/style Men's cut $40 *w/out blowout/style

[02/18/20]   Wacky Waxing Wednesday! Eyebrow only $7, lip only $6! Other waxing services available all by appointment please

[02/18/20]   *Special* Prom Combo 20% off Spray Tan & Updo (comes with free consult)!

[02/17/20]   Jumpstart Spring and start working on that tan! Unlimited packages on sale 25% off w/ cc 35% off w/ cash today!

[02/11/20]   Due to illness we will open at 3 pm today. BIGI offered today and tomorrow (may be a 3 pm opening again).

[01/22/20]   You gotta try our Infrared heated sauna pod! It has an ergonomic recline, two zones of massage with six different speeds each, and you control the sauna heat at your choice of six different levels, infrared light therapy, Himilayan Salt therapy and aromatherapy too! And at $1/minute it's a steal! You gotta check it out for yourself!

[01/22/20]   Tired of cold, achy fingers, toes and nose? Need a break from the bitter cold? I've got what you need in many forms! We have the tanning beds (and stand-ups), the heated Hydro Massage bed (a double yummy), & The Wellness Pod aka EVA (A Royal Flush of head and yummy!) Stop in today and see what we can do for you!

[01/21/20]   The best way to warm your day and $ave! Buy One Session, Get One FREE! All day today!

[01/20/20]   Come in and check out our Unlimited Month Package sale! Start your warm up today!

[01/18/20]   Closing up...tomorrow's hours will be weather pending...

[12/31/19]   Wow! Last day of the year, of the decade actually...So much to remember, forget. Take time to embrace it all because even those things we "forget" brought lessons learned. Be safe as you celebrate and enjoy all you love. Remember today is more than Buy One, Get One, it is the last day of the End of the Decade sale. 35% off unlimited packages, 20% off Session Packages and we are closing at 2 pm to get ready for the new decade!

[12/30/19]   I am closing up, roads are too dangerous! Be safe out there!

[12/24/19]   Remember we close at 2 pm today! Merry Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas to all! Come get your Buy One, Get One!

[12/21/19]   Stop on in and get those gift certificates while the sale is hot!

[12/20/19]   Don't forget today is 50% off single session (+ the Christmas Sale), but we will be closing at 6 pm instead of 7 so don't wait, warm your toes now!

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80 Park Lane Rd Ste 2
New Milford, CT

General information

3 Power Levels, 5 Dr. Mueller beds, 2 SunCapsule Stand Up, Airbrush tanning and Hydro massage bed, 1 pedicure chair, 1 manicure table, 1 hair station and shampoo bowl, 1 "massage chair" for waxing and body wraps

Opening Hours

Monday 09:30 - 19:00
Tuesday 09:30 - 19:00
Wednesday 09:30 - 19:00
Thursday 09:30 - 19:00
Friday 09:30 - 19:00
Saturday 09:30 - 17:00
Sunday 11:00 - 16:00
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