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Videos by JUARA Skincare in New York. JUARA (n. [Indonesian]: Champion.) is a paraben-free skincare line inspired by Indonesian herbal trad

Martini Body Oil

Curious how our Kartini Body Oil got it’s name? ✨👑 We are doing a new video series asking Metta what her fave JUARA products are and this is one of them!

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Martini Body Oil
Curious how our Kartini Body Oil got it’s name? ✨👑 We are doing a new video series asking Metta what her fave JUARA products are and this is one of them!

Introducing JUARA’s new Soothing Island Comfort Green Tea
Hear all about why you need to try this tasty new addition to the JUARA product line from Co-Founder Metta Murdaya.

Give your eyes all the love and attention they need with our Miracle Tea Complete Eye Creme - a multi-tasking tonic for targeted eye care treatment, that firms, brightens, minimizes fine lines, reduces bags under eyes, dark circles, and puffiness! 👀 Shopping link: https://www.juaraskincare.com/

✨Discover the essence of JUARA ✨

Jamu is a traditional Indonesian medicine made from roots, herbs, flowers, bark, and spices. It not only tastes good but delivers a powerful punch of health benefits. Here is a little "taste" of how Jamu is made in Indonesia. ✨ Have you ever tried Jamu?

Co-Founder Metta Murdaya on the Jamu Lifestyle ✨

The ancient drink that powers Indonesia #JAMU ✨

JUARA is thrilled to now be offering wellness retreats. We kicked off the experience in Bali, Indonesia, and will continue with future events in the USA - coming up next in New York in Texas. Each will have a slightly different theme but all will be focused on self-care and wellness. We believe in championing your natural beauty and that begins with taking care of yourself. Stay tuned for more details on how you can register for the upcoming events and while you wait check out the highlights of from Bali.✨

Self-Care Sunday! 🧖🏼‍♀️🧖🏽 Whether it's your favorite face mask, rom-com, gym session, or a bath complete with a few pumps of JUARA Candlenut Glow Body Oil (our personal favorite); we all need a Sunday ritual to recharge our mind and body for the week ahead. What do you do to sooth the "Sunday Scaries"? 🙈

🌸Happy Kartini Day!🌸 Today we celebrate the birth of Princess Kartini, a beloved heroine of Indonesia. Kartini utilized her power as Princess to promote the education of women and children. We thank her for her efforts! In honor of Princess Kartini, dial in to your own femininity and power with our body oil from her namesake: JUARA Kartini Body Oil. This botanically-rich dry body oil nourishes, firms, and leaves the skin feeling restored but not greasy. ✔️ Pro-tip: Use the left over oil on your hands to smooth stubborn fly-aways. 😉 Take on today and every day with the power of Princess Kartini.

Dealing with oily skin? Add this step to your skin care routine: JUARA's Rose and Willowbark Purifying mask. Use twice a week to exfoliate your skin and unclog your pores. It is a gentle, natural treatment that helps soothe and clear your skin and can refine your skin texture.

Are you familiar with JUARA Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum? This instantly skin-firming serum is packed with botanical actives including Turmeric, Clove Flower, Indian Gooseberry, Green Tea, Algae that brightens, protects, plumps and hydrates skin. It also contains high levels of Vitamin C which also promotes skin brightening. This cocktail of powerful natural ingredients is our skin-saver-look refreshed night and day! 🥰

Don’t you agree that good hydration is the key to your beauty sleep? Fact: Our skin is set up to repair itself at night, so let’s nudge that process along. Before you go dancing off to dreamland, don’t forget to apply JUARA’s Miracle Recovery Creme as a part of your nourishing night ritual! 🤩 This treatment not only deeply hydrates, smooths and firms skin, it also boosts skin recovery from environmental stress, especially at night while you sleep 😴💕

Oh, don't you want a mask that brightes and purifies but doesn't dry, harden and strip your sensitive skin? JUARA Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask is the answer! What it can do for you? ⭐ Brightens ⭐ Reduces Inflammation ⭐ Smoothes & Moisturizes ⭐ Purifies ⭐ Gives a glow in 15 minutes!