Kinematics Physical Therapy Inc

Kinematics Physical Therapy Inc


You guys are truly the best!! You have helped my son (Daniel Lopez) so much. Forever grateful. #hesreadytoplayball⚾️
This Place Is De Place :) Rock and Roll Hurry and Get your Butts In Here :)
Driving home after today's session, feeling good android rocking out to K Earth. I found it ironic that this song was comes on because it's almost telling the story story of my experience with you guys. Thanks Matt! I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this good.

I used Shazam to discover Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor.
Getting ready for some awesome p.t. for his lower back. We love this place, highly recommended!
Happy Birthday Matt. Hope you have a GREAT one.
Love 💖 this place. Thanks Matt!
Congratulations Matt and the gang. Sorry we missed your grand opening but best of luck and longevity to you and the kinematics family. From The Marin
Look what Emme found.
Feeling real strong after today's therapy session. It feels like it has been a long time since I could say that. Thanks to all the staff here, definitely wouldn't have made progress with out you.
Love this place!
Matt is an Excellent PT he has taken care of my daughter and brought her back from a few injuries! Don't hesitate to utilize his service this is a great company!
We are working hard to be ready to serve the community in just a few weeks now. Any and all prayers are welcome at this time to remain steadfast and faithful in our efforts as it is a great task.

We are a proactive clinic determined to provide you with optimal care. We are open to anybody in need of enhanced wellness and restoration of livelihood

Operating as usual


Baseball HOOK- If you've worked at a high enough level with ball players this is nothing new. The hook of the hamate will get fractured from resting the butt of the bat on it, paired with microtrauma from swinging.
💪D1 @miamihurricanes commit @masonngreenhouse began having pain and took the plunge to get it fixed. Very easy rehab as evidenced:
🤓After surgical excision for hook of hamate fractures in professional baseball players, 84% were able to RTS, with 81% returning to the same or higher level. The median time for players to RTS after surgery was 48 days. Player usage increased after surgery, while hitting efficiency slightly declined.-Erickson 2020




🦵Case Study: D1 Wide receiver 13 weeks post ACL and posturolateral meniscus repairs having posterolateral knee pain. Most PT done at another clinic close to his school

💥Full ROM but Pain is present with both active and passive end range flexion.
💥Pat-fem is unremarkable
💥Hamstrings marked tightness at 60deg
💥5 deg differential in gastrocs length inv-uninv
💥Post tib mobility in open packed position 1/5 mobility
💥 3cm upper leg atrophy

🤓Treatment(in order)🤓
💫Posterior tib mobs GPM II-IV for 3mins into range= DECREASED PAIN
💫Biceps femoris and lat calf release= NO PAIN WITH ACTIVE MOBILITY
💫Reinforced with BFR active ham pulls without pain

👀 Up and coming PTs... you're only as good as your subjective that leads to a good objective, that sets you up for a great treatment program and bullet proof final results. EVERY VISIT!
👀The biggest difference is the size of your tool box and the "know how" when to use the right tool. No gimmicks- you either know it or you don't.

⁉️Tap in with any questions⁉️



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New Spring KPTswag already getting buzz! Can you name the show for the inspiration for these?


💪Privilege to meet Chris and @daltonjameswhite @fyxsports and his team! Colorado Springs elite athletic performance thriving due to these guys and their training techniques.
👀Would be SOLID to work with this company in the FUTURE. Drop in if you're in the area OR off-season for top end work.


🦾This is what proper PREPARATION and EX*****ON looks like in Ortho and Sports specialty PT DAILY!!!


⚠️Gut Check moment for you aspiring DPT students that want to work with elite athletes AND/OR comfortable experienced practitioners...

🤤Stay THIRSTY MY friends!!


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🥳Morning crew owning women's month! This month we will be serving at a women's shelter, doing a spa GIVE AWAY and more for our ladies!! Stay tuned...
👀First challenge:
1. ladies take a pic IN your kptswag,
4. Share to your story

💪💕 💕💪


🥳Big congrats to @dianatrannam getting accepted into @westernu_dpt this year! Diana has an amazing personality, top end customer service and dedication to her work for almost 2 years now.
👀Almost all of our employees start as interns, are offered the opportunity for employment if they make the cut AND get into graduate programs with our letter of recommendation. They are WELL prepared to enter their first year with confidence! Good luck and blessings to herjourney.

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PTA student @sarajanylala from @calbaptist is finishing up her rotation with us... so the real question is.. Who is the real Sara?
1 What is your Sign: Ta**us
2. Why did you choose PTA: She saw the difference that she could make in peoples lives
3. Favorite thing about Kinematics: The staff was extremely welcoming and helpful in her growth
4. Coolest thing you saw while here: Day 1 post op shoulder patient with all goriness intact
5. Dream Vacation Spot: Ireland

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"We want to be a CHURCH known for what we stand FOR more than what we stand AGAINST".
- To love others for their differences is to know how God loves
🔥@vantagepointchurch never afraid to do that daring work for Christ. If you are interested in a biblical approach IN LOVE to these tough topics show up or tap in on their virtual services.
👀These messages are designed for 13 years and older for this 5 week series

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🦴Fun serratus Research!🦴 Small study out of Japan found that when they did focal fatigue of the serratus anterior, rotator cuff muscles increased as compensation with said failure.
💪Great training point for overhead athletes, punching athletes and bench pressers. Not only should we take time to develop the serratus (at 120 deg elevation) to minimize injury, but make sure we're dynamically training our athletes rotator cuffs for a security blanket.
☠Also adds into the conversation why our athletes rotator cuff fail under big loads or reps. Keep your brains on my friends!

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New KPT Staff Exclusive SWAG just in! Super soft comfort wear for the fam. Small fun perks of working for us.


Warmest wishes, prayers and best of luck to @ikechukwu as he goes back to turn some heads in the league with a full bill of health and steam. Amazing athlete and even better man! See you in the off-season.


During Dr. King's 20 year ministry: Arrested more than 30 times
🗣Commemorating Dr King remember his message was the same as the gospels preaching that of peace, love and brotherhood DESPITE our DIFFERENCES. Be the CHANGE You Want to see in this world.

🙏"Use me God,  show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself"

❤"Let no man drag you so low as to hate"


Happy New Years from Kinematics! Be safe, have fun... let's ring in this new year with hope and good tidings


2 Corinthians 9:6-8 This Christmas we were blessed to be able and GIVE BACK.
🙏With the help of and @norco_high we were able to bless families in our community with over $600 in Christmas gifts AND this Christmas eve delivering Christmas meals to those families.
🙌We are overwhelmed with gratitude with the opportunity to share the love of Christ and true Christmas spirit.
✔This last week of Christmas we encourage you to find peace, joy, rest and rejoice in the celebration of the birth of Jesus.
💥Be the Change You Want to See in This World💥



Meet Doug!! Our most recent DPT student from Azusa Pacific University. He just finished his rotation with us and we are so sad to see him go. He came in and owned his time here, learning quick and applying that knowledge well.

We are confident Doug will go on to make a great PT. Before he left we asked him a few questions about his kpt rotation and his life

1. What was the most enjoyable thing about your rotation at kpt?

There were a wide range of patients I was able to work with and I really enjoyed the people I was able to meet and work with

2. What originally sparked your interest in Physical Therapy?

I got into PT because of the injuries I sustained playing high school football and working in clinics seeing how much I could effect someone’s life

3. Where did you meet your fiancé?
(Doug gets married this weekend!!!)

I met my fiancé working at a PT clinic with her in Orange County

We wish you the best and congratulations on your wedding!!🎉 @dougtfresh50

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