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Hair by Ari is privately owned studio salon. Please visit my website at
48 hr. cancelation policy during business hours.

See Web.

Operating as usual

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When my sister says go blonder…I do it. #subtil #subtilice #phyto

[08/05/21]   Masking up
Hair by Ari.
Please come with masks on.
Thank you.

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This is what happens when you have a no show!
#selfiebangs #bangs #curtinbangs


Getting blonder getting blonder do do da do do dooooooo 🎵🎶🎵🎶

Getting blonder getting blonder do do da do do dooooooo 🎵🎶🎵🎶


Sooo, this side flips and the other side doesn’t... can you get out your magic Shear wand and fix this? #letitgo #thatshairtho

Sooo, this side flips and the other side doesn’t... can you get out your magic Shear wand and fix this? #letitgo #thatshairtho

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Get excited everyone!!
I am THRILLED to announce
I just placed a PHYTO order for retail!

And yes, I will still carry Kevin Murphy too!

#phytousa #kevinmurphy #lovekevinmurphy

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Who’s been Ari-fied through the years at HBA!?

Photos from Hair by Ari - North Liberty Hair Salon's post 02/17/2021

Photos from Hair by Ari - North Liberty Hair Salon's post

Photos from Hair by Ari - North Liberty Hair Salon's post 02/17/2021

Here’s some great hair from 2020! Well, ok, last two are just to make you laugh.... Me from the late 80’s, it’s great hair and we all know it.


Valerie Walker Eichhorn had Covid hair ( aka no cut since MARCH 2020 ) ....Now she’s been Ari-Fied Arianne Bult Price. Love you Val ❤️


Small business can use all the help right now! 08/16/2020

These Great Hairbrushes Will Easily Style, Detangle and Add Shine to Your Hair — SPY Never overlook the mild-mannered hairbrush. 07/04/2020

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All my peeps who love Phyto! Big sale today only. Sale ends 11:59 PM EST.


If Mrs. Traininghead can do it.... we all can. #getyourmaskon


Love Kevin Murphy

Ladies..... Easy Peasy!

Press Play to watch COLOR.ME Education Manager, JODANA GEARY create soft waves using these KEVIN.MURPHY favourites - available as MINI.MURPY'S to pop in your bag for your on-the-go adventures!

Products Used:

[06/27/20]   Hello all you beautiful clients,
This is a friendly reminder:

You have to wear your masks when you come to my studio for your service. It’s required. It’s not an option.

I know it sucks. I hate wearing it allllll day long. It’s hard. I am wearing it to protect you. I hope you want to wear it to protect me too.

We are in a small space together. We cannot be six feet apart. I am touching you. Please respect that I am risking my health to do your hair. Respect, by wearing your mask. I know so many of us have different opinions on Covid and we all don’t feel the same about it. That’s okay... but wear your mask in my studio.

Cases are going UP in Johnson county.
I am taking this seriously. I want to protect my family and this community. Let’s unite and get this nipped in the bud. Let’s protect each other.
Thank you!


Happy Memorial Weekend!!! Miss you all so much! June 1 is right around the corner. You all have been so wonderful and Patient. I appreciate you waiting for me! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️


Everybody has bad hair days.



Got this! Ladies, get EXCITED!

Get exclusive benefits when you order your new Dyson Corrale™ straightener direct from Dyson.


Here we go Ladies ... and Gents. We are off to respect one another’s lives, and we’re doing it in such a fashionable way! #wearyourmasks

[05/17/20]   Hello Everyone!

I just finished with the last of rescheduling! I’m pretty much booked up all of June, Monday through Saturday.

I don’t think I missed anyone. I had listed everyone who needed rescheduled and the date of their cancel. If I missed any of you... I apologize, but please text me so I can put you on my books.

If you are wanting to schedule for July or summertime, text me. I’ll get you in . My online booking is off for now. I will turn it back on closer to end of June.

Miss you all! I’m ready to get back to work and see all of your masked faces!! 😷☺️


This is perfect....
Was a HUGE fan of Anne of Green Gables growing up! If you were too, you will think this is perfect. The last one is for all you beauties!

Anne of Green Gables characters in the time of Covid. Pure gold. 💥🤣💯

[05/15/20]   Hello from Hair by Ari. I Sent out a reopening email to your address I have on file. important info on rescheduling and new protocol to know before your next appt. Check spam if you did not receive. Text me if you did not receive and I will send again. Text me at 319-400-0414. Cant wait to see you! 05/15/2020

Hair by Ari Reopening!!!! - Click here to view promotion details.


Miss you all! Working on an email to everyone today. Let’s hang in there together!

[05/13/20]   Hello everyone!

The governor has allowed salons to be open as of May 15th!

I have decided to open my studio salon on Monday, June 1. Here’s why....
My husband Leon will be having surgery next week. Leon and I are both required to quarantine prior to his procedure. It is upon advice, I decided it is best for Leon’s safe recovery, to not go back to work until a week after his surgery.

Due to the regulations provided by the state and the recommendations from the Iowa Cosmetology
Board, I will not be able to book appointments back to back, the way I use to. This is to give me time to sanitize and make sure all the safety measures have been implemented for each client. Therefore, it might seem to take longer to get you back in. Know that I am working hard to get everyone scheduled in a timely fashion. I know how anxious everyone is to get back to normal and feel great about their hair again.

Please allow me time to work on scheduling. I have a list a cancellations and I plan on getting people scheduled in the order they were canceled. Thank you for your patience. I am working on the schedule now and I will reach out to you within this week. I will get a hold of you.

For your peace of mind, I am not taking on any new clients at this time. I also will be working extra hours. I feel it’s important at this time to take care of all of you who need rescheduling first, and do it in a timely manner. You are my priority!

PLEASE COME WITH YOUR OWN MASKS. At this time and stage of the virus, I’d like everyone to wear a mask. Preferably one without ties around the back of the head, since I will be working on your head of hair. Masks that loop around the ears are best. IF YOU COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHOUT A MASK, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO RESCHEDULE, BUT WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR SERVICE. Same goes with sickness, if you show up and are sick, have a fever, or you or any member of your household have been sick within the last 14 days before your appointment, I will ask you to reschedule, but you will still have to pay. Please be mindful and respectful of this. It is important! This is for everyone’s safety and out of respect for everyone on my waiting list. Thank you for understanding.

I am anxious to get back to work! I am ready to see everyone and can’t wait to catch up and make you all feel great and beautiful!

I don’t want to go into to much more detail here on my FB page, but I will be sending out a detailed email with in the week with all the guidelines and regulations that are required by the state for people entering the salon. There will be a “new norm” for everyone to be aware of. I plan on taking every precaution for your safety and mine. Please read the email throughly so you will be prepared before coming to your appointment.

See you soon!
Love, Arianne


[05/12/20]   I was hoping the Governor would announce a possible opening date today. I realize it’s nearly impossible to do with numbers going up. She said she would announce tomorrow.

I wanted to post and let all my clients know, that once I know an opening date, I will send out another mass email to everyone. I know everyone is anxious to reschedule.

I am MOST concerned about safety for you as the client, and the safety of myself and my family. I am not making a decision to open based off of what’s good for the economy. This is not an easy decision for me to make, because I am 💯 percent ready to get back to work and get all my clients back on the books. I need to work, for my mental health and financially. I know all of us have been affected.

I am preparing to open as I post this. I am ordering and pre ordering ( a lot of things are back ordered ) supplies needed to re open. I have cleaned my studio from top to bottom. I am doing what I can to prepare to open my doors as soon as I feel it is best.

I know how ready you are! I am getting so many texts and emails, and I understand. I am so thankful for the job security you have all given me. Please continue to be patient.

When I do re open , I cannot squeeze people in, I cannot go from client to client quickly. I will need more time to do more through cleaning . All though, I’ve always used hospital grade disinfectant and have been through, I will need to wipe down so more of the area and better prepare for each client I take in a one day. This will all take me more time in between clients.

I wanted to let you know I think of each and every one of you everyday! I will be excited to get back to work to see you ,catch up and make you all feel beautiful and refreshed!

An email will be going out to all of you by the end of this week.

Love to you all! Be safe and stay healthy!



Found this little guy in my basket of scarves and hair ties.


Click on this and Watch. Resist the urge to cut your own bangs!!


Miss all you Lovies so much ... but I don’t miss this at all!

[04/27/20]   Once you receive my email , there’s a place at bottom of page to leave Hair by Ari a review. Please go and leave me a review. Either on my website or here on my page. Everyone who leaves me a review will GET.......10% off your next service!
Thanks everyone for your continued support!


My very favorite celebrity hairstylist. He’s here to give you a little inspiration and show you how to wave your own hair! Have fun beauties!


If you have roots, here’s a temporary fix! Kevin Murphy retouch me. It washes out with shampooing , but completely covers your gray. It’s $29 and can be shipped directly to your home for $5. OR, I do have 3 of the colors in stock if you wanted to curbside pick it up. They go fast! ( I have black, auburn and dark brown )


I will be sending a mass email to all of you....
But I know everyone is anxious about getting their appointments rescheduled, so I wanted to post here today and let you all know.

The governor is keeping salons closed until May 15th, as of now ...
I have decided for the time being all appointments in May are canceled. When I know I can open my books again, I will let you know. For now, please no online booking, as I have a huge list of people who need rescheduling from March and April.

Unfortunately, rescheduling is not happening right now until I know where I can put you. When I do reschedule, as you know, I will not be able to work everyone in the very first week. I will be rescheduling the first cancels from the week of March 9th... and go from that order. I appreciate your patience.

Also please know, that your first initial color appointment may cost a little more, especially If I have to use more color then normal, and it takes longer then normal to do. Thank you for understanding.

I know hair is such a big deal and has so much to do with our confidence.

If there are any questions or concerns, please DO NOT HESITATE to ask me. Text or email me, I am here for you and want to do what I can. I’d love to help.

Remember , I am offering curbside color kit pickups for $25 . I also have some products on hand or you can have them shipped to your door for $5 shipping . Including Kevin Murphy root spray touch up that washes out. Thank you to all those who are ordering from me at this time. It helps me out tremendously. I cannot thank you enough. ❤️

You are all so beautiful and lovely. I miss you and cannot wait to see you again...soon!

Love, Ari



Kevin Murphy retail and Davines color



1215 Jordan Street #9
North Liberty, IA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
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