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H**pVe would like to invite you to advertise your h**p products, services and h**p events on h** where regular ads are always free to post. We have multiple categories to fit your needs. Post as many products as you like in as many categories as you wish!
H**pVe believes in sustainable shopping and is proud to offer an all h**p platform to both green shoppers and h**p vendors. Whether you sell seeds to CBD raw or packaged, from retailers to wholesalers H**pVe has you covered. Come check out how you can help your product reach the world!
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Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
Welcome to H**pVe!
Have a wonderful day with family and friends
attaching my idea for a sign, can you please let me know any alterations or additions you want on it? I also need the size you would like it, Mr. Calvillo. I can also work on other options if this just isn't what you were thinking...thanks for asking me!
We have been brainstorming all fall and have come up with some exciting new products! Stay tuned for sneak peaks in the next couple of weeks. We are so very excited! Here's to your wellness, dear friends!
Trimmy trimmy.........HARVEST TIME!!!
I can't send a message. Can you please message price and phone number. Thanks
Have a great weekend everyone!
I love this wonderful product, and I also love making them! These are our helping hearts dog treats but they are also safe for humans. These delicious little morsels can be used from joint pain to menstral cramps. Made from CBD infused coconut oil, natural peanut butter, and a little bit if cinnamon, I can't help but want to lick my fingers! Mmmmmmm
Praise God for this beautiful day in the Rockies!!!
It's finally planting day! H**p h**p hooray!!

Excited to be pioneers in the industrial h**p industry! Passionate about our product, and committed to organic growing strategies.

Operating as usual


It's been forever since our last post. We are busy making our cbd products. Not growing this year again because we still have material to use up. So we are growing veggies, chickens, and grandkids! Helping people is our continued passion. You can always message us here for our products. Have a great weekend!!

It's been forever since our last post. We are busy making our cbd products. Not growing this year again because we still have material to use up. So we are growing veggies, chickens, and grandkids! Helping people is our continued passion. You can always message us here for our products. Have a great weekend!!


We have adult size hoodies for sale, $45 each!! Just message us here for more info. 03/12/2020

CBD as a Superbug Antibiotic?

CBD is a wonderful addition to your supplement arsenal! The researchers tested the CBD against some strains of staphylococcus, which cause skin infections, and streptococcus, which cause strep throat.


On the 1st day of December Christmas stress gave to me (think the 12 days of Christmas song):
5 Anxiety attacks
4 delinquent bills
3 flat tires
2 aching feet
And a giant throbbing headache!

Hopefully your day wasn't like that but 'tis the season for added stress. CBD is not only a great anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, it brings both body and mind into balance. Plus it helps quiet the mind helping you sleep better.
Don't forget about your fur babies either. CBD works just as effectively on them.
You can purchase any of our quality CBD products at these outlets:
My Place - Naturita CO
Be Well - Montrose CO
Stacy's - Cedaredge CO
Holiday Pop Up Shop - Norwood CO
Norwood Hardware - Norwood CO ( dog treats)
Or here on Facebook.

Don't let stress, anxiety, or pain rob you of enjoying this time of year. Arm yourself with CBD and seize the day!

Much love❤❤❤


600 and capsules made - ✔
Hundreds of dog treats made- ✔
3 dozen cookies baked- ✔


Just took a look at the h**p field, there are two big girls out there that didn't make the cut. There are all kinds of birds feeding on the flower! Love it. Those birds are going to get great energy from any seeds out there plus they're going to feel AMAZING! ❤❤❤


We will have our products for sale at the Pop Up Shop here in Norwood. We're introducing 3 new products there. Please come and check it out!


Words can not express our deep gratitude to our Veterans. That is why we offer a generous 20% discount to all vets on all of our products. God bless you all!

With respect, honor and gratitude, thank you to ALL Veterans and their families💖 11/06/2019

Cotton Might Not Be King for Long, H**p is Making a Comeback in Levi’s Jeans

That is awesome! H**p just became legal to grow in the United States for the first time in nearly a century. Levi’s is helping the superplant regain its reputation by blending it into its iconic denim. H**p is one of the most powerful plants in the world, producing twice as much fiber as cotton, …


A perfect day to make some product and work on a new one!


50 lbs available. Get it by the pound, ounce or gram or any amount in between!

So FB won't let me post about our flower that is ready for those who want smokable h**p. You can message us for pictures, prices, and Certificates of Analysis.


So FB won't let me post about our flower that is ready for those who want smokable h**p. You can message us for pictures, prices, and Certificates of Analysis.


Just a few photos of the garden. 08/09/2019

Bees Love H**p! Researchers Discover H**p Provides Food and Habitat For Bees

Yes!!! H**p could help save the bees, providing an excellent source of nutrition during the season they need it most, new study finds Expanding h**p cultivation in the United States could provide food for the bees during a time of year when few other options are available to them, a new … 08/03/2019

The World's First Plane Made and Powered by H**p - ACHNews

What an incredible feat!! Canadian cannabis company H**pearth Group is getting high with h**p. The company has put into motion the plans to build the world’s first plane made from and powered by h**p. The plane has even been designed to run on HEMPEARTH H**p Jet A Bio Fuel. The wings, seats, plane walls and pillows are all...


It was a hot day in the garden. Lots of mulching, w**ding, feeding and sweating goin' on. Nothing like smelling like compost, fish, and bug spray. Happy happy happy!


All we do is w**d, w**d, W**D!!! It's gonna be a busy monsoon season... And it hasn't even started yet!

ministryofh** 06/29/2019

CBD Cooking Made Easy: Simple Tips For Cooking With CBD

Will definitely check this out!

ministryofh** Whether you're making infused chocolate chip cookies or dipping chips in CBD guac, these CBD cooking tips will help you get started.


Two hail storms, one freeze, days of high wind and now blistering heat. And out of the ashes they rise😊


Boy, have we been busy!! First chance to post what we have been up to on the farm! We upped our game this year, going from 200 plants to 2000! 😳 We introduced a new strain this year in hopes of helping more people and making new wellness products. Gotta have goals, right?! Hoping for a great growing season this year, HAPPY HEMPING from all of us here at Mustard Seed Farm!!! 05/30/2019

Travel With CBD: Can you Fly with CBD Oil? | Bluebird Botanicals

Good deal! Over the 2019 Memorial Day weekend, TSA updated their guidelines, allowing travelers to fly with h**p-derived CBD oil. Try out Bluebird's TSA-approved CBD Oil today!


Spider mites and hermaphrodites both must die..... 05/09/2019

H**p is the New Oak: America’s First H**p “Wood” Factory is Being Built

Genius!! “H**pWood” is 20 percent harder than oak, and grows 100 times as fast. It’s a sustainable alternative for hardwood furniture, flooring and more. Now that it’s legal to grow h**p in the United States, a man who’s spent the last decade developing h**p “hardwood” is building a $6 million ...


Well we are getting the field ready to plant and I hope this stops by months end


In The Know Gadgets

Need this

The Mother Bucker separates ma*****na buds from stems in seconds 🤯🍃 01/12/2019

The Endocannabinoid System - H**p Connoisseur Magazine

Love info like this!   The isolation of plant-based cannabinoids in the 1960s led scientists to investigate the mechanisms by which these chemical compounds interact with the brain’s neurons (or nerve cells).[1] Indeed, the lipid Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), was different from other water-soluble neurotransmitters...

ministryofh** 01/09/2019

Terpenes: Everything You Need to Know About These Scented Wonders

ministryofh** Terpenes give h**p and cannabis, along with many other plants, their unique scents. Paired with cannabinoids like CBD, they offer unique benefits too. 01/09/2019

The Next Big Cannabis Opportunity? Mills to Process Industrial H**p.

Can't wait! H**p is likely to soon be a major domestic crop but the nation has nearly no capacity to process the tough fiber. 12/18/2018

Quest for the Golden Fiber "Quest for the Golden Fiber" follows Cannabis expert Robert C. Clarke on his explorations of Turkish h**p culture. Join us as we visit weavers and rope maker...


We are deeply humbled and infinitely grateful to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces past and present for protecting and fighting for our freedom. May God richly bless you and we thank you for your service. 11/02/2018

Matthew Kahl: Save Colorado h**p farming with no vote on Amendment X

We've had a lot of calls about this and I found this article to be really helpful. Amendment X would take the definition of h**p out of the Colorado Constitution, and may take away independent h**p farming.


H**p History Week

H**p farmers were needed in 1943.. and we still need them today!

#h**p #H**pWeek


H**p History Week

Are #h**p homes the future?

“H**p is a revolutionary product and with its versatility, cost effectiveness and low environmental impact, it has the potential to change the way we look at home construction. H**p may very well become the material of choice for the discerning home builder or developer.”**p-homes-the-homes-of-the-future/27857



It's a no brainer.

Why not #h**p toilet paper?

#H**pWeek #sustainable #savethetrees


Starting the 2019 grow already!! One new strain( to us anyway) and the tried and true River Rock plus our own SGR4. Let's grow babies❤

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A perfect day to make some product and work on a new one!




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