Healing Hands Bodywork of Marthas Vineyard

Healing Hands Bodywork of Marthas Vineyard

Healing Hands of Marthas Vineyard - Elite Relaxation Massage and Healing Arts.

Why Is Sound Therapy Having a Moment in New England? 10/04/2023

Nice brief little mention of my sound baths in Boston magazine

Why Is Sound Therapy Having a Moment in New England? You have to hear it to understand.


Salt Mountains, Iran


Happy to announce I am now offering Manual Lymph Drainage, MLD, to clients from my Needham and Marthas Vineyard offices Manuallymphaticdrainage


How do you know when you have gotten a really great massage ?

Photos from Healing Hands Bodywork of Marthas Vineyard's post 09/27/2022

People ask about my Esalen work. It was conceived out at Big Sur at the Esalen Insitute. A hippie like intellectual spiritual and physical retreat center which has evolved over time from its heyday.

Here actor Steve Mcqueen and his wife Neile Adams soaking in the old Esalen baths, 1963. Photo by: John Dominis


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So nice to get this testimonial for an Intimate Touch Workshop over the weekend. Reserve your workshop now ! https://www.healinghandsbodywork.com/couples-registration...
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Photos from Healing Hands Bodywork of Marthas Vineyard's post 09/24/2022

Making some nice upgrades to the zen sundeck for next season!


Nothing like an underwater dog photo to bring on a smile before a holiday weekend!


Doesn’t this make you breathe out and make you think relaxation ?


Lomi Lomi Basis I starts Sept. 8 - 11 Join is !


A lovely testimonial I received my first session from Edward 2 days ago. My session blew my mind! I am very discerning with bodywork. Edward was very intuitive and communicative. I was feeling the August exhaustion and I received the most blissful massage of my life! I went home that evening and slept 12 hours straight!!!
Edwards space is clean and serene. Looking forward to another session soon!


Lovely testimonial from a therapist client and former student . So many of my clients are themselves massage therapists. Thank you 🙏


It’s all about balance. Enjoying a much needed day off


It’s all about balance. Enjoying a much needed day off


From a client. Thank you ❤️


Schedule your unique relaxation experience today. Find out why we call this treatment “ke ala hoku” (pathway to the stars) it will transport you to another state of being.


Schedule your unique relaxation experience today

Healing Hands Bodywork of Marthas Vineyard Healing Hands of Marthas Vineyard - Elite Relaxation Massage and Healing Arts.


Sound healing this am.


A little cross promotion for our other island business. More chill,relaxation vibes await. Come find us like and share !


In Nantucket - for a client who requested to experience an
Ancient Lomi Journey here
3.5 hours of bliss.


Friends, clients, students- Turn any treatment, workshop or training into a mini treat. Day pass and overnight options. Let your experience be experienced to the fullest https://www.healinghandsmv.com/marthas-vineyard-retreat.html


Print it, use it and pass it on ! from my off island office but still good !


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New for 2022. A tranquil path through the woods to get to the sundeck and outdoor shower

Healing Hands Bodywork of Marthas Vineyard Healing Hands of Marthas Vineyard - Elite Relaxation Massage and Healing Arts.


Something we could use of today ………

KINAʻOLE. Kinaʻole is from Old Hawai’i, if a professional, whether a craftsman, artist, priest, or kahuna performed a particular task in his line of work, it was expected to be done without defect or flaws. Anything less was not acceptable. In operational terms, Kinaʻole roughly translates to or means: Doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling – the first time


A lovely testimonial - Thank you &
Moschopoulos Integrated Wellness
The full context can be found here

I was introduced to Lomi Lomi from Sage, a massage therapist who had lived in Hawaii. My first Lomi Lomi experience was about 14 years ago. I recall this experience being a feeling of divine sense of self, an acceptance of body and mind, like I was connecting with myself on a higher level.

I have received many massages of varying type and pressure including light touch, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Cupping, Reflexology, Gua Sha, Aromatherapy, Thai, and prenatal massage. I love body work, not everyone does and that is okay! Lomi Lomi stood out from all other massages as the work was energy driven, the strokes were long and fluid, there was a lot of oil and minimal draping and almost all of my body was massaged. I have craved this type of touch therapy for the years following, thinking I would only find it in Hawaii.

Fast forward nearly 15 years, my loving husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Of course I said “nothing, don’t be silly, I don’t need anything for my birthday”… then I couldn’t sleep. Scrolling through Facebook I came across Sage’s page; she was getting ready to celebrate her birthday as well. I commented on her post that she should come back east so we could have a Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Energy driven birthday party together! (KEEP DREAMING, although she would welcome me with open arms to the Santa Barbara, CA area anytime!) I started to google “Lomi Lomi near me” and sent my sleeping spouse a text with a link that said “This is what I want for my birthday… Lomi Lomi”.

If you know my husband, you know he is not the best at answering calls, texts, or checking his phone. So the next day when he didn’t ask me about the late night text, I assumed he didn’t see it and left it alone. Well, he not only saw it, but he went all out and got my the Ancient Lomi Lomi Journey.

Feel free to go to this site and read the description here! Healing Hands Bodywork of Boston

Edward does an excellent job on the website explaining the traditional practice of Lomi Lomi. You will also find information on “full chest and breast massage”, he has taken over the mission of his mentor and friend, Barbara Helynn Heard, to normalize this practice in massage; and I applaud them both for this!

Now for those people who do not like bodywork or being touched, maybe this practice is not for you (or maybe it is and you just don’t know it yet). However, for me, someone who loves bodywork; be it yoga, weight lifting, other forms of exercise, massage, cupping, etc. this mission to normalize full chest and breast massage, sang to my soul. In almost all of the massages I have received, there is always one thing I dislike. I dislike the disconnect between muscle groups and the drape method used. The sheet tuck and fold around “sensitive” areas and securely keeping them from being accessed drives me crazy, makes me feel like disjointed parts. The opposite of whole.

Did you know the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle of the body? This is the muscle responsible for maintaining the erect (standing) position in humans. It also plays a role in hip and thigh movements (you know for things like walking, running, climbing stairs etc.) (2). Anyways, it is as if massage therapists neglect the biggest muscle and other muscle groups with their attached tendons because society has stigmatized certain touch.

Getting into my Lomi Lomi Experience with Edward:

Today is the 3rd quarter moon phase, it is all about transitions, completion of cycles, and letting go. I went to Needham for my Lomi Lomi journey, I got there 30 minuets early to meditate, journal, and set intentions prior to meeting Edward and discussing the treatment. Edward’s space was calm and inviting. He welcomed me into the room and although I had filled out intake paperwork online he gave me space and time to read through information and consent to my level of drape and touch. He then came and sat with me to verbally discuss my intentions for the treatment and review if I had any questions or concerns about the nature of the massage.

As a professional who provides invasive procedures and fully understands informed consent, I appreciate his respectful approach, full transparency, and the manner in which he discussed what I know can be a sensitive and even triggering subject for many people. In a safe, sensitive, supportive space, I was able to share with Edward my wishes for a “divinely guided” experience and I expressed my comfort level for drape and touch.

Edward explained the traditional Pi Kai (Ceremonial seawater purification) & P**e (Chanting, prayer) which I consented to. This practice allowed us to connect energetically. I set the intention to fully receive and work on the goals from earlier my journaling. This included:

letting go of what no longer is serving my highest self

releasing any self-doubt and fear that I am not worthy of success

setting and maintaining good healthy boundaries

stepping into my power

manifesting my dreams

working to fully accept that “I create my own destiny and I am physically, mentally, emotional, spiritually balanced”

The massage was everything I didn’t know I needed and more. It was unbelievably relaxing. There was light touch, at times deeper pressure, there was stretching of my limbs almost like a physical therapy massage. I loved the traditional Hawaiian music, the warm, generous oil, the long, flowing, seamless stokes of fingers, hands, forearms, and elbows moving across the body from one area to another, without interruption, without judgement, without prudence. I felt uninhibited. I felt free. I felt euphoric. I felt whole. It was a transcendent experience, and it was incredible.

After the massage, Edward and I discussed the experience. Which I came to learn is also part of a Hawaiian tradition known as “Talk Story” where Edward sets aside generous time between clients to talk after the experience if one wishes and is able after such a relaxing treatment. I expressed gratitude and told him he had a very special gift! I was a glowing, radiating positive energy, and smiling, which was “enough thanks” for Edward. We did get to talking about a few things that I want to continue to explore.

Not that I should have to say it but because of our society, I will say it. Nothing about the experience was sexualized, yet from head to toe including the gluteus maximus, the abdomen, the hips, the adductors, the side body, and the chest, I was massaged. I released tension I didn’t realize I was holding in certain areas.

Full chest and “breast” massage was conducted after full consent, and why shouldn’t they be? The breasts lie over the following muscles of the chest wall: pectoralis major, serratus anterior, external oblique, and re**us abdominis fascia; the pectoralis major is the largest muscle of the anterior chest wall (5). As a female who chose to breastfeed, was fortunate enough to successfully breastfeed, then ended up on the path to allow my child to self wean (insert EXTENDED BREASTFEEDING), I am a huge supporter of and now . (Maybe education about breastfeeding will become Blog 3).

Breast massage and lymphatic massage are backed by research, mostly in breast cancer patients. Patricolo et al., 2015 stated “specially trained massage therapists can promote lymphatic wellness and help prevent lymphedema” when used as an integrated approach in breast cancer patients. The health and wellness benefits of massage therapy are continuously being researched in areas of immune function, pain, cancer, mental health, musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, and more (1,3,4,6,7).

Back to Lomi Lomi and massage. I am thankful to have found my way back to Lomi Lomi and with such a kind, compassionate, professional therapist. Why are these muscles left out of most massages? Think about the muscles you feel after you start a new workout routine; everyone knows where they feel squats, push-ups, and burpees right? My workouts don’t discriminate against my muscle groups and if I am seeking a therapeutic massage for relieving physical, mental, emotional blocks stored in my body, I want all my muscles massaged.

I will surely be booking another Lomi Lomi massage!


OK so we are not in Hawaii physically – but we can take you there on a journey of the mind. Release all your stress and be transported. In Hawaiian they cal it Ke aka hoku which roughly means “pathway to the stars”. ThAt is how some deceive their Lomi experience. It’s much more than just a .

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It’s all about balance.  Enjoying a much needed day off #mv #marthasvineyard
It’s all about balance.   Enjoying a much needed day off #mv #marthasvineyard
From a client.  Thank you ❤️
New for 2022. Sound healing therapies.  Singing bowls - gong baths.  Private or group #soundhealing #gongbath #meditatio...
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