The Shylah Jo Studio

The Shylah Jo Studio


Y’all it is soooo pretty!!♥️ Lip Blush lasts 3+ years, defines and adds a pop of color to your lips!

Swelling subsides soon after!

Message The Shylah Jo Studio for availability!💋💋💋
Tracy Ann Dillard

Permanent Cosmetics

Changing lives one appointment at a time!

Operating as usual


Don’t blink😉

Sweat proof, water proof, snatcheddd brows!!🔥🔥


Can you imagine waking up with these brows everyday… 😍👏🏻

Dreamy powder brows!💜

Booking for July!


These Natural combo brows!!🔥🔥🔥

The perfect blend of Microblading hair-like strokes and soft powder shading!


Raw, unfiltered brow love…🥰

It’s mesmerizing💫


Bringing your lips back to life with the art of cosmetic tattooing! 💜

3 hour appt time where you get to relax without a worry in the world and wake up with pretty lips, located off of 1097 in Montgomery/Willis!

*Color fades down about 50% once healed (before touchup), swelling subsides within a few hours!


✨Healed brows after only 1 session!✨

This gorgeous momma gets to wake up with these brows EVERY DAY!!!😍🔥

Not sure what you need or want? Go online and book a free consult!💜


These brows are serving confidence babyyy! 👑💖

Combo brow: Microblading with soft shading✨


✨Top is 6 weeks healed, bottom is post touchup! ✨

Soft and natural is my request every day… girlfriend, I 👏🏻got👏🏻you!!!


Yearly brow refresh for this blonde bombshell! 💖

She’s good to go for another 1-2 years!🎉 Those sweat proof, water proof, dreamy brows baby!


Whew 10 years younger baby!🔥🤘🏻


Healed powder brows after 1 session, before touchup! ✨ She’s summer ready!!

When I say they heal so natural, I’m not playin!!!🤩

I have a few spots left for June!
⚡️online booking in bio⚡️


Loving these zoomed in, unfiltered shots! 🤤

Look closely and you can see why I call this a powder brow, tiny pixels that give the brow a soft look and blends effortlessly!

Not sure which style brow you need? Book a free consult!💖


Lip lovinnnn!

Swelling subsides in a few hours and color fades about 50% before touchup! Subtle and natural pop of color!


This blue eyed babe and the brows of her dreams!💖

Soft powder brow✨
Lasts 1-2 years✨
No pain✨

Limited availability left for June!


Raw, unfiltered pixel brow heaven!✨

These will heal so dreamy!🤩


Photos from The Shylah Jo Studio's post 05/03/2022

This gorgeous babe had previous Microblading (done elsewhere) and needed a brow makeover!

We covered the old work with a soft powder brow and gave her a new pretty shape!💖

⚡️limited booking left for June⚡️


It’s the after glow confidence that gets me every time!✨

Ombré powder brow for this gorgeous babe!


✨Healed✨ brows after 2 sessions! 🎉

This gorgeous babe is a busy ER nurse, wife and momma that doesn’t have to worry about her brows!💖

⚡️Online booking in bio⚡️


Monday mood, raw and unfiltered!✨💖

Powdery pixel ombré brows for this babe!

⚡️Link in bio to book⚡️

Photos from The Shylah Jo Studio's post 04/22/2022

Transforming lips and giving you your confidence back!!! ✨

This sweet client had scarring, asymmetry, and loss of color. How do we fix that? LIP BLUSH! 💖

✨Longevity: 2+ years
✨Pain: minimal to none, numbing is applied throughout
✨Appt time: 2-3 hours
✨Recovery: 3-5 days (swelling subsides a few hours after)
✨ Fades 40-50% once healed before touchup!

Ps. I love my job!🥰


Soft and subtle for this gorgeous momma!✨

Powder brows heal sooo natural!


Limited booking left for May/June! DM or book online!

Photos from The Shylah Jo Studio's post 04/14/2022

Thirsty Thursday anyone?!😍🔥

Ombré powder brows for this gorgeous babe! Seriously, she’s stunning!🤩

Brows fade 30-40% before touchup, numbing is applied, lasts 1-2 years!

⚡️Online booking⚡️


What does lip blush give you? Smudge proof kisses, and color that stays during your workout/pool days! Defines and adds a pretty pop of color!💋

Peep those gorgeous healed brows!!!

✨Lasts 2+ years
✨Fades down 40-50% once healed
✨Swelling subsides soon after

Limited booking left for May/June!

Photos from The Shylah Jo Studio's post 04/11/2022

✨HEALED✨ brows and lips before a little touchup!🤩💜

So soft and natural, I loveeee it!!!

Powder brows and lip blushing enhanced her natural beauty to match her sweet soul!

After care: @bowleresthetics @cosmeticinksoap
Pigments: @browdaddy

Photos from The Shylah Jo Studio's post 04/07/2022

This transformation!!!🦋🤍

This sweet client said she was done having to pencil in her brows everyday and we made magic happen!💖

Powder brows for this gorgeous babe!

✨Booking for May/June✨


I give you detailed instructions for pre/post-care to achieve amazing healed results for your new brows!

Yes, it’s serious!😅😅😂😂

I also send you home with the best products in your aftercare kit! Protect your investment, it’s worth it!!! 💖💖💖


I loveeee my job!!!💖🤩🥰

✨Ombré powder brow✨
Lasts 1-2 years!


Dreamy powdery pixel goodness! ✨



A daily occurrence!!😅😂🥰

Don’t worry, I got you girls!!! This is what makes being the artist so fun! I keep your brow goals in mind and also give you what your face and skin type need for the best healed results!💖 Building your dream brows is my favvv!


Hey momma, you deserve the brows of your dreams!✨

Brow style: Combo (Microblading & shading)
Appt time: 3 hours
Pain: none (numbing is applied)
Lasts: 1-2 years
Fades 30-40% once healed before touchup!

Photos from The Shylah Jo Studio's post 03/24/2022

This. Transformation.🦋 Can you imagine the tears because there were lots! This sweet client had previous work done many years ago and has been covering her brows with makeup every day!

My heart and soul goes into my artwork, it’s truly my passion!💖

Thank y’all for being here!

@browdaddy pigments
@bowleresthetics blades & aftercare @cosmeticinksoap


✨What dreams are made of..💫


Soft and subtle makes such a difference!!💜

I do in depth consultations if you’re not sure what you need. You leave with pretty makeup filled brows for the day and allows you to have an idea of what they will look like! We also go over any and all questions you may have.
⚡️Book online for a consult⚡️

Service: Ombré powder
Appt time: 3 hours
Fades 30-40% before touchup.
6 week touchup session is the 2nd step to building your perfect brow!
Pain level: none!


Anyone else’s schedule messed up from the time change?!

Everyone? Same! 😂😅
Happy Tuesday!

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Powder brows
✨Life changing brows✨



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