Beautiful You Holistic Studio

Beautiful You Holistic Studio

I help you embrace "hair-listic" practices so you LOVE the Beautiful You everyday! Do you need in earlier? You can request to get on my waitlist through my website!

*Hours of operation are subject to change.

Weekends are only available for Special occasions (Weddings, Proms, ect.)*

Operating as usual


Who else needs some motivation? Between family, business and home projects, I feel like I needed to slow down for a moment and focus on one thing at a time.

So I hit pause on a few things and took a small break from social media... did you even notice I was posting less?

No worries! I am now back to giving you inspiring and educational posts. Let me know in the comments what you want to see!

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Have you been looking for a treatment that will reverse damage, reduce your frizz AND style time? 💁🏼‍♀️

Good news I am now offering Peter Coppola's SAFE Keratin Treatment!

The benefits you will experience when receiving this treatment:
✨reverses signs of damage and promotes overall hair strength and vitality
✨Provides a restorative boost and unparalleled protection for your hair
✨Uses the highest quality ingredients, such as Keratin, vital ceramides and smoothing amino acids, combined with a low pH mechanism to soften and smooth coarse hair
✨Drastically reduces frizz
✨Is 100% free of Formaldehyde & Aldehydes and is safe for all hair types
✨Volumizes and restores hairs’ youthful look and texture

The treatment takes anywhere from 2-2.5 hours to apply depending on hair density, length & texture. It will last in your hair anywhere from 2-3 months with proper healthy at home hair care products.

Have questions? Drop them in the comments!


Today is my BIRTHDAY!! Three things I will be doing for my birthday this weekend....

1. Time with my family
2. Time for rest

I read a post the other day that said "JUST and FYI. You can do what you love and still be tired. You can do what you love and still become burnt out. You can do what you love and still get excited about taking a break."

This is so true and lately I have been feeling burnt out with all my to do lists.

I absolutely love what I do but when I feel this pressure I know it means its time to take some time off. For me that means not getting on social media or checking emails, completely unplugged.

Let me know in the comments what you will be doing this Memorial day weekend?? I am looking forward to speeding time with family this weekend in Omaha! I will respond to all emails and messages when I am back in the office on Tuesday May 31st.

[email protected]


When choosing my most popular color sessions name, I knew 'Revive' would be the best name just by the definition...

~to bring back to life
~restore to life
~regain life
~give new strength
~improve the condition

Here at Beautiful You Holistic Studio is where your healing journey starts just like this beauty here Syprina Quiroz

When you ready to Embrace Holistic Hair & love the Beautiful You head over to my website to inquire!



I want YOU to have the best experience and have the best communication from me from the beginning!
As a momma and wife that manages a business there are many rolls I play..
🌿Executive Officer
🌿Financial Officer
🌿Operation Officer
🌿Marketing Officer
There is only ONE of me but of course I WANT to do it all.
For over a decade of doing hair, I have found the best way to communicate with appointment questions is online booking and email.
It is my goal to give any guest of mine in my chair the most relaxing experience and my family my full attention when I am off work. I give myself scheduled time to check all emails. This keeps me organized!
Just trying to achieve that work life balance we all dream about! So thank you for helping me stay focused and organized 💗
[email protected]

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Where the name ‘Beautiful You Holistic Studio’ comes from…

The best part of my career has always been about helping my guests feel and look beautiful, like this beautiful momma @thegallagherhomestead

I know, I know it’s very cliche’

But it’s the truth 💗

If you would of told me 3+ years ago that I was going to be a Holistic Stylist helping guests embrace holistic hair practices by guiding them to free themselves of unnecessary toxins through my services and a healing hair care plan, I would of said NO WAY!

That was before I started my own health journey which is improving daily and always growing.

When you’re ready to ’Embrace Holistic Hair and Love the Beautiful You’ head over to my NEW REVIVED website to start the journey!

PS Let me know in the comments what you think of the new branded website 🤗



BIG announcement 💫 New logo, name, website and email will be changing!

Just two years ago, I was dreaming of what my space would be… there were SO many things to decide on in that moment. I remember the overwhelm of getting it all ready. Definitely made some mistakes. 😅

I never knew my vision would be where it is today. I am so blessed to have the most amazing guests, family and friends that are so supportive. God is so good 🙏

I can’t wait to welcome you to
“Beautiful You Holistic Studio”

Same space… JUST REVIVED 💗

Here’s to constantly growing! I can’t wait to continue with you on this journey.

If you are subscribed to my email list be on the look out for first peak on the update! Hoping to go LIVE in the next 48 hours.


Earth Day was created to teach people about the importance of caring for the environment and the steps on how to do so....

I am so incredibly thankful you're here with me to help guide you along!

As your sustainable holistic stylist, I am always here to guide you by customizing a haircare plan or routine that will work for your hair type and scalp. Something that is useful and everlasting... and that you will not just end up throwing away.

🌲My Evo brushes are made from well managed forests and can last an extremely long time if kept clean.

💫My Bamboo Sill Pillow cases are all handmade with 100% vegan silk from Bamboo and last a lifetime.

🪴Of course Keune So Pure & Innersense Organic Beauty are my favorite highest quality clean & organic companies that inspire me daily to be better and do better.

♻️In 2021 I contributed to Green Circle Salons community that kept 1,284,437 pounds of beauty and PPE waste from landfills and waterways. This includes hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color, paper, plastic, tools and more. @greencirclesalons

If you’re here with me on this sustainable journey give me a shout out in the comments so we can celebrate this beautiful Earth 🌏 day together!


Exciting announcement coming soon! This blurry photo is a sneak peak of what is currently being created behind the scenes… AND I can not wait to share it with you when it is all finished..

Here is a teaser! Exciting things are happening behind the scenes at Beautiful You Studio. Curious to know what it is?? Leave your best guess in the comments!


I might get a bit quiet around here... But for all good reasons!

I will be taking time off 4/15 - 4/17 for Easter weekend and while I’m gone I plan to disconnect and enjoy myself and be present.

But don’t worry, I’ll share all my adventures and pictures with you when I return!

If you need to book an appointment or get in contact with me head over to the link in my bio. I will answer all emails and appointments requests on Monday 4/18.

Do you have any plans this weekend? We will be heading to my home town to visit family!

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I stoped using “fragrance” years ago for the following reasons:

✨smells give me headaches
✨my skins is so sensitive
✨can effect my hormones
✨research baby!

Did you know the US does not require hair care companies to have fragrance reviewed or approved before being sold?? This means the word “fragrance” and even “artificial fragrance” can include virtually anything!

Who else avoids this let me know in the comment!


“Are you willing to put in the work?”

I have to ask my guests this question whenever they’re thinking about making dramatic changes to their hair color.
Whether going lighter or darker than their natural hair, there is maintenance involved in making the switch.

⭐️If you’re going lighter, are you willing to invest in the maintenance appointments and take home products to keep up the look?
⭐️If you’re going darker, are you willing to come in more frequently to cover up your new growth?
I think it’s so important to have the hair that makes us feel more ourselves and beautiful! But it’s also important to think about the HEALTH and maintenance to our hair so that we can love it daily!

Top right will see the Transformation almost 2 years ago in July of 2020 verse now 2022! Meghan Amer thank you so much for trusting me and the process.
If you are thinking about a change, fill out my digital consultation form! I’d love to come up with a hair plan and a maintenance plan that works to keep your hair healthy and feeling beautiful.


Maybe you are a new follower or maybe you have been around for long haul, WELL anyway it is time for an introduction!
I'm Kristi and I, like YOU all, have many job titles.
🌿a boho bridal specialist
🌿a master holistic colorist
🌿organic healthy hair guru
🌿a friend
🌿a wife
🌿a smoothie & Kombucha lover AND
🌿best of all, a crunchy mama to two sweet girls.
When I'm not working you will find me binge watching the Office, impractical jokester, or hoarders, doing home projects or getting outside to explore nature with my family. My husband and I love to go to as many KC Royals home games as we possibly can. PS we are so excited for this season to start!
I truly believe God gave me a gift to serve because I am truly the happiest when I'm in my private studio serving my guests. No two guests are the same and I pride myself on taking the time to connect with each and every person who sits in my chair. All of my guest are given healthy hair care tips and a styling lesson at their appointment so that they always know how to recreate their healthy look at home.
OKAY! Who else enjoys listening to daily devotionals, organization & business motivating podcasts? Let me know your favorites in the comments! Mine are in the comments



I absolutely LOVE my job!
When I work I really just feel like I am getting paid to play and connect with the best people.
✨I get to help people feel relaxed and comfortable
✨I get to create beautiful art by painting hair
✨I get to educate people on how they can have healthy beautiful hair
✨I get to go through all my guests life events all the happy & even sad moments
Hugs and tears are always welcome here 🤗 😭

Last year I got to be a part of this beauties daughters wedding and it was the best! ♥️

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9270 Metcalf Ave, Suite 101
Overland Park, KS

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9:30am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 4:30pm
Thursday 9am - 3:30pm

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