Tea Tree Oil By Toothy Grins

Tea Tree Oil By Toothy Grins

Tea Tree Oil By Toothy Grins

If you Love Tea Tree Oil, Then Like This Page... Tea Tree Oil By Toothy Grins - The Power of Mother Nature In A Bottle!

You can find Tea Tree Oil By Toothy Grins Here:

http://toothynext.com/TeaTreeOil on Amazon

At Toothy Grins Own Store: http://toothynext.com/tea-tree-oil

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Best Dental Care Device Ever! 05/22/2021

Best Dental Care Device Ever!

#simply the #best

Best Dental Care Device Ever! Learn more: 1. https://toothygrins.net/products/hydro-floss-oral-irrigator-new-generation 2. https://www.toothygrinsstore.com/HydroFloss-p/hydrofloss01.htm I was able to shrink my gum pockets back to

[05/21/21]   This is an interesting video

Capital One 05/21/2021

Capital One

If you own a business and would like to get a business credit card that pays you 1.5% back on your purchases, try this one:


Capital One

HydroFloss Parts - Where Can I Get Parts For My Genuine HydroFloss Oral Irrigator? 04/17/2021

HydroFloss Parts - Where Can I Get Parts For My Genuine HydroFloss Oral Irrigator?

HydroFloss Parts - Where Can I Get Parts For My Genuine HydroFloss Oral Irrigator? Find Your Parts at: https://toothygrins.net/collections/hydro-floss-oral-irrigator-and-parts-and-accessories You can find Dave's book on Gum Disease at : https://toothygrins.net/products/print-book-wh

Dental Deep Cleaning? Is There An Alternative? 04/12/2021

Dental Deep Cleaning? Is There An Alternative?

Your teeth matter!

Dental Deep Cleaning? Is There An Alternative? Your teeth matter. You have been told you need a SRP treatment or a dental deep cleaning. My dentist determined that my gums became healthy again after using this: https://toothygrins.net/products/hyd

HydroFloss Pump - Thank You! 04/10/2021

HydroFloss Pump - Thank You!

HydroFloss Pump - Thank You! Hi David,Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Hydro Floss pump. Our Hydro Floss was leaking and when I determined it wasn't the hose, I thought we would need a new machine. I looked inside and figured it must be coming from the pump, but couldn't find information about that online. Then I saw th...

HydroFloss Pump - A Thank You 04/10/2021

HydroFloss Pump - A Thank You

HydroFloss Pump - A Thank You HydroFloss Pump - A Thank You Hi David, Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Hydro Floss pump . Our Hydro Floss was leaking and when...

Shrinking Gum Pockets 03/12/2021

Shrinking Gum Pockets

Shrinking Gum Pockets Device I used: https://toothygrins.net/products/hydro-floss-oral-irrigator-new-generation Digital Book on Gum Disease https://GingivitisKiller.com Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. No

[02/21/21]   What Is This Gum Disease Thing About Anyway? Why Should You Care? ( I hope you do care!)



Why The HydroFloss Is Important To Your Dental Health 02/07/2021

Why The HydroFloss Is Important To Your Dental Health

Why The HydroFloss Is Important To Your Dental Health The HydroFloss may be one of the most powerful tools that you can employ in your own personal home dental health routine.

[01/30/21]   This is interesting...


Toothy Grins Store

Start The New Year Off Right! Protect Your Teeth and Gums During These Trying Times:



Toothy Grins Store

10 Reasons To Own A HydroFloss...



Toothy Grins Store

Xylitol and Salt Water Rinses For Better Dental Health?


#xylitol #saltwater #oralhealth #saveteeth


Toothy Grins Store

If you LOVE your Teeth, They Will LOVE This...



Toothy Grins Store

Xylitol and Salt Water Rinses for Better Dental Health??


[07/23/20]   Coronavirus Math for the United States for July 21, 2020

99.96 % of US population has survived coronavirus (so far)

98.8 % OF US population is FREE of coronavirus infection (according to current data - has not tested positive nor been suspected of Covid-19 infection)


99.96% of US population has survived coronavirus so far:

As of today 144,953 covid-19 deaths reported to date.

The US population is approximately 329,227,746

Therefore. 144,953 / 329,227,746 is approximately .044 percent deaths .

100% - .04% = 99.96% have survived the pandemic so far.

Free of Coronavirus Infection (according to current data)

4,028,469 cases reported or suspected to date.

4,028,469 / 329,227,746 approximately = 1.2% of US population known to be affected.

Therefore: 100% - 1.02% = approximately 98.8% of US population has not tested positive or is not suspected of having Covid-19.

*there is plenty of evidence that the death numbers and infection numbers are artificially high for a number of reasons, but I have ignored that probability and have just done the math on the numbers as they were reported today.

As you can see, the VAST majority of the US population remains unaffected by the Virus.

Data taken from : worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

bodyelectricsummit.com 10/12/2019

Join the Body Electric Summit, online and free from October 7-13, 2019!

Listening to Dr. Luis Garcia on biomagnetic Therapy. http://bit.ly/bioenergyAlpha

bodyelectricsummit.com Your body is more than a set of biochemical interactions. It is time to see your body as ENERGY. Join us and learn precisely how you can ACCESS that energy, as part of your health journey and get the tools and learn the language of your “Body Electric!”

blog.toothygrinsstore.com 09/28/2019

HydroFloss - Can I Purchase The Reservoir Separately?


blog.toothygrinsstore.com Can I purchase a Hydro Floss reservoir separately? Yes, you can purchase the hydrofloss reservoir on this ...

blog.toothygrinsstore.com 09/22/2019

HydroFloss and Gum Disease


blog.toothygrinsstore.com Can The HydroFloss Help With Gum Disease? While each human body is different which makes it impossible to definitively answer this ...


Polyunsaturated Fats and Age Related Macular Degeneration

AMD - Age related macular degeneration and polyunsaturated fatty acids (vegetable oils) thought provoking video: https://youtu.be/IiAtNpInMb0

Link to NIH document: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3144752/ Is there a relationship between age related macular degeneration and polyunsatura...

toothygrins.net 03/24/2019

HydroFloss Question - On a cruise for 3 weeks. Which portable would be the most effective?


toothygrins.net Question: What kind of travel irrigator should I use when I'm not able to travel with my Hydro Floss? Answer: https://toothygrins.net/products/portable-oral-irrigator-panasonic-ew-dj10-a

archive.aweber.com 02/21/2019

02-20-2019 - Toothy Grins - David

I just wrote this newsletter to customers. I thought you might enjoy it too.




Classical Chinese Dance Technique Collection 2018 (2018年神韻藝術團新秀技巧表演)

Amazing and Beautiful....

Shen Yun Performing Arts' rising stars present a range of classical Chinese dance techniques. Physically rigorous and exquisitely expressive, classical Chine...

shenyunperformingarts.org 02/03/2019

Shen Yun in Lawrence - February 12, 2019 at Lied Center of Kansas

Worth Seeing!

shenyunperformingarts.org Experience a brilliant blend of energy and grace with Shen Yun Performing Arts at Lied Center of Kansas, Lawrence, February 12, 2019. Hotline: 888-316-SHOW (7469).


Cyber Monday code cyber15 good for 15% off orders at https://ToothyGrinsStore.com/ expires soon. code: cyber15

toothygrins.org 08/29/2018


Help! I don't want to lose my teeth!



[07/26/18]   If we bring back Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil would you purchase it?


Best Flossing Tool

A #secret to dental health that you may not have heard about before:




VivoBarefoot Scott Mens

Have you tried barefoot shoes yet? https://youtu.be/A6GSmP_6Q2s

VivoBarefoot Scott Mens Review - video about vivobarefoot barefoot shoes. This one is about vivobarefoot's Scott boots.


Gingivitis Gums


Resources: http://GingivitisKiller.com Best tool in my opinion: https://toothygrins.net/products/hydro-floss-oral-irrigator-new-generation Gingivitis and gum...


Scrapbook of Childhood Memories

A scrapbook of childhood memories https://youtu.be/rnqJaJynI8k

Scrapbook of childhood memories. Times gone by... recommended show: http://ShenYun.com Some of the items in this scrapbook are from the 1970s and some a litt...


Why Is Modern Medicine Still So Primitive?


Why is modern medicine still so primitive? please share your comments and questions in the comment section below.


How To Stop Gum Disease


Unfortunately, gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Many dental professionals will say that 75% or 3 out of every 4 people have some gum diseas...

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Tea Tree Oil By Toothy Grins



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