Inspire fit

Inspire fit

Personal Training and Massage Studio. One on one training, group classes and therapeutic massage. 816-716-9091 Wade (personal training)
816-558-5523 Patrick (personal training)
913-314-1322 Travis (massage)

Contact (call or text) us today for a free fitness consultation (body fat percentage, measurements, fitness test and how to reach your goals).

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GO HARD - Powerful Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Elliott Hulse)

GO HARD! This is a Powerful New Motivational Speech by Elliott Hulse, Motivational Speaker, strongman competitor and personal trainer. Released and edited by... 04/29/2019

How Many Calories Do I Need? It's a simple question with a simple answer, right? Well, not exactly. Find out what factors come into play so you can get a number that best fits you.


Personal Trainer Patrick Flinn

Heavy shoulder day,

[03/03/19]   Mens nude yoga class is canceled for Sunday 10am march 3.



I used to drink Gatorade and other hydration drinks. They all have a lot of sugar and ingredients I don't need. I found Rehydrate, lower sugar, great taste and it's backed by a great science board. It works,

With 71% less sugar* than the competition, AdvoCare Rehydrate® electrolyte drink mix is a smarter choice whenever you work out. Switch and see for yourself. How does your sports drink stack up?


My Advocare one/80 results. Lost 7 lbs and 6 inches (4 off my waist, 2 off my waist. I gained 4 inches of muscle ( 2 chest, 1 arms, 1 thighs). This is a lifestyle change. I love how I feel, look good and my energy is crazy. I'm starting my Spring one/80 with the 24 jump start. Let's get a Spring group going. You don't have to live in KC.


Dallas here we come. Learning how to change lives. We Build Champions "everyday"

[09/11/16]   MENS SUNDAY YOGA CLASS is CANCELLED TODAY sunday september 11 no class due to instructor illness..class will resume next sunday!! 03/07/2016

Patrick Flinn - AIDS Walk Kansas City

Join the W.E. Fit team in raising $500 toward AIDS Walk Kansas City. Together we can make a difference! Join our team and walk with us. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Patrick


A synergistic blend of 28 vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other energy-producing intermediates that supports multiple metabolic processes* Helps maintain & restore energy supplies during & after physical activity* Supplies essential components for muscle gain*
Use it The Pros Do and so do I.. I won't workout with out it. Send me (Patrick Flinn) a text or email @ 816-206-9007 [email protected] to get more information on being a wholesale customer or a great business opportunity helping others live better lives. 01/21/2016

Patrick Flinn - AIDS Walk Kansas City 2016

Join the W.E. Fit team in raising $500 toward AIDS Walk Kansas City. Together we can make a difference! Join our team and walk with us. Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Patrick 01/20/2016

AdvoCare The 24-Day Challenge® is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program designed to give your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals. There's something for everyone – whether you are looking for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness. Thousan…


muscle bear , shredded, or male model ? which body type do you prefer to have for yourself ?? trainers can help you transform THIS IS THE YEAR FOR YOUR EXTERIOR TO REFLECT YOUR INNER SELF.

[01/01/16]   New Year is HERE!!! Don't want your same body for the summer 2016?? Lets get you a super #shredded#sexy#muscled#Lean#hot#fit body for the new year!! Hurry up and come see the fitness Pros here at for your first FREE consultation We are booking up fast come in NOW to get the days and times YOU want Patrick, Wade, Nick, Aaron, Josh, Trevor, Mark, RoseMarie,Jason WE are all here to help you #lookgreatnaked


Holiday shopping made EASY. W.E.Fit has …3 massage therapists Angie,Ben,Colleen . Gift certificates for MASSAGE. Perfect gift for your boss, co -workers, siblings, spouse,partner etc. customize it for essential oil massage, hot stone massage, sport deep tissue. This is the gift everyone will love !!!!!!


Why would you NOT spend 30 minutes a day 6 days a week doing some type of workout? or 3 days a week one hour workout session?? Everyone has busy lives but exercise will relieve stress, improve health and make you feel great when you look at yourself. W.E. fit is the most AFFORDABLE PERSONAL TRAINING studio in the greater KC area low overhead and all the trainers have a PASSION helping YOU reach your fitness goals therefore making One on One personal training and small group training the least expensive in all of the greater KC , OP area

[12/05/15]   Time to get that body transformation started NOW. Don't wait until january or you may not get the days and times YOU want. Everyone gets super busy starting first of the year. Get your jump start you only have a few months until spring and YOU want to look great rocking a tank top, a bikini or naked!! W.E.Fit has the best and most affordable Personal trainers don't delay meet one of us today for a first FREE consultation. Wade, Patrick, Nick, Aaron, Josh, Rosemarie, Mark, Trevor. #fit,#gay,#fitmen,#men,#muscle,#lean,#shredded,#bodytransformation,#pornbody,#mensyoga,#personaltraining#

[11/26/15]   Happy thanksgiving to all my amazing co workers at W.E.FIT Paddy cakes I love you , Mark I wish i could see more of you !! Angie thanks for your positive sweet outlook on life and keeping all of us grounded. Rose Marie you make me laugh so much and you keep us stocked in toilet paper we couldn't survive without ya. Nick thanks for helping learn hip cool things and keeping my street credit up. Aaron you're the sexiest nerd i have ever known. Trevor you have the best butt in a tri-state area. Josh thanks for fixing things around the studio and keep counting out loud..i would miss that!! Ben honey thanks for massaging me and all your clients you make me laugh so much. Colleen thanks for joining us and doing massage i still say you're way too normal and sane to work with all the before mentioned people but we're blessed to have you.

[11/03/15]   Everyone enjoy the parade and for the love of god someone give Paulo my digits!!!! Free personal training for an entire year to the person that brings Paulo to me for some FaceTime !!!!!!!

[10/19/15]   Mens Sunday Group YOGA class update!!! Mens sunday yoga class is now 10 am and we have a new Hot Yoga instructor the amazing Jason Jones he is super talented, yes handsome and sexy this is a basic beginners mens yoga class. Bobby our 12 30 yoga guru has decided to retire so NO more 12 30 mens yoga class!!!! Come welcome Jason at 10 am yoga this coming sunday. Yoga mats, towels, shower, bottled water everything you need is provided its $10. cash per class just show up a bit before 10 am


Over the years I have never really endorsed any supplement products in my career until now. I'm overly impressed with these AdvoCare products that my client JD's Journey introduced me to. My body is having amazing over the top results. I have never been this excited about whats happening to myself inside and out. I recommend this to all my clients. My training program and AdvoCare.. Win! Win!


Trainers NICK and Aaron being crazy and fun and looking great!! Trainer NICK has an OCTOBER PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIAL PACKAGE sign up for this spooktacular savings on One on One personal training.


Come join us Saturday morning @ 9:00 am for body boot camp . It's time for a change.


when is the right time to lose fat and gain muscle?? NOW!!!!!!! The start of fall colder weather don't sit around and gain more fat come to W.E.Fit personal training studio and TRANSFORM YOUR BODY to show off next spring and summer!! We are the BEST and most AFFORDABLE One on One personal training studio in KS and MO.


Squats are like Sex the deeper you go the better it is!!!!!!!!!


Trainer Aaron …Yes he is super handsome and fitness BEAST…he CAN help transform YOU into a lean, muscled beast also. Affordable One on One personal training with Aaron at W.E.Fit studio In OVERLAND PARK , KS. book your first FREE consultation with him TODAY!!!!!! call or text Aaron..402-960-0672…only concerning PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING please!! Amazing trainer , he is not looking for love (he has an amazing girlfriend) RESULTS YOU WILL SEE AND WORKOUTS MADE FUN. Training Men, Women and couples in the BEST personal training studio in Overland Park.


ESSENTIAL OILS CLASS WITH ANGIE…..learn how to use them properly to treat stress, skin,sleep disorder, and much more. Everything you want to know about essential oils and how they can enrich your life.

[07/16/15]   Hey Yoga men our amazing Yoga instructor bobby and I have decided to NOT do Mens group yoga class on wednesday evenings any longer!! Sunday 12 30 mens yoga will still be on and better than ever but NO more wednesday evening yoga class sorry guys but our space is small and we have lots of fitness trainers using the studio the wednesday evening yoga class was just not big enough to justify keeping it going…come on SUNDAYS at 12 30 however its an amazing class.


Mens Group YOGA class Every Wednesday 6 45 PM and sundays 12 30 PM Yoga mats etc provided just show up BEFORE class starts (we lock the door and start on time) Best hour you can give yourself total body workout and stress reliever. $15/cash per class just show up…W.E.Fit studio 6875 west 91 street Overland Park KS 66212

[06/13/15]   I hardly ever give Fitness advice unless Im training a client or someone asks for my advice but I hate to see guys injure themselves doing crazy workouts that are counterproductive . When doing a Chest press with dumbbells or barbell you should use a weight that you can lift WITHOUT arching your back off of the bench if your back comes off the bench you are NOT working your chest YOU ARE injuring your back and will suffer because of it maybe not immediately but for sure as you age. Keep the back glued to the bench when doing chest exercise if you can't then Drop the weight down so YOU CAN

[05/23/15]   TECK NECK for all those that text, tweet, grind, email, FB play games using a mobile device you may have even more Pain in your Neck not due to Stress but because of the improper position the way you hold your neck!! Massage on a regular basis (at least once a month) can help correct Contact one of the 4 amazing Licensed massage therapist at W.E.Fit….Angie..913-680-5365…Dennis..816-510-8407…Chris…816-806-7012 and Ben….913-980-5829

[05/11/15]   a healthier sweet option. Take a ripe banana and roll it on a flat surface with chopped pistachios and other chopped nuts and enjoy


My client Brian hitting the bag at the end of his training session. Great workout , Cardio and Stress Reliever. Give me a call or text
(Patrick Flinn) to book your free consultation to get you started on the road to a better you. 816-206-9007


Inspire fit

Get your Sexy #lean #fit #chiseled #sculpted #muscled body with the help of W.E.Fit trainers the most affordable and the BEST fitness studio and trainers in the #kansascity #overlandpark





6875 W 91st St
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