Shimmy 4 LIFE

Shimmy 4 LIFE

Inspiring healthy alternatives 4 life through holistic practices, diet, skin and body care, dance and entertainment! LIfestyle, Inspirations, Fitness and Entertainment is what Shimmy 4 L.I.F.E is all about.

Natural ways of living healthy, keeping ourselves Inspired so we stay motivated, discovering creative fitness so we don't have to "exercise" and keeping our selves entertained and sharing it with others. Hadia has not only been dancing for over 15 years but is also a massage therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner. Her page will reflect upon healthy lifestyles of the food we eat, activities we engag


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Juice plus and a convenient way to take it on a daily basis. Make daily packets. The other capsules in my packet will be in a later post. Thank you 05/28/2015

Juice Plus+® - Juice Plus Official Homepage

A couple years ago I created this page and then life took me away from focussing on it. In the meantime I continued my education and now I am even more encouraged to post my health and beauty advice on this page. This isn't all about bellydance it's about living a lifestyle to maintain a long healthy happy and vibrant life.
My first official post is about Juice Plus.
I can't say enough about this product but I encourage you to look up all the clinical research that has been proven and compare it to any other product you might take and ask your self "does my daily vitamin/supplement do that and if so where is the research?"
Since I just completed my esthetician course let's focus on our skin today.
One of the many proven researches about juice plus is it improves your complexion and is beneficial for hair and nails too.
Taking care of your skin should always start from the inside out.
Juice plus also helps repair oxidative stress and encourages healthy gums. Amongst many other benefits. But most importantly it gives what your body needs and your cravings for bad food decline tremendously. All the fruits and vegetables for juice plus are picked when ripened for best nutritional value. They are heated at low temps to become a powder then they are capsulated or used in the shake or gummies (great for kids). There is absolutely nothing else added. It's straight nutrition. This is not a vitamin or supplement!
My job and dancing are very physically demanding and with out juice plus I do notice a drop in my energy levels. I will be on juice plus for the rest of my life. This is an investment in your health and longevity. JP is very affordable when you compare it to many of the low quality supplements on the market loaded with fillers and sugars😖 what is the price of your health?

If you're anything like me and you get caught up in your daily routine and forget to take your JP every day. The key is to making it convenient for your self. I purchased a pill organizer off Amazon and I put all my capsules in individual packets for the day. So I can grab and go. It helps me stay consistent. Which is exactly what you need to maintain good health.
Visit to learn more about it and contact me for any further questions. Don't wait for your health to decline, prevent it! You need more whole- food nutrition. Research shows that Juice Plus+ delivers fruit and vegetable nutrition you need to maintain a healthy diet. Learn more today. 05/27/2015

Tips on Giving up Drinking. Here are a few benefits you will gain from giving up alcohol, just to help persuade you a little further: 05/27/2015

Hall of Shame | EWG's 2015 Guide to Sunscreens There are a lot of sunscreens on the market: some good, some bad and then the shameful. Those in the last category are not only a waste of money and time but also potentially harmful. Here are our picks for products to banish from your beach bag.

[01/29/14]   I am thinking about hosting monthly mini bellydance dinner shows. It will be affordable and open to all bellydancers. They will be in Ontario. if you are interested in dancing let me know and I will get it started


Banyan Botanicals

Dream sleep is associated with an active mind, rajas - which is movement. Dream state is the junction between wakefulness and deep sleep, and is associated with the subconscious. It is said that the dreams experienced during the night are pretty much just stress releasing, but the dream you wake up remembering is the one that may be more prophetic and worth analyzing.

Consider setting an intention for deep sleep during this phase. Deep sleep is dreamless, no sensory experiences or impressions. In deep sleep the mind becomes unconscious and inactive. Sweet Deep Sleep. 01/17/2014

I no longer want to be Better than you – Awakening Women

Beautifully said In my heart of hearts, I no longer want to be Better than you Smarter than you Thinner than you Prettier than you Faster than you Stronger than you More accomplished than you More creative than you A better mother than you A better friend than you Better educated than you ANYTHING more than you.


Herbs, Health and Happiness

How To Make Four Thieves' Vinegar And Oil:

Four Thieves' Vinegar is a famous ancient herbal formula, once used to protect against the plague! It has powerful antibacterial qualities. Click the link to read our special report!

#vinegar #herbal #naturalremedies #antibacterial


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Oils are very improtant to keep in our diet. HTey lubricate our tissues and prevent premature aging.

5 Fats That Don't Make You Fat!

Fats play an important role in a healthy diet and are needed for many of our bodies processes. Discover five incredible dietary fats that are nutrient rich and great for your waist line too! #foodmatters #healthyfats #coconutoil #fats


Oh Come, Emmanuel - Lindsey Stirling & Kuha'o Case

a very inspirational video for all of us!

Turkish Airlines: Get a free download of this song by subscribing to my mailing list at I loved wor...


Grand Opening of Baile Fitness!
January 12th 6-9pm
I will be teaching my Shimmy-Shape-Up at this new studio. Come to the Grand Opening. There will be Class demonstrations every 15 minutes. Classes are very affordable. I will be teaching:
Mondays & Tuesdays 10am-11am
128 Baseline Rd
Rialto CA
XS Riverside Ave





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