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Natural & Organic Friendly meals that will cost you just the same amount of money as conventional me


Organic coconut oil. And popcorn kernels with sea salt. Favorite by my boys!

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I'm been using this for years! Best stuff ever. Taste just like mayonnaise.

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Best Milk ever! Made from Jersey cows.

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Getting ready for back to school soon.

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Went on a shopping trip yesterday. Just sharing a few of my favorite foods.

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After school snack!

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Lego molds. Fun for kids I put juice in them and froze like ice cubes.

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I am so loving the New ALDI's store! They have alot of organic items or nongmo project items. All at very reasonable prices.

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When you run out of maple syrup this is the next best thing- organic rice necter maple taste just like the real stuff even better plus my kids dont know the difference.

MA Right to Know GMOs | A statewide network of advocates declaring our fundamental right to know... 09/24/2014

MA Right to Know GMOs | A statewide network of advocates declaring our fundamental right to know...

MA Right to Know GMOs | A statewide network of advocates declaring our fundamental right to know... A statewide network of advocates declaring our fundamental right to know if our food contains ingredients derived from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Sweet Simple Vegan: Lunch & Dinner Ebook Recipes 09/19/2014

YUM!! not sure if the kids would eat this:-(

Mango Quinoa Salad, a Mexican inspired dish with a twist, my oil- & salt- free balsamic dressing! I'm stuck at jury duty today and dreaming of this. All they have here are vending machines I definitely need to make this when I get home or in the next week, it's been too long! The recipe can be found in my Lunch & Dinner ebook, link is in my bio! (Any additional information you may need can be found on my site)

Who wants to keep us in the dark about what we're eating? 08/06/2014

Who wants to keep us in the dark about what we're eating?

Who wants to keep us in the dark about what we're eating? The most vocal opponents of GMO labeling are the corporations that benefit from GMOs – the chemical companies that sell the GMO seed and chemicals to farmers, and the junk food manufacturers and retailers that sell the resulting GMO "food" …

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The new natural, Organic way of home made lipstick
Organic Red Beets - My niece Viola made it herself!
Beautiful she is.

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Timeline photos

Toddlers do not eat much. Try using an ice tray to satisfy their bird-like appetites and for a fun, unique presentation. Be sure to throw in plenty of healthy choices like berries, peas, corn, cheese, cucumber, etc.

Photo via Jennifer Bishop Design

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Mateo's Natural/organic Bento box for preschool
Organic Coconut peanut butter/Organic Strawberry jam on Local white bread. Applegate Beef Hot dogs all natural. natural fish crackers, natural oreo cookie - (They do not contain High fructose corn syrup), Organic Pretzels, Organic Potato chips ... cost 1.50

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Timeline photos

Invest in organic food.

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School Lunch......Organic Peanut Butter & Local Strawberry Jam on a whole wheat bread, Organic Cucumbers, Organic Tomatoes, with Organic Blue Tortilla chips. Cost: 1.25

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snacks, snacks.. We want snacks!! That's all I hear my boys say.. we are hungry. Organic Strawberries, Organic Blueberries, Organic Clementine's, corn cakes with soy and flax, Homemade party mix- all Organic and natural chex,pretzels,peanuts,popcorn,cherrios-coated with liquid smoke and a tab of butter toasted in the oven.

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Cookies for Santa made by my two boys. All natural and Organic ingredients. Thankfully I was able to find all natural sprinkles!
which are still so yummie and good for you! ( Maggie's Naturals makes natural sugar sprinkles in all colors made from vegetables) I was even able to find them located in the Berkshires where we live. At Berkshire Organics $ 4.99 pkg Totally worth it than having my kids eat Yellow/Red dyes. read below:
Red 40 Food Dye - One of the Most Common Complaints

Red 40 food dye is one of the dyes that receive the most numbers of complaints. In children it has been linked to hyperactivity disorders, and in adults it has been known to trigger migraines (Source: Its molecular structure is quite similar to Yellow 6, a food dye that has been accused of causing kidney tumors.
Yellow 5 Food Dye - Hyperactivity?
Another food dye that the Center for Science in the Public Health wants to ban is Yellow 5, also known as tartrazine, because of its strong association with hyperactivity in children, as well as causing hives in other individuals. (Although most of the studies have focused on the effects of food dye in children, do you really want to put these food dyes in your body as an adult, either?)
Where can you find Yellow 5? It turns out it is common in breakfast cereals, jellos, drink powders, candy, ice cream, pudding, and even pasta. more info:


Hello, Happy Holidays! Forgive me as I have been away for a bit. My Darling husband bought me an early xmas gift- this new Lab top and I'm trying to figure out all its gadgets. Will be posting something special soon for Someone special that we are all waiting for tonight.

Why I Can't Raise a $1 Cheeseburger 12/16/2013

Why I Can't Raise a $1 Cheeseburger

some times i question to myself why i spend $ 9.99 a pkg of 3 hamburgers to feed my family..Now I definitely know why!! If more and more people get involved and eat locally made/organic grass fed animals I really do feel like the price will go down. Don't you want to know whats in your food!

Why I Can't Raise a $1 Cheeseburger How can we really know what's 'expensive' or 'cheap' until we recognize that grass-fed and grain-fed beef are distinctly different products? Here, a professional farmer redefines the term 'Value Meal.'

coventional canola oil vs Organic canola oil 12/13/2013

coventional canola oil vs Organic canola oil

Maison Orphee Unrefined Organic Canola Oil
This organic canola oil is perfect for your general cooking and baking needs. Unlike the majority of canola oils, this oil contains no GMOs! Unrefined, certified kosher.
You can find this great Canola oil at Berkshire Organics !

woodstock Organic Ketchup vs Heinz Ketchup 12/04/2013

check out ingredients!! why?? I finally switched over to organic about 2 years ago and my family doesn't even know.. and i herd some ketchup's put dye # red 5 in them!

Blacklisted: GMO Supporting Food Companies to Avoid 12/02/2013

Blacklisted: GMO Supporting Food Companies to Avoid

this is way its important to know where you shop. I highly recommend shopping at Berkshire Organics because they are trying to help us make a difference and be aware of what we eat!

Blacklisted: GMO Supporting Food Companies to Avoid Many of the products that seem so good are actually just subsidiaries of the companies that were most complicit in blocking GMO labeling. Some of the quietly owned subsidiaries may surprise you!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thankful for such good food & Friends & Family.

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Homemade Organic French Fries, Organic long grain white rice- " my boys call it a Mountain of rice" , Organic ground chicken loaf,slice of Local Tomato, with a few organic apple slices on the side.. cost 1.50

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Mateos Lunch today: Annie's organic Mac & cheese,Sliced Applegate Hot dog , natural pork slices,organic cucumber slices.
He gobbled it all right up. cost $ 1.30

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Mateo my little one loves his Applegate Natural uncured Beef & Pork Hot Dogs.. No Nitrates

GMO Facts 11/23/2013

GMO Facts

I must say I have a hard time going to the regular grocery store now knowing that my food is made up of this:
So I tend to buy most of my items at Berkshire Organics because they are letting us be-aware of GMOs.. Please read if you haven't already.

GMO Facts Frequently Asked Questions What are GMOs? GMOs, or "genetically modified organisms," are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from

Not for the kids but for us 11/21/2013

Whole Wheat bread-Local,melted smoked Mozzarella cheese-Local,Kale,Roasted Peppers,Daikon Radish cooked in Organic canola oil all veggies Organic , topped with Curry Cashews-Organic= Terrific open Sandwich Amazing what Daikon Radish is good for!!

Click Here for Berkshire Organics Newsletter 11/20/2013

Click Here for Berkshire Organics Newsletter

Click Here for Berkshire Organics Newsletter After looking at two local grocers, we are proud to say that our prices are as good as (and in many cases better than) the competition and our selection of local produce is tops. We hope that this helps you as you plan for your holiday meal.

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