Nikki at the clip shop

Hair geek specializes in your beauty needs from balyage, foiling, updos, waxing, manicure, pedicure,


As the holidays quickly are approaching, the appointments are filling fast. Please prebook all services to ensure you get the time you prefer. We now offer online booking through the website 24/7. If you are booked for color and looking for a big change, please book as a corrective color or call our front desk for guidance on how to book. If you book for a root color, unfortunately it doesn't give us the time needed to do a full makeover. I'm happy to guide you through the process if you have any questions. Feel free to DM me inspiration pictures and I can direct you on booking. Balayage and fashion colors need to be booked with extra time. I appreciate all of your business and I look forward to seeing all your shining 🌟 faces !


There are 100s of amazing stylists in our area. I just want to thank you for your loyalty over the years. I think us at the clip shop strive for Excellency and with our continuing education and amazing salon culture are the best. Please take a minute to vote for us best of the Berkshires. We take pride in our art and hope that when you leave after your experience you are more relaxed and beautiful inside as well as outside. Please remember to prebook all of your services before the busy holiday season. We now offer online booking as well as calling to talk to one of our friendly receptionists. Thank you in advance!!


Summer is here and it's busy! If you can't get in please send me a DM. I'll do my best to accommodate.


Seriously how amazing are these layers? Book your summer style upgrade now!


What's your hair inspo? Here's mine drop yours hereπŸ‘‡ Summer hair is officially dropped have you made your summer appointments? Call 442-6903 or go online and fill out your profile to online book. It's convenient quick and easy. DM me any questions #pittsfieldmastylist#berkshirehair#ittakesapro#hairpaint#balyage 05/04/2022

One of my favorite things about being a stylist is the unexpected friends I have gotten from this job. What a wonderful side effect of going to a place every day to make a living. I thank you all for opening up to me and trusting me with not only your beauty needs, but also your amazing souls. I feel very thankful to have all of you in my life. Don't forget to book for the summer and we now offer online booking.

Stylist Success 04/11/2022

Stylist Success

Stylist Success Thrivers Society programs are the most comprehensive and only fully customizable business trainings for stylists and salon owners today.

The Clip Shop - Your place to feel naturally beautiful! 03/14/2022

The Clip Shop - Your place to feel naturally beautiful!

Good morning! I haven't updated this page in apologies! Now that we have moved the clock forward, I just want to send out a reminder. My prediction is another busy hectic summer. That being said, I urge you all to make all your spring/summer appointments soon. I know it sounds crazy to think about but I know you guys have weddings, vacations, graduation, and proms to go to. Book ASAP! I would say go as far as September. To make this easier and more convenient, we now offer online booking at I again thank you all for sitting in my chair I adore and treasure all of you. You can send me a DM if you have any questions.

The Clip Shop - Your place to feel naturally beautiful! Grand salon & day spa - The best products with the best prices for your hair, nails, skin, makeup, and body.


As the holidays are approaching on us, I just want to thank all my super awesome and loyal clients for another year of support and love. I appreciate all of you that have changed schedules to fit an appointment, trusted me with a new makeover, tried a new product, and endured this crazy virus. That's true love. No matter what holiday or un-holiday you celebrate, I wish you all health , luck and happiness in the last few weeks of 2021.β„β˜ƒοΈβ€


Today's truth.
Balyage is a journey and commitment. It's not a one shot and done deal. To accomplish flawless results sometimes it takes many sessions to achieve the level of brightness you would like. It needs to be maintained just like any other color, regular trims and toner/glosses and take home care. Your hair is an investment of time and money. This service is time consuming and us stylists put our hearts and soul into making your instagram pictures a reality. I want you all to be financially and mentally prepared when you go down this path or any couture color path. That being said bring on all the autumn πŸ‚ hair whether it be 🍎 spice and everything nice, or something darker like dark espresso chocolate 🍫 or who says you can't be an ice queen in the winter❄


Ok now that online booking is available, here are the only available slots till Thanksgiving. Book online or call the salon asap.
11/[email protected] partial foil, cut, pedicure
11/[email protected] foil, color
11/18 1:15 color
11/24 cut.....only 4 appointments left!!

The Clip Shop - Your place to feel naturally beautiful! 10/15/2021

The Clip Shop - Your place to feel naturally beautiful!

Attention clients
We now have online booking available through our website You may also purchase gift cards through our website.

The Clip Shop - Your place to feel naturally beautiful! Grand salon & day spa - The best products with the best prices for your hair, nails, skin, makeup, and body.

Nikki at the clip shop 09/27/2021

Nikki at the clip shop

12.7 weeks till Christmas. We all know it's on the calendar the same time every year, but forget to plan accordingly. This is me!! This year I vow to get all my shopping done before Thanksgiving. If you are a 6 week haircut appointment that's only 2 appointments. 3 if your a 4 weeker. I highly encourage you to make your appointments till the end of the year for your convenience. If your a college student coming home for the holidays and need a balyage or trim? Call now!! Trust me you won't regret it! Come in and get your glaze, cuts, highlights, Manis and pedis before you are scrambling to make appointments that fit your schedule. Call before the rush!! You will thank me later!! I look forward to having you all in my chair this holiday season! Thanks in advance!

Nikki at the clip shop Hair geek specializes in your beauty needs from balyage, foiling, updos, waxing, manicure, pedicure, facials and makeup.


Don't forget to make your back to school appointments!! Dm me if you have any questions! Appointments are getting filled!!


Drench liters are back both for 50+tax....get them while they last!!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Work has been crazy now that we have had our restrictions lifted and we're open 100%. I hope you had a great independence day. That being said I'm urging all my guests to pre book your appointments. I completely understand if you need to reschedule. Life happens!! Also back to school is around the corner. Just a friendly reminder. It's also never to early to book your holiday appointments. I thank you for your kindness and always love seeing your faces in my chair. Please feel free to send me a dm if you have any questions. Happy summer🌞


Some new content from


Cancelation alert at 2 today! Call 442-6903 04/21/2021

Just a warning!! Book your summer hair appointments soon!! I know it sounds crazy but we're still on restrictive capacity so start thinking about it! Thank you!! 442-6903❀


Reminder to pre-book your summer appointments! Brighten up your look with some highlights or update a cut for the new season. Looking forward to seeing your faces! Call soon!!


Cancelation alert!!
Tomorrow at 10:45
Call 442-6903!


Cancelation alert! Tomorrow @10:45 . Haircuts or a color.
442-6903 01/25/2021

I just want to let everyone know I'm back full time at the shop. I also want to thank everyone who reached out to check on me. Last year was a whirlwind. I feel so much better. Last year was scary. I didn't know why I felt so horrible all the time. So I focused on my health. I changed my eating habits, went for wellness exams and found out I needed surgery. If I learned anything don't take your health for granted.I was extremely lucky to find out what I had was completely treatable. I also want to thank my care team at the hospital, who were unbelievably amazing. I was completely freaked out to have surgery in the middle of this pandemic. They made me so comfortable. It was a complete breeze. So here I am back better than ever to make you fall in love with your hair again. Spring is right around the corner so book your appointments!! As always I appreciate you and look forward to having you in my chair. ❀


Happy holidays everybody! I will be taking a short hiatus to evict my gallbladder hopefully on January 11. If all goes well I will return to work part time the following Wednesday. Hopefully it will still happen with covid!! It was already moved once! So please schedule your appointments soon! Thanks for your understanding!


Cinnamon hand painted highlights on this gorgeous mane!


I have a cancelation on Friday Dec 11th at 9 am!! Call 442-6903!!


I have a few cancelations this week if your interested. Get in before the holidays! 12/2 @ 9:30 or 2, Wednesday December 9th @12:30 and Thursday dec 10th @ 9.


Thankfulness. I feel extremely grateful for all of your kindness and understanding this past year. I know 2020 has been a rough one. I thank all of my guests who have had patience and grace these last months. I know sometimes you have to be more flexible with appointment days and times these days. I see you. I appreciate you. I know how lucky I am to have your continuous support. So this year I'm thankful for all of you and our health. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for supporting our local business.


Here's my thoughts for the day. As we navigate through the current pandemic, I urge you all to first be healthy. Stay safe. Make intelligent decisions. Be self-less. Think of others. If you have the ability to help someone less fortunate out, do it. That being said. I completely disagree about shutting down the Pittsfield restaurants. It was a terrible move from our local government. They should have instead monitored the restaurants that were super spreaders. Slapped them with fines, shut them down. Why are we sending hundreds of employees to unemployment, risking small business closures, for a few business who couldn't follow the rules. There are many who go above and beyond and have a wonderful track record in doing so. I urge you to support these restaurants and get take-out, and tip these workers well. If we don't we won't have these amazing places to go back to. Contact the mayor and voice your opinion. We are extremely lucky to be open at our shop. We follow all protocol and have had positive feedback. We have all stayed healthy and preformed all services with exceptional results. Please support local. If we all pull together we can move past this pandemic with grace. Hopefully we don't get shut down. Hopefully we can continue to make you beautiful and smile. As always if you have questions please dm me, and please support our berkshire business. Stay vigilant and happy holidays. πŸ—£β€ 10/29/2020

Just a reminder, if you don't have your holiday appointments please book soon!! Due to covid -19 protocol we are still limited to one client at a time. I recommend booking st least two out or even for the full year so we can best accommodate your schedule. Its super easy call the shop at (413) 442-6903 . I appreciate your business. ❀


Hope your week is going well! I have a good size cancelation this sat at 2:00. Call the salon @ 442-6903!! 09/27/2020

I've had many guests reach out to me regarding posts of stylists from other salons not following protocol for covid.. I cannot speak for the other salons but I can speak for ours. We follow all Massachusetts guidelines regarding covid 19. Smocks, gloves and Eyewear are worn. We also provide sanitizer and clean all areas after guests are accommodated. Be sure we are following the rules. I. Sorry that other salons are not. If you would like to read about specific protocol, please go to Stay safe and be reassured we take your health along with ours very seriously. It's still one client at a time, so please book all your appointments early to get the most convenient time for you. I look forward to having you in my chair soon!! Official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Cancelation alert!!! 12:45 on September 22!! Call the salon 442-6903! Color or haircuts!!!


Its Sunday funday!! First patriots game of the season!! With that being said I want to thank all my clients for coming back after our hiatus. I just want to assure everyone we are taking extraordinary steps to keep us all healthy while maintaining a sense of normalcy. If you have any questions about our new procedures or protocols please direct message me. Our mission is to create a safe, happy, relaxing space to escape the craziness of our worlds problems, while making you beautiful. I encourage you all to reach out if you are at all apprehensive about returning. Just know that we are all practicing sanitation and disinfection measures and we take it very seriously. Along with mask wearing. I thank you for being my guest in my chair, as always I appreciate it more than you know!! Go patriots!! Stay healthy!!


Reminder! There are less than 20 weeks for the rest of the year. The holidays will be here before we know it. With our limited one client at a time schedule, I suggest that you make your appointments ahead of time. Happy September!!

Photos from Nikki at the clip shop's post 09/02/2020

Before and after color blending. This is one of my favorite before and afters.


Before and after transformation on this gorgeous red head. Rich, shiny, healthy, and full. What are your thoughts on this colors name? Oh and a pop of green!!


I just wanted to thank all my wonderful guests for all of your patience and support. I know these times are crazy! Thank you for your continuous love! I appreciate you!


Just a reminder!!


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