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I love everything about this boy. ❤


Welcome Year of the Rabbit!

Photos from Jennifer Belanger, 3 Charms Intuitive Divination Practices's post 01/20/2023

My favorite and most fragrant way to warm my house on a snowy winters day.


Happy Sunday! It is NFL playoff weekend and I am feeling luck is on my side with my game winning picks and since I am feeling lady luck today, I thought we should all have a bit of fortune telling fun with Madame Endora's Fortune Cards!
There are 48 cards, each bringing an uncanny amount of information when asked a question in regards to something you would like an answer to.
For example, I asked; "I am interested in purchasing a new car but am unsure if it would be the right car for me. What information can you offer me?"
I got "The Serpent" card which says "A sly and subtle approach is needed." --- Obviously I will have to negotiate a better price---
Now, if you have a question you would like to ask Madame Endora, all you have to do is think of the question you would like an answer for, ask it out loud. Yes, this is the trick --- ask your question out loud, then post the number between 1 and 48 that popped into your head when asking the question in the comments on this post.
I will shuffle, pull the card to the number and post the card picture in the comments below.
I don't need to know your question, Madame Endora knows all and will answer the question for you!
Have Fun! I will be watching the games, cooking the foods, and waiting for Madame Endora to put me to work posting her answers.


It would appear Roy has made the decision that today is not a day he chooses to leave the couch. 😂


Yessss!!! Unknown source


Yes, animals have souls. They’re just not quite as advanced as ours. We have Stage Three consciousness (currently undergoing the shift to Stage Four), while most other large mammals have a more instinct-based Stage Two soul. Which is not a bad thing. Though Fluffy will never learn to write beautiful poetry or solve world hunger, she won’t screw the economy with credit default swaps either.

Cats and dogs (and other animals) teach us a great deal about compassion by creating invisible, soul-level bonds between their world and ours. Soul-to-soul contact is always a beautiful thing, whether it’s between two humans or you and your pet.

And although our animals’ lives are shorter than ours, and we may feel gut-wrenching sadness when they pass over to the Astral Plane, few of us would ever wish we’d never had them in our lives.
If you’ve lost a beloved pet, I hope it brings you comfort to know that – when you’re ready – if you ask the spirit world to reunite you and your furry soulmate, the request will always be granted. Meaning, your next pet will likely be sweet Fluffy’s soul again.

What animal soulmate questions do you have? I’ll try to cover them in some future posts. And, I have a free animal soulmates mini course in the works. Join my newsletter to be the first to know when I release it -


Image reads: Cats and dogs have souls, they’re just not quite as advanced as ours.


When your daughter makes the cheese board for New Years Eve, it becomes an even better night!


Happy New Year, 2023! 2+0+2+3 = A 7-year! --The Chariot in Tarot--

Let's add your numbers to find your Personal Year card and the Soul Number energies that will come into play for this year, 2023.
By adding the numbers of your birthday and the current year we will be able to determine your personal year card (s) -- the energy you will be working with this year--

For example, I was born on June 7.
My numbers would be 06+07+7 (2023) = 20
leaving me with #20 - The Judgement Card, as my Personal Year Card with the 2+0 = #2 the High Priestess as my Soul Energy Card.

As humans, we are conscious thinkers and manifestors (ego) but are always being reminded to listen to our soul (spirit). Thus, our Personal Year card is the first number and the Soul number is the reduction of that number.

Since there are only 22 numbered Major Arcana you must reduce the number to 22 or below for the Personal Year Number.
The exception to this breakdown of numbers would be #22.
This is always interpreted as the 0 card = the Fool

Have fun with this!

There are many ways of using your birthdate in tarot so do a bit of research and dig deeper into your numbers!

1 Magician--Making what is possible real- conscious mastership-inventive --The Magician card is all about talents and capabilities. The message of this card is to tap into your full potential rather than hold back.
You need to believe in yourself and use your own magic inside. This card represents hope, saying, "You can do this!"

2 High Priestess--Tapping into the mystery of your potential-intuitive-receptive--The High Priestess card is about stillness and passivity. The message of this card is to retreat and reflect. It wants you to trust your inner instincts to guide you through your situations.
You are being warned that things around you may not be what they appear to be.

3 Empress--Mothering-beauty and comfort-creativity and productivity--The Empress card is mostly associated with maternal influence and radiates divine feminine energy.
The message of this card is for you to be softer with yourself and those around you. It asks for you to indulge more on your nurturing side.

4 Emperor--Father-Authority and control-leadership-organization-worldly--The Emperor card is about stability and security, especially in life. The card says you're on top of things.
The message of this card is that you are in charge of your life, setting up your own rules, and boundaries, and demanding to be heard.

5 Hierophant--Learning the rules of life-tradition-legacy-guidance-teaching--The Hierophant card represents tradition. It is also associated with religion, faith, flock-mentality, and the status quo.
The message of the card, however, mostly has to do with the seeking of truth. Whether that be by his guidance to the truth or you find your own truth depends on the orientation of the card when pulled

6 Lovers--Duality-attraction=Negative and positive relationships-finding oneself--The Lovers card is about relationships, specifically the perfect union/attraction, and choices. Big shocker there. The main message of the card is that you have a major choice to make.
It could be a decision about an existing relationship, a temptation, or a choice of a potential partner. One catch, most of the time the card comes with a sacrifice.

7 Chariot-- Identifying and reaching your goals-movement-control-drive-ability--The Chariot card is all about overcoming obstacles and moving forward in a positive direction. The message of the card is basically you get what you give. That is, what we put into something is what we receive.
It means that good things are coming, but it only comes because of your hard work and diligence.

8 Strength--The lesson in knowing you can and will endure any problem-tenacity-mind and body in balance-patience --The Strength tarot card basically is self-explanatory. It means that you have all that you need within you already. All you need is your heart and mind in order to prevail against any foe or odds.
This card predicts a triumph, a conclusion to a situation or problem you may have been having.--

9 Hermit--Looking for answers within-chosen pause-inner searching-introspection--The Hermit tarot card is about introspection and looking within for answers. It often suggests that you need inner reflection away from the current demands of your position.
This is to prepare yourself for a phase where you will need inner strength and higher wisdom.

10 Wheel of Fortune--Seeing the turning point and moving forward-chance-evolvement-unpredictable--Wheel of Fortune tarot card is about chance, choice, and responsibility. The card usually introduces an element of change in your life.
The message of the card is that opportunity is headed your way, but what you do with it is up in the air. It could turn out really well or horribly wrong.

11 Justice--Committing yourself to honesty and doing what is right-truth- consequences-objectivity--Justice tarot card is about fairness and balance. It's about making the fairest decision.
The card holds you to your actions. Much like The Chariot tarot card, Justice gives back what you give to the world. Good or evil.

12 The Hanged Man--Imposed pause-enlightenment- giving up control-accepting what is -seeing all sides--The Hanged Man tarot card is about surrender and sacrifice. The message is about taking stock of what you have and coming to the reality of the consequences choice has.
The card is mostly about making the right choice.

13 Death-- Endings, beginnings, and the difficulty of waiting in between release and transitions - Death tarot card is about transformations. More specifically, it's an ending to a transformation. That is, one chapter is ending so another can begin.
The message of the card is that you must allow for these transitions in order to grow into better versions of yourself.

14 Temperance--Finding balance and moderation in your own life. Inspiration-maintenance-moderation--Temperance tarot card is about balance and peace. It's about moderation in thought, feeling, and action, The card calls for you to use your ability to "practice the pause."
The message of the card is about finding the sweet spot of balance that allows you to live your best life as your most authentic self.

15 The Devil--Fighting ignorance-bondage-hopelessness-compulsion-instinct and false truths we tell to others and ourselves-obsessions-The Devil is at its core about facing the truth even if we don't want to. The card is saying that it's time for you to face what you already know is happening but refuse to believe it.
It is mostly associated with addiction or mental health issues, but it can represent dishonesty and immoral activity, like cheating and adultery. The card is saying, "You've made your bed, now sleep in it."

16 The Tower--Overcoming upheavals and collapse-sudden change-destruction-revolution-disruptions-clearing the smoke. --The Tower tarot card quite literally means that change is imminent and that it may not be expected or very pleasant. It is often interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, or on the upside, liberation.
The message of the card is that you are headed for a major life change that might feel out of control.

17 The Star--Being open to faith-thinking positively=celestial constancy-direction-foresight--The Star tarot card is about optimism and higher learning. The card suggests that you are having a phase of inspiration.
The message of the card is renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are being blessed by the universe at this moment.

18 The Moon--The battle against your inner demons-mysterious paths-step into the darkness of destiny-seeing your way into the truth--The Moon tarot card is about illusion and deception. This card is saying to trust your gut. If something feels wrong, it probably is.
The message of the card is asking you to look beyond the illusions in your life and investigate when you feel that something is amiss.

19 The Sun--Finding sense behind the chaos of life-active selfhood-shining outward-nurturing-seeing the YES-energetic--The Sun tarot card is about good fortune, happiness, joy, and harmony. It is often men's time for rejoicing.
The message of the card is that you are about to experience great success in your life and the universe agrees with it.

20 Judgement--Preparing for your day of reckoning-evolution of what was done-new awareness-appraisal-awakening of the beauty and the truth of who you are--Judgement tarot card is about resurrection and awakening. The card can tell you if you have been judging harshly and need to step back and reflect on that, or it can kick-start your judgment. Meaning, it may be asking you to weigh in on a situation before getting involved.
The message of the card is to clear your mind so you can assess before jumping right in.

21 The World--Experiencing wholeness-integration of your personality-completion of the spiral of life-cyclicity-perfect balance-manifestation--The World tarot card is usually a good sign. It basically means that you are on the right path and can make the right decisions on your own. Where The Moon tarot card says to trust your gut, The World card is telling you that your gut can be trusted.
The message of the card is to let you know that it is up to you to create your own personal world as you wish it to be

22 The Fool--New Beginning and leaping into the unknow-fearlessness-belief in the universe-believe in your dreams and leap into them--The Fool tarot card is about new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, adventure, and not knowing what to expect. The card explains that no matter how long or deeply you prepare for choices in life, there are areas that are out of your control.
The message of the card is that you do not need to have it all figured out to move forward in life.

*a note on The Fool Card: The Fool is technically numbered 0 or 22


And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about. ~Haruki Murakami

(Book: Kafka on the Shore


I love these cold New England winter nights.
A good book to feed my mind and my boy, Roy, sound asleep on my legs to feed my soul.


Under the anger, under the fear, under the despair, under the broken-heartedness, there is a radiance that has never been harmed, that has never been lost, that is the truth of who one is.

~ Gangaji

[Art: Patricia Ariel]


ALWAYS 🪶☮️💙🖤💜🕯🐺



Nights like these...


A bit of a jump on the Solstice season. 😀


It is in simple, quiet moments and the small acts of kindness we give to ourselves peace of mind, expansion of heart, and communication with soul lives.


Nurture yourself, nurture others, nurture the planet, nurture the pain, nurture the love, nurture it all.



Photos from Jennifer Belanger, 3 Charms Intuitive Divination Practices's post 12/12/2022

Mr. Roy's photo shoot!


I am the Queen of Death! 😳


Very powerful words.

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Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same ..

~ Flavia Weedn ~

Artist Credit : Shawna Erback


Mr. Roy can't take his eyes off the Christmas tree.


Be good humans. Just be good and decent humans.


This face. Such a beautiful being -My boy, Roy.


Never forget, we are here to serve the environment.


Whatcha reading?


Happy Sunday!
Today I am using the Phantomwise Tarot, created by Erin Morgenstern, and Les Noirs of Odilon Oracle, created by Mystic for our weekly card pull.
As always, take 3-4 deep breaths to ground yourself while gently gazing upon the overturned cards.
Ask silently for the understanding of a current situation you would like information on or simply ask "what is in my highest and best to understand for the week ahead?"
When ready, choose the cards that pull you towards them and look to the comments for the cards as they appear turned upright.
Use your intuition to "read" the messages through the pictures and the words before looking to the comments for my interpretations of the meanings of the cards.

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