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Massage Therapy by Alexandra studio is located inside home. Parking in driveway. My goal is to create an atmosphere where you can come to feel RELAXED and leave with resolve.I offer various modalities of massage to ensure the best experience for you.

Including massage in our health regimen helps our bodies and minds function optimally. I want our sessions to be your time for total relaxation and restoration. Feel free to browse our website as well to become better acquainted with my practice!

Operating as usual

Don't forget to give your loved ones the gift of pure relaxation! Also, come in to visit the new, beautiful and tranquil studio!

87 E Main Street, Ramsey

Get Mom what she really wants (and needs!) for Mother's Day, a gift certificate for a massage at Massage Therapy by Alexandra! Plus, reward yourself for treating your mom so well and take 50% off your next massage when you purchase her a gift certificate! Call/text/email today! 551 486 2034
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Stress Relief Day 21: Massage Away Stress!

Few sensory experiences compare to a full body massage for stress relief. Massages are known to decrease heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen consumption. The "feel good" and "I-never-want-to-get-up" feeling after a massage is sought after by anyone feeling excess stress in his or her life.

Call/text/email today to book your massage and feel the weight of the world taken off your shoulders!

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Stress Relief Day 20: Visualize

Close your eyes and visualize each muscle in your body from your scalp to the tips of your toes. Trace each area and relax each muscle as you work your way from top to bottom. Fell your stress drip away as your muscles relax.

Stress Relief Day 19: Bring the Outdoors, In

Having a living plant in your home or at work can help reduce daily stress, while giving you something beautiful to admire.

Stress Relief Day 18: Gratitude

We all have different lists of what we're thankful for. Don't let stress throw off your count while you're counting your blessings.

Stress Relief Day 17: Plan a Getaway!

Stepping away from daily routines helps us refuel! And who doesn't love a vaycay?!

Stress Relief Day 16: Zzzz...

Sleep is the most restorative part of your life. Plan for a bedtime and stick to it! The dishes can wait, the laundry can wait, the list can wait. Make sleep a priority!

Stress Relief Day 15: Share Your Happy Thoughts!

If you notice something about another person that you like/admire/makes you smile, don't keep it to yourself! Spread the love! Making others feel good makes you feel good, too!

Stress Relief Day 14: Music

Putting on a relaxing song or your favorite song or a song you love to sing along to can send your mood in an upswing!

Stress Relief Day 13: Laughter!

Take some time to laugh! Luckily, we live in the age of YouTube and can laugh at videos for hours on end! Take a break, smile, and have a laugh!

Stress Relief Day 12: Free Love!

Tell your loved ones you appreciate them! What is life without all the people we love? The light of love will outshine the darkness of stress and anxiety.

Stress Relief Day 11: We are Dust in the Wind

The world is so much bigger than us. The universe is vastly bigger than the world. Don't stress the small stuff, we can only do our best and THAT is good enough!

Stress Relief Day 10: Nutrition

When we fuel our bodies with the nutrients and energy they need, we are able to perform the way we desire. Make a conscious effort to choose healthful foods everyday to reduce the stress of a fatigued body. Consult a nutritionist or dietitian for specific meal plan advice.

Stress Relief Day 9: A Nice, Warm Bath

One of the most relaxing things we can do is sit in warmth, let our muscles relax and let the stress of the day melt away. If a bathtub isn't available to you, try warming a moist hand towel in the microwave with lavender oil and drape it across your shoulders at the end of the day.

Stress Relief Day 8: Meditation

Try to find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes for 10 minutes. Focus on your breath and let the thoughts in your mind float through like passing clouds. This takes practice, but 10 minutes per day focusing on peace and solitude can help reduce stress over time.

Stress Relief Day 7: Move Your Body

Exercise is one of the most important stress reduction tools! Once you get your body in motion, you will increase endorphins (the "feel good" chemicals in your brain,) reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. Exercise is meditation in motion!

Stress Relief Day 6: Hydrate

Our minds function optimally in a state of complete hydration, especially considering our brains are made up of about 75% water. Reduce the cloudiness in your mind by hydrating and creating clarity.

Stress Relief Day 5: Breathe

When we focus our minds on our breath, it gives us a chance to collect calmness and peace, even in the midst of what seems to be chaos. Many times we will find that after focusing on our breath, the stress we are feeling beforehand doesn't have as much validation. Try deep breathing in through your nose and out through your nose while counting during each inhale and each exhale.

Stress Relief Day 4: Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Fresh air is natures remedy for stress. While going for a walk outside, rid your lungs of all their stale air and fill them with new, clean, fresh air. Bask in nature's glory!

Stress Relief Day 3: Play with a Four Legged Friend

Playing with animals can help increase levels of the hormone oxytocin (stress reducing) and decrease levels of the hormone cortisol (produced when stressed.) So go grab a furry friend and pet the stress away!

Stress Relief Day 2: Make a List

The satisfaction of checking off every item on your to-do list is second to none! Stay organized by writing down your errands of the day or week. Less guesswork means less daily stress! Make life a little bit simpler: write the list in your phone!

Stress Relief Day 1: Prepare

Whether preparing your outfit for work the night before or preparing a shopping list of meals for the upcoming week, preparation takes away the anxiety of the unknown. Try planning tonight for tomorrow morning by setting aside your outfit, deciding on your breakfast, and packing up your purse or briefcase!

At Massage Therapy by Alexandra, we recognize that we all have dealt with feelings of overwhelming stress in our lives. With some quick tips we can all manage our stress in a more positive and calming matter. Massage Therapy by Alexandra has compiled a list of tips for 21-Days towards Stress Relief. Try out each tip of the day and see how you feel after Day 21!

GUYS! VALENTINE'S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY! Call/Text/Email/DM/Carrier Pigeon/Smoke Signal Alexandra Massage Therapy to book your gal a massage! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Chocolates and Jewelry are so... so... boring!

GUYS! VALENTINE'S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY! Call/Text/Email/DM/Carrier Pigeon/Smoke Signal Alexandra Massage Therapy to book your gal a massage! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Chocolates and Jewelry are so... so... boring!

Massage Therapy by Alexandra will split the winnings with anyone who likes, shares, and comments on our page!! Good luck!!

Happy Holidays! Come in and get a Gift Certificate for a loved one!

[11/28/15]   Christmas is around the corner, book a massage for a loved one today! Call/Text/Email for an appointment! Happy Holidays!

[10/27/15]   The holidays are around the corner! I know of the perfect gift to get for a loved one (or if you want to spoil yourself)! A rejuvenating/relaxing massage at Massage Therapy by Alexandra! Call, text, or email to schedule an appointment!

[10/23/15]   Please call, email, or text to schedule an appointment! (551) 486-2034

[10/23/15]   Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my page. After a lot of speed bumps my room is finally open and ready for business. It is located inside NJ Sports Advantage in Ramsey, NJ (Off Franklin Turnpike near Spring Street). Please let any loved ones know about the services I am offering if they enjoy massage therapy. Thank you!

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Massage Therapy by Alexandra

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